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Grand Prix Developmental Committee of Arizona Announces Return of Racing to The Streets of Phoenix Announcement Coincides With Release

of Universal Pictures "Rush"; Argonne Nation al Laboratory Providing Technological Assistance For World's First 36 Hour "Gree n", Targeted For 2015. Chicago, IL, September 30, 2013 -- The Grand Prix Developmental Committee [of Ar izona] has been created to bring racing back to the streets of Phoenix with a ta rget date of Feb. 2015. And, with Ron Howard's "Rush" a movie detailing the hist oric rivalry between Formula One champions Niki Lauda and James Hunt premiering September 27, the timing of this announcement is fortuitous. Proposed primary events are American Le Mans Series (ALMS, now part of United Sp orts Car Racing) Green Racing; the new FIA sanctioned Formula-E Electric series and Pirelli World Challenge of modified racing architecture that may very well c hange the face of Motorsports. Second year may conjoin ALMS, Formula-E, PWC and IndyCar events with support races. Third year, and possibly first year in the fa ll of 2015, could see an F1 event. Of particular note are plans to break ground for a new state of the art racing facility designed to accommodate a number of r acing events including motorcycles, and a track design whereon the world may see the first sustained 300mph race. "While this may seem like a daunting task technologically', said Grand Prix Deve lopment Director Myron D. Stokes, "a recent interview with "Car Concerns" Harry Douglas, concerning a discussion had with Chris Economaki in 1991. revealed tha t then existent Indy Car technology, given 3/4 miles of straightaway and about 3 3 degrees of banking, could hit 270mph. Stokes says it is a near term goal to initiate a 300mph experiment using C7 Corv ette, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe or Mustang GT, which the committee believes will req uire only comparatively modest modifications/tweaking in the areas of engine, su spension and aerodynamics. "GPDC will not be alone in the attempt to accomplish this: Besides proposed invo lved OEM engineering groups, The Department of Energy's Argonne National Laborat ory is assisting in the aforementioned aspects. Initial testing is proposed at T alladega (site of Saab's 21 Day "Long Run" of three 9000 series sedans in 1986) with its 33 degrees of banking, and the ultimate attempt at one of the European OEMs test tracks with sufficient straights. And yes, Guinness is expected to be there for this historical attempt", he said. Argonne National Labs Key Role Argonne's most important role in these initiatives is the development and utiliz ation of racing bio-fuels that form the core of the project's environmental sust ainability goals. In this, it does not fall short. Argonne National Laboratory init iated the concept of Green Racing and continues to provide technical support to these races", said Forrest Jehlik, Research Engineer at Argonne's Center For Tra nsportation Research. "It is exciting that when Grand Prix racing returns to Pho enix, it will be following the Green Racing protocols. Imagine a Grand Prix race with fewer CO2 emissions than a Boston Marathon foot race; that s Green Racing. Echoing the comments of Argonne's Jehlik, Valley of The Sun Clean Cities (Arizon a) Coalition Director Bill Sheaffer noted that "The Valley of the Sun Clean Citi es Coalition is pleased to be a part of bringing Grand Prix racing back to Phoen ix. This 36 hour endurance race will not only be exciting for racing fans, but w ill demonstrate to everyone that by using biofuels and other alternative motor f uels there is cleaner air and reduces our dependence on petroleum fuels."

