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Inside the Chopra Center Renewal Weekend.


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Cover photograph of Deepak Chopra courtesy of The Chopra Center, Carlsbad, Calif.


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June 2008 Elevated Existence 2

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editor’s letter
Welcome to Elevated Existence!


or me, it all started with the death of my mother. For others, it’s often a similar story — the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship or a battle with an illness. More often than not, the journey to spirituality usually starts with some type of emotional pain or struggle. But no matter why we are led down our individual spiritual paths, we’re usually searching for answers to the same questions: Why did this happen? Why does it hurt so much, and how can I find some relief? What is the meaning of it all? And, ultimately, why am I here, and what happens when I die? Once we start down this road, however, we begin to realize there are many more questions (and even more answers) than we ever imagined. If the floor next to your nightstand looks anything like mine, you could open your own library with the stacks of books full of insight waiting to be discovered. Eight years ago, I began down the road to higher consciousness, and with each new book I pick up, seminar I attend, podcast I download or program I uncover, I feel I am getting just a little bit closer to the truth — and subsequently, finding a little more joy and inner peace in my life. And that is what this new publication is about — sharing what I continue to learn in the hopes that it will help you in the same way it has helped and continues to help me. While I am certainly no guru and don’t have all the answers, I have more than 10 years of experience in magazine publishing and decided to use my knowledge and talent to create a publication that spreads love, healing and hope to those who discover it. In the cover story, ‘Connecting to the Soul,’ I go inside the Chopra Center Renewal Weekend, held recently in New York, because I feel it was a previous “Perfect Health” program by the Center that led me to create this publication. It was there I realized each and every one of us in this physical world possesses a special talent to be used in service to others. I asked myself “What is my talent, and how can I use it?” A year and a half later, after too many synchronistic events to describe, here is Elevated Existence. I’d like to take a minute and thank all of my advisors, especially my creative director, Ana — this never would have happened without your talent, wisdom and advice. Thank you for illustrating my vision so beautifully through your art. Kathy, the logo is amazing, as are you, and Mehgan, you have gone above and beyond, and I will be eternally grateful. Maureen, thank you for taking the time to answer all of my e-mails and calls looking to tap into your seemingly endless pipeline of publishing wisdom and experience, and Sandi, I couldn’t ask for a better friend. I thank you for listening and encouraging me throughout this process. Without all of you, this magazine would not be possible. Last but not least, thank you, reader, for downloading this issue. I hope I provide you with useful information and inspire you in at least one way. If there is anything you would like to learn more about, or if you want to share a comment on something you’ve read, I encourage and welcome your feedback. E-mail me at, and I promise to do my best to fill each issue with the information you seek. Although many of us have discovered spirituality through struggle, as Dr. Deepak Chopra says in the cover story, “something needs to die to create the space for something new.” May this magazine help you to fill that space. Blessings and love to you all,

Tammy Mastroberte
Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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June 2008

Elevated Existence 3

The Four Noble Truths of Buddhism. bravo! May this be the beginning of a new tradition. Guests can call room service and order literary works from a laminated menu. a sacred Hindu text.S. and you will probably find The Bible. a boutique establishment owned by Oregon-based Provenance Hotels.. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Hotel Preston. But with spirituality sweeping the world with universal views outside of traditional religion. hotel is acknowledging the change.elevated ideas { News. Views & Inspiration } A Spiritual Hotel? FAITH AND RELIGION ASIDE. the Book of Mormon. which includes the King James Version of the Bible. EE w w w. the Torah. the Tao Te Ching. one Nashville. the Quran. public relations director for the hotel told The Tennessean. Dina Nishioka. books on Scientology and Bhagavad Gita. the New American Bible. CHECK THE NIGHTSTAND DRAWER the next time you stay at a hotel in the U.” according to a report in The Tennessean. We say. Tenn. is now offering a “Spiritual Menu. c o m June 2008 Elevated Existence 4 .

Whether it represents your religion or faith. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked its readers to reveal what faith reminders they keep at work to motivate.” After all. overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. “Lord h e lp reme me mber noth t h at in happ g is going en to t me to o that d ay yo toget u and I her c hand an’t le. a Chicago-based graphic designer. serves as a reminder of a relaxing vacation or conjures up a memory from a loved one or friend. “Lord help me remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that you and I together can’t handle. or as a three-pack for $18. In April 2008.elevated ideas Strengthen Your Work Space MANY PEOPLE SPEND AT LEAST EIGHT HOURS A DAY AT WORK. reminding us to let go and helping us regain perspective on a troubling situation.greerchicago. Another reader keeps a plaque in his truck that reads. including family. inspiration EE doesn’t have to be complicated.50. Enter Civilettes™ for Spontaneous Appreciation™ and Civilettes™ for Spontaneous Adoration™ developed by Chandra Greer. These portable thank you and love notes come packaged in a small envelope.” the report stated. the cards can be purchased in a pack of 10 for $6. AND { News. saying or trinket? Write this phrase on a sticky note and put it on your computer monitor. which lists all the things he is thankful for. receivers are encouraged to ‘please EE reuse.” Courteous Cards Among the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Can’t find that perfect symbol.’ What a way to spread kindness! w w w. Answers ranged from inspirational jewelry and magnets to plaques and personal mementos — one woman keeps a craft project from her 10year-old son nearby.” – Mark Twain { L } June 2008 Elevated Existence 5 . friends and Jesus. let alone the strangers we meet who help us throughout the day. work telephone or anywhere else you will see it often — “Everything Happens for a Reason. ideal to express your gratitude and love for family members. Views & Inspiration } while our homes may reflect our beliefs and desires for a we don’t always carry this into our work environments — a place where a gentle reminder to de-stress our bodies and minds can often be the most useful. And on the back of the thank you card. these symbols can bring us back to our true nature. Available at www. we often forget to say ‘thank you’ or ‘I love you’ to the important people in our lives. coworkers and even the person who held the elevator open. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . c o m “Challenges are what make life interesting. relaxing and positive environment. relax and cope with worries.

e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” Kagan said on her Web site. an inspirational online community featuring Webcast news stories to “Show the World What’s Possible. LAUNCHED { News. “Think you can’t do something because your scared.elevated ideas News that Inspires FORMER CNN NEWS AND SPORTS ANCHOR. don’t have know-how or face physical challenges? The amazing people in my first book will change EE your mind. Views & Inspiration } the Web site www.darynkagan. In April 2008. Lake Tahoe and San Francisco Bay. don’t have enough money.” The site. c o m June 2008 Elevated Existence 6 . DARYN KAGAN. features daily news videos ranging from meditation taught in an Alabama prison to a 30-year-old woman with Down Syndrome swimming across the English Channel. Kagan published her first book called “What’s Possible! 50 True Stories of People Who Dared to Dream They Could Make a Difference.” with each story carrying the theme of overcoming obstacles. launched in November 1996. w w

