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Tuesday 19th April 2005 8:30am 2:30pm Milkin Hotel

Organizing Organisations, SNV Ghana: (Mawuko Fumey, Ivy Anan, Cherub Antwi-Nsiah, Wouter Schalken, Adelaide Tetteh) GHATOF: (President and executives)

Welcome and introduction Mr. Asante Donkor welcomed all present to the world caf after a short prayer and thanked all for honouring the invitation despite their busy schedules. He spoke briefly about the purpose for the meeting and introduced the resource persons from SNV. This was followed by a brief background by Mr. Franklin Asamoah-Mensah on the emerging relationship between GHATOF and SNV. Mr. Kojo Ansah, the consultant that worked on the needs assessment assignment made a presentation after which the concept and principles of the world caf model was explained to participants. Participants then went straight into the first round of conversation. The World Caf model is a creative process for leading collaborative dialogue, sharing knowledge and creating possibilities for action in groups of all sizes. Caf conversations are one way that communities, businesses, governments and people from all walks of life are using to create a common purpose, share knowledge, and create a living network of conversation around questions that matter. The model was used for the session to offer an appropriate atmosphere for dialogue among members of the federation on the two questions below.

Round 1 Thinking of the federation over the past five years, what are your impressions about its effectiveness as an umbrella organisation? Round 2 What are your expectations of a vibrant GHATOF?

Notes from the table cloths: These notes were captured on each table and have been lifted directly from the table cloths(flip chart sheets) unedited.

Caf Table 1 Impressions Weak leadership Inadequate finances No coordination between governing bodies and executives Loop holes in constitution Lack of love Lack of cooperation Independence from Ministry. Has no interest in the progress of GHATOF Effective communication not existent Dues unpaid and insufficient Insufficient sponsorship Constitutional reform

Caf Table 2 Impressions Independent GHATOF Leadership should be free from politics Cooperation and sacrifice Free hands be given existing cc to operate Disagreements between some sector associations and leadership be investigated and resolved Though GHATOF has achieved a lot, much must be done by its trade associations to support it and move it forward. Due to non-secretariat of GHATOF, many things have been slow Beginning of GHATOF was well supported. After a year it could not function due to funding. 3 years back it nearly collapsed Two years now under a new leadership, GHATOF has been able to hold frequent meetings and workshops and training which brought much improvement GHATOF has many programmed but information to its members to attend is always late hence poor attendance It has so many problems Not financially viable Not effective Not able to control other associations No proper programme Have a very dynamic leader Expectations Develop programmes annually in conjunction with the trade associations Organise programmes to benefit all associations Periodic visits by GHATOF to trade association meetings Respect to leadership GHATOF should be known in the regions and by its trade associations GHATOF should devise an avenue for funds to run the association Unity among council members should be encouraged to foster the progress of GHATOF GHATOF to expose its members during national fairs Review of constitution

Caf Table 3 Impressions Good leadership Internal structure have not been too good for lack of love and cooperation and due to lukewarm attitude of members attending meetings and supporting programmes Lack of interest and understanding of what GHATOF stands for and inability to pay dues Internal structure feeling more superior than others. Pull him down behaviour from some responsible respectable members There is a problem with leadership Mode of election of selecting council members should be looked into Constitution should be looked into and reconstituted Committee should be made to work It has not been too formidable Expectations GHATOF to make Ghana the most desired destination for tourists through marketing and product training Leadership to have the desired support to progress More capacity building programmes Innovative fund raising activities Improved continuing professional development Adequate secretariat for enabling faster communication Proper networking and members to share ideas and coordinate activities There should be strong executive support for leadership to achieve the ultimate in the tourism industry Work towards attracting more tourists into the country by creating and improving on out standards Making room for a more hygienic and moderate tourist country Programmes at the end of the year should be circulated to all trade associations Members should be made to pay dues The leadership should have a free hand to operate Bring all TAs together Lobbying public sector for empowerment Create awareness of GHATOF in all regions on what it stands for and its formation in all regions Promoting international and domestic shows

Caf Table 4 Impressions Governing council on paper Executives perform the work of the governing council-relationship is clumsy President of GC is the president of executive body-President chairs the council People are not attending meetings because structures are not defined There is no GHATOF president as at now. GHATOF is to be reconstituted; when? Road map? Nothing to be proud of TCDI training programmes for some members of the TA-created awareness about problems facing the private sector e.g unfavourable tax regime Programmes-no one can tell and this is part of the problem GHATOF must be overhauled GHATOF as island states Why join GHATOF if you are not getting any benefits There is a programme to train executives to be started in May by the consultant-the timing is poor, council members not consulted. It will be proper to train new executives to be elected. Is GHATOF making any progress? No.. GHATOF is ineffective, however there is room for improvement Is President and his vice in good terms? No! No consultations Self-seeking men and women? No but there are some personality issues which affect the performance of GHATOF The constitution does not allow bringing someone from the public sector President off on a trip with deputy minister. Botswana? Politics? Abandoning those who put him there even though there is an important meeting today President with govt! How can we sight govt demo? Expectation A leadership who can unite the associations is needed With good vision and good leadership GHATOF can be useful Quote There is so much opportunities but we dont see it. Why should the ministry help when we ourselves as private sector players are not doing much, why dont we take the initiative?