The Grand Prix Development Team Already within this cabal of Motorsports and automotive industry veterans is des ignated Race Director Peter Wearing Smith of Australia, a race management vetera n and auto journalist who ran an F1 team at the MACAU GP for some years; Rod Cam pbell, founder of PCGCampbell, Ford's Motorsports Agency and with extensive expe rience in the development of street racing venues ; Forrest Jehlik, Research Eng ineer, Argonne National Laboratory Center For Transportation Research; Dr. Sheil a Ronis, Professor, Walsh College, Troy, Michigan; Paul Brian of WLS Chicago Ra dio Program DRIVE, long time Director of PR for the Chicago Auto Show, and an ex ecutive with Pegasus Marketing; Brock Yates, Jr., Event Coordinator of Cannonbal l Circuit, LLC dba The Tire Rack One Lap of America; Andrew Marriott, Veteran UK Motorsports Commentator and Race Management; Steve Brown, international event p lanner of Hall and Brown Associates and The Resource Group, AV, Inc; Robert E. S eaman III of ProAdvisory Group, Chairman of the Millennium Foundation and the pr imary force behind the founding of the St. Petersburg and New Orleans Grands Pri x among other motorsports initiatives while possessed of a competition license; Dr. Tracy Joshua, A Global Transportation Logistics executive whose professional experience includes Ford Motor Company and Xerox; John Mealer of The Mealer Aut omotive Companies; Marvin LaBranche, MBA, MHRM, motorsports financials; Larry W eis, CEO of USAutoCom Associates, a top rated automotive/aerospace industry PR f irm; Mr. Thomas H. Miner of Thomas H. Miner and Associates; Ben Ballout of Diplo matic Trade Ltd, an import/export firm with extensive Middle-East connectivity w ho will act as a bridge to collaborative motorsports activities in that part of the world; Jeff Machtig, co-Founder of DVE Telepresence, a virtual human represe ntation technology that must be seen to be believed, Ed Possing, an established contractor specialist who will oversee street race construction activities, and who has constructed buildings around the world as part of humanitarian outreach; Greg Jones, inventor, innovator and CEO of Agsort, Inc., developers of advanced agricultural technologies that may change how the world feeds itself; Harry Dou glas, award winning Nissan dealer and host of the global radio show "Car Concern s", Bill Sheaffer, Director, Clean Cities (of Arizona) Coalition; Alan Deszcz, S enior VP, NAI Capital and an accomplished racer; Ken Sprang, Esq., of the Washin gton International Business Law Counsel; business and corporate law generalist & law professor. Permanent Race Track/City Concomitant with efforts towards the world's first 36 Hour street race in Phoeni x, are plans for a state of the art race track built with advanced building mate rials and alternative energy processes developed by the US Department of Energy. "At the recommendation of an Argonne Research Fellow, GPDC will be reaching out to the administrators of one of the world's premier environmental sustainabilit y projects: Arcosanti, located in northeast Arizona off I-17 in the high desert, for architectural guidance in the building of the Race Track/City", said Steve Brown GP International Events Coordinator, The Resource Group AV. "Utilizing the Arcology building design process as developed by legendary architect Paolo Sole ri for this proposed racing complex/city is exciting, and we look forward to vis iting Arcosanti as early as next month. OEM Outreach Given the strong potential for technological breakthroughs in the automotive, ae rospace and materials sectors, the Grand Prix Developmental Committee [of Arizon a] is reaching out to senior executives at Ford, GM, Chrysler, Mercedes, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, Northrop-Grumman, Beechcraft, Piaggio, Cessna, BMW, Audi, Aston-Martin, Jaguar/Land Rover, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pirelli, B ridgestone, Google (driverless car initiative) major suppliers and others, for t heir early participation.

"As a colleague once said, an extraordinary amount of technology cross-fertiliza tion has occurred between these industries. When one considers that the conceptu alization, design, design for manufacturability, manufacturing, sustainability a nd life-cycle management disciplines are symbiotic, the task of addressing the e ffects of wind, lift, thrust and drag on a moving mass is critical to analyze as a system", says Walsh College, Troy, Michigan Professor Dr. Sheila Ronis. As a national security strategist, "car guy" and rocket scientist early in her caree r, she worked with former Cadillac Chief Engineer Bob Dorn to "fix" the Division 's Allante Sport Luxury car. "The goal of a sustained 300 mph race and all that it entails in a manner not di ssimilar to the space race, ought to fire the imaginations of those involved. GP DC invites all of the companies involved, with their hundreds of combined years of experience, to join with this committee and the Argonne team to make this vis ion a reality", she said. Energy Company As Title Sponsor Sought There is consensus among committee members that the title sponsor of the world's first 36 Hour "Green" Street Race should be an energy company with clear goals of creating fuels and alternative energy processes conducive to environmental su stainability. " GPDC is aware of the work of Sunoco, Shell and BP, among others, in this arena, and we reach out to them to join this project", Stokes said. "We also commend T. Boone Pickens for his CNG advocacy, and would welcome him aboar d this quest as well." About eMOTION! eMOTION! is an automotive/aerospace industries research and analysi s site targeting professionals within the academic, media, corporate and governm ent sectors. The site also created a pathway through which white papers and othe r scholarly works such as Crisis On Asimov: A Vision of 2085 by national security stra tegist Dr. Sheila Ronis; Quantum Parallel: The Saint-Hilaire Quasiturbine as the Ba sis For Simultaneous Paradigm Shift in Vehicle Propulsion Systems and Super-Globalism: Strategies For Maintaining a Robust Industrial Base Through Technological, Poli cy and Process Improvement , could be presented to a broadened yet specific audience . Contact: Steve Brown Resource Group 3616 Century Blvd, Lakeland, FL 33811 863-581-9364