from unborn babies and mothers-to-be.” Ford explains in the book. Campbell reveals how modern science shows evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve a person’s quality of life. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . light and dark. Follow Esther and Jerry Hicks. within us. explains how to strike a balance between our ego and our higher self to stop self-sabotage and take off the “masks” we create to hide our imperfections from the world in an effort to protect ourselves. or listen to it as you drift off to sleep. Each volume serves a different purpose.elevated ideas “Why Good People Do Bad Things: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy. the collection of “Music for The Mozart Effect” CDs are geared to every age. This 5-DVD set released in April of this year brings the teachings of the nonphysical entity known as Abraham to life. We achieve peace not by learning new tricks or more strategies to hide our imperfections.” on the 2005 Alaskan cruise as Esther channels Abraham to lead workshop participants on a “Voyage of Discovery. c o m . Looking to heal your body? Need more focus and clarity? There is a volume for you. more of our shame. and these CDs were created to take the guesswork out of it for the rest of us. the Victim. Volume 2: Heal the Body: Music for Rest and Relaxation. Turn it up and relax with a good book. “This is the only path I’ve found that actually relieves human suffering. but by embracing more of our insecurities. In his book. Relaxation never sounded so good! EE June 2008 Elevated Existence 7 w w w. New York Times bestselling authors of works including “Ask and It is Given” and “The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.” The set features 11 workshop sessions and two bonus segments. EE Listen BASED ON THE BOOK DON “THE MOZART EFFECT” BY Watch Campbell. and Volume 5: Relax and Unwind: Music for Deep Rest and Rejuvenation are two of our favorites. Instead.” by New York Times bestselling author Debbie Ford. our fear and our vulnerabilities. EE { Read. such as the People Pleaser. and there is even one dedicated to expecting fathers. the Victimizer and the Jokester. to children and adults. we need to embrace the duality of good and bad. Watch & Listen } Read ““The Teachings of Abraham: The Master Course Video Program” is The Law of Attraction at its best.

every lifetime builds upon the last. In this way. By the end of the first chapter. but it still rings true to you? That was our experience when reading this book by Ainslie MacLeod. They simply have to want to. for example. The following is an excerpt from the second chapter of the book. There are ten “doorways” to walk through to determine your soul spotlight Back to School ake the ultimate course in understanding your soul and its purpose with “The Instruction. each of which may take as few as five or as many as twenty lifetimes to complete. On its journey. its understanding of the world is in a state of constant flux. Every single person on the planet has the ability to overcome the Illusion. we learn to overcome the risk and embrace the advantage associated with each stage of our souls’ growth. Like the links in a piece of jewelry. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Living the life your soul intended requires that you break through the barrier of the Illusion. it will have a greater sense of injustice. Risks are the result of ignoring your soul’s guidance. Did you ever come across a book with refreshing and new information that somehow seems strangely familiar? Have you ever read something that you know you’ve never heard before. an understanding of the importance of cooperation will be with the soul throughout all its lives on this plane. As we battle with the Illusion.J.soul-world. The soul ages are broken down into two halves or chains. depending on the rate at which objectives are achieved. entitled “The Door to Perception. Level 2. young and old. Living the Life Your Soul Intended. you came into the world as a Level 1 soul. ADVANTAGES. One lifetime might. quite simply. the belief that what you see is all there is — that life begins and ends on the Physical Plane. The way to do that is to follow your soul’s guidance by embracing the advantage associated with each element of the Instruction. type. Another life might be spent as a government official. learning about power and teach your soul what it’s like to be unfairly imprisoned. EE w w w. we learn lessons that are appropriate for the experience of our soul. Your soul’s evolutionary path takes the soul from a state of fear to one of love. go to www. A chain contains five levels. what his or her soul’s purpose is. it will become a permanent part of the soul’s experience. for example. and more. From that point on.” published by Sounds True. is all about learning to cooperate with others. MacLeod leads the reader on a journey to discover who her or she really is. and what is planned for them in this lifetime. from acting out of self-interest to altruism. at the end of Level 10. yet connected to the whole. Soul Ages — The Source of Your Beliefs:” WHY YOU SEE THE WORLD THE WAY YOU DO T “Several thousand years and many lifetimes ago. As we progress through each level. c o m June 2008 Elevated Existence 8 . and prevent you from experiencing everything your soul wants you to in your lifetime. we guarantee you will be hooked. RISKS AND THE ILLUSION For more information on Ainslie MacLeod. { } Do you have a book you want reviewed? Send copies to: Elevated Existence 34 Washington Ave Elmwood Park N. to create multiple layers of awareness. 07407 The Illusion is. each level is separate. And by the time you leave. missions or life purpose. From then on. Once the major lesson of each level is absorbed. you might have something like 120 to 150 lives behind you.

Clad in bright red glasses bejeweled with crystals. matching ruby red sneakers. At the heart of the weekend. “There is a possibility of creating a better world – for ourselves. known as Davidji. More than 250 people gathered to learn the importance of silence and the significance of looking within at the Chopra Center’s Renewal Weekend this past May. the group gathered for its first group meditation — 270 people in a ballroom. and answers ranged from “a constant chain of thought. we are renewed.” he said.” Chopra said. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . blue jeans.” to “a completely relaxed body. is meditation.C O V E R S TO RY Thunderous applause greeted Deepak Chopra’s appearance on a recent Saturday afternoon as he took the stage at The Park Central Hotel in midtown Manhattan.” the lead meditation instructor at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad.” After yoga on the second day. he sat down with a microphone. “If the one thing you come away with from this weekend is meditation.” Some saw colors or white light. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . “When we experience true reality. Afterwards. The event began with a course in Primordial Sound Meditation. David Simon.” Dr. a technique revitalized by Chopra with origins in India. and the next two hours felt like mere minutes. and the core of every Chopra Center program. “While the mantra doesn’t stop thought. Calif. a black shirt and black jacket. explaining we can connect to this reality through meditation. that which exists beyond this physical world. then we feel we’ve served you well. “This is the sound or vibration the universe was making when you were born. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 10 .. Davidji asked attendees what they experienced. Inside the Chopra Center Renewal Weekend By Tammy Mastroberte 9 Elevated Existence June 2008 w w w. After teaching the general principles of meditation and specific guidelines of Primordial Sound Meditation. medical director and co-founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being.” “This weekend is your introduction to consciousness as a second language.” he said. said during his speech on the first evening called “The Art of Living Consciously. sitting in silence for 30 minutes. each attendee received one of 108 possible mantras or primordial sounds based on the time and location they were born. others and everyone on the planet. c o m w w w. we feel peaceful and euphoric because we are connected to it. “When we come back.” Setting the Groundwork The link that held all the presentations together kicked off Friday morning with an introduction to meditation. explained. repeating something over without meaning allows you to disconnect.

and we are so achievement focused.” he said. w w w. Davidji reassured. it won’t have the same impact it had before. happens. The goal is to meditate for 30 minutes at a time. you move from a reactive mode to a place of restful awareness. June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 11 . “Three things can happen during meditation – we fall asleep. when we are living a life with more grace and more ease. our minds and bodies become activated. When either the physical body or ego is threatened. Connecting to the Soul It was during Deepak Chopra’s session on Saturday afternoon that attendees were reminded how at the deepest level. You could also be looking for approval from others. and whatever happens. and as you continue to meditate. “In reality. could be too attached to the outcome of your desire or looking to assert your control. “Meditation proactively integrates stillness and silence into your life on a regular basis. twice a day.” he said. “You Davidji. which is the same as connecting to God. Everyone who lived before.” Focused on the importance of finding and maintaining a connection to our soul.” he said. Davidji said. you move to what is known as the intuitive response.” Chopra explained. “By meditating. there can be no creativity. “Every meditation is like a snowflake — each one is different. one mind and one consciousness. everyone is part of one soul. “We live in a goal-oriented society. Chopra gave attendees three questions to answer to determine if this connection is present in any particular aspect of their lives — Is it easy? Is it fun? Am I getting results? “If one of them is no. there is no separation.” In a system that is totally certain. have thoughts or go into the gap.” he noted. Any. “Stress occurs when your needs are not met. All of these experiences are normal. Meditation turns fight or flight into a calmer state.” The benefits of meditation are seen after we open our eyes. typically known as the fight or flight response. lead meditation instructor at the Chopra Center for Well-Being. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . who lives now or who will live in the future is part of one mind — God’s mind. and lets us view a situation by taking a step back and being more reflective. You now have a tool for the rest of your life. where you are not defensive about anything.and others saw images flash in front of them.” Davidji said. an element necessary to create our own realities and manifest our desires. then something is interfering with your connection. according to Chopra. taught attendees Primordial Sound Meditation. c o m “It’s a trick of the neurons that we are separate. we immediately go into reactive mode for survival.” He went on to note that any time our needs are not met. which is stillness and silence. All of this stems from an unwillingness to surrender to uncertainty. We are contained within it. all or a combination of these three are signs of a verified meditation. “The goal in meditation is not to get into the gap. and if your needs are not met and you have stress. no space and no time.” He encouraged attendees to meditate twice a day — in the morning and early evening — for 30 minutes at a time.

