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EIL MT Exam Paper For EEE

Published by Roma Rahul Gupta f or Chhattisgarh Online EIL MT Exam Paper For EEE(Based on candidate Experience) Paper consists of 2 parts: 1. Non-tech. (50 ques.) , 2. Technical (100 ques.) Duration: 2 hrs Here we are submitting you the ques we remembered.... Part-1 Out of 50 ques hardly 3-4 were of general English, no f rom aptitude the rest all were GK ques. 1. Which country is rich in thorium.. Ans. India 2. "Eco Mark" is used on products which are: Ans. Eco f riendly. 3. Animax channel belong to which of the f ollowing: a) sony pictures, b)zee, c)star, d)disney 4. f irst nuclear plant in India was set up at: Ans. Tarapur 5. Recently India has done "Science Express Deal" with which of the f ollowing countries: a) Germany, b) Japan, c) China, d) Russia 6. Pandit Jwaharlal Nehru award was given f irst time to the president of which of the f ollowing countries: a) Brazil, b) Mexico, c) Austria, d ) Sweden. 7. Kaziranga National Park is Famous f or: a) Rhino, b) Z ebra, etc.... 8. APJ Abdul klam is related to which of the f ollowing missiles: a) ASLV, b) GSLV, c) SLV,etc.. 9. Progen is the BPO of which company: a) Satyam, b) Wipro, c) Inf osys, etc.. 10. Bharat Parvasi Divas is celebrated on which day: Ans. 9th nov. 11. Pongal is the f estival belongs to which state: a) Kerela, b) Karnatka, c) Orissa, etc.. 12. Which dance is known as the "Ballet of East": a) kathak, b)bharatnatyam, c) kuchipudi, d) manipuri 13. Sunderbans are f amous f or: a) Mangroves, b) Tropical f orests, etc.. 14. T he f amous Golf er Vijay Singh belongs to which country: a) Fiiji, b) keniya, c) Maldives, etc.. 15. LT T E is related to which country: Ans. Shrilanka

16. Which of the f ollowing is not included in new 7 wonders: a) Taj Mahal, b) T he Grand Canyon, c) machhi Puchhi, etc.. 17. Who is known as the f ather of modren biology? a) Charles Darwin, etc... 18. P.Sainath is related to which of the f ollowing: a) T V Anchoring, b) Drama, c) Mountaineering, etc... 19. T he elephants, the tiger, the cell is written by: a) Sashi T hroor, etc.... 20. Anandmath is written by which author: a) Rabindernath Tagore, b)BC Chatterji, c) Premchand, etc... 21. Bessel 2 norms are related to: a) Cyber crimes, etc... 22. Steve Fosset is related to: a) Crocodile Hunting, etc... 23. Dr. MS Swaminathan is related to : a) planning comission, b) sixth pay comission, c) national f armers comission, etc.. 24. First soundless movie of Bolyywood: Ans. Alam Ara 25. What is the meaning of Dime a Dozen...? a) easy to get, b) easily available,etc... 26. Nightmare: Dream a) Dread: Expectation, b) Frustration: Conf usion,etc.. 27. Meaning of Concur: a) to deny, b) Unusual, etc... 28. Golden Arches is related to which of the f ollowing: a) KFC, b) Mcdonals,etc... 29. Meaning of : "T he way the wind blows" : a) way the things were , b) way the things are, etc... 30. I would hope that you ____ take tea with me 2mrw. a)shall, b) will, c) would, d) could 31. In Ambulance which of the aural postural balance is dif f icult to maintain: a) nose, b) eyes, c) ears, d) hands 32. the next olympics wiil be held in which country: a) london, b) New York, c) Paris, d) Switzerland 33. Where is the OPEC head of f ice located? Ans Viena Upto 50 (but i remembered this much..) Part-2 (Technical-100 ques.)