Caf Table 5 Impressions There are serious problems as far as leadership of GHATOF is concerned. A situation where the president and his vice are not on good terms. Mistrust. Leadership election process not very well known. Seems there is leadership paralysis i.e. President and his vice are not working together as a team GHATOF hardly has programmes for the associates apart from a few initiatives with TCDI and SNV Need for a permanent secretariat to coordinate activities. Secretariat should have permanent administrative staff Decision making and implementation over centralised Lack of transparency in executive and implementation matters Communication gap between executives and non-executive members Expectations Visionary leadership GHATOF must have a vision and strategy to achieve goals Mission statement and strategy A vibrant GTAOF to influence government policy and lead effective private sector in tourism Programmes should be developed to help GHATOF attain its vision. Strategies should be put in place to make the programmes work. Programmes should be evaluated constantly to ensure GHATOFs goals are on course. The constitution and election of leaders should be reviewed. The elected leader should be seen to have leadership qualities-these qualities should be clearly defined Should have a handbook of GHTOF which details the constitution which spells out roles and responsibilities of elected or appointed officers and their various addresses/contacts. This handbook should be on the GHATOF website Draw adequate programmes for the federation Programme outline for the year should be made known to members and encouraged to participate in them Various association programmes should be known to GHATOF which will foster it into building or drawing GHATOF programme Need for yearly programme outlines which will be followed. There should be programmes from individual association level to GHATOF level and these should be known by all members Committees should be in place to handle specific tasks e.g finance, programmes etc

Caf Table 6 Impressions Leadership- weak and not focus. No cohesion Programmes-not too encouraging Internal structures-should be overhauled. All heads of the 15 trade associations should come together to do this Members role-because GHATOF is weak, its members are also weak. They need to be more proactive Achievement-politicised and indiscipline among members. We see GHATOF as a non-functional organisation that needs to be totally restructured for the benefit of our industry There must be proper guidelines to follow Politicking will not move the organisation forward GHTAIF constitution must be reviewed and enforced Trade association must create awareness of GHATOF to solve some problems Leadership should be immediately dissolved. Proper understanding reached before elections GHATOF runs dead and careless programmes. Programmes do not benefit branches Expectations GHATOF must be made autonomous from the public sector GHATOF must be seen with constant interaction all the 15 trade associations Leadership must be united and cohesive Leadership needs training to understand the needs of its members Job functions must be defined to members to enhance their opt Trade associations under GHATOF must be made to be more committed GHATOF must come out with programmes that will benefit its members GHATOF must be seen to play advocacy role for its members

Emerging key issues from all tables joint clustered (unedited) CLUSTER 1 Leadership Leadership is dynamic but has no support CLUSTER 2 ????? (not agreed on) GHATOF has no vision CLUSTER 3 Commitment There should be better programme development, implementation and monitoring by GHATOF to ensure total involvement of all associations Non payment of dues CLUSTER 4 Communication GHATOF leadership should interact and communicate more with members of the various associations under it e.g. visit them at their general meetings Improving communication and consensus building at decisions e.g. GHATOF having reps at association executives

Politicing GHATOF must stop

Constitution needs review with proper guidelines

Leadership must be overhauled

GHATOF has poor leadership

Leadership-build its capacity to make it more efficient through: -strong commitment and support from member associations -adequate financial and logistic support Lack of cooperation Decentralisation of from executives GHATOF through the regions Constitutional and structural review

There is need to restructure GHATOF in terms of structures, institutional arrangement Funding support to GHATOF must be well definedGHATOF fair GHATOF has no strong foundation

Lack of interest

Key expectations from all tables unedited Clear sense of mission and direction GHATOF should be seen to be influencing tourism policy formulation and implementation GHATOF must be made autonomous from the public sector New dynamic leadership with the constitution as guide Independent GHATOF-must be free from politics GHATOF to be well resourced to meet its commitments Establish an independent and well resourced secretariat Enhanced capacity and human resource developed GHATOF to give real meaning to the apex body that it is supposed to be Free hands be given to existing Cc to operate Investigate and resolve differences between some sector associations and members Support various trade associations, not to compete with them Job functions must be defined for members to enhance operation Developed annual programme in consultation with the trade associations GHATOF to network with trade associations within and outside the country GHATOF should help the associations under it ti grow strong and the associations should also help GHATOF become very vibrant Trade associations under GHATOF must be made to be more committed Shirking self-centred (egoistic) tendencies both at the individual association and within the GHATOF bodies

Immediate actions The following immediate actions were suggested by members;

Establish well resourced secretariat Orientation/sensitize all trade association members on their commitment to GHATOF; Submit programmes for the year to all association; Encourage/create accessibility to all trade association members; Members to pay dues; Hold election soon; Training for new executives to be elected Resolve tension between some members e.g. (President and his vice) before new elections (conflict resolution to be led by governing council) Members should read the constitution

SNVs observations Majority of members arrived late, contributing to time constraint; Attendance at the session was below our expectation; Members present were willing to share their ideas and frustrations; Members were in general optimistic about GHATOF moving forward provided the issues outlined are addressed; The expected outcomes of the session were achieved;

Next actions

Members present agreed that the president should call a governing council meeting immediately he returns from his trip and this meeting should be held by May 15, 2005. The governing council is take up the issues discussed under immediate actions and inform all members on key action points emerging.