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Product Report

Make up Length (ft): Shank Bore (ins): Shank Diam (ins): Connection std: Connection Size(ins): Connection Type: Make up Torque (ft-lbs): IADC Code92: Diameter:(ins) Body Material: 0.96 2.835 8.000 Y 6.625 Api Reg Pin 47500 M422 12 1/4" Matrix



JSA(in): 28.70 Face Volume:(in) 159.63 Normalised Face vol: 53.00% Blade Qty: Gauge Length:(ins) Gauge Geometry: Profile: 6 3.250 Trailing Spiral
Short Taper Shallow Cone

100%TReXcutters - Thermostable PDC cutters featuring a unique layer of thermostable PDC that is 200% more heat tolerant and 400% more abrasion resistant than premium PDC. The thermostable layer dramatically improves abrasion resistance by maintaining a sharp, slow-wearing, tough cutting edge. When a wearflat finally develops, the thermostable layer wears more slowly than the multimodal polycrystalline diamond behind it, forming a sharp lip that maintains ROP. This allows the bit to drill significantly further and faster than premium PDC cutter bits. SmoothTorque-TorqueControlComponents - Insert configurations that provide a predictable torque response to applied weight on bit and reduction in torque variance. SmoothTorque delivers reduced risk of torsional vibration and improved toolface / directional control. SmoothSteergauge - Delivers maximum gauge contact, lowers resistance to steer, and reduces torque, leading to improved ROP, and extended bit and tool life. This is resultant from the unique tapered geometry that matches the tilt imposed by the Rotary Steerable tool.

RecommendedOperating Parameters
Min Operating WOB (klbs): Max Operating WOB (klbs): Pressure Drop(psi): HSI: 5 49 175-1250 1-7

In some applications this bit is run successfully beyond these parameters. Contact your ReedHycalog Representative for recommended operating parameters in your application. ReedHycalog reserves the right to revise these specifications, based on advances and improvements in technology.

This report is valid for 30 days from 17-Jul-2007

Type Primary Primary Primary Hybrid Hybrid Qty 41 6 4 18 15 Location FACE GAGE GAGE FACE FACE Diameter 16 mm 16 mm 16 mm 14 mm 13 mm Shape CYLINDER PREFLATTED CYLINDER SADDLE RADIAL

Qty Type 6 BBK Size VARIABLE

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