when scientists look at the physical world. Chopra stated. they see molecules. the more things fall into place — the right people as well as being in the right place at the right time. “That is the part of us that goes beyond our mind. and leave it here forever?” he asked. but if you go to the most fundamental level.” he said. : Surrender to uncertainty — do not impose your will on your soul. including the world they want to live in and the type of relationships they want to have.Chopra said. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” Attendees wrote down what they would like to experience. and observer effect. Most people have the idea that if they “God is the creator. which are made up of atoms. : Learn to go into the gap through meditation. it is a vibration. there is uncertainty (the laws of nature can’t be fully computed).” he explained.” What is important to know is the space between vibration scientist studied.” Chopra said. After burying toxic emotions. “If you are happy. If you are unhappy.” The soul exists between our thoughts.” Chopra said. which is known as the gap. you see problems. “We need to align ourselves with the laws of nature. and : Expect syncronicity and coincidence to manifest whatever you intended. and we have to replace them with what we want to see. “Renewal involves death and resurrections — getting to our soul. which when examined are vibrations. behaviors or addictions that need to die? It needs to die in order for you to renew. which can be reached through meditation. which are made up of subatomic particles. He outlined the process of manifestation for attendees as follows: : Figure out what needs to die in order to create space for something new or better. everything in it is connected to everything else (syncronicity). you see opportunities all around. Scientists have examined this space.” w w w. and the more we are connected. Chopra discussed the importance of happiness as a component of our existence. in a space called the gap. which comes from the way we look at the world. And there is a space between every vibration. the walls — it appears to be solid. meaning intention is very powerful and can orchestrate its own fulfillment (manifestation). behavior or habit in order to renew. “What emotions are not serving you or are toxic? What are some toxic habits. : Get your ego out of the way. and the space between our thoughts is the same space. June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 12 .” Chopra concluded. “This means the consciousness behind our thoughts is the same consciousness that is responsible for all of the universe. “Today. “We have to let go of certain things in our life that are not serving us. “What are we going to bury here today. infinite creativity. It’s the deepest level of our existence and our consciousness. c o m The Manifestation Process Scientists have come to the following conclusions about the gap: It consists of infinite possibilities. Co-creating Your Reality Chopra also took attendees on a journey to bury at least one toxic emotion. Feel gratitude for what you already have because you can’t feel gratitude and have your ego at the same time. “Everything around us — the trees. : Set specific intentions for what you want to create with clarity.

specifically Ayurveda. as we all want to belong. Conversely. “It has a very ourselves. they will be happy.” on different From the traditional medical perspective. You hide yourself and then you seek yourself. it usually things and other pleasures of the physical world. material “When there is mental disturbance. including money. It is very “If you want good at treating symptoms of illness. and the majority of our thoughts are based on prior and enlightenment.Health vs. ‘Is this true?’ ‘Am I 100 percent sure it’s true?’ ‘What does holding this belief. “Pick a belief and ask yourself. but not at to change your the underlying issues that caused them. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 13 have the right relationship. But it is better if you believe the opposite — if you are happy. from the consciousness perspective.” . Ultimately. Dr. we all want to be one with ego. Life is a separation and then a w w w. son.” he said. Simon explained.” coming back. the con—Dr. the ability to tap into a eavesdropping on our mental patterns.” of a definable disease. Chopra recommended challenging and changing our beliefs. Disease In his first session of the weekend. health. translates into turbulent immune states and a love and relationships.” To change the way we look at the world. but the problem with living only by the ego — our source or God. shared the differences between conventional and holistic medical practices. he said. “Our immune cells are meaning and purpose. the body is a network of energy and information. And meditation is the key.” he said. These contribute to the creation of our specific map. brother. you will achieve your goals. health is the absence things. have a soul?’ and ‘What happens when we die?’. are healthy and have the right amount of money. such as mother. David Simon. And the beginnings of a Chopra explained a person’s basic needs as follows: disease can be traced back to our thoughts. do to me?’ ‘Who would I be without this limiting belief?’ Do this regularly with any limiting belief and you will see that it is not true.” higher consciousness through questioning ‘Do we Our thoughts give rise to our realities. Go through this process in this sequence and you will start to get though limiting beliefs. “It is incomplete because the most powerful pharmacy your attention on earth is our human body and mind. physical turbulence. survival and safety. conditioning and the definitions we use to describe “This is our soul’s journey. a board-certified neurologist known for his use of holistic healthcare. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” Simon reality. He explained traditional medicine looks at the body as a collection of molecules where doctors are taught to manipulate the molecules to correct problems. David Simon sciousness perspective sees disease as the absence of vibrant Adapting Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. However. put told attendees. “The medical model is very noble and well intentioned. student or employee.

The Power of Emotions On the last session Sunday afternoon. and if you want to predict somebody’s body and mind in the future. control and power. we become. Some of the effects that can occur from this response include heart disease. blood pressure and blood sugar. it leads to illness. and activates the fight or flight response — which over time will inevitably lead to disease. obesity. diabetes.” What we choose. “Our biography becomes our biology. David Simon told attendees there are really only two emotions — comfort and discomfort — and they are connected to thoughts.” Simon said. What we listen to is very important and can either help or hurt our health. and touch. “The nature of the ego is it is always ready to be offended. “If you want to change your reality. Simon noted. digestive disturbances. Sounds of nature are valuable in soothing the mind. but watching a humorous video for an hour can improve our immune system for 12 hours. Simon said. look at the choices they are making now. all while the body shunts blood from its digestive tract to the muscles. c o m awareness. Simon took the stage again to discuss emotions. infections. anxiety. This is one way to “awaken our inner pharmacy. Dr. and the adrenal glands pump out adrenaline. either physically or emotionally. he recommended. insomnia. he explained. “It’s the memory of silence and quietness that lets us be a little more compassionate about what is going on around us. premature aging. The ego is the part of us that wants to exert power and has a need for approval. but as we begin to expand from this ego. rather than conditioned. he told attendees. such as a massage. we enter a place of expanded awareness. The good news is meditation counteracts these effects. Simon said. noradrenalin and cortisol. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . and Simon cautioned attendees to pay attention to the choices they are making. and then things begin to get easier. according to Simon. But when we begin to shift into a sense of self-reflection and start quieting down some of the noise. he said. he explained. a violent movie or television show can depress the immunity. make conscious choices to change your reality. Rather than making a choice based on prior conditioning. well-being and peace. but if we activate it during a time when it does no good whatsoever. we begin to lose our need for approval. What we see or look at also affects our immunity.” and lead us to making conscious.” If we feel attacked. addictions. heart attack and stroke. the ego gets offended. can improve Dr. putting the body into a state of restful w w w. which June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 14 . put your attention on different things.” he explained. “This is something we needed when humans lived in the jungle and a tiger was trying to eat them. It increases heart rate.which many do — is it will never provide happiness. cancer. We can also awaken this pharmacy through our fives senses.” which can be achieved through meditation. choices. Simon said. For example. immune function and has even been shown to increase weight gain in premature babies as well as reduce pain and anxiety.

