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Plumbing Plan Review
What is Plumbing Plan Review? The Minnesota Plumbing Code requires plans and specifications to be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) for review and approval prior to modification or installation of any plumbing systems that serve the public or a considerable number of people (e.g., a public or commercial building). The review includes not only all interior plumbing, but also building sewer and water service connections and storm water drainage systems within the property line. What must I submit for a Plumbing Plan Review? Plumbing Plan Review includes a signed application and a review of the following materials by Department of Labor and Industry staff: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Utility Site Plan Floor Plan Roof Plan Water Piping Riser Diagram Soil, Waste and Vent Piping Riser Diagram The fees do not apply where plans are submitted to the cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul, or Duluth, or a city that has a plan review agreement with the Department of Labor and Industry as described on our Web site. These fees do not affect any local government authorities or permit requirements. When do the new fees take affect? The new fee structure took effect for plans submitted on or after November 1, 2003. How long does a Plumbing Plan Review take? The time required for Plumbing Plan Review varies depending upon the workload of staff and the complexity of plans submitted. Plans are generally reviewed on a “First In, First Out” basis. An Accelerated Review may be requested, but will cost an additional fee. Do approved plans still require an inspection? Yes. For more information: For questions about this page, please contact the Department of Labor and Industry, Plumbing and Engineering at: (651) 284-5067 or visit our Web site at

Specific items reviewed are adequate pipe sizing, proper pipe connections, approved pipe material, fixture specifications, and backflow prevention devices. Complete requirements for plumbing plan submittals can be found on the DLI Plumbing and Engineering Web site. How much does Plumbing Plan Review cost? Costs for a Plumbing Plan Review depend on the scope of the proposed project, the need for accelerated review and the number of revisions required. The new fee schedule for plan review is enclosed.

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division Plumbing and Engineering Unit 443 Lafayette Road N., St. Paul, MN 55155-4343 Phone: (651) 284-5067 Fax: (651) 284-5748 TTY: (651) 297-4198

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Plumbing Plan Review Fee Calculator Worksheet The section can be used to determine fees for plan review. An interactive version of this worksheet can be found at: Instead of completing this section, you may attach the output from this site.
1. Select category and fee for plumbing system (Water, sewer, and drain, waste and vent (DWV) systems): Building Services Connections only (no interior plumbing), circle water, sewer, or both $150 fee

-------------------------------------OR---------------------------------------------Plumbing plan, with or without building service (no additional fee for service connections if included) Enter # of drainage fixture units a. 25 or fewer DFU ---- $150; b. 26 to 50 DFU ---- $250; (DFU), __________ c. 51 to 150 DFU ---- $350; d. 151 to 249 DFU ---- $500; then select fee from chart: e. if 250 or more DFU, multiply $3 times ---- $ number of DFU to a maximum of $4,000 Fee based on number of DFU $___________ PLUS add $70 per interceptor or separator; Number of drainage system interceptors and/or separators X $70.00 $___________


Calculate fees for Storm drainage system (if applicable)

$150 minimum; or $__________

Number of roof drain openings ____ X $50.00 ($500 max.) =

AND number of storm water interceptors, separators, and catch basins designs _______ X $70.00 = $__________ 3. Total: Add fees for 1., 2. above

Total fee
(Double fee if requested) = Total fee X 2


Optional: Accelerated review


Note: There is a separate fee schedule for manufactured home parks, campgrounds, and projects that consist of water distribution systems only. Plans that require revisions may be subject to additional fees. Contact DLI Plumbing and Engineering for more information.