Republic of the Philippines OFFICE OF THE CITY MAYOR City of Mayor By the City Mayor EXECUTIVE ORDER NO.

13 Series of 2009 AN ORDER CREATING STEERING COMMITTEE OF THE 2009 KADAYAWAN SA DABAW FESTIVAL AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES WHEREAS, Davao City is envisioned to be the socio-economic and tourism center in Mindanao, the East ASEAN Growth Area and the Asia Pacific Region as embodied in the city’s Comprehensive Development Plan; WHEREAS, as part of the key strategies of the tourism industry in achieving such vision is the holding of major tourism events in the city at least every quarter of every year; WHEREAS, a major tourist attraction that has drawn local and foreign tourists to Davao City has been the annual Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival, dubbed as “the festival of festivals”; WHEREAS, recognizing that Davao City’s private sector is the primary engine of growth for the city’s tourism industry and a major contributor to the city’s economic progress, it is but fitting that the Kadayawan Festival be steered by the private sector, who also benefits form the staging of this annual festival; WHEREAS, the City Government of Davao also recognizes that the Kadayawan Festival is mainly a festival that celebrates the city’s indigenous peoples, its diverse cultures, and its unique arts and crafts and that the local government is mindful of the indigenous peoples’ need to assert their rights to self determination and cultural preservation while peacefully co-existing with the city’s migrant settlers; WHEREAS, in order to enable the City Government of Davao to effectively balance the concerns of the tourism industry and the protection of the rights of the city’s indigenous peoples in the city’s celebration of the Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival 2009, there is a need to constitute, organize, and create a joint government and private sector Steering Committee that will plan,. Organize, manage and implement the activities of the said festival. NOW, THEREFORE, I, RODRIGO R. DUTERTE, Mayor of the City of Davao, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order the following: SECTION 1. Creation, constitution, and composition. There is a hereby created the 2009 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival Steering Committee to be composed of the following persons: Chair Co-Chair Vice Chairs Rodrigo R. Duterte Lorenzo A. Te, Jr. Sara Z. Duterte (Government)

Ways & Means Secretariat Festival Direction Tourism Promotions Media & Publicity Promotional Materials Festival Documentation Festival Spaces Security & Safety Traffic Management l.

Antonio Santos Domingo (Private Sector) William J. Lima Patricia Melizza B. Ruivivar Rizal Giovanni P. Aportadera, Jr. Richard Dian Vilar Benjamin Lizada & Michael Aportadera Flor Colina Neil Oropesa & Glenn Escandor Ian Ray Garcia & Paul Borromeo Jessie Marvin Melodias P/Sr. Supt. Ramon Apolinario Traffic Management Center

Lumadnong Kasaulogan (Indigenous Peoples Festival) Management Committee Chair Vice-Chairs Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz Gregoria Uy (Tagabawa Tribe) Datu George Mandahay (Ubo-Manuvu Tribe) Datu Roel Arthur Ali (Ata Tribe) Nicanor Mohammad (Kalagan Tribe) Masil Ahalul (Tausug Tribe) Estrellita Mahamud (Sama Tribe) Ismael Nakan (Maguindanao Tribe) Randy Gapor Usman (Maranao Tribe) Herminia Buisan-Ortiz (K’lata/Guiangan Tribe) Hulagway sa Kaliwatan Louie John Bonguyan & Susan M. Antepuesto Panagtagbo Karlo S. Bello & Avel Gequilan Hiyas sa Kadayawan Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz & Oscar G. Casaysay Tugtugan sa Kahiusahan Marlene Librado & Ma. Shiela Labos

ll. Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan (Contemporary Indigenous-Motivated Celebrations) Management Committee Chair Vice-Chair Tunog Mindanao Moda Mindanaw Sayaw Mindanaw Indak-indak sa Kadalanan Pamulak Kadayawan Kalasikas Dawow: Dayaw Kadayawan Trade Fair Agro-Industrial Trade Fair Kadayawan sa Chinatown Konsyierto sa Kadayawan Baylehan sa Dalan Susan Isabel C. Reta Edmund Superada Marianne Martinito & Elena Gementiza Oscar G. Casaysay & Susan M. Antepuesto Florence Alejandre & Grace Taculin Corazon Agustin & Edmund Superada Edgar Ibuyan & Mayette Abayon James Zimmerman & Reynan Superada Eliza Madrazo & Raleon Monsanto Susan Isabel C. Reta & Edmund Superada Zuleika Lopez & Lemuel Ortonio Abdullah Aquino & Ma. Victoria Jimenez Jaime C. Uy & Vivian Lorico Christopher Lawrence T. Go & BCCAD KBP-Davao Chapter

Hudyakaan Kadayawan Sportsfest

Edmund Mayormita Moses Billacura & Christopher Lawrence Go

SECTION 2. Functions. The Committee shall perform the following functions: 1. To plan and ensure the smooth coordination of programs, events and activities in connection with the celebration of the 2009 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival; 2. To find ways and means to support the effective implementation of programs, events and activities during the festival; and 3. Perform such other acts which are necessary to effectively and meaningfully carry out their mandated functions. SECTION 3. Secretariat. There shall be a joint Secretariat composed of the City Mayor’s Community Relations Program Team and the City Tourism Operations Office, which shall provide secretariat support to the Steering Committee and coordinate the efficient implementation of all its policies and directives. The joint secretariat shall undertake all the necessary preparations in the implementation of all events and activities during the celebration. SECTION 4. Festival Theme. The Steering Committee shall plan all events and activities around the theme: “Nahiusang Katawhan Nakigdait sa Kalibutan” (“One People in Communion with the Earth”), which in essence shall celebrate Davao’s indigenous and multi-cultural peoples’ solidarity with the Earth and with all the peoples of the world. SECTION 5. Festival Dates. The 2009 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival shall be held on August 17 to 23, 2009 in Davao City to also coincide with the Indigenous Peoples Day. SECTION 6. Funding. Funding for the celebration, operating requirements and honoraria and such other expenses to be incurred in connection with the celebration of the 2009 Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival shall be sourced mainly from the budget of the City Tourism Operations Office and may be augmented by private sector sponsorships. All other departments and offices are authorizes to allocate such amounts as may be necessary to defray expenses of this celebration subject to the usual government accounting and auditing rules and regulations. SECTION 7. Effectivity. This order shall take effect immediately. Done in the City of Davao this 19th day of June 2009. (Signed) RODRIGO R. DUTERTE City Mayor By the City Mayor (Signed) WENDEL E. AVISADO City Administrator

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