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Federico Lamartina - Animator

London, UK Mobile: E-mail address: Vimeo channel: website: +447745903084

Maya and After Efects animator, with a strong interest for design, motion, and a good perception for balance and weight. I have experience working in small teams for VFX projects, and I am eager to gain new skills and to work for bigger productions. I have a strong interest towards character animation, I love animating creatures and I would love to use my skills to work as an animator for video games.

Relevant Work Experience

October 2011 - January 2012 - VFX Internship as compositor - Studiorain, Palermo, Italy
During my internship I worked as a compositor on several shots for the italian movie " Quel che resta ". My tasks involved all the diferent aspects of compositing for a movie, like background or unwanted object removal, adding extra elements like dust or fire, etc. as asked by the director. Most of the work was done in After Efects.

Roles and tasks Compositing Matte painting

Colour correction 2D Tracking

Rotoscoping Chroma Key

10 -13 November 2011 Palermo, Italy

Projection Mapping on Politeama Theatre faade in Palermo - Zerocento srl,

link to video: I worked as a freelance motion graphic designer in a small team of 4 people. The project was a big live-projection mapping on the faade of the Politeama Opera Theatre of Palermo. Most of the animations were developed using After Efects or Cinema 4D, and then matched with the music. Roles and tasks Storyboard artist Concept and motion graphic designer.

October 2011 to Present I work independently as a freelance animator and editor for small motion graphics and VFX projects. I also spend most of my time working on my personal animation and modelling projects.

Character design Character animation 3D modelling Video Editing Maya TRAX editor Illustration Motion Graphics Compositing Photography Maya animation layers

Software Used
Maya Mudbox Illustrator Resolume Premiere Photoshop Flash Cinema 4D Nuke X After Efects Final Cut Pro

September 2013 MSc in Digital Visual Effects - First class Honour University of Kent Canterbury, UK Lecturer: Dr. David Byers Brown

July 2012

BA in Audio/Video e Multimedia - 110/110 cum laude Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo (Academy of Fine Arts) Palermo, Italy


LLP Erasmus Program Universidad Politcnica de Valencia Valencia, Spain

IELTS level 7.0 English language certification 24 April 2012 DELE level B2 Spanish language certification 25 May 2012