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The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


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Continuing operations in Maloula.. And shells in countryside of Damascus

Units Syrian Arab Army are continued its operations in (Maloula) and caused casualties among the insurgents, including Mustafa Khala and Abu Hadeel the leader of Farouq Battalion, also other units were destroyed the headquarters of the gunmen in the course of the town of Scream and the area around the town of (Ras al-Ain) in area (Yabrud) and town (Rahibh) in Rural Damascus, and thwarted the attempt to blow up a car in the city of (yabroud), and killed Mohammad Hussein and Braa Hamdan in the eastern mountains of buttery, and 3 civilians were injured after the fall of mortar shells at houses in the area of police (Adra) in Rural Damascus. The military source said that army troops clashed with armed groups at a roundabout

(Al-Mansher) and Southeast tower teachers and ruled on the number of its members, and destroyed a machine gun heavy in the neighborhood of (Qaboun) and killing insurgents on the outskirts of the town of (Deir Salman), the source added that the army destroyed a warehouse for ammunition and homemade rockets in (Duma), and spent on weapons and ammunition in (Husseinia) and cubicle including mortar and machine guns, in (Moadmaya) caused

the deaths and injuries in the ranks of militants and destroyed their headquarters. The Media sources said that the Syrian army was withdrew from (Maloula) because of fear about the old town from destruction due to heavy fire made by the insurgents, as mentioned by the media reporters that army units have caused deaths in the ranks of armed men whose tried to enter through the hills surrounding (Maloula) and the supporting armed groups.

Libyans terrorists in the countryside of Lattakia

In the countryside of Latakia an armed forces destroyed 6 that cars loaded with weapons and ammunition in the villages (Khan al-ajaoz), and killed a number of Libyans gunmen knew of them Abdel-Salam Alalal and Ahmed Abu Sabra and Hammoud Al kalf.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


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Attempts to infiltrate from Lebanon

The army in Homs and its countryside is facing to try to infiltrate from Lebanon to the countryside (Talkalkh), while the destroyed weapons and ammunition loaded with cars in the area of (San) in countryside of Homs, and spent on the headquarters of the gunmen in(Alaqrabas), and killed a number of them in the (Al-Dar Al-Kabera) and (Rastan, and shot the members of the armed group were killed or injured in

the village of (Turmalh) some of them Adnan Mohammed Schneier and Ramadan Shreteh The media sources branch passage of Homs and the central prison of a number

of missiles which led to casualties and rocket-propelled grenades fell on neighborhoods (Karm Alouz) which led to the injury and material damage to citizens in the place.

Stores and Platforms in Aleppo and its countryside

Military source in Aleppo said that the Syrian army destroyed rocket launchers, mortars in Aljdaiedeh, warehouses and ammunition north of Albab resulting in heavy loss of life and weapons on albab road northern Aleppo and the vicinity of Aleppo central prison, in the same context the military forces spent the headquarters for the armed groups in Kafr el-Hamra ,Babis And the glass laboratory, also the army forces succeded in failing an infiltration attempt from Albandarh area towards Al-Zahrawi market in the Old City of Aleppo. The source said that the army blocked an attempt to sneak into the airport perimeter in Aljafrah area in Deerzour countryside.

Shells on the Halfaya.. Death in Idlib

In Hama, mortal shells were fell at the town of Halfaya killing 3 civilians and injuring 4 others, while the engineering units dismantled 5 explosive devices ranging weight between 75 and 100 kg near the village of Alkafat on HamaSalamieah road. Also the army unit thwarted gunmen tried to

assault on a military point in Alghab area. In Idleb army units ruled gunmen from Jabhat Alnosrah,Front Victory in the villages of Zarzour and Zouf in Jeser Al-shoughour, while other units destroyed headquarters and killed numbers of terrorists in Marteen and Kefrnoubl.

People were killed in a landmine explosion

In Daraa, army units battled with insurgents and caused deaths in their ranks, also it ruled their headquarters in Aljezah and Alhraq. While gunmen killed in Nawa in a landmine explosion in a car.