1. Dimensions of Power: a) M1L2T-3, b) M1L2T-2, c) M1L1T-3, etc... 2. Torque in Induction Motor is directly proportional to: a) V, b) V(pwr)2, c) V(pwr)3, d) V(pwr)1/2 3. Power in Transmission lines is proportional to: a) V, b) V(pwr)2, c) V(pwr)3, d)V(pwr)1/2 4. Flashover at the surf ace of condenser bushings is due to: a) moisture in air, etc.. 5. When Surge impedence equal characterstic impedance then : a) Vs = Vr, b) Vs> Vr, c) Vs< Vr, etc.. 6. Stability limit is higher in: a) Steady state, b) Transient state, c) Sub transient state, etc.. 7. T hose instruments which give constants and direction only are called: a) Secondary type, b) Absolute type, c) Def lection type, d) Integrating type. 8. T he internal resistance of a meter is 4 ohm and current drawn is 30mA. If we want to increase its range as voltmeter upto 150V then f ind out the series resistance added in the circuit? Ans. 4996 ohm 9. 1 ques like... If relay setting is at 125% and the CT ratio is 400/5, then the f ault current in hv winding is? Ans. 6.25 amp. 10. If capacitve reactance of a 200 km line is 2000 ohm then what will be the charging reactance of a 100 km line? a) 2000 ohm, b) 4000ohm, c) 500 ohm, d) 8000ohm. 11. Which is wrong: a) Transient response is f requency domain. b) Routh criteria is stability based. c) Nyquist is time domain. 12. With the increase in f eedback of the system which will increase: a) stability, b) gain, etc... 13. Mechanical stress is max. at which part of the cable: a) core, b) sheath, etc... 14. Underground cable laying is done by: ans. conduits and piping. 15. Operation and maintenance cost is min. in which of the f ollowing plants: a) T hermal, b) Nuclear, c) Hydel, d) Diesel. 16. 1 ques like.... earliest power plant is: a) T hermal, b) Nuclear, c) Unconventional, etc.... 17. Circuit Breaker arcing contacts are made of which material: a) copper tungsten alloy, b) copper, c) silver, d) graphite. 18. T he ref lection coef f icient f or voltage of a short circuited line is: a) -1, b) 1, c) 0, d) 2 19. Double cage rotor is used in Induction motor is to improve: Ans. starting torque. 20. If resistance of the secondary winding of the transf ormer is given as .02ohm and reactance .06ohm then f ind out the primary resistance and reactance respectively: Ans. .08 ohm and .24ohm 21. Skewing in the squirrel cage rotor of Induction motor is purposely done to : Ans. to avoid interlocking and reduce noise. 22. 1 ques like.......capacitance of 3phase line is given 4microF. if we consider single line to groundthen its capacitance will be: a) 4microF, b) 2microF, c) 1microF, d) 8microF 23. T he normal f requency RMS voltage that appears across the breaker poles af ter f inal arc extinction is known as: Ans. Recovery voltage 24. 1 ques like...... In power f actor meter , which element is used as shunt in instruments: a) silver, b) copper, c) manganin, etc... 25. 1 ques like...If anode of the SCR is made positive and cathode is made negative thenit will be: Ans. f orward biased and conducting. 26. 1 ques like.... Natural commutation is done in... a) cycloconverters, b) choppers, c) AC voltage controllers, etc. 27. 1 ques was based on....... Class B insulation is done in : a) DC choppers , etc..... 28. the highest range of temperature of insulations is... Ans. 180 29. temperature of the boiler f urnace is measured by: Ans. optical pyrometer 30. Resistivity of insulators with temperature a) decreases linearly, b) decreases exponentially, c) increases, d) remains same. 31. On increasing the f requency of the transf ormer , hysterisis loss and eddy current loss respectively: a) decreases and remains same, b) decreases and increases, c) both increases , d) both decreases. 32. Rotor copper losses are small in Induction Motor as compared to transf ormer becoz: Ans. Rotor core is laminated. 33. 1 ques like.... arrange the f ollowing in ascending order: resistance split, capacitor start capacitor run etc motors were given... 34. Which type of turbine is used in tydel power generation: a) Kaplan, b) Fransis, c) Pelton Wheel type, d) Reverse type. 35. Which of the f ollowing is the distribution 3 phase voltage: a) 220 V, b) 415 V, c) 680 V, d) 800 V. 36. Which of the f ollowing bridges is used to measure dielectric losses in capacitor: a) Schearing Bridge, b) Wein's Bridge, c) De-Sauty Bridge, d) Maxwell Bridge. 37. 1 ques is based on..... Cros