“You criticize someone. body language or a facial expression. which he says will lead to a “shift in perception.” Simon said. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” However. which ultimately leads to depression. exploring Buddha’s Four Noble Truths. hostility and guilt. we step back and ask “What is really happening?” leaving the past out of the present situation.” by Marshall Rosenberg. the Renewal Weekend took attendees on a journey into a world where anything is possible and where life need not be a struggle. Every choice you make is based upon the expectation that it will increase comfort or decrease uncomfortable feelings. the opposite happens.” Whether or not our needs are being met determines if we interpret an experience as being comfortable or uncomfortable. you shut down. This leads to the reflective. When ego boundaries are crossed without permission in the reactive mode.” a two-disc DVD. creates the situation. he recommended we ask the following questions before responding: : Is what I am about to say true? : If it’s true.” he said. where Deepak Chopra teaches exercises and meditations.” In the intuitive response. Designed to provide a sample of all the programs and teachings the Chopra Center offers. to the intuitive or reflective mode. and the stored pain of unmet needs leads to anxiety. w w w.” he explained. “To awaken to a higher level of responses. he explained. through meditation. c o m Simon recommended learning to switch from the reactive or reflexive mode. either physically or with words. it generates comfort in our body. yet longing for more at noon on Sunday. The DVD set takes viewers on a journey. We look at the emotions arising inside of us. and Chopra’s 10 Keys to Happiness. the Eight-Fold Path to Enlightenment. but when they are not. you shouldn’t express yourself in that way.The Happiness Prescription One of the newest additions to the Chopra Center family of products is “The Happiness Prescription. quoting from the book “Nonviolent Communication.” Simon said. and choose our language carefully because “the language we use to explain a situation. Accessing this life is possible by anyone at any time and place. The key is to “become more competent about identifying what our needs are and communicating them.” Simon said. Despite the vast amount of information packed into one weekend. the majority of people who come to him with a physical issue have some type of emotional problem attached to it. June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 15 . When they are met.” he said. “With meditation. Emotions are also based upon our responses.” These keys are: : Listening to the body : Living in the present moment : Embracing silence (meditation) : Relinquishing the need for external approval : Getting rid of toxic emotions : Total self-knowledge : Non-judgment : Eliminating toxins from the body : Replacing fear-based thinking with love-based thinking : Cultivating the witness play a large part in the health of the body and mind. “With fight or flight. or intuitive. To make a shift in our vocabulary. “We need to expand our emotional vocabulary and reduce the language of victimization. “Emotion is a sensation in the body associated with thoughts. you need to meditate regularly. the fight or flight response creates non-physical energy to push someone back. and the Renewal EE Weekend taught attendees how to achieve it. as well as an audience Q & A and an hour of hands-on instruction. the days flew by and left many renewed. response. the most common response is that people begin to see themselves as becoming less reactive. “There are two basic emotions — comfort and discomfort. featuring the original one-hour PBS special that aired this past spring. we can learn to shift our perception from the ego to the soul. In fact. is it necessary? : Is what I am about to say kind? “If you answer no to any of these questions. call them a name or threaten them with words.” Simon said.

Maybe you meditate regularly and have experienced some or all of these benefits. there are seemingly endless benefits to meditating on a regular tells Elevated Existence. Perhaps you are too overwhelmed by the options and don’t know where to start. Some people use a mantra. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . “Usually our senses — sight. are just a few of the physical and mental effects meditation produces. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 17 W Finding a technique that works with your lifestyle and personality is the key to sustaining a meditation practice . Studies have even shown a meditation practice can help a smoker quit the harmful habit and assist in conquering drug. So where should you start? And if you have already tried to meditate. teacher and co-founder of Instinctive Meditation in Los Angeles. some follow their breath and still others use visualization. Vipassana. reducing stress hormones. Meditation is using the senses to get in touch with our inner world — the deep place within where our feelings come from.” Lorin Roche. increasing your compassion. Japa. (www. Insight and Primordial Sound are just a few options available.meditation the right for you By Tammy Mastroberte hether you are looking to manifest the perfect mate. according to recent studies.lorinroche. but didn’t succeed in sticking with it. decrease your anxiety or connect with your divine source. meditation expert. but it just didn’t seem to work for you. Or maybe you have tried to meditate. touch — are focused on the outer world. Transcendental. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . c o m w w w. Decreasing heart rate. The basic menu of meditation is the senses — seeing or looking 16 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e June 2008 w w w. normalizing blood pressure. deciding on a meditation practice can be more daunting than negotiating a deal on a used car. smell. strengthening immunity and. hearing. With all the techniques available today. where do you go from here? “You want meditation to feel like wearing your old jeans. taste. alcohol and other addictions.

” – Sarah McLean. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 18 .yescalm.” Just as people have an instinct as to what music they like when they hear it.” she explains.” Roche says. “There are meditations for times of day. you do. he cautions. it’s not always apparent during the first session. to answer your L “Meditation is not about forcing our mind to be quiet. and there are even sleeping meditations. While visualization meditations are often used to manifest things into your life. but then the third time you hear it. there are benefits you gain from a health perspective.” (www.meditateinsedona. “I think having a teacher. but the cornerstone is to go into the based in Sedona. “Maybe the first time you hear a piece of music. That is why most experts recommend learning from a friend or a qualified teacher. and touch or movement meditation.” McLean notes. the overall benefits of meditation can be explained in three levels. others need feedback from someone to be assured they are on the right path and doing a technique correctly. (www. Any meditation technique is a way of using the senses to go beyond the senses. and someone in front of you who has been doing it for a while. movement meditations such as Tai Chi and Qigong. listening to sounds or an internal mantra. you don’t like it. “First. “It’s fine to try something out of a book. While some people can learn from a book or CD.” According to Mark Thornton. It’s a process to rediscover the quiet that is already there. and the third tier is higher compassion and higher consciousness. director of the Sedona Meditation Training Co.meditation the right for you at things or colors. “But truly anything can be added onto the cornerstone of a silent meditation. It empowers everything else you do. Roche explains people will also know what type of meditation they like when they try it. w w w. Super Calm for the Super Busy. people don’t stick to it because many are not sure they are doing it right. and walking meditations to “enliven the awareness that underlies everything in your activity. but more often than However. The second stage is increased creativity. You can set some intentions and then go into a meditation. Sedona Meditation Training Co. executive meditation coach and author of “Meditation in a New York Minute. there are also chakra meditations to activate energy or information in the body. spontaneity and mental focus. Ariz. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” he says.” says Sarah McLean.

