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Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry 443 Lafayette Road N. St. Paul, MN 55155-4307 1-800-DIAL-DLI

— Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry overview of resources and services —
Workers’ Compensation Division
Workers’ compensation covers work-related injuries. This division oversees and administers the workers’ compensation system in Minnesota. Workers' Compensation Hotline: 1-800-DIAL DLI or (651) 284-5005
Benefit Management and Resolution (BMR) — seeks early intervention of workers' compensation disputes through conference and mediation. It handles calls from the workers' compensation hotline and responds to questions from injured workers and their employers. BMR ensures prompt and full compliance with all benefit provisions of workers' compensation law is achieved in the workplace, including issuing penalties for late payments, providing educational outreach and auditing workers' compensation claims. Phone: (651) 284-5005 • Web: Claims Services and Investigations (CSI) — administers the workers’ compensation claims of injured employees who worked for employers that did not carry workers’ compensation insurance or that were bankrupt. CSI also administers the asbestosis program and the supplementary benefit and second-injury reimbursement programs. It enforces the requirement that all employers carry workers' compensation insurance. Phone: (651) 284-5045 • Web: Insurance verification online: Information Processing Center (IPC) — creates, maintains and manages the availability of more than 1.6 million workers’ compensation claim files and respective data. Since 1995, the files have been scanned and stored electronically. IPC ensures prompt and full compliance with all benefit provisions of workers' compensation law is achieved in the workplace by auditing workers' compensation claims. It also certifies qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs). Upon request, IPC mails the state's required workplace posters without charge. Phone: (651) 284-5040 • Web: Posters: (651) 284-5042 • Web: Vocational Rehabilitation — provides vocational rehabilitation services to help injured workers return to work. The staff consists of qualified rehabilitation consultants (QRCs), placement specialists and clerical assistants. Injured workers eligible for services include: those whose workers' compensation claims were denied; those whose rehabilitation services were suspended; those who qualify for services paid by insurance carriers or self-insured employers; and those who are awaiting a decision about eligibility for workers' compensation benefits. Phone: (651) 284-5038 • Web:

Safety Codes and Services Division
This division addresses workplace safety standards, construction health and safety codes, licensing of the construction industry. Phone: (651) 284-5005 or 1-800-342-5354
Construction Codes and Licensing — provides for regulation of construction-related health and safety codes and licensing laws in new and existing structures, and provides education and consultative services to the construction industry. It promulgates and administers the accessibility, boiler, building, building conservation, electrical, elevator, energy, high-pressure piping, manufactured structures, plumbing and residential codes. It licenses boats for hire, boiler operators, electricians, electrical and technology system contractors, elevator constructors, high-pressure piping pipefitters, manufactured home installers, plumbers, power limited technicians, residential building contractors, remodelers, roofers, and certifies building officials. Phone: (651) 284-5012 • Web: and MNOSHA Compliance — enforces the Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Act (MNOSHA) and standards that assure safe and healthful working conditions for Minnesota workers through on-site inspections, issuing citations for noncompliance, interpreting standards and helping employers understand how to comply with those standards. MNOSHA revises and/or adopts new or existing OSHA regulations and responds to employee complaints of workplace hazards and discrimination due to safety and health issues. Phone: (651) 284-5050 • Web: MNOSHA Workplace Safety Consultation — provides free safety and health consultation services and inspections to Minnesota private-sector employers, directed primarily toward small high-hazard industries and intended to help them understand and comply with MNOSHA standards. Programs it administers include Safety Grants, Labor-Management Safety Committee, Violence Prevention and LogSafe. Workplace Safety Consultation also conducts educational safety and health seminars. Phone: (651) 284-5060 • Web:

Apprenticeship and Labor Standards
Apprenticeship — regulates, supervises and promotes apprenticeship programs that have been approved and meet agreed upon state standard requirements. Apprenticeship provides technical assistance to employers developing apprenticeship programs. It also provides schools, guidance and veterans’ counselors, and other business and industry groups information regarding program requirements, selection criteria and general information about conducting quality apprenticeship programs. Phone: (651) 284- 5090 • Web: Labor Standards — protects workers through enforcement of state laws governing fair labor standards, child labor, prevailing wages and fee employment agencies. Labor Standards is responsible for compliance with labor/employment laws, minimum wage and overtime, child labor laws, prevailing wage, parental leave laws and employee rights regarding termination of employment and wages due. It provides outreach and education to employers, employees, industry associations and community-based organizations. Phone: (651) 284-5005 • Web:

General Support Division
Research and Statistics — produces and distributes statistics and reports about department activities, with a focus on workplace safety and workers’ compensation. The Bureau of Labor Statistics survey section conducts nationally standardized surveys of employers to estimate work-related injury and illness rates. Phone: (651) 284-5025 • Web: