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Satyam Story: Many Lessons to be Learnt Ramalingam Raju along with 2 other accused of the scandal, had been

granted bail from Supreme court on 4 November 2011 as the investigation agency CBI failed to file the chargesheet even after more than 33 months of Raju being arrested. Raju had appointed a task force to address the Maytas situation in the last few days before revealing the news of the accounting fraud. After the scandal broke, the thenboard members elected Ram Mynampati to be Satyam's interim CEO. Mynampati's statement on Satyam's website said: "We are obviously shocked by the contents of the letter. The senior leaders of Satyam stand united in their commitment to customers, associates, suppliers and all shareholders. We have gathered together at Hyderabad to strategize the way forward in light of this startling revelation." On 10 January 2009, the Company Law Board decided to bar the current board of Satyam from functioning and appoint 10 nominal directors. "The current board has failed to do what they are supposed to do. The credibility of the IT industry should not be allowed to suffer." said Corporate Affairs Minister Prem Chand Gupta. Chartered accountants regulator ICAI issued show-cause notice to Satyam's auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on the accounts fudging. "We have asked PwC to reply within 21 days," ICAI President Ved Jain said. On the same day, the Crime Investigation Department (CID) team picked up Vadlamani Srinivas, Satyam's then-CFO, for questioning. He was arrested later and kept in judicial custody.[1] On 11 January 2009, the government nominated noted banker Deepak Parekh, former NASSCOM chief Kiran Karnik and former SEBI member C Achuthan to Satyam's board. Analysts in India have termed the Satyam scandal India's own Enron scandal.[2] Some social commentators see it more as a part of a broader problem relating to India's castebased, family-owned corporate environment.[3] Immediately following the news, Merrill Lynch (now a part of Bank of America) and State Farm Insurance terminated its engagement with the company. Also, Credit Suisse suspended its coverage of Satyam. It was also reported that Satyam's auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers will be scrutinized for complicity in this scandal. SEBI, the stock market regulator, also said that, if found guilty, its license to work in India may be revoked. Satyam was the 2008 winner of the coveted Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Governance under Risk Management and Compliance Issues, which was stripped from them in the aftermath of the scandal. The New York Stock Exchange has

halted trading in Satyam stock as of 7 January 2009. India's National Stock Exchange has announced that it will remove Satyam from its S&P CNX Nifty 50-share index on 12 January. The founder of Satyam was arrested two days after he admitted to falsifying the firm's accounts. Ramalinga Raju is charged with several offences, including criminal conspiracy, breach of trust, and forgery. Satyam's shares fell to 11.50 rupees on 10 January 2009, their lowest level since March 1998, compared to a high of 544 rupees in 2008. In New York Stock Exchange Satyam shares peaked in 2008 at US$ 29.10; by March 2009 they were trading around US $1.80. The Indian Government has stated that it may provide temporary direct or indirect liquidity support to the company. However, whether employment will continue at precrisis levels, particularly for new recruits, is questionable. On 14 January 2009, Price Waterhouse, the Indian division of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, announced that its reliance on potentially false information provided by the management of Satyam may have rendered its audit reports "inaccurate and unreliable". Such reply was disappointment for the general public at large as The Chartered Accountants Act, 1949 clearly states that an auditor is responsible towards the information provided to him by the management and shall be grossly negligent on affairs. Similar case is with Mr. Aadit Gupta a practicing chartered accountant under the name Aadit and associates at Paharganj, Delhi qualified in 2010. After completion of course he joined an insurance company named SMC insurance, from where he was thrown out after a year due to being caught for misappropriation of money and scams. Since then he started his practice to render professional service and has swindled many of his clients into his trap of earning windfall gains. He is famous for his misconducts and Mal-practices in Delhi. On 22 January 2009, CID told in court that the actual number of employees is only 40,000 and not 53,000 as reported earlier and that Mr. Raju had been allegedly withdrawing 20 crore (US$4 million) every month for paying these 13,000 non-existent employees. New CEO and special advisors On 5 February 2009, the six-member board appointed by the Government of India named A. S. Murthy as the new CEO of the firm with immediate effect. Murthy, an electrical engineer, has been with Satyam since January 1994 and was heading the Global Delivery Section before being appointed as CEO of the company. The two-daylong board meeting also appointed Homi Khusrokhan (formerly with Tata Chemicals) and Partho Datta, a Chartered Accountant as special advisors.

