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Tanishq Diamonds The sparkle of diamonds has always attracted the human eye.

Cut and crafted with utmost care, Tanishq diamonds come with a certificate of authenticity, stating the caratage, colour and clarity of the stone, to enable you to know exactly what you are paying for.

No gemstone expresses human emotions more powerfully than a diamond and Tanishq transforms these precious stones into breathtaking masterpieces, each unique and splendid in design. When it comes to diamonds at Tanishq you will be spoilt for choice from many collections we have to offer.

Tanishq Gold

From the traditional harams, mangalsutras and thalis to the more fashionable earrings, chains,

bracelets and rings, there is a lot to choose from at Tanishq.

In India, Gold has always been associated with security and is the most valuable form of investment. However, it has been observed that consumer is an easy target to several malpractices like under karatage, under valuation of the gold sold and unfair buy back policies due to the lack of awareness about these issues.

Tanishq propagates ethical practices not only by assuring the customer purity and selling policies, but also fair policies to the karigars who craft the jewelry. Tanishq's designs in Pure 22k gold are not only unique, expressing the wearer's individuality but each piece is subject to the intricate process of design, crafting and stone setting with stringent quality standards at every point.

Tanishq Platinum

Tanishq's Platinum represents excellent value for money. The price may be higher than a similar item in gold but platinum is pure, rare, enduring, beautiful, luxurious, classic, and the perfect host for diamonds; precious qualities that make it worth paying that little bit extra for.

Marketing MIX

PRICE High-value diamond range (with retail price of Rs 2 lakh and above) Zoya, Tanishq’s high-end
High-value diamond range (with retail price
of Rs 2 lakh and above)
Zoya, Tanishq’s high-end brand that primarily
retails diamond jewellery, is showing a slow
build-up. It currently has two stores (in
Mumbai and Delhi) with a range of 20-25
High End Pricing
Kundan and Polki range. The range starts
from Rs 5 lakh onwards.
Tanishq paheli range starts at Rs.80000 and
jodha akbar range at Rs. 1 Lakh.
Tanishq range of products start at an accessible low of Rs. 600 and the range -
Tanishq range of products start at an accessible
low of Rs. 600 and the range - Solo, Aria, Diva,
Hoopla, Lightweights, Bandhan and the most
Very large collections of pendants, earrings and
fingerings in this price range Rs 2000-5000
recent, Colours - comprises wearable everyday
jewellery which has been designed for the urban
working woman.
Mass Market Pricing
The Tanishq Valentine’s Day collection includes
pendants, earrings and finger rings starting from
Rs. 2,000 onwards.
The 'up to 25 per cent' off offer by Tanishq is a
unique opportunity. This attractive offer has
been introduced to benefit the customers and
provide them with the best price and product

Marketing Mix Promotion

Concept’ stores, the first of which, costing Rs 10 crore, opened in Kolkata. The idea of such a store was to harmonize the tradition of the past with the modernity of the present.

In 1999, Tanishq delivered gold coins worth Rs. 20 crores to Maruti Udyog Ltd., to be given away as gifts to Maruti car owners. By 2001, the scheme accounted for almost 5% of the turnover and over 30 corporate clients like Coca-Cola, the UB Group, Whirlpool, TVS Group, Ceat and Liberty shoes.

Launched Jodhaa Akbar collection and managed to get lot of marketing hype. The

collection is very pricey and suggested retail price is between Rs 25,000 to Rs 15 Lakhs. Kept the entry-level price as low as Rs 600 (for a pendant) and offered a range, which far exceeded that offered by any other jeweler.

Initiated a loyalty program called the Golden Harvest Savings Scheme, which offers buyers the benefit of getting more jewellery than what they have paid for. The scheme allows consumers to plan future purchases in advance and pay for them in easy installments.

Exchange offer - change impure gold for pure 22 karat gold - attracted more people to the stores.