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Duration: 2.00 hours Max Marks: 100

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This question paper contains 40 objective type questions. Q. 1 to 40 carry 2 marks each. Q. 41and 50 are common data based question, each carry two marks. In case of wrong answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. Using HP pencil, darken the appropriate double under each digit of your registration number and the letters corresponding to your paper code. Calculator is allowed in the examination hall. charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Additionally blank pages are given at the end of the question paper for work.


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1. 2. Selective H1-receptor antagonist belongs to which of the following category (a) Amino alkyl ether (b) Phenothiazine (c) Dibenzocycloheptane (d) Ethylenediamine Drug having long duration of action, selective H-1 antagonist property and lacks CNS depressant effect and used in allergic disorder is (a) Cetrizine (b) Terfenadine (c) Loratidine (d) Ebastine The viscosity of water (in centipoise) at room temperature is (a) 1.793 (b) 1.0 (c) 0.895 (d) 0.549 Boron oxide is usually incorporated to glass to (a) Make chemically resistant (b) Give clarity (c) Reduction of temperature required for (d) Increase the hardness melting On the treatment with acid aniline sulphate the cell wall become bright yellow. This indicate (a) Cellulosic wall (b) Lignified wall (c) Suberized wall (d) Cutinized wall The following drugs are arylacetic acid derivative EXCEPT (a) Diclofenac (b) Tolmatin (c) Sulindac (d) Naproxen The script in series of eicosonoids represent (a) Ring structure (b) No. of double bond (c) Sub class (d) No of conjugated double bond Multicellular head, multicellular bisereate stalk present in (a) Digitalis thapsi (b) Belladonna (c) Cannabis sativa (d) Sunflower The degree of chilling effect depends on the (a) Type of propellant (b) Amount of propellant (c) Medicament propellant intraction (d) Both a and b Select the drug exhibit mixed antihistaminic and local anaesthetic activity (a) Pyrilamine (b) Triptenamine (c) Promethazine (d) All Platelet aggregation facilited by (a) PGE1 (b) PGI2 (c) TXA2 (d) Aspirin The energy required to reduce the size of the particle is expressed by (a) Rittingers theory (b) Bonds theory (c) Kicks theory (d) All Tryptophane is formed from (a) Anthanillic acid (b) Phenyl pyruvic acid (c) Phenyl alanine (d) Prephenic acid All of the following aspirin intractions are true except (a) It inhibit tubular secretion of uric acid (b) It blunts diuretic action of furosemide (c) It reduces protein bound iodine levels (d) Reduce toxicity of phenytoin, naproxen The moisture of aerosol preparation is determined by (a) Infrared spectroscopy (b) Pycnometer 2

3. 4.

5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

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(c) 16. 17.

Karl fischer method


Tag open cup appratus


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28. 29.
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The stabilizer used in the PVC is/are (a) Tin compound (b) Calcium salt (c) Zinc salt (d) All Which of the following statement is incorrect about Histamine (a) Histamine metabolism is mediated by Diamine oxidase (b) Antigen-IgE complex mediate histamine synthesis (c) Deacetylase mediate histamine synthesis (d) Histamine is -imidazolylethylamine Which of the following statement is correct (a) Antithixotropy is exhibited by shear thickening material (b) Negative thixotropy and reopaxy are similar phenomenon (c) Yield value will be high in deflocculated suspension (d) None of the above Ecosonids produced by COX-2 lead to (a) Protection of gastic mucosa (b) Inflammatory response (c) Haemostasis (d) Maintenance of renal function The diuretic effect of PGE2 is due to (a) Increased water ,Na+ ,K+ excretion (b) Renal vasodilator effect (c) Antagonizes ADH action (d) All Which of the following is odd than other in respect to flow property a) Tragacanth jin water (b) Methyl cellulose in water (c) Suspension of starch in water (d) Sodium alginate in water The commonly used surface sterilizing agent for surface sterilization of explant is/are (a) Sodiumhypochloride (b) Bromine water (c) Silver nitrate (d) All Selective MOA-A inhibitor which increase 5-HT content (a) Tranylcypromine (b) Cyproheptadine (c) Ketanserine (d) Chlorgyline Renal clearance of cephalosporin and sulfonamides is blocked by (a) Allopurinol (b) Auranofin (c) Probencid (d) None Which of the following is a main drawback of phenolic when it is used as closure (a) Color limitation (b) Rigidity (c) Heat sensitive (d) Chemical sensitive The cold filling method for the filling of aerosol product require a temperature of (a) 0oF (b) -30oF o (c) 10 F (d) 32oF All of the following statements for acet-aminophen are true EXCEPT (a) It has anti inflammatory activity similar to or greater than salicylates (b) It may cause skin rash (c) Acute overdose is characterized by severe hepatotoxicity (d) It may be used in children with varicella or influenza type viral infections. To reduce the leaching action in glass we add (a) Boron (b) Sulfur (c) Silicate (d) Alkali The example of synthetic auxine is (a) Indole-3-acetonitrile (b) 4-chloroindole 3-acetic acid 3

