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1. Dennis : Thank you very much for helping me to finish the assignment, Aldy. Aldy : .... The folowing expressions are correct, except .... a. Not at all. b. Thanks, too. c. Thats all right. d. Youre welcome. e. Dont mention it. Jeshu : Andi, finally you get the highest score in English examination. .... Andi : Thats very kind of you to say that, Jeshu. a. Its not satisfying. b. Youre really great. c. Youre not great d. Are you kidding? e. It doesnt matter. Hi, Volta. Your performance on the last basket ball competition was amazing. All the people gave applause to you. Volta : .... a. I enjoyed myself. b. What a nice person am I! c. Not at all. d. Never mind. Its my pleasure. e. Thanks. Aghnes : a. b. c. d. e. How come .... She is a smart student. I am very certain about it. I am not surprised. I cant believe it. Its really wonderful. I am very sure about it.

6. Miranda :


Would you like to accompany me to go to a book fare? Savitri : That sounds great. I want to buy some novels. Miranda : OK. Ill pick you at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Savitri : 10 a.m.? OK, deal. From the dialog above we know that .... a. Miranda do not understand the invitation. b. Miranda accepts Savitris invitation c. Savitri refuses Mirandas invitation d. Miranda accepts Savitris invitation. e. Savitri accepts Mirandas invitation. You know what? SMASH will come to our scholl next week. Rana : .... Hastin : Look at this headline. Rana : Thats good. SMASH is my favorite boy band. a. Thats right. b. I see. c. Are you serious? d. I trust on you. e. Thats a fact. Ardi, where willl you spend the holiday? Ardi : I dont know. Any idea? Keicar : Why dont you go fishing with me? Ardi : It sounds great! From the dialoge above we know that.... a. refusing advise b. showing disagreement c. offering an invitation d. giving help e. makin a request Keicar : :

3. Agung :

7. Hastin

4. Nadela :

I cant join the speech contest. I dont have enough money to register the contest. Nova : Here is the money. Just take it out. Nadela : Thats very kind of you. Nova : Dont mention it. From the underlined statement, we know that Nadela shows her .... to Nova. a. symphaty d. help b. offer e. gratitude c. apology 5. Shellen : Aghnes, do you know our friend, Hasna, fails in her exam?



Sasa : Dita :

You look really happy. You know what, I passed my final exam. Sasa : .... a. Bad student! b. You look so nice. c. You didnt do great job. d. Thats amazing! Congratulation! e. Thats awful! Bowo, I really appreciate your help. I cant thank you enough. Bowo : Dont worry .... a. Thats very kind of you. b. I assure you owe me much c. Will you stop talking? d. Its indeed my pleasure to help you e. Im very disappointed :

12. a. Do you need story books? b. How many stories have you got so far? c. Are these your story books? d. What story is it? e. Is it your clipping? 13. a. Sorry, I am still reading it now. b. I dont know where the story books are? c. Of course. d. Maybe, its lost. e. Sorry, I dont have them. 14. a. Me too. b. All right. c. Are you sure? d. No, youre not. e. Delighted I was able to help. Text for questions no. 15 17 Planet is a body in space that revolves around a star. There are nine planets in our solar system, and these nine planets travel around the sun. The names of the planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Planets travel in orbits around the stars. All of the planets of the solar system revolve in elliptical orbits. In other words, their orbits are like large, flat circles. The time that it takes a planet to make one revolution around the sun is called a year. The Greeks were the first people to recognize and give names to some of the planets. Tile word planet comes from a Greek word meaning wanderer. If a person wanders, this means that he goes from one place to another and does not have a home. The Greeks thought that planets "wandered" in the sky. However, modern scientists can predict the movement of the planets very accurately. 15. What is the suitable title for this text ? a. The Stars b. The Orbits c. The Planets d. The Greeks

10. Zealin

Text for questions no. 11 14 Habibi Ratih Habibi Ratih : : : : Hi, Ratih. Hi, Habibi. (11) .... Im collecting the fairy tales from around the world to make a clipping. It sounds interesting, (12) .... Only some. We have The Tooth Fairy, The Piskies, Black Annis, Berguess and The Springgans. They are all the fairies from British Isles. Thats pretty good. By the way, my sister has a complete collection of folktales. Maybe some of them are fairy tales, who knows. Really? Can we borrow them? (13) .... Im very grateful to you. (14) .....