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


President al-Assad confirms the readiness of Syria to repel the aggression.. And he denies the use of chemical
Mr.President Bashar alAssad denies to be the Syrian authorities responsible for the chemical attack, which took place on August 21 in East Gouta in Damascus, saying in an interview with CBS American: that there is no evidence that use of chemical weapons against my people, he said, adding that the goal from the aggression of the American military against Syria is to undermine the military force of the Syrian army in order to change the balance of forces on the

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ground, explained President Assad that Syrias allies will stand by her side to repel the aggression of the American military, as the network quoted from the president as saying that he does not know necessarily whether

youll blow Syrias military, stressing that the Syrians are prepared for this as best as they can, he directed a message to the Americans that the fight wars and conflicts in the Middle East was not a good experience for them. about chemical weapons again and cooperation with her team. In turn Lavrov stressed said Russia is doing its best to prevent a war and calls for the application of what was agreed upon during the summit of G20, calling on the United States to work towards a political solution to the crisis in Syria and not wage war, adding that the majority of world leaders share Russias position that insurgents in Syria caused deportation people and destruction of their property, pointing out that the holding of the international Conference in Geneva is not possible because of the refusal of the coalition of the opposition to it, stressing that Russia will continue its contacts with all parties, as it did during the last period in preparation for this conference.

AL-Muallem meets Lavrov.. No military solution in Syria

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Walid al-Muallem in a meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov announced that Syria will cooperate with Russia on the subject of excuses chemical to prevent aggression for our people and protect them, wondering what is the interest of America from behind the launch of aggression for the benefit of Jabhat Al-Nasra Nasra Front? And how it will justify the U.S. President Barack Obama the aggression for the benefit of (al

Qaeda), which attacked the Trade Center in New York on September 11, adding We believe that a political solution is the only solution to the crisis in Syria, but if there is aggression, we will have another position, pointing to estimate the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin who seeking to prevent aggression and history will confirm that the President who makes peace is more powerful than the president who seeks to war, stressing that Syria is ready to receive the Commission of Inquiry

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


U.S Congress.. Obama has not provided convincing reasons concerning Syria
in the Representative House the additional cost of the operation in Syria could harm the readiness of the army. In a related development, the Democratic Representative in the U.S. Representative House Jim McGoverns said to CNN if I am president I will withdrew my application at this stage I do not think that the support is in the Congress, and the people would like to see the war as a final solution, I do not think that this applies to the current situation, for his part, Republican Representative in the U.S. House Justin Ammash confirmed that the presidents decision of the Representative House John Boehner supported by threats from the U.S. President Barack Obama about military action against Syria is wrong.

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Members of U.S congress said that they were not convinced to approve the request of Obama on his plan in Syria. The republican Rep Mike Rogers , chairman of the Intelligence committee in the representative house said, President Obama did not provide good reasons for the implementation of military action in Syria, adding, It is very clear that he had lost support in the last week ... did not give reasons

compelling, while the republican Michael McColl Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the Representative House described Obamas plan as reckless also he added that launching a few Tomahawk missiles will not bring us our credibility abroad and this kind of actions aimed to save the President after laying the red line, and said Republican Buck McKeon Chairman of the armed Services Committee

Iraq and Iran.. We reject any aggression on Syria

Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshyar Zebari and the Iranian Mohammad Jawad Zarif told a press conference in (Baghdad) their country rejected against any aggression on Syria and the need to prevent and avoid any confrontation or war in the region because it will affect negatively on all countries, Zarif explained who wants to start this war cannot control the track or put an end to it, adding that the U.S. President Barack Obama entered the trap created by others to him without personal desire and wish to come out of it because the occurrence of this war is not in its interest and the interest of the countries of the region at all. For his The Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout said that a political solution to the crisis in Syria is a priority for his country and that things evolve inside and outside Syria and therefore there is nothing uncertain about a U.S. military inter-

part,Zebari said: Iraq would not be the starting point of any aggression on Syria will not provide any facilities for any attack, and he is working with a number of States Parties to emphasize the need for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria by the Syrians themselves. vention, describing in a television interview that the situation in Damascus is stable, pointing out that the Czech Republic will not withdraw its diplomats from Damascus at the present time.

Czech.. A political solution to the crisis in Syria is our priority

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


Tehran: We will not stand idly by in front of any attack on Syria

channel news that his country will not stand idle in front of any attack is illegal and illogical on Syria, saying: We support our allies in the region, we will not be indifferent, but the method of response will be with military, he said, adding that the Syrians are very serious to respond to any possible aggression it is natural that they face element is the Zionist entity, therefore, subsequent events cannot be predictable due to the possible intervention of the Friends of Syria.