have which of the f ollowing... a) Vertical and Horizontal plates, b) sweep, etc... 38. 1 ques like..... A f ull wave centre tap thyristor is given.. f ind out the PIV..? dnt remember exactly some values were given... a) 141.3 V, b) 100 V, c) 248.2 V, etc... 39. Speed of the Induction Motor at f ull load is 1400 rpm , what will be the speed at half the load... a)1400rpm, b) 1420rpm, c) 1440rpm, d) 1460rpm. 40. T he line f eeding f rom distribution system to the consumers is called: a) f eeder, b) service mains, c) distributor, etc... 41. Which of the f ollowing generation plant is most reliable. ans. Interconnected system. 42. 1 ques like.... load current in thyristor depends upon..... a) delay angle and load type, b) delay angle but not on load type, c) only delay angle, etc... 43. Buchholz relay is: a) a gas actuated relay, b) current sensitive relay, c) overcurrent relay, d) over voltage relay. 44. Diac is a: a) 4 terminal 2junction device, b) 3 terminal 2 junction device, c) 5 terminal 3 junction device, d) 6 terminal 3 junction device. 45. Dual converter consists of : Ans. 1 converter and 1 inverter. 46. Slip is min. f or which of the f ollowing machine: a) 25HP,4 Pole , b) 1HP, 4 pole, c) 2 HP , 6 pole, d) 25 HP, 6 Pole. 47. In Air Blast circuit breakers the air pressure inside is: a) 1kg/cm2, b) 100 mm of Hg , c) 20-30 kg/cm2, d) 200-300 kg/cm2. 48. 1Barrel contains how much litres: a) 216, b) 159, etc.... 49. DC Choppers are used to convert: a) DC to DC, b) AC to DC, c) AC to AC, etc.... 50. 1 ques like.... how the corona ef f ect varies with size and f requency, it increases with.. a) increasing size and reducing supply f requency, b) reducing size and incresing supply f requency, etc... 51. 1 ques was based on..... in f requency variable method which of the f ollowing f actor is kept constant: a) V/f = constant, b) Vf = constant, c)V=constant, d) none of these.. 52. 1 ques was based on ..... relation of Voltage with load angle delta..... options were... a) V/1-& , b) V/1+&, c) 1-&/&V, d) &/(1-&)V 53. 1 ques like.... Universal motor is: a) f requency dependent, b) f requency independent, etc... 54. If CT winding connections are made in star/delta on the primary side of the T /F then CT connections on the secondary side winding of T /F will be: Ans. delta/star. 55. slip rings in DC machines are made of : a) carbon, b) graphite, c) copper alloy, d) copper. 56. 1 ques like.... bending radius of the cable should be: a) D, b)2D, c) 3D, d) 4D 57. 1 ques like..... In cycloconverters the O/P f requency power f actor will bw as compared to I/P f requency power f actor: a) higher, b) lower, c) same.. 58. In higher rating transf ormers the tank is of the f ollowing type: a) radiator, b) oil tank, c) seperator, etc. 59. Merz Price protection is used in : a) Alternator, b) Transmission lines, c) Transf ormer, etc. 60. Meggar is: a) moving coil type, b) moving iron type, etc. 61. Dif f erential relay is: a) over current relay, b) over voltage relay, etc. 62. 1 ques like....Two transf ormers are connected in parallel R/X is smthing..... then the currents in the two T /F will be: a) Ia lags Ib , b) Ia leads Ib, c) both will be in phase, etc.... 63. skin ef f ect does not depend upon: Ans. ambient temperature. 64. 1 ques like.... AC resistance is more due to.... Ans. skin ef f ect 65. Human body gets shock due to: a) static charge discharging of body, b) voltage induced in the body, c) current induced in the body,d)none of these. 66. Heavy water in nuclear reactor is used as: a) accelerating agent, b) decclerating agent, c) lubricating agent, d) cooling agent. 67. specif ications of earth plate are: a) 60* 60*12.5 , b) 90*90*12.5 , etc. 68. Distance of ground electrode f rom building is: a) 1m, b) 2m, c) 3m , d)4m 69. Why earth pit is f illed with alternate layers of salt and charcoal: Ans. to reduce earth's resistance. 70. If cos& is a power f actor, then MVAR ia proportional to: a) cos&, b) sin&, etc... 71. 1 ques like.....why central phase is reversed.....(smthing dnt remember exactly) 72. capacitors are connected where at the transmission line: a) at sending end, b) at receiving end, c) in the middle of the line, etc. 73. Which gas is used in the gas f ired prime movers at gas power plants: a) LPG, b) CNG, etc. Important Inf ormation: T here were 100 questions on T ECHNICAL and 50 questions on GENERAL AWARENESS. NOT E: T here are no APT IT UDE questions. th negative marks f or all the questions. 2 hours exam. (No calculator allowed). Technical Section T he questions in the Technical Section were generally f rom the basic concepts. You just have to be clear with the basics of the subjects. T he important sections to be prepared thoroughly are: Electrical Machines, Power System, Control System, Power Electronics, Network T heory, Analog and Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, Instrumentation and Measuring Instruments, Cables etc. General Awareness section In this section there were 50 questions and I remember about 30 of them. While preparing f or the exam I realized that the questions that were previously posted by other students were without answers and I had to really work hard to f ind the answers. So here I am giving the answers of the questions which I could f ind, so that you dont have to waste your time searching f or the answers. T he questions are given below: 1) Name the f irst country to impose CARBON TAX 2) T he author of the book T he Elephant, the Tiger and the Cellphone - Shashi T haroor 3) Which dance f orm is called Ballet of East 4) Where the 2012 Olympics are going to be held - London 5) Progeon is the BPO of which company (a) Inf osys (b) Satyam (c) Wipro (d) HCL Ans: Inf osys 6) Which prize is known as the Alternative Nobel Prize Ans: Right Livelihood Award (not sure) 7) How many litres are equal to One barrel - 159 litres 8) Where is the OPEC headquarter located -