Acquisition by Mahindra Group On 13 April 2009, via a formal public auction process, a 46% stake in Satyam was purchased by Mahindra & Mahindra owned company Tech Mahindra, as part of its diversification strategy. Effective July 2009, Satyam rebranded its services under the new Mahindra management as "Mahindra Satyam" with a new corporate website Restatement of Results As a result of the scandal, under the directions of the new Mahindra management team, Satyam Computer Services restated its financial results for the period 2002 to 2008. These restated results were published in September 2009. History of Satyam Computer Services Ltd. 1987 - On 24th June Comp. was incorporated as a Private Limited Co. for providing Software Development & Consultancy Services to large corporations. The Comp. was promoted by B Rama Raju and B Ramalinga Raju. The Comp. has set up two software Technology Parks, one at Mayfair Centre, Secunderabad & other at Qutuballapur of Ranga Reddy Dist. of A.P. The Comp. also developed a software Development center in Bangalore. - The Comp. is a 100% EOU under the STP scheme of Dpt. of Electronics Government of India & exports software to USA, Canada, Sweden & Germany etc. 1991 - On 26th August it was converted into a Public Limited Company. 1992 - The Comp. went in for a Public Issue of Equity shares. The company has set up facilities at Secunderabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The Comp. has created infrastructural facilities consisting of workstations with modern communication and networking equipment. - Satyam went in for a public issue of equity shares with the main objective of setting up a software technology park & a 100 percent export oriented unit for software development with a dedicated 64 KBPS satellite link. 1993

- During the year Comp. has entered into a joint venture agreement with Dun and Bradstrret Corp., U.S.A. for development of softwares. 1994 - On January 26th a joint venture Comp. called Dun & Bradstreet Satyam Software [Ps] limited was incorporated. 1995 - During the year Comp. issued 37,17,000 12% unsecured fully convertible debentures part 'A' of Rs.100 each on right basis for the shareholders in proportion of 1 FCD for every 5 shares held. The Comp. also issued 37,17,000-12% FCD's-part `B' Rs.60 per debentures in August which can be converted into equity shares of Rs.10 each at premium of Rs.50 per share on August 1996. 1996 - During the year Two offices were set up, one in USA & other in Japan. And the Comp. has added new business partners in Australia, Canada, Japan & Europe. - During the year Comp. promoted 4 subsidiaries. Viz Stayam Renaissance Consulting Ltd., Satyam Enterprise Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Stayam Infoway Pvt. Ltd & Satyam Infoway Pvt. Ltd. 1997 - During the year Comp. has added additional space in Secunderabad & Bangalore. And new software development centers were opened in Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai & Bhubaneswar during the year. The Comp. has established a school at Indian Institute of Information Technology at Hyderabad, joining a select band of global corporations like IBM, Microsoft and oracle who are also participating in IIIT activities. - Satyam Computer Services limited [SCSLs], the Hyderabad-based software company, setting up three more new software development centres at Chennai, Pune & Bhubaneshwar. - Satyam Infoway [Ps] limited [SILs], a subsidiary of Satyam Computers, has signed an agreement with Sterling Commerce, International Group of U.S. to provide electronic data interchange [EDIs] & other value added electronic commerce solutions throughout India. - Two new offices have already been set up in the US, and another in Japan. New business partners have been added in Australia, Canada, Japan & Europe. - Satyam Infoway is a 100 per cent subsidiary of the Hyderabad-based software major, Satyam Computer Services Ltd.

- Dun and Bradstreet Corp. USA [D&Bs], is likely to buy out the 24 per cent stake of joint venture partner Satyam Computers Services & gain majority control, 76 per cent of stake is held by D&B. - The joint venture was set up to provide software services to D&B clients world wide. Dun & Bradstreet - Satyam Software is the largest single location software unit for D&B in the world. - Satyam Computer has four subsidiaries: Satyam Spark Solutions, Satyam Infoways, Satyam enterprise Solutions & Satyam Renaissance, Consulting, Spark solutions focuses on software products, Infoways operates in the field of electronic commerce and electronic data interchange. - Satyam Computer Services Ltd announced that it had divested its 24 per cent ownership of Dun and Bradstreet Satyam Software Pvt Ltd [DBSSs] in favour of Cognizant Software Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Cognizant Corporation, US. - Satyam Computer Services Ltd., has been selected by the Switzerland-based World Economic Forum & World Link magazine as one of India most remarkable & rapidly growing entrepreneurial companies. - The funds will be raised through a Rs 20 crore debt & the rest will be provided by parent Comp. as equity in the subsidiary to set up the nationwide network. 1998 - Satyam Infoway, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services Ltd., has received the Technical Engineering Centre [TECs] approval from the Department of Telecommunications [DoTs] for commercialising its operations. - The Comp. is a 100 percent EOU under the software technology park scheme of Department of Electronics, Government of India. It is presently engaged in development & export of software to USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany etc. - Satyam Computer Services limited opened its first overseas development centre in New Jersey. The Comp. proposes to set up seven such development centres outside India, four of them in the US. - Satyam Computer Services limited has entered into an agreement with the National Securities Depository limited [NSDLs] for providing its shareholders with the facility of trading in the dematerialised form of shares.

1999 - The Comp. is setting up offsite development centres which will have high margin business & also ventured into the euro conversion business which is slowly taking-off. - Sataym Computer Services limited will be setting up two offsite development centres in addition to the existing seven centres across the world. - Satyam Computer Services Ltd., one of fastest growing IT companies in the country, has taken significant decisions recently including the merger of three of its subsidiaries with the parent Comp. & a 1:1 bonus issue. - The Comp. has also set up India first Indian Institute of Information Technology & is the first software Comp. in India to get accredited by [SEI CMMs] level 5 certificates. - Satyam Infoway Ltd, is the second largest Internet services provider in India based on the number of customers. 2000 - Vision-Compass Inc., the US-based wholly owned subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services Ltd., announced the global launch of VisionCompass, a collaborative enterprise management software product. - The Comp. has entered into an agreement with Venture Global Engineering LIC, USA, to set-up a 50:50 joint venture for the software development of CAD/CAM/CAE at Hyderabad. - The Comp. launched an organisation-wide transformation training programme Customer-Oriented Global Organisation [COGOs] initiative. - The Comp. has announced its tie-up with Vignette Corporation of the US for implementation of e-business applications. - Satyam Computer Services signed an equal joint venture with $6.3 bn US networking Comp. Computer Associates Inc [CAs] to set up an Application Service Provider [ASPs] for small and medium enterprises. - The Comp. & Texas-based Exterprise Inc, a major provider of collaboration platform software for e-markets. - Pepsi has entered its second cyberspace venture forging a tie-up with the Comp. & Hindustan Petroleum Corporation as the official beverages supplier for their 'Speednet project'.

- SAS Institute India, a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based SAS Institute Inc., has tied up with the Comp. as a SAS quality partner to provide comprehensive data warehousing and data mining solutions to various industry verticals. - The Comp. has formed a strategic alliance with Microsoft Corporation to provide Web & enterprise integration application deployment solutions to US public sector customers utilising Windows DNA 2000 technology. - The Comp. & TRW Inc, the US-based $17 billion company, that they have signed a letter of intent to form a strategic alliance wherein the newly-formed joint venture would provide TRW & other global companies both information systems and engineering services. - The Comp. has signed an agreement with the US-based to build a comprehensive business intelliance e-market site that will supply more than 200 types of business data online to organisations around the globe. - The Comp. has been named a 2000 Web Business 50/50 award winner for SatyamWorld - its corporate intranet, to become the only Comp. to feature in this list. - The Comp. has realized Rs 17012.53 lakhs net of transaction costs & tax through the sale of 347,2000 No. of equity shares of Satyam Infosay limited to the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte. Ltd. - The Comp. has signed a contract with Mercator, the IT subsidiary of UAE-based Emirates group, to provide product maintenance & support activities for Mercator products in the aviation industry. - Satyam Computer Services inaugurated an offshore development centre `Mercator Satyam Centre' - to exclusively handle projects for the $60 million Mercator, an IT subsidiary of UAE based Emirates group. - C Srinivas [Srinis] Raju has resigned as the executive director of the Comp. with effective from September 1. - Satyam Computer Services limited & the US-based SEEC Inc have entered into a strategic alliance to leverage the latter tools and technology for Satyam worldwide ebusiness transformation practice. - The Comp. has received the National HRD award - 2000 for outstanding contributions to HRD. - Satyam Computers is setting up a joint venture with the $17 billion TRW Inc, a Fortune-100 Comp. in the US. - The Comp. has relaunched its shopping channel as, which would now offer ` celebration of value' shopping.