David Simon. The Chopra Center’s “Primordial Sound Meditation Guidelines for New Meditators” by Dr. ancient technique derived from the yoga tradition of India that w w w.” Primordial Sound Meditation is the technique McLean teaches. “The Third Jesus. friends and more. as well as best-selling author of mind/body books. are often not possible. some techniques including certain types of Zen meditation or Vipassana. “Meditation in a New York Minute.” “Primordial Sound Meditation is a silent. McLean says. Deepak Chopra and Dr. mantrabased meditation using primordial sounds. But if all you have time for is five minutes a day. which involve sitting silently for hours at a time. more abstract levels of the mind. It’s just a matter of finding that practice. try another one.” – Mark Thornton. including “Perfect Health” and most recently. which uses a mantra. There is not right or wrong. co-founder of The Chopra Center for Well Being in California. “Meditation is a personal thing. Some people want prayer-based or a visualization so they can accomplish specific goals. The mantras used in Primordial Sound Meditation have no specific meaning and are used only for their sound or vibrational quality. because you want to establish the silence in your awareness. incorporated into a mantra chosen for you based on the time and location of your birth.” For the majority of people around the world juggling careers. family. until we eventually slip beyond thought into silence. which tends to settle the mind down more quickly because it gives you something to focus on to transcend the world outside of you. Everyone is returning home in meditation. or sounds of nature.meditation the right for you questions and assure you are doing it right is helpful. then start with five minutes. and there is a practice for everybody. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” This type of meditation can be learned through June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 19 . allowing our attention to expand to quieter. c o m L “If a technique doesn’t work. Mantras interrupt the flow of meaningful thoughts. and then there is the silent mantra and awareness meditation. “Between 20 and 30 minutes twice a day is ideal. New York and soon to be in Colorado. states “the word mantra means instrument or vehicle of the mind. Deepak Chopra.” has been revitalized by Dr. It is a popular.” she says.” McLean recommends.

chopra. Roche says people can induce meditation by doing anything simple and repetitive. L “People often feel like they have to try to meditate and concentrate. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 20 . not your meditation.Lorin Roche. You can start with something simple and then later add more sophistication to it. That will keep you at the level of thought. but the benefits of meditation show up after doing it a while. but they need to just set themselves free.” he notes. but they need to just set themselves free. But a mantra is not necessary to meditate. Secondly. the process is about transcending or going beyond thought.meditation the right for you workshops. and in meditation.” If a person doesn’t have personal mantra yet.” Roche says. Mantras get a bad rap. can lead people to believe they are not doing it correctly if these types of events don’t happen.000 thoughts per day. “People often feel like they have to try to meditate and concentrate. and a mantra tends to cut through that. “You can start by taking anything visual you like to look at or anything auditory you like to hear and stay with it for longer than you ordinarily would. But this is simply not true. First.” McLean stresses.” One of the biggest mistakes people make with meditation is trying too hard. she explains. “One of the myths of meditation is that people think they have to have these fabulous experiences right away or they are doing it wrong. McLean says. When they are used for the vibrational quality and not for meaning. such as an out of body experience. they tend to cut through the conversation of the mind. Also.” The process of meditation requires two things.” . but they are just instruments for the mind.” or some other sound comfortable for them. according to McLean. being patient and committed until you find what “Sit with it for five minutes and see what happens. being willing to do it. and they show up in your life. Most don’t have any meaning or specific meaning. “Meditation is not about forcing our mind to be quiet. going into your meditation and expecting an amazing experience.000 to 90. “It’s a process to rediscover the quiet that is already there. Instinctive Meditation w w w. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e .” she says. he or she can simply start with “Home. “Don’t look for any particular experience with your meditation. And the two things not to do are look for certain experiences and try too hard. and a list of teachers available throughout the United States can be accessed at www. We all have 60.

meditation the right for you “In our society. let alone 20 minutes to sit and meditate.” For people who are time-starved and connected to the outside world. he says. not consecutively. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 21 . but cumulatively. timecrunched people can use to find depth and openness in the middle of their everyday lives.” And for those who can’t seem to find five minutes in the day to themselves. he says. You can have them at any time during the day.” Thornton says.” she explains. Five minutes in the back of a taxi. like better decision making. two minutes on line waiting for coffee. It will always be there waiting EE for you. Thornton created a number of techniques based on those he learned from “enlightened masters.’ but meditation is about doing less and accomplishing more. “I invite people to meditate for an hour a day. we often say ‘no pain. “If a technique doesn’t work. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Thornton says they can detach at any time. and you need to find one that opens your heart. There is not right or wrong.” Thornton developed practices that super busy. It’s just a matter of finding that practice. There are many different paths. personality and lifestyle. and you don’t put the brake on just on the weekends. know that you are only one meditation away from your practice. “Life is about brakes and accelerators. 15 minutes in the shower.” And for those of you who have been discouraged before. you might feel more relaxed and less stress. no gain. or just on the cushion. w w w. “There are many practices. Everyone is returning home in meditation and there is a practice for everyone. try another one. but the long-term benefits.” Ultimately. the type of meditation a person chooses is up to them and their individual needs. but it is possible to find a technique and practice it regularly.” which he explains in his book. “Instantly. but all of them can be done “walking on the street or on the subway. Trial and error may be necessary. and some require you to repeat a mantra. a calmer manner and a clearer mind — these take time. as well as the help of a good teacher.

w w w. co-founder of Instinctive Meditation in Los Angeles } meditation the right for you uring meditation. EE: One time during a meditation. Accept both these extremes. And on the way into sleep and out EE of it. we pass through these gaps. and everywhere in between. Here. have your journal and just sit there and write about what is agitating you. I realized I could no longer feel my body at all. and then on another day. The basic thing the body/mind system wants to do is convert anxiety and pressure into excitement. there are moments where I feel like I might have fallen asleep and my body jerks on its own and brings me back. and I feel like I’ve stopped breathing. Roche: Do what works for you. meditation expert and teacher Lorin Roche.000 thoughts continue to flow through my mind. But even a little flash of this is refreshing. and sometimes minutes. Elevated Existence (EE): When I sit to meditate. And other times. EE: There are days when I sit to meditate and it seems 50. Take the attitude of supporting this process. and if you are too restless. I’m not sure if I fell asleep or entered what is known as “the gap” between my thoughts. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . D Roche: On those days. there are times that I check my watch every five minutes because it seems time is moving so slowly. even after 40 years of meditation.{ Is My Meditation Normal? Lorin Roche. Roche: Accept this as a gift. EE: I’ve had experiences during meditation where my mind is completely blank. When I look back. EE: On some days I feel like I could meditate for hours and on others. Or get up and dance if you do not want to sit still. explains these experiences. but sometimes I will meditate while I am on the go. five minutes feels like too long. We all fall asleep in meditation for a few seconds here and there. EE: I have had days where I sit and meditate during a preplanned time. I have meditated consistently. I’ve gone for months when I just meditated at odd moments. Roche: It is probably both. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 22 . If it lasts longer. and I can’t sit for a full 20 minutes. I got more done and made fewer mistakes when I was meditating consistently. a person can have an innumerable amount of experiences — from falling asleep to incessant thoughts. don’t force yourself to go back. reviewing actions to be taken and choreographing the day. EE: When I am meditating. and don’t expect it to happen for more than a second or two. Roche: This is what extreme relaxation feels like to many people. Roche: This happens to me too. It’s enough to just sit there and tolerate the sensations that go with your to-do list. 30 minutes will go by and it feels like only three. co-founder of Instinctive Meditation in Los Angeles. such as during my train commute or even in the dentist chair to calm myself. Welcome the process of the brain sorting through its lists. I recommend having a schedule and more or less sticking to it. Set aside 20 or 30 minutes for your meditation. and I have to keep concentrating on going back to my mantra. fine. arrange in advance to not be interrupted when you are meditating. catch-as-catch-can. If you can. I felt like I was floating above and looking down on myself mediating. Roche: It is the same for me.

