JUNE 2006
Unless otherwise noted, Cease and Desist Orders are based on unlicensed activity. Unlicensed activity in violation of an Order of the Commissioner is a gross misdemeanor pursuant to Minn. Stat. §326.92, subd. 1a. For more information on specific enforcement actions, please call (651) 284-5065.

A Team Home Repair and Maintenance, Inc. – Lic. #20483721 Lakeville, MN *Consent Order: License revocation – 6/02/06 *BC2602279/GJL Berlinger, Michael S. Chokio, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/07/06 *BC2603875/CC E.W. Construction, Inc. – Lic. #20230892 Royalton, MN *Consent Order: License revocation and $20,000 fine stayed on condition of no future violations – 6/14/06 *BC2501991/CMW (Master file) Gilligan, Richard D., dba RDG Quality Exteriors 1364 Ward Lake Dr. NW, Andover, MN 55304 *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/27/06 *BC2601493/CC Gullard Roofing, Inc. – Lic. #1962 Lake Park, MN *Consent Order: $10,000 fine with $7,000 stayed on condition of no new violations in next ten years – 6/21/06 *BC2504276/CMW Hanson, Brad, dba Brad Hanson Construction – Lic. #20313839 North Mankato, MN *Consent Order: Censure and $2,500 fine. Future jobs without building permits will result in $1,000 fine per violation – 6/20/06 *BC2603934/CC

Huebbe, Gregory Scott, dba Rent A Hubby Owatonna, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/27/06 *BC2604074/CC Johnson, Dennis Lee, dba Johnson Enterprises, LLC Cedar, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/28/06 *BC2603803/CC Kugler, Shawn and Tammy, dba Kugler Lawn Care & Construction Audubon, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/02/06 *BC2603802/CC Minnesota Window & Siding Co., Inc. – Lic. #20296565 Golden Valley, MN *Consent Order: Censure and $500 fine – 6/06/06 *BC2504496/CMW Pool, Russell R., dba Russ Pool Construction – Lic. #20500084 South Haven, MN *Consent Order: License revocation, $10,000 fine stayed for ten years on condition of no violations of law or rule – 6/15/06 *BC2506433/TMS Port, Gary, dba Rainbow Builders & Remodelers Bemidji, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/27/06 *BC2604098/CC Premier Bathrooms USA, Inc. Kent, WA *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/21/06 *BC2604127/CC Quantum Companies, Inc. – Lic. #20267086 Bloomington, MN *Consent Order: Three year license suspension stayed on the condition that Respondent complies with a payment agreement to satisfy an outstanding judgment. $10,000 civil penalty must be paid by the end of stayed suspension (April 1, 2009) – 6/01/06 *BC2505647/CMW

Roberts, James William, dba Jim Roberts Handyman Service Crystal, MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/16/06 *BC2603174/CC Sampsell, Margo, dba Home Maintenance Services – CoE #20506421 910 8th Ave. SW, Austin, MN 55912 *Findings of Fact: Revocation of cert. of exemption and $3,000 fine – 6/30/06 *BC2504918/CMW Schimmelman, Sean and Schimmelman, Jennifer, dba Sean Schimmelman Contracting and Up North Custom Homes, Inc. – Lic. #20276402 Hammond, WI *Findings of Fact: License revocation and $25,000 fine – 6/06/06 *BC2401108/GJL (Master file) Style & Structure Design and Build, Inc. – Lic. #20411254 St. Paul, MN *Consent Order: License revocation. Resp. may complete work on existing contracts with customer’s written consent – 6/28/06 *BC2603345/TMS (Master file) Sundstrom, Arthur W., dba Sundstrom’s Home Building & Remodeling – Lic. #20519051 Danbury, WI *Consent Order: Censure and $2,000 fine – 6/08/06 *BC2505557/CMW Trnka, Keith Stanley Mpls., MN *Consent Cease and Desist Order – 6/01/06 *BC2505015/CC