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This question paper contains 40 objective type questions. Q. 1 to 40 carry 2 marks each. Q. 41and 50 are common data based question, each carry two marks. In case of wrong answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. Using HP pencil, darken the appropriate double under each digit of your registration number and the letters corresponding to your paper code. Calculator is allowed in the examination hall. charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Additionally blank pages are given at the end of the question paper for work.


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1. Metronidazole inhibhits the anaerobic bacteria and protozoa by (a) Affecting the structure of DNA (b) Destroying the cytochrome system molecule of organism (c) Inhibiting the protein synthesis (d) All Fllowing combination is suggested in the treatment of leprosy (a) Dapsone + Ampicillin + Clofazimine (b) Dapsone + Rifampin + Clofazimine $ (c) Dapsone + Erythromycin + Rifampin (d) Dapsone + Streptomycin + Rifampin When concave and especially deep concave punches are used in tabletting produces (a) Capping problem (b) Wiskering problem (c) Blistering problem (d) Bridging problem The stationary phase used in adsorption TLC is (a) Silica gel (b) ODS silica gel (c) Coated silica (d) Dextran The neurotoxic effect of isoniazid is treated by (a) Thiamine (b) Pentothinic acid (c) Pyridoxine (d) Ascorbic acid Which of the following is not a broad spectrum antibiotic (a) Amoxicillin (b) Tetracyclines (c) Chloramphenicol (d) Erythromycin The disadvantages of CAP is/are (a) It dissolve only above pH 6 (b) It delay the absorption of drug (c) It is hygroscopic in nature (d) All Which of the following is universal detector used in HPLC instruments is (a) MALDI detectors (b) FT-MS detector (c) ICP detectors (d) Refractive index detectors Which of the following is used as urinary tract antiseptic (a) Sulphadimidine (b) Sulphasomidine (c) Nalidixic acid (d) Benzylpenicillin Which polymer produce films for the delayed action (pH independent) preparation (a) Eudragit E (b) Eudragit R (c) Eudragit S (d) Eudragit RL Which one aminoglycoside antibiotic is not produced by the genus streptomyces (a) Tobramycin (b) Gentamycin (c) Kanamycin (d) Streptomycin Macrolide antibiotics events their action by (a) Inhibiting transcryption (b) Altering the genetic code (c) Terminating protein synthesis (d) Post translational modification Which of the following diluent have maximum number of sucrose (a) Sugartab (b) Dipac (c) Nutab (d) None Which type of granulator come in the category of fluidized bed granulator (a) Hobert granulator (b) Collette granulator 2

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(c) Aeromatic granulator (d) Chilsometer Chloroquine, an antimalarial drug belongs to the class of (a) 9 amino quinoline (b) 8 - aminoquinoline (c) 4 aminoquinoline (d) Acidine Solubility studies are generally conducted at fixed temperature, preferably at (a) Somewat higher the room temperature (b) Somewat lower the room temperature (c) Room temperature (d) None Benzathine penicillin is (a) An equimolar composition of amoxicillin + N, N dibenzyl ethylene diamine (b) A molecular complexation of benzyl penicillin + N, N dibenzyl ethylene diamine (c) A molecular complexation of cloxacillin and ethylene diamine (d) Equimolar proportion of amoxicillin and ethylene diamine Size exclusion chromatography come in the category of (a) Affinity chromatography (b) Permeation chromatography (c) Partition chromatography (d) Adsorption chromatography The essential structural unit for the anthelmintic activity of mebendazole is (a) Methyl carbamate (b) Benzimidazole (c) Benzoyl group (d) Imidazole The starting material for the synthesis of thotepa, alkylating agent is (a) Chloropropane and aziridine (b) Trichlorophosphine sulfide and dimethylamine (c) Trichlorophosphine sulfide and ethylene (d) Trichlorophosphine sulfide and aziridine diamine The viscosity for gelatin can range from a) 35to 40 millipoise (b) 35 to 40 centipoise (c) 35 to 40 poise (d) None The parameter that is proportional to the concentration of a compound in the GC is (a) Length of elution peak (b) Intensity of color (c) Area of elution peak (d) None The antibacterial drug Sulfamethoxazole is (a) Short acting drug (b) Short and intermediate drug (c) Long acting drug (d) Mixed acting drug Which sulpha drug has beneficial action in rheumatoid arthritis (a) Sulphasalazine (b) Sulphinpyrazone (c) Sulphadoxine (d) Sulphapyridazine Formalin treatment has been employed to modify the solubility of gelatin capsules. The formalin (a) Increase solubility (b) Decrease solubility (c) May increase or decrease (d) None The carrier gase used in the flame ionization detectors is (a) Nitrogen (b) Helium (c) Argon (d) Both a and b The IUPAC name of primaquine is (a) 8 [4-amino-1-methyl butyl amino] 6 methoxy quinoline (b) 8 [4-amino-1-ethyl butyl amino] 6 methoxy quinoline (c) 8 [2-amino-1-methyl butyl amino] 6 methoxy quinoline (d) 8 [2-amino-1-ethyl butyl amino] 6 methoxy quinoline The disintegration time for effervescent tablet is 3 min. (b) 5 min. 15 min. (d) 30 min. 3