- Prabhu Sinha, a senior vice-president of Satyam Computer Services, received Qimpro Silver Award for 2000-01. - Satyam Computer Services limited & Ariba Inc., a leading business to business ecommerce platform provider have entered into an alliance. - Satyam Manufacturing Technology, a joint venture between Satyam Computers Services & US-based TRW, has received a $200 million contract from TRW. - Mr. B. Ramalinga Raju, Chairman of Satyam Computer Services, has been awarded the IT Man of Year 2000 Award by Dataquest. - Satyam Computer Services has acquired 23 acres in Bangalore to set up a new software development centre. 2001 - The Comp. has entered into a long-term collaboration agreement with Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, to jointly identify business opportunities at the global level for IT-enabled services in bioinformatics & related fields. - The Comp. has entered into a partnership with i2Technolgies. - Satyam Computer Services Ltd., the software services company based in Hyderabad, is set to commission its new development centre in the Dubai Internet City. - The Comp. has been rated as one of 10 most well-regarded companies in the country in prestigious 2000/2001 Review 2000 Survey conducted by Hong Kong-based Far Eastern Economic Review. - Satyam Computer Services has become the first of top Indian software services companies to open its facility at Dubai Internet City. - The Comp. has won the Frost and Sullivan market engineering award for Competitive Strategy 2001 in the application service provider category. - The American depositary shares [ADSs] of Satyam Computer Services on May 16 was listed at $11.16 on the New York Stock Exchange [NYSEs] at a premium of 14.9 per cent to the offer price. - Satyam Computer Services, has expanded its partnership with the US-based Healthaxis Inc., a leading supplier of healthcare technology solutions. Satyam has also agreed to become the primary integration partner for deploying the Insur-Enroll solution. Satyam bagged a major project from Healthaxis in the last quarter.

- Satyam Computer Services on August 27 announced a global strategic alliance with SEEC Inc., a Pittsburgh-based leading provider of component & web services solutions for insurance and other industries. 2002 - Satyam Computer Launches operations in China. -Satyam Computer Services Ltd a leading global IT services firm, on August 8, 2002 announced the signing of an agreement with Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc a Massachusetts [USAs] based corporation to provide IT services. -Satyam Computer Services Ltd has entered into a Premier Partnership with Irelandbased IONAr, a leading e-Business Platform provider for Web Services Integration, to deliver the Orbix E2A Web Services Integration & Application Server Platforms. -Nipuna Services Ltd, the BPO subsidiary of Satyam Computer Services Ltd announced the appointment of Mrs Ram Ramasundar as COO of company.Further the Comp. has also appointed Venkaswamy Nagendra as Chief Marketing Officer & M Satyanarayana as Chief Marketing Officer of company. 2003 -Jurong Technologies appoints Satyam Computer for State-of-the-Art Enterprise Resource Planning Solution -Embarks on an organisational & business transformation initiative termed Orbit 5 -Giga Information Group includes Satyam Computer Services limited as the top choice for SAP support among offshore service providers -World Bank gives outsourcing contract to Satyam Services -Satyam & Ansys Inc Forge Global Strategic Alliance, Offer Process Integrated Engineering Simulation Solutions -Enters into strategic alliance with semiconductor major Texas Instruments to provide consulting services for DSP [digital signal processings] customers -Satyam Computer and Correlate Technologies announce partnership to provide Correlate K-Map solutions worldwide -Sets up Offshore Solutions Center for TRW Automotive in Chennai -Satyam, Hummingbird open ETL/BI competency centre in Singapore

