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All of your fall favorites have arrived!

Candy and caramel apples, pie (spookie) pumpkins, colorful decorative gourds, carving size pumpkins, Indian corn and local apple cider are in stock.
Good Buy
Asparagus Red and yellow peppers Green and red leaf and boston lettuce Raspberries Anjou, comice, Bartlett and local Asian pears Parsley Bushel beans Local squash Apples Hard squash Pumpkins

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produce market report October 1, 2013

Good Buys:
Asparagus continues to be a good buy, with all sizes available due to much better volume now out of Peru. Curly and Italian parsley are doing much better, now that the cooler weather is here. Cilantro and leeks are in good shape, as well. Green and red leaf and boston lettuce have no problems now.

Red and yellow peppers are coming out of Oxnard now and the crop is plentiful, crispy and sweet. Raspberry quality is awesome and prices are down. These are probably your best buys in berries this week. We have anjou, comice, bartletts, local Asian pears and seckle pears in good stock.

Keep in Mind:

The first of the seasons The good cranbernews story ries for strawberhave ries continarrived ues as the but they market is not are still nearly so somewhat pricey. tight as it had been. They are down in price Valencia and much easier to get. Bad oranges are news on stem berries. None to steady with be had at any price right now. good pricing for the larger Cantaloupes sizes. We from the are still strugWestside are finished and the gling to get good prices on the smaller ones. transition to southern California and Arizona is causing the prices to jump. Honeydews are your better melon this week. Dont forget persimmons, pomegranates and quince from California. Red grapes are up in price as the season winds down and green are up a bit as well but the quality is outstanding. We also have lunch bunch, champagne, red globes and black seedless and concord grapes with notice. Avocados continue as last week just going higher and higher in price. California is finished and Mexico is experiencing a serious flooding situation. Iceberg lettuce is very exciting. We are also having problems with romaine. Blueberries are very active right now as we are at the tail end of the Michigan season and Peru has not come on line yet.

Local Corner
Cucumbers are abundant from local sources and a good buy. Better grab the last of the yellow watermelons now. This batch will likely be last until next year. Hess Farms in nearby Pennsylvania has three types of hard squashes: butternut, acorn and spaghetti. Yellow squash and zucchini are great buys! Local sources are waning so dont wait! We have local pumpkins, gourds, Indian corn-all the usual falltheme items. Bosc pears are here from Bear Mountain Orchards. Crown Orchards in Charlottesville, Va. Is sending reds and golds, and gala apples. Beets from NJ or Spring Valley Farms WVA are worth a look this week.

Keep in Mind
Strawberries Cranberries Valencia oranges Honeydew melons Pomegranates and persimmons Quince

The lemon situation continues to be absolutely drastic. In 35 years in business, we have never seen a more stressed lemon market. With heavy rains in Mexico and Southern California and Arizona late to market, it is really the perfect storm. Pro-rated conditions and high prices prevail. Broccoli and broccoli crowns are sizzling hot to quote our buyer. The market is very active, especially for crowns. Cauliflower is higher too, now. Green peppers are also scarce and higher. Sunburst, patty pan and snow peas are high.

Lemons Avocados Iceberg and romaine lettuce Snow peas and sugar snaps Green peppers Blueberries

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