Habibi Ratih

: :


Ratih Habibi Ratih Habibi

: : : :

11. a. What can you do here? b. Are you busy here? c. What are you doing here? d. Whats that? e. Are you busy?

e. The Wanderers 16. The planets in our solar system travel ... a. around the stars b. from one position to another c. around the circles d. in elliptical orbits e. in one movement 17. In other words, their orbits are like large, flat circles. What does the underlined word refer to? a. Words b. Orbits c. The Planets d. The Greeks e. The people Text for questions no 18 21 The Sumatran elephant habitat is Sumatra, Indonesia. The average male elephant reaches eight feet high and weighs up to six tons. A baby elephant can weigh up to one ton. The male s are always larger then females. They are the massive creature. An elephant has a trunk, two tusks, two eyes two ears, and two lumps on its head. It is known to be the clever animal. When an elephant is hot, it fans itself by flapping their ears back and forth. When elephants herd wants to move, they use their ears as a guide. Their hearing range is very large, Elephants hear some noises that cant be heard by a human ear. Sumatran elephants have enough strength to knock down a tree. They can also pick up a log using their trunk and tusks. Their trunk is their nose. They also use it like a hand. Just below their trunk, they have their tusks. Only male Sumatran elephants have tusks. A baby elephant is called a calf. 18. The text describes . a. a wild elephant b. a male Sumatran elephants c. a baby of elephant d. The Indonesian elephants e. The Sumatran elephants

19. The description of the body part and function are found in paragraph . a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 2 and 3 e. 1 and 3 20. What guides an herd when they want to move ? a. their ears b. their nose c. their tusks d. their feet e. their trunk 21. When the elephant herd wants to move .. Paragraph 2 The underlined words has similar meaning to . a. animal b. cage c. group d. place e. trunk Text for questions no. 22 26 Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals. They are not classified in the class of insect. A spider has eight legs while an insect never has more than six legs. Spiders have a body with two main divisions, four legs and two other pairs of abdominal spinnerets for spinning threads of silk. This silk can be used to aid in climbing, build egg sacs and catch pray. Spiders kill so many insects, but they never do the least harm to mans belonging. Spiders are busy for at least half of the year killing insects. It is impossible to find out how many insects they kill, since they are hungry creature which cannot be content with only three meals a day. 22. The purpose of the text is to a. explain about spiders b. tell a particular spiders chronological order c. describe about spiders


d. persuade people about spiders e. retell about spiders 23. Why cant spider be classified in the class of insect? a. Because spiders have more than six legs b. Because spiders bodies have two main divisions c. Because they have walking legs d. Because spiders kill many insects e. Because spiders are hungry creature 24. Which sentences describe the behavior of spiders? a. spider has eight legs b. a spider has a body with two main divisions c. a spider has four pairs of walking legs and two pairs of abdominal spinnerets d. a spider kills so many insects e. a spider is a hungry creature 25. The following sentences are true about spiders, except .... a. they belong to insect b. they have eight legs c. they eat many insects d. they are not dangerous for people e. they eat more than three meals a day 26. ....they never do the least harm to mans belonging. The underlined word has almost the same meaning as the word .... a. useless b. damage c. bothering d. intervention e. relation Text for questions no. 27 31 PALU: Donggala Police in Central Sulawesi has confiscated 650 logs, which they suspect cut illegally, and questioned eight people in relation to the case. The logs were confiscated last week in two raids as they were being transported on tructs from protected forest areas.

Police Chief Adj. Comr. Sukardi said some of logs were seized in a protected forest area. The carrier did not have the necessary documents. The driver said the owner of the logs had documents. Sukardi said, We are currently looking for the owner of the logs, he added. Sukardi said illegal logging was fire in the area and that police had increased the frequency their patrols. JP 27. The text is about .... a. Some trees in protected forest areas b. The increase of illegal logging in Central Sulawesi c. The increase of police patrols in protected forest areas d. Police investigation to hunt a suspected illegal logging boss e. Eight people questioned by police for illegal logging cases 28. When did the police confiscate the logs? a. before the logs were sent to the factory b. Right after the logs had just been cut down c. on the way they were being transported on truck d. after the truck bringing them passed the police office e. while the police was conducting a regular patrol in protected forest 29. Sukardi said illegal logging was rife in the area .... (last paragraph) What does the underlined word mean? a. spread widely b. reduced drastically c. located close to each other d. strongly protected e. repidly developed 30. What did the police do in relation to the case? a. They are arranged a trap b. They banned all trucks to enter the forest areas. c. They chased the trucks drivers who brought to log.

d. They questioned eight people, including the trucks drivers e. They questioned the owner of the logs. 31. The generic structure of news item text is .... a. identification description b. orientation events evaluation reorientation c. orientation complication resolution re-orientation d. newsworthy event background events sources e. thesis arguments reiteration

34. The burglars broke into the students room . The underlined phrase means . a. broke forcefully b. entered by force c. put into pieces d. easily entered e. came into

Text for questions no. 32 - 35 The police thought that two burglars started the robbery at 151 Pattimura street on Sunday afternoon. the burglars broke into the students room while they were going to a football game. They never thought that while they were away, burglars would break into their boarding house. 32. What happened to the students room on Sunday afternoon? a. the police broke it

35. The students seem to think that .... a. they had locked their room b. their boarding house was not safe c. their boarding house was in a safe area d. thieves would easily break into their room e. there would be a robbery in their boarding house Text for questions no. 36 40 Long time ago a priest lived in Guatemala. He gave everything to poor people. So he was also poor. One day he met a man on the street. The man was crying.

b. the police ruined it c. burglars broke into it d. two burglars broke it e. the students started to ruin it

33. The burglars broke into the room when the students . a. were at a party b. were taking a rest c. were playing football d. were at a football game e. were watching football on TV

Why are you crying, my friend? The priest asked. My wife is sick and my children are hungry. But I have no money. What can I do? The man said. The priest wanted to help the man, but he was poor, too. He prayed, O, God, please help me.

