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Bulletin: Gas Systems

Gas Systems After Market Services

Hamworthy Gas Systems (HGS) equipment is technically advanced and in many cases essential to proper cargo operation. In order to help our customers to maintain regularity and reliability, Hamworthy Gas Systems have recently strengthened our organisation by dividing the after market services into a separate business unit. We are prepared to help you wherever, whenever with whatever, hence our slogan, Your regularity, our responsibility. History Hamworthy Gas Systems was acquired from Kvrner in 2000 and our gas knowledge originates from Moss ship yard which were building the first gas tankers in the 1960s. Since then we have delivered equipment under the names of Kvrner Brugs Kjleavdeling, Kvrner Kulde, Kvrner Eureka Process Division and Kvrner Ships Equipment. Our historical records include all required information to ensure the correct service and spare parts for any gas plant or associated equipment delivered by Hamworthy or Kvrner. We offer a full range of services for our LPG, VOC and LNG plants. This includes: Plant condition assessment In order to determine maintenance and service requirements we offer a plant condition assessment using our standard evaluation form. Training Planned maintenance Maintenance is essential to keep regularity of the gas plant. HGS offer planned maintenance according to owners requirements. Depending on the degree of maintenance done during operation, intervals vary between 1 to 5 years. We also offer on demand maintenance including: Compressor overhaul Heat exchanger retubing A well trained crew is an important factor in order to utilise the HGS plant in the most efficient manner. We offer professional onshore training at different levels, tailormade for crew, superintendents or other. We also offer onboard hands-on training for our plants. Service agreement HGS offer a service agreement, which includes the following: Planned maintenance Spare parts discounts Free 24 hours service telephone Priority when service is required Unscheduled service HGS after market services know that equipment failure during operation can be critical. We can offer experienced service engineers, ready to assist you in the shortest time possible whenever needed. Spares Our experienced staff will assist you finding the correct spare parts, even for plants up to 40 years old. We keep knowledge of replacement spare parts and ensure that you get the right spare parts for your plant, ensuring the fit and performance to be correct. We will also give advice regarding reassembling or retrofitting of the new parts. In addition you will benefit from HGS continuous technology development. We know that spares inquiries are often urgent. Hence we will reply to you request no later than 24 hours after receipt.

Hamworthy Gas Systems AS PO Box 144, NO-1371, Asker, Norway 24 hrs. service tel: +47 66109660 office tel: +47 815 48500 fax: +47 815 48520 e-mail: web:
The manufacturers reserve the right to alter the specification and data to incorporate improvements in design. Certified drawings will be issued on request. All details copyright Hamworthy plc.

ref: HGS 3011 1106/2