e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . we often overlook the part we play in both the cause and healing of them. c o m main focus. the mind and spirit are not our w w w. therapist or alternative practitioner to treat and cure our ailments.” said bestselling motivational author and speaker Louise L. Hay. HERBAL MEDICINE . NATUROPATHY. when our heads are pounding from a migraine or our throats are sore from a virus. And once the pounding stops or the throat is soothed. these treatments have been proven beneficial in the healing of an illness as well as its prevention. Hay E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 23 } . Although we may know we are more than just our physical body. But while most of us seek a doctor. Most of us focus on the body. By Tammy Mastroberte { HOMEOPATHY. ayurvedic and acupuncture — these are just a few forms of alternative medicine available today. we jump right back into our busy lives … until the next symptom pops up. in her book “Heal Your Body. looking to alleviate pain and other symptoms of an illness. and often they return time and time again.healing corner Heal Thyself L When it comes to restoring and maintaining health. Do we ever stop and think what caused the pain? What was it that suppressed our immune system and left us susceptible to attracting an illness in the first place? “Both the good in our lives and the dis-ease [disease] are the results of mental thought patterns that form our experiences. The Mental Causes for Physical Illnesses and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them.” June 2008 Heal Your Body: The Mental Causes for Physical Illness by Louise L. On their own or in conjunction with conventional medicine. we hold more power than we think.

but stays because he or she likes the paycheck.” she explained in her live online seminar called “Healing Happens. and we must remember we have the power to heal ourselves. emotions and beliefs. The greatest curse is to be in this life without self-esteem.” she said. Healing begins with awareness and ends with change. the mind and the body will follow.” said Myss.healing corner “We’ve learned that for every effect in our lives.” Each of us has 12 major archetypes. or patterns of behavior.D. including our words and actions. why. Carol Ritberger Ph. The four basic archetypes we all carry are the Child. c o m “The greatest curse is to be in this life without self-esteem. no self-esteem. said Myss. true healing cannot truly take place. said Ritberger. While others. The psychospiritual approach “delves deeper into the connection between illness and thoughts.” also produced by Hay House. Viewing illness as a disconnection between the mind. the mind and the body. “Without self-esteem. When symptoms of pain or illness show up in our bodies. In her psychospiritual approach to healing.” produced this past March by Hay House. publishing company (www. there’s a thought pattern that precedes and maintains it. it is up to us to decide to heal. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . while the Prostitute represents our experiences in life where we compromise ourselves to negotiate the security of safety. and more importantly. How do we heal our soul? The answer is love.” Caroline Myss. we need to practice self-love. the Prostitute. When gone awry. she explained. the Child archetype can cause us to develop resistance to responsibility and adulthood.” views illness as “the soul’s way of alerting the mind that something we’re thinking or doing isn’t in alignment with our spiritual nature. It addresses the needs of the soul.” — Caroline Myss can’t stand the company they work for. body and spirit.” said Ritberger.” said Myss. “Your body is a barometer to let you know when you are compromising yourself and when you are If we concentrate on healing our soul first. even a slight amount. “If we are going to w w w. “Each one of us goes through challenges that have the flavor of one of these archetypes.” While curing looks at the how and what of illness. These are two of the “seven tenants of healing” she discussed in the seminar as well as in her book. can help us in the healing process. Ritberger noted healing looks at the how. Ritberger explained we were never designed to become ill. It’s essential to health. another medical intuitive and author. It’s essential to health. Examples of this are an abused wife who stays in her marriage or a person who Healing Happens with Your Help Carol Ritberger Ph.D { } . but true healing goes deeper.. loving ourselves. it is a physical manifestation of what has been going on inside us — a reflection of our behavior. “You can’t fully shed the experience of disease because you don’t have the power in your soul to get rid of it. medical intuitive and author of “Healing Happens with Your Help. “Only love heals. she explained. which are repetitive thoughts based on earlier conditioning. but also examining what caused it in the first place. looking to alleviate the pain and symptoms of an illness. the Saboteur and the Victim.” wrote Hay. Curing is when we look to someone else to make us better. that create our personalities. such as medical professionals. “In the end. as well as our beliefs. who is also founder of Hay House Inc. she said. referred to self-esteem as an essential element of health during her live online seminar in February 2008 called “Why Am I Feeling So Bad? A Medical Intuitive’s Perspective on Health. Emotions and attitudes are also at the root of June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 24 heal ourselves. and four of them are responsible for our self-esteem. what and when of illness.hayhouse.” she said.

” said Myss. beliefs and attitudes. “It doesn’t matter how long we’ve had negative patterns. our attitudes and any destructive patterns we find ourselves in. it shows up in our behavior.. right here and right now in our minds. c o m June 2008 Elevated Existence 25 . ‘What have I been thinking about lately? How have I been treating myself and others? Who do I have to forgive? What EE should I let go of?’ You just might heal yourself. a rotten relationship. “It is our attitudes that really color how we view our lives. “At the end of the day.” So the next time you feel pain. or another symptom of an illness crop up. medical intuitive and best-selling author { } w w w. everything comes down to you and your inner voice.healing corner disease. “Heal Your Body”. Caroline Myss. “Hold in sacred trust that voice. “When we repeat the thoughts. the only option we have is to change. and it ends up in our physical body as illness. emotions and attitudes are our thoughts. lack of finances or selfhatred.” noted Ritberger.” said Hay in her book titled. say to yourself. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . It’s thoughts that produce emotions. However. and there are really only two — optimistic and pessimistic. Change our thoughts. we can affect ourselves on the outside. an illness.” To break the cycle.” she said. at the root of all our behavior. which create attitudes that affect our behavior. She wrote.” By making a change on the inside.. it creates energy that goes out into the universe and attracts more of that same energy. “When you think a thought. We can begin to make a change today. “The point of power is in the present moment.

and everything I touch is a success. Doreen Virtue. Self I am one with the power that created me. I am healthy. Cheryl Richardson. Work I work at a job I truly love. and I earn a good income doing it. visit www. along with other well-known authors such as Dr. Gregg Braden. I am one with the creative power of the universe. “You Can Heal Your Life.” this is the next step. features Louise L. { } Health & Wellness I listen with love to my body’s messages..D. and this connection brings me fulfillment and abundance. Part of the DVD bonus content is an Affirmation Tool Kit. there is also an expanded version with more than four hours of bonus footage featuring extended author interviews. and who love and respect me.youcanhealyourlifemovie. and Christine Northrup. I love myself. c o m } L “You Can Heal Your Life” Affirmation Tool Kit Louise L. If you have seen and liked “The Secret. therefore I attract loving people into my life. } I live in harmony and balance with everyone I know. M. Available as a DVD or streaming video online in a 90-minute format. and I find love everywhere. Hay House Inc. Hay reads aloud the affirmations below to start viewers on their path to healing. I learn from every experience. I release the past and therefore I am free to love fully in the present. I work with people I love. whole and complete. Hay founder. For more information. and this power has given me the power to create my own circumstances. June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 26 . e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . w w w. I am loving and lovable. EE if not more.D. Relationships Prosperity I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams.healing corner The life-changing movie sweeping the nation. founder of publishing firm Hay House Inc. I feel the vibrant wellness in my body increase every day. Hay. Elevated Existence recommends the extended version — the interviews are just as informative and inspirational as the movie.” based on the bestselling book of the same name. All is well in my world. I express myself creatively through my work. Wayne W. Ph.