Vienna, Austria 9) Name the f irst country to legalize EUT HANASIA 10) ANIMAX is of which channel (a) Sony (b) Disney (c) Z ee (d) Ans: Sony 11) P. Sainath is associated with - Journalism 12) Golf er Vijay Singh is f rom which country - Fiji 13) Dr. M.S.Swaminathan is associated with (a)Planning Commission (b) Sixth Pay Commission (c) National Commission on Farmers (d) Administrative Af f airs Association Ans: National Commission on Farmers 14) Name the f irst silent Indian movie - Raja Harishchandra 15) Who was the f irst women president of Indian National Congress - Sarojini Naidu 16) Which of the f ollowing is not in the SEVEN WONDERS OF T HE WORLD Ans: dont remember the options 17) Who is the f ather of modern biology (a)Aristotle (b) Mendel (c) (d) 18) Science Express is launched with the help of which country (a)Germany (b) Japan (c) (d) Ans: Germany 19) Concur means to agree 20) Steve Fosset is associated with - Adventure 21) LT T E is associated with Sri Lanka 22) Golden Arches are associated with (a)KFC (b) Mc Donalds (c) Nirulas (d) Ans: Mc Donalds 23) Taj Mahal was originally set to be built in which Indian state- (a)Rajasthan (b) MP (c) Orissa (d) Maharashtra Ans: Maharashtra (Burhanpur) 24) dime a dozen means extremely common and cheap 25) way wind blows means how things are going to be 26) echoupal initiative was taken by IT C 27) When is PRAVASI BHARAT IYA DIWAS celebrated - 9 January 28) Two questions were on SYNONYMS and ANT ONYMS. 29) Four sentences were given and we had to detect the wrong use of the word ALLOW in one of the given sentences. 30) Two questions on Fill in the blanks using appropriate words. As usual there are 150 Questions among that, 1) 50 Questions f rom General Knowledge. (5-10Q will f rom English & 40 -45Q f rom pure GK). 2) 100 Questions f rom Technical (Based on there Stream). General Knowledge: T hese Questions will f rom Sports, dates, places, history, geography and others, the Questions which i can remember are, 1) Which place is not in the 7 wonders list? 2) Taj Mahal is located in which state? 3) Nelegeri hills are f amous f or what production? 4) Famous golf player VIJAY SINGH belongs to which country? 5) Pravasi Bharathiya Divas is on which date? 6) First president of nation congress? 7) Pongal Festival is belongs to which state? 8) Which country as f irst invented tax f or nitrogen? and 5-10 Questions f rom English remaining all f rom pure GK, NO Aptitude Questions. Technical (Electrical & Electronics Engg): 1) Diac as how many terminals & layers? 2) In Dual converter each converters acts as a)both rectif ier b)both inverter c)one Inverter & one rectif ier d) none. 3) Material used f or construction of shunts? 4) Which meter is used f or only DC? 5) One question f rom Per Unit calculation? 6) Feedback to the control system increases? 7) One question f rom transf ormer losses? 8) In 3phase converter output f requency will be how many times the supply f requency? 9) Arcing contacts are made of which material? 10) DC triggering is pref erred because of what advantage? 11) Illuminations required f or ordinary home? 12) Which bridge is used f or measurement of dielectric strength? Complete Electrical subjects shall be prepared to answer the questions correctly. But this time more Questions f rom power electronics. Section - I 1. First women Prime minister in the world.. a) S.Bandarunaike b).. 2. In the f ollowing countries which is not included in SARC? a) India b) Pakistan c) Af ghanistan d) Srilanka 3. T he No of judges is in the Supreme Court sit in f ront of main justice a) 36 b) 24 c) 30 d) 28 4. T he % of f orests in India . a) 6% b) 19% c) 22.5% d) 28% 5. On which date & year Indian constitution came into f orce.? 6. Which state having highest costal line In India? a) Orissa b) Karnataka c) Andhra Pradhesh d) Kerala 7. T he No of spokes in Ashoka chakra.. a) 36 b) 24 c) 30 d) 28 8. In which state sun temple is located? 9. In India which crop depends on mainly on rainf all? a) Paddy b) wheat c) barja d). 10. From which f orm government gets more Income? a) direct taxes b) indirect taxes c) interests d).. 11. Which income is not shared by state govt. f rom central govt. a) i/c tax b).. 12. T he f irst Indian educational satellite launched by ISRO is a) EDSAT ILL b) EDUSAT c) EDUSALLL d) SAT EDUCAT ION} 13. In which place Indian Institute of ocean Technology is located? a) Mumbai b) Hyderabad c) Bangalore d) Chennai 14. T he f ast Bowler who claims the hat trick wickets in ODI match. 15. Who became the captain of Indian team at the youngest age? 16. In the f ollowing which is not the f unction of vitamins a) to give energy b) In digestion c) .. 17. Who got the raman megasis award? a) M.Swaminathan b).. 18. T he 2006 commonwealth games are conducted in . a) London b) Melbourne c) Switzerland d).. 19. On which matter recently Benajeer Butto appears in News? 20. On which day we celebrate the youth day? a) jan 9 b) jan 12 c) jan 24 d) jan 31 21. world health day march 12 / april 24 / oct 15 22. T he f irst deputy PM of India a) sardhar patel b) Rajendra Prasad c). 23 Geetanjali is written by Tagore / Rajendra Prasad / sardhar patel 24. T he f amous Orissa dancer.. 25. T he parliment Nityanidhi belongs to a) Nepal b) c) Bangladesh d). 26. T he f amous Indian who spoke jai javan jai kisan a) sarjioni devi b) Indira Gandhi c) Rajaram d).. Up to 50. ///////////////////// Section - II 51. T he resistance of earth wire in ohm is .. a)