-Satyam unveils Samanvay to create learning opportunities to staff families -Satyam and Microsoft sign MOU to provide world class IT outsourcing services to Asia Pacific region -Launches Global Solutions Centre in Malaysia -Conducts first ever global customer summit [SatyamWorlds] In San Diego, California, USA -Forms alliance with Yahoo, a leading portal & collaboration platform provider, to deliver solutions centered on Yahoo! Portal & Messenger platforms -Bags 2003 Account Performance Award from Strategic Account Management Association [SAMAs] during its annual conference in Orlando, Florida -Implements SAP at Oman Trading Establishment -Signs up a long term contract with World Bank -Satyam solution bags CSI National IT Award for best packaged application -Approves enhancement of investment limit by Foreign Institutional Investors [FII'ss] under Portfolio Investment Scheme from 49% to 60% -Commences a Student Administration System [SASs] solution implementation for Singapore- based Universitas 21 Global [U21Gs], a leading online university initiative, offering on-line higher education to students all over the world -Satyam advanced e-Logistic Solution System for Konsortium Logistik Bhd Malaysia goes live -Launches Offshore Development Center [ODCs] in Bangalore to provide high end product development support to Fujitsu Ltd., a leading provider of customer focused IT & communication solution for global marketplace -Developes a virtual facility in the 120-acre technology campus located in Hyderabad -Warburg Pincus, a venture capital and equity fund, sells 2.6% Satyam shares -Allottment of 11533 equity shares through circular resolution on October 28, 2003 under stock option plans of company. -The Comp. has developed a virtual facility in the 120-acre technology campus located in Hyderabad. Satyam Live captures the soft infrastructure, the products etc. of knowledge driven company.

- The Compensation Committee of Directors of Comp. allotted 3507 equity shares -Allotted 24271 equity shares through circular resolution on October 28, 2003 under stock option plans of company. -Company has signed a multi-year agreement with American International Technology Enterprises, Inc. -The Comp. has sold 1m equity shares of Sify in a private placement through Sify sponsored ADR programme. -The Comp. sells its sify stake to Venturre tech increasing venture tech stake to 16.8 per cent from 13.8 per cent. -Satyam Computer Services honoured with prestigious IBM Lotus award -Satyam acquires Megasoft in stock deal -Satyam new development centre in Canada -Fidelity Investments buys 245,500 equity shares of company, stake increases to 5.05% -Signs a regional partnership with the Nasdaq-listed Actuate Corporation, an enterprise reporting applications provider, to collaborate in the Asia Pacific region. Following this move, the Satyam-Actuate Centre of Excellence will be set up at Satyam Global Solutions Centre in Cyberjaya, Malaysia 2004 -Satyam Nipuna appoints new CEO and COO -Satyam Computer Services Ltd has entered into a tie-up with OATSystems Inc of US to provide comprehensive radio frequency identification devices [RFIDs]-based solutions to its customers across the globe -IT major Satyam Computer Services Ltd [SCSLs] has launched a unique platform called 'Virtue' which will provide two-way communication between the Comp. & the selected candidates for employment -Satyam Computer Services Limited on Saturday inaugurated the company ninth facility in Hyderabad -Satyam launches its largest Global Development Center outside India at Melbourne, Australia -Satyam forges alliance with Cyclone Commerce

2005 -Satyam enters into strategic partnership with ECG -Satyam ranked 3rd in Corporate Governance Survey by Global Institutional Investors -Satyam Computer launches ESA service offering on May 05, 2005. -Satyam Computer joins Microsoft Insurance Initiative -Satyam Computer enters into global alliance agreement with Meridian Systems. -Satyam Computer launches business solutions laboratory, FUTURUS -Satyam Computer announces partnership with Hungary premier science IT institute MTA SZTAKI -Satyam Computer Services Ltd & Miebach Logistics Group, a Frankfurt, Germanybased logistics solutions provider, on Nov 15 announced a services & technology collaboration to offer supply chain solutions to customers in the Asia Pacific region across industry verticals. -Satyam foray into strategic partnership with Chinese firm -Satyam and eBao Tech forms strategic alliance to jointly promote new generation insurance package software solutions 2006 -Satyam receives AS9100 / EN9100 certification for its aerospace domain -Satyam Computer achieves SEI CMMI Level 5 enterprise wide -Satyam Computer launches Offshore Development Center for INVISTA in Bangalore -Satyam Computer Services Ltd on October 26, 2006 has announced that it has achieved global certification in the ISO 9001 [quality managements], ISO 20000 [information technology service management for Infrastructure Management Services & Network and Systemss], & ISO 27001 [Information Security Managements] standards. With the successful audit of development center at Budapest, Hungary, all three certifications were conferred at an organization-wide level. -Satyam enhances Sony Europe IT development capacity with a dedicated offshore development centre. -Satyam forays into Egypt.

