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were either destroyed or had disappeared from human eyes.

This village too had an ancient temple which was lost to humanity also due to neglect and efflux of time. However, revenue records indicated a large piece of land measuring 52 cents marked as Temple land. Even the village folk did not know that there existed a Shiva temple but an astrologer based in Hyderabad AP could precisely indicate the details. This could be only due to the Lords own way of manifesting his presence to the humans and the way the details were provided is quite astonishing! The excavation of the land revealed the existence of an old temple dated back some 800 years or more. A huge Shivling was found as also a beautiful statue of Lord Karthikeya in the form of Arumugasamy. While no other deity could be found, the basements pertaining to the Swami, Ambal, Murugar, Vinayagar, Chandikeshwarar, Natarajar sannidhis were found apart from the Mahamandap and the temple kitchen areas. A large number of stone pillars and other construction materials were found during the excavation and this indicated that a massive structure might have been there centuries back! As per the tradition and accepted practice, before taking up any matter relating to a temple, Deiva Prasannam ( invocation of the Gods blessings) was conducted to seek divine sanction and to perform the requisite rituals found necessary and to rectify the defects, if any. The Prasannam indicated that the God is known as Runahareswara, the one who clears all the debts and the Goddess is known as Mangalambika. Every human being born into this world incurs three kinds of debts viz., i) Debts incurred in this birth, more importantly the financial debts (Human debts); ii) Debts incurred due to neglect of service to God and periodical worship as mandated by the scriptures ( Devatha debts) iii) Debts incurred due to failure to perform periodical

karmas/ rituals for forefathers ( Pithru debts). As per scriptures, those who worship this God attain salvation from the above debts and will lead a happy family life. The renovation and restoration of the temple work is being undertaken by the family of Late Margabandu Iyer, Village head whose ancestors were also village heads, his relatives and the villagers at large. Devotees are humbly requested to contribute in cash or kind for the divine activity. Contributions may please be sent in the name of Runahareswarar Temple Committee and sent to the below mentioned address or can be remitted directly into the Savings Bank account No. 0338000101089128 with Punjab National Bank, Adyar, Chennai 600020 ( Bank Code: 024, IFSC Code: PUNB0033800) We pray to Lord Runahareswara to bless all Humans with all happiness, good health and prosperity! V. Viswanathan ( EX GM ECGC Mumbai) Coordinator, Runahareswara Temple Committee, B2, Sai Krupa, 7/17 III Main Road, Kasturba Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Tamilnadu. PIN - 600020. Ph: 044 24422163 Mob: +91 8754405387 e mail id: LOCATION OF TEMPLE: Peranambakkam (Semmiamangalam Post) is situated near Mattapiraiyur Joint Road along Polur- Chetput Road and can also be reached from Devikapuram town. Frequent buses and autos are available from Polur town and Devikapuram.


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Ph : 044 - 2442 2163, Mob : +91 87544 05387

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Tiruvannamalai in Tamilnadu is a noted Shivasthal and the God Arunachala is manifest in the form of fire. This place also assumes great importance for the reason that the very thought of the temple brings salvation for the human beings. Polur is a taluk in the district and Peranambakkam is an ancient small village in the district. This was formerly known as Periyarunapakkam or Pranavampakkam. Due to aliens waging wars repeatedly, many of the Hindu temples