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Note from the Editor

Benjamin Dougherty
All that exists, as contemplated by the human mind, forms one large system or complex fact, and this of course resolves itself into an indefinite number of particular facts, which, as being portions of a whole, have countless relations of every kind, one towards another. Knowledge is the apprehension of these facts, whether in themselves, or in their mutual positions and bearings. And, as all taken together from one integral subject for contemplation, so there are no natural or real limits between part and part; one is ever running into another. —John Henry Cardinal Newman With these words, John Henry Cardinal Newman defended a vision of knowledge pursued by the true and Catholic university. Each separate faculty is responsible for contributing in a greater effort toward truth. Welcome to the 2005/2006 Journal of Undergraduate Research. The aim of this publication is to collect, vet, and circulate outstanding academic work of students in the College of Arts and Letters. In the endeavor to gain truth, no department in the College stands alone. The editorial staff of the JUR has selected works of student research from across the College. The coincidental publication of these essays reflects the spirit of our collective inquiry into knowledge. As the quality of students’ work usually remains unnoticed, hidden in the classroom, the JUR hopes to reveal, and thus further encourage, achievement in the vein of research writing. !





The JUR editorial staff expresses its sincerest appreciation for the assistance and dedication of Vicki Toumayan, Assistant Dean in the College of Arts and Letters. The expertise and insight of Roque Strew, general consultant and designer, brought to the journal a distinctive measure of professionalism. We thank him profusely. Likewise our gratitude rests with all other individuals in the College who so happily and generously contributed to the publication.

Editorial Board 2005-06
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