Then he saw something at hi feet. It was a bright green lizard. He caught it and put it in the arm mans heads. The man was surprised. The lizard turned hard and heavy. It was now an emerald lizard. Go and sell it! the priest said. The man took it to a store and got a lot of money. He bought medicine for his wife and food for his children. Then they were all happy. They worked hard for many years and made a fortune with people. One day the man remembered the priest. He wanted to return the emerald back to the priest. He thought the priest might need it. He bought the emerald back from the stre and went to find him. Do you remember me? asked the man. You gave me this emerald. Oh yes. How is your wife? How are your children? the priest said. They are fine. And I am here to give this back to you. For many years you worked hard for poor people. Please sell this and get soe rest. The man put the emerald in the priests hand. The priest smiled and gently put it on the ground. Then it turned back into a green lizard and ran away.

e. The priest live wealthy and unhappy after having the lizard.

37. What is the writer purpose to write the story? a. to retell a sequence of events b. to amuse the readers c. to describe the priests live d. to inform the readers e. to share an amusinf accident with others 38. Why was the lizard wothr to be sold? a. because it was dead b. because it turned into a silver c. because it turned into an emerald d. because it could speak e. because lizard turned hard and heavy

39. Please sell this and get some rest. What does the underlined refer to? a. lizard b. the man c. money d. emerald e. hand

36. Which of the following is not true according to the story? a. The priest was generous though he had nothing. b. The lizard turned into a kind of jewelry c. The man thought that the priest must have needed the lizard. d. The man was not a greedy man. 40. They worked hard for many years and made a fortune with people. The underlined word can be replaced by .... a. luck b. loss

c. disadvantage d. beneficial e. gain Text for questions no. 41 43

44. That tourist ... his wallet while he ... around the city. Choose the right tense to fill in the blanks? a. lost was walking b. was loosing walked c. lost were walking d. was lost walked e. was wearing lost Text for questions no. 45 46 Dear Jean, Ronny called you just now. He wanted to borrow your printer to prin his homework. He said that he was running out the ink. However, he didnt know how to operate it. So, he would print it here if you are at home tomorrow. He would phone you again tonight. Mother

The chairman and director of general mercantile ltd. Request the presence of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackso To the opening ceremony of the branch office of general mercantile at 300, Victoria strees, London E.C. at 7.Pm. On Thusrday, 1 st April 2008. Evening Dress RSVP Secretary

41. What is the invitation about ? a. request of presence b. general mercantile ltd. c. the opening ceremony of new branch office d. RSVP to the Secretary e. meet Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jackson

45. What is the purpose of the message? a. to inform Jean that Ronny would visit their house that night b. to inform Jean that Ronny wanted to borrow her printer. c. To ask Jean to lend her her printer to Ronny. d. To inform Jean about Ronnys printer. e. To ask Jean to phone Ronny.

42. Who were invited to the ceremony ? a. The chairman b. Generel mercantile c. The secretary d. The Director e. Mr and Mrs. Frank Jackson


43. Where was the opening ceremony held ? a. 3000, Victoria street, London BC. b. 300, Victoria street, London EC c. 30, Victoria street, London EC d. 30, Victoria street, London AC e. 30, Victoria street, London BC

46. Which of the following statements is not true based on the text? a. Ronny didnt know how to operate the printer. b. Ronny wanted to borrow Jeans printer home. c. Ronny needed the printer to do his homework. d. Ronny would use the printer the next day e. Ronny is running out of ink Text for questions no. 47 - 49 The sun is the nearest star to us. It is a giant Bali of gases. Many researches have been done to (47) the sun and it is now kept under constant observation. Temperatures within the sun reach millions of degrees.

Scientists are working to find ways that the (48) of the sun may be used to (49) electricity. We know that we cannot live without it. 47. a. observe b. improve c. manage d. seek e. manipulate 48. a. space b. beam c. current d. heat e. ray 49. a. prove b. generate c. make d. bring e. maximize 50. The correct arrangement of the sentences below is .... 1. Put a spoon of black coffee powder. 2. If you like milk, you can also add it into your coffee 3. Heat water until boiled 4. Pick a cup. 5. A cup of black coffee is ready to drink 6. Pour the hot water into the cup. 7. Don't forget to add some sugar. a. b. c. d. e. 3417625 3426715 3417625 4317625 4317625