The Next-Generation Professional Network For Global Commercial Real Estate is Here ...

Corporate real-estate execs and those who help them in their jobs from the brokerage, property management, legal, design, construction, furniture and other associated industries can prosper from Sibduʼs functional toolset for connecting members. Sibdu plays an invaluable role in the second-largest expense that companies face, by consolidating the supply and demand sides of CRE.

Sibdu is built on open-source technology that is solid, stable and scalable, and designed for maximum flexibility. The best-of-breed Sibdu is built on J2EE architecture, the Spring Framework and Hibernate Stack. We specifically built Sibdu to easily implement new functionalities into our social environment.

... and itʼs called Sibdu. Our focus is in the commercial and corporate real estate (CRE) industry, and the associated architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry. With our focus in this industry vertical, we then built innovative tools for our members to use in collaboration and crowdsourcing, and combined those with traditional social networking tools. With this unique combination, Sibdu is ready to become the #1 destination for millions of CRE professionals across the globe.

Service Highlights
• • • • • In beta through May 2009; going live soon thereafter. More than 1,000 pre-launch registered users from companies like UGL Equis, CB Richard Ellis, Cushman & Wakefield, NAI and Sperry Van Ness Registered professions include attorneys, brokers, lenders, project managers, investors, contractors, architects and engineers. Intellectual property includes a patent pending for our demand-side driven sourcing of goods and services in a social network setting Provides tools that improve the way members connect, find and analyze industry information, source goods and services, and manage transactions and projects

Sibdu is currently seeking partners in a wide variety of areas, including: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Property-Listing Services and Networks CRE News Publishers / Information Providers Vendors and Other Firms Servicing CRE-Based Businesses IT Companies Many Other Possibilities

Weʼre young, fresh and open to ideas. Please contact us with yours.

Participants in the commercial and corporate real estate (CRE) and architectural, engineering and construction (AEC) industries are challenged by working in an increasingly global and decentralized marketplace. Sibdu provides a powerful platform for this user group to connect, communicate, transact, and collaborate, with a toolset designed to meet these users needs.

We invite you to join Sibdu and experience all of what the platform has to offer commercial/corporate real estate professionals, as well as those in the AEC industry vertical. Sign up today at, and see what a “next-generation professional network” is all about!

Go-To-Market Strategy
Going forward, we will build an active user base in a variety of ways, including social networking, contact with prospective members and their companies, and by using social- media methods like podcasting. We will initially focus on demand-side users (those searching for real estate to lease or buy, as well as those interested in procuring goods and services). By attracting this user, we will draw in the supply side. Concentrating first on commercial brokerage and corporate real estate, we will actively broaden to other areas in CRE later in 2009.

Value Proposition
We look to bring much in terms of value to any partnership in which we enter, including: • State-of-the-art social networking and social media technologies • A Patent-Pending request-for-proposal (RFP) platform with a wide variety of uses; • A membership base custom-made for partner companies from a wide variety of business sectors

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