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Cotrimoxazole is a combination of (a) Trimethoprim + sulphdoxine (b) Trimethoprim + sulphadimidine (c) Trimethoprim + sulphasomidine (d) Trimethoprim + sulphamethoxazole In van deemter equation, coefficient B is the coefficient of (a) Longitudinal diffusion (b) Eddy diffusion (c) Mass transfer (d) Multiple path The purpose of encapsulation of aspirin tablet is/are (a) Taste masking (b) Sustained release (c) Reduced gastric irritation (d) All Mycobacterium tuberculi develop resistance to rifampin due to (a) Production of enzyme which degrade (b) Change in permeability of cell membrane rifampin (c) Mutation (d) Change in target molecule Strongest adsorbents used in column chromatography is (a) Silica gel (b) Alumina (c) Charcoal (d) Starch The solubilizer is used for solubilization of hexachlorophene is (a) Polyoxyethylene sorbiton fatty acid esters (b) Polyoxyethylene monoalkyl ethers (c) Lanolin esters and ethers (d) Sucrose monoesters Select the drug primarily used in the treatment of leishmaniasis (a) Sodium antimony tartrate (b) Bismuth sodium tartrate (c) Sodium stibogluconate (d) All of the above The basic ring structure present in thiabendazole is (a) Quinoline (b) Pyrazole (c) Imidazole (d) Benzimidazole Binders and adhesives used in direct compression tablet is (a) Acacia (b) Starch (c) Glucose(50%soln in water) (d) Sorbitol Which of the following pharmaceutical preservative is acidic in nature (a) Phenol (b) Chlorobutanol (c) Benzyle alcohol (d) Thimerosal Which antineoplastic agent is metabolized by xanthine oxidase (a) 6 merceptopurine (b) Vincristine (c) Chlorambucil (d) 6 thioguanine When large volume of liquid are involved, the polishing of pharmaceutical parentral is done by (a) Settling and subsequent decantation (b) Centrifugation (c) Filtration (d) Any of the above method can be used DATA FOR 41-42 Avicel is brand name of (a) Directly compressible starch (b) Hydrolysed starch (c) Anhydrous lactose (d) Microcrystalline cellulose The use of above drug excipients is (a) Diluents and disintegrates (b) Diluents and binder (c) Diluents,lubricant and disintegrants (d) All LINKED QUESTION Chlorambucil IP is a cytotoxic agent Chlorambucil is derivative of (a) Amino phenyl butyric acid (b) Amino phenyl caproic acid 4

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(c) Amino phenyl glycine (d) Diamino diphenyl Chlorambucil is assayed as per IP by titrating a dilute acetone solution of the drug with (a) 0.1 M NaOH (b) 0.1 M HCL (c) 0.1 M perchloric acid (d) 0.1 M AgNO3 LINKED QUESTION Which of the derivatizing agent is used for the detection of aldehyde and ketones (a) Iodine vapour (b) 2, 4 dinitrophenylhydrazine (c) Ninhydrine (d) Mercuric nitrate The colour produced by the above is (a) Yellow red (b) Fluorescent (c) Purple (d) Brown DATA FOR 47-48 Imidazole is treated with o-bromo-2,4-dichloroacetophenone. The resulting product on reaction with NaBH4 gives an intermediate X. X is then treated with NaH followed by dichloro benzylbromide to get an antifungal drug. The intermediate compound X is (a) 1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1-imidazolyl)- (b) 1-(2,4-dichlorobutyl)-2-(1-imidazolyl)methanol ethanol (c) 1-(2,4-dichloroacetophenyl)-2-(2(d) 1-(2,4-dichlorophenyl)-2-(1-imidazolyl)imidazolyl)-ethanol ethanol The antifungal drug obtained is (a) Miconazole (b) Lanaconazole (c) Saperconazole (d) Butenafine DATA FOR 49-50 Capping is the partial or complete separation of the top or bottom crowns from tablet and lamination is the separation of a tablet into two or more distinct layers. The above defect occur due to (a) Air entrapment (c) Deep concave punches The remeady of the above defect is/are (a) Precompression (c) Reduce the final compression pressure (b) (d) (b) (d) Deformational formulation All properties of the

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Slowing the tableting rate All

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