Reiki balances the body’s energy so it can heal itself By T Love { REIKI (PRONOUNCED RAY-KEE) IS A JAPANESE WORD meaning Universal Life Force Energy — Rei. Reiki influences all three parts.) What that really says is everything. What we experience as disease or dis-ease in the body. is made of energy. is actually the manifestations of imbalances in our body’s energy fields. Think back to 2 Einstein’s equation e=mc (energy = mass times the speed of light squared. simultaneously to liberate the body’s w w w. So. This life force energy flows through everything in life. the Chakras (energy centers) and the Aura (energy fields). Reiki balances the energy of a person so he or she may heal more quickly. thoughts. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . including our emotions. The human energy system is comprised of three parts: the Meridians (energy pathways). E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 27 } . whether on an emotional. the founder of Reiki. and Ki.healing corner What is Reiki? L A powerful wellness tool used by many reputable hospitals throughout the world today. In very simple terms. Dr. developed the modern day practice in the early 1900s after discovering ancient texts describing Reiki and its ability to heal by manipulating the energy fields found within and around all living things. what causes these imbalances? Negative or pessimistic thoughts June 2008 T Love is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher. completely surrounding us and sustaining life itself. physical bodies and the physical world around us. meaning universal. We know that everything in our universe is made up entirely of energy. meaning life force. c o m natural healing power. and Certified Sound Therapist/Teacher. Mikao Usui. mental or physical level. or energy systems.

student through attunements. We invoke Reiki by employing centuries-old whatsoever. reputable hospitals throughout the world ourselves in that — in a sense. energy therapy techniques that open GAINING ACCEPTANCE Reiki works always. such as a complement to cancer therapy. this is not learning how to administer Reiki. noise and water pollution. but never energetic level. colors or images. c o m June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 28 . resulting in absorb what is needed — similar to a The three most disease. and who and post-surgery and to reduce stress and enhance their teacher learned from. as air. Marin County. etc. of his or her hands to the client. toward the clinical trials on Reiki over the past 10 of us so the body can do what it highest healing good years. and falling asleep let’s not forget about “people pollution. Treatment time vomiting while receiving chemotherapy treavaries by individual and should be discussed with tments. stress disorder) and pain management what it is meant to do. There have been many successful us up to the healing power already inherent within each and every one and only. in treating chronic conditions and pain manageIf someone does not know. and having little to no post-operative pain. the client may be seated. California. Boston. Beth Israel form. pay a fee and then receive a Reiki certificate. Marin General Hospital. We pride regarded. and is being offered at many highly Master Teachers know their lineage. most end up in a so it may assist in healing the nice state of relaxation. weakness. remember about energy systems simultaneously. sensations felt during a session Reiki Practitioners and Reiki include warmth or cold. The healing for patients with Fibromyalgia. and is no effort required by the client. Reiki has gained great Teacher may attune an initiate practitioner. we are being to flow through him or her and out bombarded daily with all of these. Manhattan EEN&T and sources today where one can simply complete a Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York. allowing it As you can see. however. The which create imbalances in our energy points on the body take in and energy fields. pipelines for energy flow. Clearly. the practitioner.” You know within minutes is quite common. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . unique experience. The practitioner those negative people who constantly tell you all then places his or her hands in a healing posture over their problems and bring you down? That’s what I various areas of the body and invokes Reiki. Reiki has no Masters are quite simply conduits or pulsations. pretheir lineage — who they learned from. and of all living things. or call people pollution. recognition over the past few years as an integrative It is important to note that Certified Reiki medical tool. Usui for a short time. physical symptoms of a disease. Reiki works on an important things to sponge soaking up water.healing corner create them just as easily as outside influences such Asking the right questions is very important. While each client has his or her own Reiki are: wherever our fields are blocked. lightness of the body and negative side effects seeing light. balancing all of our soaking up more than it can hold. Reiki { } w w w. if necessary. Common Reiki never harms. There are too many relaxation. During a typical Reiki session. There appliance or piece of equipment we encounter. Hospital. it’s our family tree. universal life force energy. Only a Master Due to these clinical trials. Some hospitals offering Reiki include Columbia Presbyterian. — I would advise seeking another practitioner. ranging from the efficacy on patients with PTSD (post traumatic knows it is capable of doing. to is in each and every one of us. California Pacific Medical. depression or organ rejection in heart Reiki is learned from a Reiki Master Teacher transplant patients. The clinical trials are vast and who invokes Reiki energy and passes it to the have proven to be successful. or is not able to tell you ment. tingling. the client lies on a There are also the electro-magnetic fields that Reiki table fully clothed with shoes removed — emanate from just about every techno-gadget. of reduction/elimination of nausea and and for ourselves. stare at a picture of Dr.

Questions to ask a Reiki Practitioner may include: What is your lineage? How long have you been practicing? Have you ever had a client with my condition? What conditions have you treated? What is your success rate? What is a treatment w w w. at www. you must feel comfortable with the practitioner. resonates well with you. or their office.tlovereiki.. Just as exercise is preventive. have a private practice where Reiki is the sole. Tucson. Vt. There you will find lists of practitioners by state whom you may contact to discuss your personal situation. ABOUT T LOVE T Love is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher.healing corner “Reiki is often used as a preventive measure toward achieving and maintaining optimum health. has studied Reiki since 1993 and has worked to the highest vibrational level one can achieve. or like me. reflexologist.. Bennington. she incorporates Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls into her private Reiki Practice located in Andover Township. and only. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals (IARP).” — T Love Ga. You don’t have to have a problem to receive a Reiki treatment. complementary cancer therapy. you can visit her Web site www. Reiki is preventive. If you’re looking for a Reiki Reiki is often used as a preventive measure toward achieving and maintaining optimum health. Members of the IARP adhere to a specific Code of Ethics and are either incorporating Reiki into their primary work as a massage therapist.J. c o m or session like? How long does a session last? Determine if the energy you feel from them.. a great source to find one in your area is through the IARP (International Association of Reiki Professionals) Web site. For more information. Southwestern Vermont Most importantly. nurse. N. EE June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 29 . you can reach her at (973) 383-8022. Lightarian Reiki.iarp. The three most important things to remember about Reiki are: Reiki never harms. As a Certified Sound Therapist and Teacher. Reiki has no negative side effects whatsoever. Reiki works always. and Tucson Medical Center. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Lightarian Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Sound Therapist/ Teacher. or primary work that they perform. etc. To schedule an appointment. The American Cancer Society also regards Reiki as a safe. toward the highest healing good of all living things. chiropractor.

