the new humanity by; Trinity Roy2006 Prolog; So, hello U fellow Human ?

Are you in for a reflective,’mind2mind’,.? A little get together ? How have we all done so far ? We have gotten this far as a species, primarily by luck , not wisdom, right? Are we, us humans, behaving as responsible global citizens, speaking in general terms that is? Neither leaders or lead , neither kings, Queens, Presidents or the People they represent have been carrying the burden of mutual responsibility to our collective beneficial use. And still we are all but at the beginning of our journey. A collective bunch of teenagers, that now have the technical know how of centuries of hard work at their fingers touch and still so much to learn. Does that frighten you? It is understandable if it does. Is it strange to live with fear ? Is it strange for people to manipulate each other out of mutual fear? Is any of it strange at all? Or is it all, as it’s supposed to be. Are the cycles of time and evolution still going about their normal ways? Do we need to raise our levels of understanding and if so, are we advancing as such or actually slowing the educational process down. ? What do you think ? How much do you actually think, and are you increasingly enhancing your thought processes? What do you think? Let’s continue by stating that life and all its teachings is but a wonderful joyride from whatever angle you look upon it. My personal hope it is to never stop learning, although I realize that with growing knowledge there is a growing burden of responsibility. To go ,’down the rabbit hole’, and learn the truth to any new matter we investigate is always a joyous endeavor and trough failure we only grow stronger and wiser. Our sense of responsibility should grow along equally. Love all that is alive and therefore; love all your fellow human beings, even the ones that let us down by lack of effort. WE ARE THE ZOOKEEPERS and yes we are godlike creations in essence. However I am glad we are kept from using our potentially godlike powers until we have become aware and responsible enough to use them wisely. Imagine a cowboy like Bush with X Ray eyes, flying around with other powers. Now that would have been even more dangerous than the present situation already is. He would probably declare himself king of the world and than by accident destroy that same world and its inhabitants saying oops sorry I fucked-up. He also believes to be doing the right thing. He is not the only one that doesn’t think things through. It’s not his mistake he came to power, it’s ours as a collective. It’s our action or the lack-off action that creates re-actions. It’s our collective mistake that we do not educate our children as we should. It is our collective mistake if we would, collectively finally really fuck it all up. So what should we do about this? What can we do about this state of affairs and its possible outcome? Education?! That is the only LORD I want to serve, the one called education. It is the only common denominator that will lead us into a common future. It is the only God given truth that will create our collective next step into becoming; NEO SAPIENS the New Humans, the next phase in our common collective future.

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together .

Chapters; 1/Awareness and development of the senses 2/education as it stands right now in general 3/mind manipulation from people to people $/money and it’s influences 5/the New World and old orders 6/what we all need to understand 7/the collective next step of the mind 8/so what will you do ? 9/the easy way’s never easy anyway 10/epilog

An investigative look into Mankind and its social developments.

1/ AWARENESS AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE SENSES So you think you feel, smell,..see,…or hear all there is, now do you? Do you at least try to do all these things ? As far as we know we have only begun developing our senses. When you look at for instance the light spectrum that we know off, even there we are only capable of registering one-third of the available light. With some of our modern technical gadgets a bit more, but still. With what we know thus far, our smell is not too well developed either. Even dogs do better than we do in that particular field. Probably because animals are less inhibited by thought, so they could develop easier. My question to you the reader is about basic education in these fields. What do we do to educate ourselves and especially our offspring in their general

awareness ? Is our educational system doing what it should or are we still lacking effort? Even simple things like, gymnastics in education mostly lacks vision. (pain, hot, cold, touch, smell, sight, gravity, awareness training in general) Walking blindfolded as a training, for example. O’so careful we treat our children in their first stages of infancy, only to later let them loose in a jungle of chemical impressions like; food, drugs, sounds, light and bacteria. Even as youngsters we shield them in as many ways we can. Even from true reality. No wonder many become allergic. Their senses can not follow the storm of impressions and they did not learn to control these senses. While all Mommies and Daddies are fighting for daily survival in a not so perfect society, they hardly get round to training their children in better ways than they where trained.

It is a fact that especially in the modern world, teenagers often start very quick with the experimenting of chemicals like drugs, just because they need to satisfy the ancient human urge called curiosity. It should be up to the grown-ups to prepare them for that. Even our taste buds have often enough not been stimulated to appreciate the many varieties of food this planet has to offers us. Let alone, all the other impressions. Dynamics is a word I will refer to a lot in this little booklet I am creating. Dynamic thought is what sets us apart from all other living things on this planet. The capability to be highly adaptable creatures, that can adapt too many different circumstances and that we can adapt by choice. How well we are prepared makes all the difference in the choices we make. So, not to become diverse and dynamically adaptable can easily be called a lack of living. And we all want the best for our children, or so at least we say. Our actions as parents and fellow human beings, often opposes what we say. We, ’more often than not’, leave the solving off real global problems to the generations that come after us. Maybe having children is mostly an egoistical choice after all. A choice for better education would be better. Imagine if you like, an educational system that really sets-out to confront our kids with the potential of their GodGivenSenses. Don’t you belief that it is a worthy thing to increase the speed of our mutual development in general . Ask Yourself, now is it ?