(c) 30. 31. 32. 33. 34.

Phenyl acetic acid


Indole3-butyric acid


36. 37. 38. 39. 40.

41. 42.


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The members of 5HT1 receptor family act by (a) Activate adenylyl cyclase (b) Gating of cations (c) Inhibit adenylyl cyclase (d) Activate phospholipase Anti-inflammatory action of Indomethacine is mainly due to (a) PG synthesis inhibition (b) Oxidative phosphorylation (c) Suppression of neutrophil motility (d) All The advantages of aquasol system for pharmaceutical aerosol is/are (a) It dispense fine mist of active ingredient (b) It require very less amount of propellant (c) It is not produce chilling effect (b) All The major side effect of astemizole is (a) Sedative (b) Cardiac arrhythmias (c) Blurring of vision (d) Dryness of mouth Prolonged airway hyperactivity is characteristically caused by (a) PG E2 (b) Histamine (c) Bradykinin (d) PAF The following are pair of structure of epidermal cells and plant which have that structure then which is correct one (a) Wavy Pyrenthrum (b) Straight walled polygonal Hyoscymus (c) Papollose Senna (d) Thick Walled Beaded Digitalis Second generation antihistamine has good topical activity (a) Azelastine (b) Loratidine (c) Fexofenadine (d) Ebastine Antihistamine used to increase weight in underweight children (a) Cinnarizine (b) Cimetidine (c) Buclizine (d) Loratidine Select the drug that exhibit 5-HT3 receptor agonistic activity (a) Ondansetron (b) Genisetron (c) 2- methyl serotonin (d) Both a and c The No. of hydrogen atom in propellant 12 is (a) 0 (b) 1 (c) 2 (d) 3 Stomata can be present in (a) Leaf (b) Stem (c) Fruit (d) All DATA FOR 41-42 The material commonly used for the thermoformable blister is (a) SAN (styrene acrylonitrile) (b) Polyvinyldene chloride (c) PVC (polyvinyl chloride) (d) All For added moisture protection to the above polymer, we use (a) Saran (b) Surlyn (c) Cellulose acetate (d) Celophane LINKED QUESTION Autoreceptor inhibit serotonergic neural activity in brain. Which of the following is an autoreceotor (a) 5-HT1A (b) 5-HT2A (c) 5-HT3 (d) 5-HT4 Partial agonist of above receptor is 4

(a) (c) 45.

Sumatriptan Buspirone

(b) (d)

2-methyl 5-HT Renzapride


47. 48.

49. 50.

LINKED QUESTION Long acting potent NSAIDs with 99% protein binding capacity used in rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, episiotomy, dysmenorrhoea, ankylosing spondylitis is (a) Piroxicam (b) Kitorolac (c) Nabumatone (d) Mephenamic acid Main Adverse effect produced by the above drug is (a) Stevens Johnson syndrome (b) Bone marrow depression (c) Heart burn (d) Diarrhoea LINKED QUESTION Which of the following mill is not used for the size reduction of soft material (a) Cutter mill (b) Ball mill (c) Hammer mill (d) Roller mill The mechanism of action during size reduction of above mill is (a) Attrition (b) Cutting (c) Pressure (d) Attrition and impact DATA FOR 49-50 Corn, bulb, tuber and rhizome are the underground modification which have also great utility. The example of plant which have corn is (a) Cinchona (b) Saffron (c) Castor (d) Squill Corn is a modification of (a) Root (b) Stem (c) Leaf (d) Root cap

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