1 b) 20 c) 100 d). 52. In which connection the distribution T /F is connected? a) ? / Y b) Y / ? c) ? / ? d) Y / Y 53. Skin ef f ect is proportional a) f b) f 2 c) doesnt depend on f d).. 54. A 3P supply is connected in Y connected Resistance. If one of the resistors is removed then the % of reduced load is a) 33 1/3 b) 50 c) 66 2/3 d) 75 55. A 25MVA 3300/400V T /F is termed as per winding is a) primary 3300V & Secondary 400V b) primary 3300V & low voltage winding 400V c) High voltage winding 3300V & Secondary 400V d) High voltage winding 3300V & low voltage winding 400V 56. T /F oil is usef ul f or .. a) protection & cooling b) c). 57. Buchholz relay is used . a) protection T /F b) oil T /F c) Air core T /F d).. 58. Resistor switching is used in which type Circuit Breaker? a) oil f illed CB b) Air blast CB c) Gas f illed CB d) .. 59. Comparing to AC transmission, corona & R in DC transmission is. a) lower b) higher c) same d) .. 60. Form f actor is the ratio of a) peak to avg b) rms to avg c). d).. 61. To transmit the Power which must be present? a) Reactance b) Resistance c) Capacitance d) none of above 62. If the characteristic Impedance is equal to load Impedance then a) voltage will be increased b) power transmission is zero c) d) max. power is transmission to load 63. In general the conductor used in transmission system is a) cu b) ACSR c) d).. 64. In EHV tranm. T he conductors are .. a) Cu roads b) Cu bars with Si c) Cu tube with Si plate d). 65.T he normal highest generated voltage in India is a) 6.6KV b) 132KV c) 11KV d).. 66 From the point of economy, the voltage of transm. is. a) small b) medium c) high d) very small 67 In general the insulation of conductor depends on a) lighting Voltage b) switching V. c) surge vol. d). 68. the max. power will be transf erred if a) sending end vol. is high b) receiving end v is high c).. d) corona loss is least 69. By which compensation the stability is increased a) shunt compns b) series compn c) .. d) 70. Meggar is used f or measuring .. a) low resistance b) medium resi c) high & insulation resis 71. Moving Iron instruments are applicable with a) DC only b) AC only c) DC & AC 72. Meggar is used to f ind the resistance in a) short ckt condition b) O/C cond c) at high resistance 73. Inductance is measured by a) weins bridge b) Schering c) Maxwells bridge d).. 74. low resistance is measured by. a) resistance box b) Anderson bridge c) Kelvin-double brdg d). 75. Induction type 1-p wattmeter reads .. a) true value b) apparent value c)volt ampere value d).. 76. T he string chat is used f or a) To measure Insulation b) To decide the distance b/w towers c). d).. 77. T he string ef f cy in AC sys is 80% T hen f or same power, the string ef f cy in dc sys is a) less than 80% b) 80% c) more than 80% d) zero 78. T he machine with same rating, with increase in voltage then . a) size increases b) cost increases c). d) 79. T he temperature rise in the sys, which leads to .. a) Increases stress& length b) increases stress but decreases length c) Decreases stress & increase length d) decrease stress & length 80. T he min. distance f rom cable to f oundation of Building is .. a) 1cm b) 10cm c) 100cm d)1000cm 81. In single core cable which is not present a) sheath b) steal armouring c) 82. T he component which is the ore of lead. a) ceramic b) citric c) 83. To absorb the lighting surges which of the f ollowing is used? a) Breather b) Conservator c) Horn Caps d). 84. T he coef f icient of ref lection in open ended transmission is a) -1 b) 0 c) a d) 1 85. For 50KVA & 132KV base voltage base voltage, the p.u. impedance is 0.4 ohm then f or 100KVA & 132 KV base voltage then the p.u impedance is .ohm a) 0.4 b) 0.8 c) 0.2 d) 1.6 86. According to underground cables a) stress b/w sheath & conductor is high b) inrush of core & conductor c). d) 87. T he corona ef f ect is more in a) summer b) winter c) dry weather d) humidity weather 88. One joule cycle is a). b) 89. One Q. depends on energy meter, ie which measures power in general ( not exactly.) a) ampere hour meter b) volt-ampere meter c) watthour meter d). 90. In radial network the source is f ed f rom a) One end b) both ends c) at central d) .. 