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Alaa din Boroujerdi the chairman of the Committee on National Security and

Foreign Policy in the Iranian Shura Council confirmed in a statement to Al-Alam

Vatican Pope.. We reject trade wars to sell arms

Vatican Pope Francis denounced wars commercial sale of arms and its publishing and he cautioned that what is happening in Syria is due to these wars, reiterated his opposition to the military aggression that was threatened by the United States and its allies. Said the Pope Francis in a Mass in St. Peters Square during the day vow of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria that the war against evil means to say no to violence in all its forms is not to deploy weapons and illegal arms trade, adding, We have doubts always whether the wars here and there are because of the real problems or for the sale

of arms , and reiterated his appeal for peace in Syria and the need to stop the violence and destruction immediately and to work for a just solution.

The Independent.. Obama supports the insurgents who are pointing their weapons toward the Syrian soldiers
on Web sites for a group of insurgents have are pointing their arms toward seven Syrian soldiers they handcuffed from behind and they almost naked express the party that mobilizes U.S. President Barack Obamas support for striking Syrias favor, and the newspaper said that the seriousness of meanings reported by those bleak picture for the whole world may indeed affect the members of Congress vote on possible U.S. strike on Syria because the world will always remember that the United States supported appeared in that picture.

British newspaper The Independent explained that the images have sprung up recently

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


World Tribune.. Aggression against Syria is sparking a third world war

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The newspaper World Tribune said that American President Barack Obama is insistent on pushing his country in a new war, noting that the aggression

against Syria will ignite a fire in the region may lead to a third world war, which saw the newspaper that American President Obama is moving towards ration with the National Union of Syrian Students branch India and vigil in front of the U.S. embassy in (New Delhi) refused to threats U.S. launch military aggression on Syria. The Association of Syrian expatriates in (Belgium) in Luxembourg is organized the stand in solidarity with the Syrian motherland in front of the U.S. embassy in Brussels, also the International Democratic Womens Union and a group of international womens organizations categorical had announced their rejection of possible American aggression against Syria.

this disastrous war to save face after the alleged use of chemical weapons in Damascus, saying that Obama is biased to a row of Qaeda responsible for the deaths of thousands 3 billion in the September 11, 2001 attacks. While the site American Info Woors confirmed that U.S. intelligence evidence about the alleged chemical attack in Syria are failed to accuse the Syrian government of being behind it.

Global protests

Sunday Telegraph.. British people are opposing the aggression against Syria

The demonstrations and vigils reject the threats of the American West to launch aggression against Syria are continued in a number of capitals and cities in the world, has organized more than 350 non-governmental organizations, federations and associations of India in collabo-

A poll published by the dailys Sunday Telegraph that the majority British people are opposing the participation of their country in the U.S. aggression on Syria, and found the poll conducted by (ICM) competent protocols Internet that a large number of voters do not want to stay British House of Commons vote last on intervention in Syria.

Providing the requirements of the production process and dispense imported cement
Industry Minister Kamal alDin Tohme asked the Department of General Organization for Cement providing the requirements of the production process for companies and increase their energies to ensure the needs of the domestic market and dispense as much as possible for imported materials Stressing, the ministry is ready that do not achieve the speci- to provide all means of support fication standers required. and assistance needed in this

The tribes and clans and Arab families in all parts of the Arab world are issued a statement that confirming the rejection of the threats of America to launch military aggression against Syria and its support for the statement tribes Syrian issued on 5 September, saying that any aggression on Syria or the threat of it is aggression against the Arab homeland from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf.

Arab tribes and clans.. The aggression against Syria is an aggression on the Arab World

The Electronic Newsletter for Syrian News NO0 )230(


Drinking Water Foundation.. Drinking water is Uncontaminated

the director of the drinking water and sanitation in Damascus and its countryside engineer Hossam Hreden denied the news broadcast by the media for poisoning drinking water entering the towns of (Zamalka) , (Ain Tarma) and (Jobar), pointing out that all these towns are fed drinking water via a tube passes from inside the city Damascus and it is impossible to contaminate water or poisoned by one.

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Central roads are in a good technical condition

The director of the General Establishment for Road Communications Mohammed Aaloul confirmed that most central roads condition are

in a good technical which the service except for parts of the axis through (Idlib Areha-Latakia) and part of the road (Idlib- Aleppo).