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Welcome New International Students

September 2013

Helpful Information
Free Mobile Phone Sim Cards
There are free international sim cards available to collect from the Enquiry Centre, 2 Airlie Place, including a small credit for you to call home either in the standard size or micro sim. Visit for more information about costs.

A special welcome to our new international and EU students to Dundee, the City of Discovery. The University of Dundee has a wide range of support services across campus available to all students. For general advice and referrals, your first point of contact should be the Enquiry Centre, 2 Airlie Place (no. 41 on the campus map): The International Advice Service (IAS) provide support and advice specifically for international students and their families, on a wide range of issues, including visa and immigration, practical and social support, as well as links to home hospitality schemes. We understand that studying and living in a different country can be exciting and challenging and are fully aware of your primary concerns. This also applies to study abroad and exchange students who stay for a shorter period of time. The IAS is based in 2 Airlie Place (no. 41 on the campus map) and is open from Monday Friday from 9 am 5 pm. Visit our website at: To make an appointment for specialist advice, please complete the online meeting form at or call 01382 381381. We also have a high quality programme of events and entertainment for session 2013-14, which will be available here: We hope you will enjoy your time in Dundee and we look forward to meeting you at the International Welcome on Friday 6th September and the Taste of Scotland Welcome Party on Friday 20th September.

Settling In
When you first arrive in a new culture, differences are intriguing and you may feel excited, stimulated and curious. At this stage you are still protected by the close memory of your home culture. A little later, differences create an impact and you may feel confused, isolated or inadequate as cultural differences intrude and familiar supports are not immediately available. It might be helpful to realise that your experience is quite normal and you can read the following helpful guidance at:

Free tea and coffee for all freshers and their families Saturday 31st August and Sunday 1st September, 10am 5pm, Chaplaincy Centre (no. 31 on the campus map) Free soup and roll Wednesday 4th September, 12 2pm, Coffee Bar, Chaplaincy Centre (no. 31 on the campus map) This really is a free lunch! Come and sample how good Lindas homemade soup is. When its finished its finished! Again, it really is free! International student welcome and information event Friday 6th September 2.30pm 4.30pm, Chaplaincy Centre (no. 31 on the campus map) This event will be fun, interactive and informative. You will meet members of staff from the International Advice team, representatives from our international hospitality schemes and student volunteers to help you adapt to a new culture and environment. International Ceilidhbrought to you by DUCU Saturday 7th September at 8pm, Chaplaincy Centre (no. 31 on the campus map) A traditional gathering with Scottish music and dancing. All welcome. Peer Connections Look out for events offered by the Peer Connections who will welcome, buddy, mentor and help all students settle in, show you around, meet, mix and share information and experience with other students. Room 4.17 level 4, DUSA, (no. 43 on the campus map) Music Night Friends International Saturday 14th September (doors open) 7.30pm, St Peters Free Church Hall, St Peter Street (off Perth Road) Dundee DD1 4JJ. Relax with Dundee people: Scottish music, games and food. All free.

International food stores in Dundee

Student Services have listed some of the international food stores in Dundee:

Student Calculator
The International Student Calculator will help you manage your money for your studies in the UK. It enables students to budget throughout the year, before and after arrival in the UK. Case studies are available for guidance with regards to time and money whilst in the UK international.studentcalculator.

Taste of Scotland welcome party Taste of Scotland Welcome Party, Friday 20th September 7 pm 12 midnight, West Park Centre. Due to popular demand entry is strictly by pre-bought ticket only. Join us for this Scottish party and sample a taste of traditional Scotland including haggis, Burns poetry, entertainment, bagpipes and lots of Scottish country dancing to the excellent live Ceilidh band. Tickets cost 6 pay by debit/credit card online at: Welcome Night: International Caf Saturday 21st September, 8pm 10pm, St Peter's Church Hall (St Peter Street - off Perth Road, Dundee Make friends with Dundee people and other international students or find out more about Dundee. Programme of events: University of Dundee International Families Group weekly gettogether Would you like to meet with other international students spouses and their children? Why not join us on Wednesday mornings? This is a good opportunity to practice speaking English and to make friendships. Children come too and play together. We meet every Wednesday morning during the university term time from 10am to 1pm in the Chaplaincy Centre (no. 31 on the campus map). For more information please email: Dont miss A Welcome Party for International Students and Families, Wednesday 30th October. Further information available at the Wednesday meeting. Scottish History Tour and afternoon tea Saturday 12th October 10am 7pm This is a great opportunity to enjoy a tour of the surrounding countryside of Angus and learn about Scottish history along the way. Visit Arbroath Abbey for a guided tour, and have a tour of the very grand Glamis Castle. The day will conclude with afternoon tea with the hosts of Victoria League in Angus Arbroath Abbey: Glamis Castle: Bus departs Dundee at 10am, returning at 7pm. Tickets 16 all inclusive, buy online:

Prepare for success

An interactive learning resource for preparation to the UK to help you find out about different aspects of academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study:

Frequently asked questions from international students

The International Advice Service have prepared a range of factsheets which cover all kinds of frequently asked questions, from government legislation on visa extensions, to practical information such as opening a bank account and applying for a National Insurance number. These factsheets are available to collect from the Enquiry Centre, 2 Airlie Place or you can view them online by visiting this webpage:

Have you registered with a doctor yet?

All students are required to register with a local general practitioner (GP). This should be done as soon as possible after your arrival in Dundee. Local doctors surgeries will be on campus during welcome week. Further details are available from A practical guide to keeping healthy is available at:

Student Services
Here to support students who have personal, health, disability or work related problems but also seek to help all students learn the personal skills needed to build the lives and careers they want. Being at University is about seeking out and responding to opportunities in all spheres of life, not just academic work, and Student Services support that search whether things are going well or not so well.

Welcome to Dundee
Welcome to Dundee brochure in English, Japanese, Arabic, German, French, Polish, Korean and Russian: and also available are the 24 or 48 hours in Dundee Guides if you want to find out more about what this great city has to offer:

Telephone Scams
We have been made aware that there is a telephone scam targeting students. The caller informs the student that there is a problem with their original visa application and requests a payment to solve the issue. Please be aware that these telephone calls are not from members of the UK Visa & Immigration Service and you should not give any personal details over the phone.

Home Hospitality
Home Hospitality offers an opportunity to form links with a Scottish family. Several groups offer this service including VL Angus and Friends International. For further details see: support/homehospitality

A large print version of this newsletter is available on request by calling 01382 383838. This newsletter can also be provided in a variety of formats.