91. In Indicating instrument some error is shown when meter is in f ull scale def lection, then error is a) same f or half scale def . b) same at any def lection c) less than f ull-scale def . d) half at half scale def . 92. T he reactive power at the load end a) Proportional to sending end vol. b) Proportional to line vol drop. c) Proportional to line reactive vol drop d).. 93. Which of the f ollowing is high speed turbine a) wind b) steam c) hydro d) 94. T he steady state stability limit is max. when.. a) low regulation voltage b) high sending end voltage c) low line reactance d). 95. Synchronous M/C with under excitation with reactive power absorption , acts as a) synch. Motor b) synch gen c) synchr capacitor d).. 96. Q based on pettier ?le whats the ratio of resistance something like.. 97. At the time of Arc extension ,the arc quenching at a) zero vol b) zero current c) maxi vol d) maxi current 98. Over excited operation of Syncr M/C is f or. a) lead compensation b) lag cmp. c) lead lag com. d).. 99. A 10KVA T /F having cu loss at f ull load is 1600W, when operated at half load the cu loss would be in W a) 800 b)1600 c) 200 d) 400 100. T he rating of syncs gen is 75KW at 0.8 pf means a) T he m/c delivers 75kw to lagging loads only b) T he supply f or gen is 75kw at 0.8 power f actor c) T he rating of gen is 75kw and gives 0.8 pf lagging d) 101. One Q

depends on armature reactionwhat is the cause of demagnetization.. 102. T he skin ef f ect is minimum when the conductor is in the shape of a) circular b) f lat c) oval d) hallow 103. Damper bars used in syn gen is to a) reduce the losses b) produce the induction action c) reduce unbalances d). 104. T he o/p of controller is given to a) sensor b) amplif ier c) processor d). 105. PID controller is used f or which type of compensation a) lead comp. b) lag com. c) lead lag com. d) 106. One simple Q based on Root locus.. 107. T he gain margin or phase margin r calculated to f ind the. a) time response b) f resp. c).. d) 108. In a 3p f ull converter the conducting angle b/w two diodes is a) 60o b) 90o c) 1200o d) 120o 109. To f ed the Rl Load ,How many components are in 1p inverter ... a) 2 diodes b) 2 thy 2 D c) 2 T hy d) 110. One Simple Q on overlapping of two thyr 111. Two more Q on Basics of PE 113. According to T hyr wnhich of the f oll is correct? a) holding curnt > latching crnt b) holding curnt < latching crnt Some of questions are1. Distridution transf ormers are connected in conf iguration- a. Star/delta b. delta/star c. star/star d. delta/delta 2. In radial system, power is f ed f rom- a. From one end b. f rom two ends c.centre d. none 3. What is capacitance grading4. What is voltage regulation5. Stinging chart is used f or6. For an existing transmission line, the string ef f iciency is 80%. Now if f or same set up, dc is supplied, what will be the string ef f iciency- a.80% b.more than 80% c. less than 80% d. 100% 7. skin ef f ect depends on f requency- a.directly proportional b. inversnaly proporsanal c.sqare of f requency d. none 8. coef f icient of ref lection of an open ended line is- a. 1 b. -1 c.0 d. none 9. the power loss in an overloaded line is mainly due to- a. resistance b. capacitance d. inductance d. none 10.voltage at generation stage is usually- a.11kv b.33kv c.66kv d.220kv 11.HRC f uses provides best protection against- a. short circuits b. lightining c. sparking d. f ire 12. resistance switching is used in case of - a. air blast CB b. bulk oil CB c. minimum oil CB d. all types of CB 13. campared to ac, in dc corona loss is14.corona ef f ect is more prominent in weather f orce voltage analogy mass is analogus to- a. R b. L c. C d. current 16.phase margin of the system is used to- a. relative stability b. absolute stabilty c. time response d. f requency response 17.wattmeter measures- a. volt ampere b. volt ampere reactive c. apperent power d. true power 18.inductance is measured by- a. wein bridge b. sechiring bridge c. maxwell bridge d. hay bridge 19.f orm f actor in ac means the ratio of - a. peak to avg. value b.peak to rms value c. rms to avg. value d. rms to peak value a single phase converter, the no. of SCR conducting during overlap a.1 b.2 c. 3 d. 4 a three-phase f ull converter, output voltage pulsates at f requency of a. f b. 2f c. 3f d. 6f a threephase f ull converter, every SCR conducts f or- a.60deg. b. 120deg. C.180deg. d.90deg Technical section: 1) Bucholz relay is.................. a. Gas actuated relay b. Current sensing device c. Voltage sensing device Ans: a 2)Shunt is made up of ......... a. Copper b. Tungsten c. Maganin Ans: c 3)In a 4kva ,400/200 v m/c the value of impedance & reactance are given as 0.002 & 0.006 .what will be the new values of them when ref erred to the h.v side. a. 0.2,0.6 b. 0.08,0.036 c. 0.4,0.12 4)Metallic sheath is used to ......... a. prevent the cable f rom moisture b. provide mechanical strength Ans: b 5) Of the f ollowing bridges the one which can be used f or the measurement of dielectric loss of a capacitor is a. Schering bridge .......... b.Heaviside campbell equal ratio voltage c. Owen bridge d. Anderson bridge Ans. a. Schering bridge 6)Diac is a............... a. 3-layer ,2-junction b. 2-layer,3-junction c. 4-layer,3-junction 7)Load voltage equation of step up chopper......... a. v(1-a) b. v/(1-a) Ans: b 8)Which is not realated to ckt breaker......... a. conservator b. explosion pot c. operating mechanism Ans: a 9) Coef f icient of ref lection of short transmission line is........ a. 1 b. -1 c. 0 d. inf inite Ans: b 10)1st nuclear power plant located at ....... a. trombay b. kalpakkam c. tarapur Ans: tarapur 11)If a current setting is given as 25%, ct ratio is 400/5 then f ind pick up value...... a. 6.25 b. 0.25 c. 4 Ans: a