2008 The Chopra Center Renewal Weekend Chicago www. . 9. .3:30 p. Hilton Bellevue. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www. Tigard. 22-24. consciousness-lifting event taking place.3:30 p. 7. throughout the United States.php Fee: $195 Aug.m.php Fee: $195 Aug. San Diego Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www.3:30 p. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop San Diego 9:30 a.php Fee: $195 workshops.elevated events 2008 Event Calendar Below is a list of events including seminars. 17. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop San Francisco 9:30 a. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop w w w. or that have come across our desks.3:30 p. 9:30 a.chopra.abraham-hicks.3:30 p. Burlingame. If you have an event you would like to list here. Calif. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www.m.m. Marriott Denver Tech Center Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Denver 9:30 a. Embassy Suites.m. July 31. Wash. . 2008 Healing the Heart Vancouver. 16. c o m September 2008 Sept.m. Hilton Universal workshops.abraham-hicks. EE L July 2008 July 12.m. Calif. 2. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop San Francisco 9:30 a.m. Bellevue. please feel free to e-mail us at editor@elevatedexistence. Ore.3:30 workshops.m. .abraham-hicks.php Fee: $195 Aug.3:30 p. lectures.abraham-hicks. Universal City. . . Calif. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Seattle 9:30 a. Hilton Universal Hotel.php Fee: $195 July 25– workshops.m. 2008 An Afternoon with Doreen Virtue: Celebrating International Angel Day San Francisco June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 30 . e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Los Angeles 9:30 workshops.php Fee: $195 Aug.php Fee: $195 August 2008 workshops. . Marriott Mission Valley. we have done our best to include the ones we are aware of. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Los Angeles 9:30 a. Ore.m.m.m.php Fee: $195 Aug. Hyatt Regency SF Airport. 28. British Columbia www. Calif.chopra. Hyatt Regency SF Airport.m. www. . Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 workshops. retreats and more. While it is impossible to list every spiritual.abraham-hicks. Universal City.abraham-hicks.abraham-hicks.3:30 p.

chopra.php Fee: $195 October 2008 Oct.m. Oakbrook.m. Javitz Convention Center. workshops. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop 9:30 a.3:30 p.m. www.Y.Y. Portland. Wayne W. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www. www. Ariz. . 7.myss. Weiss. Doubletree Hotel. Broward County Convention Center. Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Boston 9:30 a. Ontario Sponsored by Hay House www. Dyer Jacob K. Many Masters: Experiencing Your Past Lives. 2008 SynchroDestiny.m.m.hayhouse. Evanston. /workshops.kellogg. 2008 The Soul of Leadership Guest Professor: Deepak Chopra. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Philadelphia 9:30 a.5:00 p. 2008 Sacred Contracts. 20. www. programs/LEAD13/ October 3-5. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop 9:30 a.D. 11-14. workshops. . 2008 Soul of Healing NYC Chopra Center and Spa at Dream Dream Hotel. Fee: $150 Sept. N.3:30 p. Lauderdale. w w Sept. c o m Sept. .elevated events The Westin San Francisco Market Street www.10:00 p. Metro Toronto Convention Center. Fee: $100-$150 Sept. 5. Toronto.m. Tuition: $650 workshops. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Boston 9:30 a.chopra. Boston Marriott Burlington. New York 7:00 p. Fla. M. Tarrytown. 10:00 a. 27. N. 2008 Many Sept. (928) 204-0067 www. Ill.abraham-hicks.m. 1-3. Boston Marriott Burlington Burlington. Sept.m. 25-28.abraham-hicks.abraham-hicks.Y. www.debbieford. Doubletree Hotel Tarrytown.m.3:30 p. A Daylong Workshop with Brian L. M.php Fee: $195 Oct. . 2008 Law of Attraction 9:30 a. 2008 Entering the Castle: Exploring Your Mystical Experience of God Workshop with Caroline Myss CMED Preferred Section: $75 General Section: $50 Oct.3:30 p.hayhouse. Paradise Valley.hayhouse. 2008 The Radiance Retreat Sedona Meditation Training Co. 13. Floridian Ballroom. .com Oct. South Building. www.myss. N. (800) 233-1234 www. Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. Rhinebeck. 6 with Caroline Myss Hyatt Deerfield.m. www.m.3:30 workshops. New York www. .php Fee: $195 Sept.abraham-hicks.php Fee: $195 Sept.northwestern. . 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Chicago 9:30 a. . June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 31 . e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . www. 2008 Exploring the Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of Human Personality with Debbie Ford Omega Institute Rhinebeck Campus. Fee: $995 ($200 more for Primordial Sound Meditation Instruction) Sept.abraham-hicks. CMED Class No.m.m. 28. Burlington. Ft. Mass. Ore. 14.hayhouse. 2008 Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong Self-Defeating Thinking Habits with Dr. Deerfield.m. The Chopra Center Skamania Lodge. 21-26.3:30 p.php Fee: $195 Oct.3:30 p. Sept.m. . 25-28. 2008 I Can Do It! Tampa Sponsored by Hay House www. Mass.

25.3:30 p. 18.php Fee: $195 Oct. Wayne W. . Plaza at the Mart. 2008 Into the Holy Land: A Journey Into the Mystery of God and Grace Travel to the Holy Land with Caroline Myss Israel www. Rock Financial Showplace. Detroit workshops.m. 2008 Inward Bound Meditation and Yoga Retreat Sedona Meditation Training November 2008 Nov. . . Wilshire Ebell Theatre.m.m. c o m Meditation Retreat Sedona Meditation Training Fee: $125-$150 June 2008 E l e v a t e d E x i s t e n c e 32 .com/ workshops.abraham-hicks.C. www.m.m. 2008 Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong Self-Defeating Thinking Habits with Dr.m. Asheville. Carlsbad. Dyer and Ram Dass The Westin Maui Resort & Spa. N. Denver Merchandise workshops. Dyer 2:00 p.php Fee: $195 Oct. 1.elevated events www. Denver Fee: $100-$150 Oct. 2008 The Yoga of Writing Women’s w w w.m. Md. Sedona. Ariz.5:00 p. Philadelphia www. 2008 Seduction of Spirit: Meditate with Deepak Chopra Sheraton. 2008 Sonia Choquette’s 2008 Tour – The Answer is Simple: Love Yourself. The Inn on Biltmore Estate. 19. Atlanta Fee: $125-$150 Oct. Asheville.D.m. 2008 The Age of Miracles: Embracing the New Midlife.3:30 p. 1. 12. www. 2008 Secrets of Enlightenment Chopra Center. Los Angeles www. e l e v a t e d e x i s t e n c e . Many Masters: Experiencing Your Past Lives A Daylong Workshop with Brian L. Ivins. Utah www. .5:00 p. Hawaii www.abraham-hicks. 10:00 a. 2008 Many Lives. Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.chopra. Carlsbad. The Inn on Biltmore Estate. Wayne W. 2008 Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong Self-Defeating Thinking Habits with Dr.m. workshops. www. Briar Patch Inn.hayhouse. Preferred Section: $75 General Section: $50 Oct.m. Calif. Asheville. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop 9:30 a. N. 19.5:00 p. Maui.C. Live Your Spirit. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 Fee: $395-$495 Oct. Ponderosa Cabin. 16-18. Calif. October 24-26.hayhouse. . Los Angeles with Marianne Williamson 10:00 a. 9-12.hayhouse.php Fee: $195 Oct. .m. 2008 The Answer is Simple: Love workshops.meditateinsedona.m.3:30 Fee: Early Registration (45 days in advance) $275 Regular Registration: $350 Fee: $125-$150 Oct.myss.meditateinsedona.php Fee: $195 Oct.C. Seattle Sonia Choquette’s 2008 Tour Washington State Convention & Trade Center. Crown Plaza Ravinia. Bethesda. Oak Creek Canyon.3:30 p.5:00 p. M. 27-Nov. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop Washington 9:30 a.m. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop. 9:30 a.hayhouse. 11. Seattle www.chopra. Atlanta 9:30 Fee: $545-$675 Oct. Red Mountain Spa. .php Fee: $195 Oct. Oct. 21-31. Seminar Reservations: (830) 755-2299 www.abraham-hicks.abraham-hicks. Room 204ABC. . www. Hyatt Regency Bethesda.hayhouse. 12. 2008 Law of Attraction Workshop. Live Your Spirit 10:00 a.

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