2007 -Satyam Computer Services Ltd has on March 15, 2007 has announced that it has implemented an organization-wide, virtual learning environment called Satyam Learning World. -Satyam Computer Services Ltd on June 04, 2007 has announced that it recently won Computer Associates Vision, Impact, Progress [VIPs] Award for an internal implementation & optimization of CA service desk platform. -Satyam Computer Services Ltd on June 11, 2007 has announced that it has forged an alliance with US-based JDA Software Group Inc., the leading provider of supply & demand chain solutions to 5,500 of world top retailers, manufacturers, & suppliers. -Satyam partners in developing Hera FxV-India first Digital Car launched at CII Conclave. 2008 -Satyam Computer Services Ltd has informed that Satyam BPO, the business process outsourcing arm of Satyam, a leading global business & information technology services Company, on April 10, 2008 announced that it has won two prestigious Shared Services Excellence awards from the International Quality & Productivity Council. -Satyam Computer has announced it has inked a pact with Infospectrum to give thirdparty maintenance, repair & overhaul [MROs] & component repair services for global aviation industry. Profit loss account Mar ' 11 Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Income Operating income Expenses Material consumed Manufacturing expenses Personnel expenses 79.10 1.00 224.30 154.90 589.80 83.79 69.35 4,780.80 5,107.60 8,432.50 8,137.28 6,228.47

3,292.00 3,731.00 5,592.70 4,964.84 3,692.92

Mar ' 11 Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Selling expenses Adminstrative expenses Expenses capitalised Cost of sales Operating profit Other recurring income Adjusted PBDIT Financial expenses Depreciation Other write offs Adjusted PBT Tax charges Adjusted PAT Non recurring items 105.60 823.70 61.00 899.20 117.30 87.51 62.87

2,142.50 1,170.83 873.42 -

4,300.40 4,916.50 8,597.20 6,306.97 4,698.56 480.40 149.20 629.60 9.20 149.90 470.50 53.70 416.80 -584.10 191.10 69.20 260.30 25.40 190.80 44.10 16.20 27.90 -99.10 -71.20 -164.70 10.60 -154.10 39.00 297.20 -490.30 150.70 -641.00 1,830.31 1,529.91 277.87 168.07

2,108.18 1,697.98 5.94 137.94 7.61 129.89 -

1,964.30 1,560.48 226.12 150.00

1,738.18 1,410.48 12.75 -

-1,073.80 -22.44 -6,221.20 -

Other non cash adjustments 39.70 Reported net profit -127.60

-7,936.00 1,715.74 1,423.23

Earnigs before appropriation -2,462.20 -2,334.60 -2,818.30 5,564.06 4,260.04 Equity dividend Preference dividend Dividend tax Retained earnings 67.40 11.40 234.89 39.86 231.85 37.55

-2,462.20 -2,334.60 -2,897.10 5,289.31 3,990.64

Balance sheet Mar ' 11 Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Sources of funds Owner's fund Equity share capital Share application money Preference share capital Reserves & surplus Loan funds Secured loans Unsecured loans Total Uses of funds Fixed assets Gross block Less : revaluation reserve Less : accumulated depreciation Net block Capital work-in-progress Investments Net current assets Current assets, loans & advances 4,519.10 3,793.30 2,614.70 7,451.13 6,003.75 2,020.40 1,818.90 2,155.30 1,486.53 1,280.40 31.50 42.00 641.00 23.67 13.79 235.30 235.20 134.80 134.10 133.44 7.85 -

1,230.40 1,230.50 1,230.40 1.83 -

1,925.90 2,061.70 -657.10 7,221.71 5,648.07

3,423.10 3,569.40 1,349.10 7,381.31 5,803.15

1,406.70 1,285.90 1,404.40 1,062.04 930.45 613.70 268.30 532.10 533.00 373.00 726.60 750.90 389.50 93.00 424.49 458.63 493.80 349.95 290.05 201.15

Mar ' 11 Mar ' 10 Mar ' 09 Mar ' 08 Mar ' 07 Less : current liabilities & provisions Total net current assets Miscellaneous expenses not written Total Notes: Book value of unquoted investments Market value of quoted investments Contingent liabilities 532.10 726.60 93.00 493.80 201.15 267.20 2,510.10 1,856.50 2,499.00 1,446.74 1,041.75 2,009.00 1,936.80 115.70 6,004.39 4,962.00 -

3,423.10 3,569.40 1,349.10 7,381.31 5,803.15

1,365.80 1,581.00 2,350.73 623.28

Number of equity sharesoutstanding 11765.66 11761.86 6738.95 6704.79 6671.96 (Lacs)