12. d.c chopper converts ....... a. ac to ac b. ac to dc c. dc to dc d. dc to ac Ans:c 13)In a controlled rectif ier , the nature of load current i.e, whether load current is continous or discontinous is a. does not depend on type of load & f iring angle delay b. depends on load & f iring angle delay c. depends only on type of load d. depends only on f iring angle delay Ans:b 14)For thyrister pulse triggering is pref erred on dc trigerring because.......... a. gate dissipation is low b. pulse system is simpler c. triggering system is required f or very short duration d. all of these Ans:d 15)T hyristers are basically .......... a. scrs b. triacs c. both scrs and triacs d. all pnpn devices Ans : d Non tech section T he nontech section comprises of only g.k questions 1)Vijay singh, who is golf player belongs to ................. a. maritus b. Maldives c. Kenya 2)LT T E associated with........... a. Bangladesh b. Bhutan c. shrilanka d. Nepal Ans:a 3)S.Sainath related to......... a. journalism b. t.v hosting 4)OPEC s headquarter is located at ............... a. Vienna b. gienna c. maxico Ans:a 5)Jawaharlal Nehru award given to which country........... a. mexico b. u.s.a 6)Which contry f irst started carbon tax........... 7)Nobel prize is equivalent to a. raman magsasse b. abel prize 8)T he book the elephant ,tiger and.. is written by a. artya sen 9)First women leader of INC was a. Anne becent b.Sarojini naidu Ans:a 10)T he book Anand math is written by............. a.B.C Chatterji b. Rabindranath tagorre 11)APJ abdul kalam associated with.......... a. gslv b. pslv c. slv 12)Nilgiri hills is f amous f or .......... a. tea b. cof f ee c. rubber d. spices 13)Olympic 2012 are going to be held at a. London b. Bejieng Ans: London 14)T he sentence the way the wind f lows means........ a. how the things are b. how the things are made c. how we make the things 15)I hope that u _______ come f or a cup of tea tomarrow a. shall be b. would be c. will be 16)Pongal is a f estival of a. Karnatka b. Andra Pradesh c. West Bengal d. Tamil nadu 17)Tajmahal was to be built originally at......... a. M.P b. Orissa c. West Bengal c. Rajasthan 18)Pravasi bhartiya divas was celebrated on........ a. 9 jan b. 16 april Ans:a 19)Kajiranga national park is f amous f or........ a. ryhno b. lion c. deer Ans: a Negative marking was not mentioned Total questions:-150 2 Hrs. Technical- 100 questions Quantitive apti+gen awareness+logical reasoning+intelligence -50 questions Technical part was ok and the questions mainly came f rom electrical engineering objective type book by M.Handa and A.Handa T hey mainly concentrated on power system topcs and the questions f rom the book of power system by soni , gupta, bhatnagar (Dhanpat rai publications) matched there. For the apti part it was f rom the G.K books And some recent news and happenings f rom Newspapers T here were f our sets of question paper- A ,B,C,D . I got the Question Set A and my answer sheet No was 12897. Some of the questions according to their numbering was (1)Who was the f irst RBI governor of INDIA. Four options were there. (2)Who was the f irst lady Prime- minister ?All f our options were of non-Indians. (3)Who gave the slogan Jai Jawan Jai Kisan(a)Pt.Jawahar lal Nehru (b)Sardar Patel(c)Mahatma Gandhi (d)lala lajpat rai. Answer (a)Pt.Jawahar lal Nehru. (4)Who was the f irst Vice Prime-minister of India?(a)Sardar Patel (b)Moraji Desai(c)Lal bahadur shashtri (d)Bal gangadhar tilak. (5)Which Indian also served as the Viceroy of India? (a)C.Rajagopalachari(b)Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru (c)Moraji Desai (d)Sarojini Naidu. (6)Which state has the largest coastline (a)Orissa (b)Andhra pradesh (c)Karnataka (d)Kerala (7)How many spokes does the Ashok chakra have? (a)24 (b)36 (c)48 (d)30. (8)Whenwas the Indian constitution came into f orce? (a)26 Nov 1949 (b) 26 Nov 1950 (c)15 Aug 1947 (d)26 Jan 1948 (9)Which was the Indias third generation anti ballistic missile? (a)Nag (b)Prithvi (c)Agni (d)Scorpio. (10)Which is the recently launched education satellite? (a)Edunet (b)Edusat (c)Edunos (d)Capof oria. (11)Which of the country is a land locked country? (a)Z imbabwe (b)New Z ealand (c)Austria (d)Phillipines (12)Which of the letter added to the f ollowing word will make a sensible word RAWL,LIMB,RIB (a)O (b)C (c)D (d)T.

