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Color Palette: Split Complementary (Compound Complementary)

! !!!

! ! !

R:153 G:149 B:132

R:255 G:250 B:38

R:255 G:162 B:0

R:64 G:206 B:255

R:20 G:204 B:203

Movement: Dynamic
The dynamic movement best represents the diversity and multidisciplinary collaboration in UMSI. By juxtaposing the UMSI Logo, faculty's name, specialty and picture together, a diagonal line has been created to bring out movement.

Also by using a tilted and gradient dot-texture to overlay on the background to emphasize more on the flow of the movement:

Composition: Asymmetrical
The asymmetrical balance is applied by creating a trapezoid-shaped gradient, on the right, which opposes to the area created by two circles on the left.

Text: using bigger font-size on the research area to emphasize the focused research in UMSI. Color: using blue color circle area to create contrast from the bigger-sized orange circle. Help emphasize the name and title of the faculty. Faculty picture: applying rule of third to add focuses on the left side of the face of the faculty.

Background Images:
Images have relation to faculties research area: Milstein Adler - Medical Record Background Devan Donaldson - Keyboard Background Paul Resnick - Thesis Archive Background David Wallace - Social Rally Background