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Plumbing inspections: what we do, who to call
The proper administrative authority must inspect installations of plumbing for public, commercial and industrial facilities. This outline explains whom to contact for inspections of these projects. The state rules describing these requirements are attached. Please be aware that these projects also have plan review, bond or license requirements. 1 Contact DLI for inspections for the following projects • All new plumbing installations for public, commercial and industrial facilities located in areas where the building code has not been adopted by local ordinance. A list of cities and counties that have adopted local building code ordinances is available at www.mncodes.org/official.htm. State contract projects where DLI’s Building Codes and Standards unit and the Plumbing and Engineering unit have completed the building plan review, and inspections have been contracted to the state.

For the projects above, DLI will issue inspections numbers where the Plumbing and Engineering unit (commissioner of Labor and Industry) is the administrative authority and the regional plumbing standards representative cannot make the inspection. The inspection number provides documentation of notification of the department, as required by Minnesota Rules 4715.2810. You must contact the regional plumbing standards representative to schedule an onsite inspection. The Plumbing and Engineering unit does not inspect projects in areas that have a local inspection department and building official. To determine whether the area you are working in is administered under local building code ordinance by local authorities, visit www.mncodes.org/official.htm.

Important notes: Plans for all installations of plumbing in public, commercial and industrial facilities must be reviewed and approved in advance of installation. Contact the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI) for information about plan review at (651) 284-5067 or www.doli.state.mn.us/plumbing.html. Also, please note that all plumbing contractors working in Minnesota must file and register a $25,000 plumbing code compliance bond annually with DLI in any city that has an ordinance requiring the same. All plumbing performed in any building in cities of more than 5,000 must be performed or directly supervised by a plumber licensed by DLI. Visit www.doli.state.mn.us/plumbing.html for additional license and bond information or call (651) 284-5067.


Other inspections and assistance The DLI Plumbing and Engineering unit will assist city and county code enforcement officials, when possible, with plumbing inspections requested by either the code official for the jurisdiction or the plumbing contractor. The DLI commissioner retains the authority to audit projects for plan submittal, licensing and bond requirements (see Minnesota Rules 4715.0100 subp. 2). The Plumbing and Engineering unit will provide assistance to local administrative authorities when requested. Minnesota Rules about inspection, notification and testing
Minnesota Rules Part 4715.2800 Inspections – New plumbing systems and parts of existing systems which have been altered, extended or repaired shall be inspected and tested by the proper administrative authority to ensure compliance with all the requirements of this code and the installation and construction of the system in accordance with the approved plan and the permit, except that testing may be waived for work which does not include addition to, replacement, alteration or relocation of any water supply, drainage or vent piping. All the piping shall be tested and after the plumbing fixtures have been set, and before the system is put into use, the system shall be given a final inspection and test by the proper administrative authority. The equipment, material, power and labor necessary for the inspection must be furnished by the plumbing contractor. Minnesota Rules Part 4715.2810 Notifications – It shall be the duty of the plumbing contractor to notify the proper administrative authority and the owner or the owner's authorized agent orally, by telephone or in writing, not less than eight working hours between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. before the work is to be inspected or tested. It shall be the duty of the plumbing contractor to make sure that the work will stand the test prescribed before giving the above notification. If the proper administrative authority finds that the work will not stand the test, the plumbing contractor shall be required to re-notify as above. If the proper administrative authority does not appear for an inspection within 24 hours of the time set, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, the inspection or test shall be deemed to have been made, and the plumbing contractor is required to file an affidavit with the proper administrative authority that the work was installed in accordance with the code, the approved plans and permit, and that it was free from defects and that the required tests had been made and the system found free from leaks; also whether the owner or the owner's authorized agent was present when such inspection or test was made.

This form can be obtained in alternative formats by calling the Department of Labor and Industry at: 1-800-342-5334 or TTY at (651) 297-4198.