(13) Which countrys Parliament is also known as Pratinidhi Sabha? (a)Nepal (b)Pakistan (c)Sri lanka (d)Bangladesh Ans(a)Nepal (14)When is the National Youth Day Celebrated?f our options were there. Some of the Technical questions with their numbering are as f ollows. (51)Which of the f ollowing is a prime mover? (a)Electric heater (b)Solar Energy (c)Tube Light (d)Diesel Engine (52)For the same power rating a lower voltage alternator will be (a)more ef f icient (b)larger in size (c)operating at high r.p.m. (d)more costly. (53)Damper bars in large generators (a)Increase stability (b)Reduce voltage f luctuation (c)Reduce f requency f luctuation (d)None of these. (54)An alternator is rated f or 75 0.8 p.f . It means that (a)Alternator has 4 poles (b)Alternator can supply 75 k.w. at 0.8 power f actor (c)Alternator can supply power only to loads having power f actor 0.8 only (d)T he peak ef f iciency of alternator occurs only at 75 k.w. load having 0.8 lagging p.f . (55)T he regulation of an alternator is (a)T he reduction in terminal voltage when alternator is loaded (b)T he variation of terminal voltage under the conditions of maximum excitation (c)T he increase in terminal voltage when the load is thrown of f (d)T he change in terminal voltage f rom lagging p.f . to leading p.f . (56)When an Alternator is supplying power power f actor load the armature reaction will produce (a)Magnetisation of the main f ield (b)Demagnetisation of the main f ield (c)Distortation of the main f ield (d)Restoration of the main f ield. (57)In the potiers triangle, the Potier reactance drop per phase is 22 volts per phase at 88 amperes per phase. T he potiers reactance per phase is (a)0.22 (b)0.25 (c)0.30 (d)0.44 (58)Core losses in a transf ormer (a)depends on supply voltages (b)vary f rom 1% to 3% between no load and f ull load (c)vary f rom 10% to 50% between no load & f ull load (d)decreases as the load on transf ormer increases. (59)T he f unction of transf ormer oil in a transf ormer is (a)to provide insulation and cooling (b)to provide against lightning (c)to lubricate the parts of the transf ormer (d)to provide protection against short circuiting. (60)Full load copper loss in a transf ormer is 1600 watts. At half load the loss will be (a)6400w (b)1600w (c)800w (d)400w. (61)For a 3300/400V transf ormer the correct designations of the windings will be (a)Primary 3.3 kv and secondary 400 V (b)Primary 400V and secondary 3.3k.v (c)Primary 3.3k.v. and l.v. side 400V (d)Hv winding 3.3kv and lv winding 400V. (62)Buccholz relay is used in (a)oil cooled transf ormers (b)welding transf ormers (c)Air cooled transf ormers (d) Furnance transf ormers. (63)HRC Fuses on a transf ormer provide protection against(a)Low level oil (b)Internal f aults (c)External f aults (d) Insulation f ailures. (64)Which of the f ollowing acts as a protection against high voltage surges due to lightning and switching (a)Breather (b)Conservator (c)Horn-gap (d)T hermal over load relays. (65)An air f ilter is used in (a)Nuclear power plants (b)Steam power plants (c)Diesel engine power plants (d)Hydro power plants. (130)T he f orm f actor is the ratio of (a)RMS value to average value (b)peak value to average value (c)average value to RMS value (d)Peal value to RMS value. (131)In the radial distribution system the distribution is f ed f rom (a)both ends (b)one end (c)the centre (d)at dif f erent points. (132)For which shape of conductor the corona loss will be least (a)circular (b)f lat (c)oval (d)independent of shape. (133)In a transmission line, sag depends only on (a)conductor size (b)height of the tower (c)tension in the conductor (d)All of these. (134)Overhead lines generally use (a)all aluminium conductors (b)copper conductors (c)ACSR conductors (d)All of these. (135)T he distribution transf ormer is generally connected in (a)delta/star (b)star/delta (c)star/star (d)delta/delta. (136)HRC f use provide best protection against (a)open ckt (b)over load (c)short circuit (d)reverse current (137)Distance relay operation is dependent upon the ratio of (a)current to current (b)volt to volt (c)volt to current (d)None of these

(138)Mho relay is used to protect (a) long transmission lines (b) medium length transmission lines (c)short transmission lines (d)All of these (139)Power can be transf erred only if reactance is (a)present (b)absent (c)zero (d)none of these. (140)Resistance switching is used in (a)minimum oil circuit breakers (b)bulk oil circuit breakers (c)oil blast circuit breakers (d)All of these. (141)Impulse voltages are characterized by (a)peak value (b)polarity (c)time of half the peak value (d)All of these. (142)Back up protection is used to protect (a)Transient currents (b)short circuits (c)over currents (d)over voltages. (143)As a matter of economy, voltage f or power transmission should be (a)low (b)medium (c)high (d)None of these. (144)Skin ef f ect is proportional to (a)f requency (b)square of f requency (c)inversely proportional to f requency (d)Independent of f requency. (145)T he most important cause of power loss in the transmission line is the (a)reactance (b)resistance (c)capacitance (d)All of these. (146)As compared to ac line the corona and the R.I. on a dc line are (a)lower (b)more (c)same (d)None of these. (147)T he per unit impedance of a line to a 150 MVA,132 KV base is 0.4. T he per unit impedance to a 100 MVA,132KV base will be (a)0.2(b)0.8 (c)0.4 (d)0.6 (148)T he co-ef f icient of ref lection f or current f or an open ended line is (a)0 (b)0.5 (c)-1.0 (d)1.0 (149)T he most commonly used generation voltage in India is (a)6.6 KV(b)440V (c)33KV (d)11KV AND LAST QUEST ION OF EXAMINAT ION WAS :(150)T he resistance of the earth wire is about (a)1 ohm (b)20ohm (c)50ohm (d)100 ohms. EIL MT Exam Paper For EEE Related Posts : EIL EIL MT Exam Paper For CIVIL EIL MT Exam Paper For Instrumentation EIL(ENGINEERS INDIA LIMIT ED) MT EXAM PAPER / EXAM PAT T ERN EIL PREVIOUS EXAM PAPER f or Electrical|Electronics|Mechanical|Civil EIL MT Exam Paper For Chemical Related Posts Widget[?]