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What is a Meditation Chamber and How does it Help?

People often use meditation as a means to rejuvenate their body, mind and souls. Meditation is a form of exercise or concentration technique that requires very few external props, all it essentially needs is the individual and his [or her] concentration ability. But more often than not, people wish to use special spaces assigned for meditation. What was previously confined to just a quiet corner or a shaded spot has now progressed to specialized meditation chambers. Meditation chambers were where Jedis or a Sith could meditate to enhance their powers with the Force, an idea that has percolated into the modern way of thinking as well. To create a meditation space, you need a designated spot for yourself where you will assuredly give yourself time and focus. Define that space, it could be a corner of the room or even an unused closet. The only pre-requisite is that you should be able to sit in it comfortably. Set your space there and put up images or decorative items that calm you like cotton curtains or

specialized beads or comfortable ethnic cushions or books about meditation. You can also store candles, meditative music, calming scents and pictures of deities you worship. Meditation has been used for over thousands of years, since time immemorial. Many cultures believe that Gods were common men and women who attained Godliness through meditation. The stress accumulated throughout the day can be shaken off with meditation and especially if you have an assigned space and time for it. By using a meditation chamber to immerse yourself in the most essential needs of your body and mind, you are allowing yourself to shake off the stress and pain. Its innovative combination of immersive virtual reality and biofeedback technologies adds introspective dimensions to the mind. A meditation chamber ensures that its user immerses himself or herself completely into the practice of meditation, as prompted by his or her environment. Thus, it trains the mind to be receptive of natural energies in that environment. Patients who find it difficult to focus or visualize certain images essential to meditating, find it easier to do so in the chamber. With the help of auditory stimulus on the form of meditative sounds and music, the patient / meditator finds it easier to focus on sound, and turn these stimuli inward and focus on what is happening inside their head. It helps reduce focus into ones own head and thoughts. A meditation chamber helps create a focal level for all pent up emotions. This chamber is like a confession area where all the truths come out and the body gets to know itself and prepare itself for its routine. It helps create a schedule for a person to meditate at. Without a designated spot, it is easy for someone to lose way and wander into different arenas while trying to meditate.

With meditation chambers, people can create meditation goals for themselves. It can seriously assist someone with a stress related ailment like cholesterol, diabetes, risk of heart attack. It can also help people who are recovering from major or prolonged illnesses. Along with their medication, having them meditate in a scheduled manner helps relieve them of the stress they suffered during their rough times. Sources: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.