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Regionals Bidding Guide

First Things First: Why Should YOU Bother Bidding?

Well, thats easy: because your school has done something great! And why do we all invest so much being a part of the NEACURH family? To learn valuable leadership skills, meet new people, and network in order to make our home campuses positively the best they can be. Bidding plays a big part in that networking. By submitting a bid, you are showcasing what you have done at your school to the entire region, and saying, Hey! what weve got is AWESOME, and we want you to know about it!

Bid intents will be to due to on Oct 7 by 11:59 pm. 70 copies of the paper bid and an electronic copy will be due and postmarked by Oct 28 at 11:59 pm.

Bid Master: Sydney Eason email:

Bid intents shall state " I am ______________ from

_____________ school and we intend to bid for ____________ award. (Simple as that!)

Bidding is a great opportunity for any schoolreturning or newto get involved and showcase the great things they do! It provides bidders with a chance to share with the region what they are proud of on their campus; and allows non-bidders an opportunity to see what other schools are accomplishing and create new initiatives on their campus. At Regionals, bids will be presented for Program of the Year (POY), Student Award for Leadership Training (SALT), and to host the NEACURH Regionals 2013 Conference. I encourage each and every one of you to consider showcasing all your school does through assembling a bid. Even if you think well, we haven't done that much I suggest to give it a shot. Bidding is an opportunity to challenge yourself and your institution, and to learn from that challenge. Who knows, maybe youll be the next award winner! Take the time to look through this packet, as it will provide you and your bid team with everything youll need to know to embark on your journey to creating, presenting, and reading bids.

To view our bid archive where you can see bids that have been submitted the past couple of years. * Regional Winner and ** NACURH Winner Website: Mail Bids to.... Username: Roger Williams University Password: martymoose Sydney Eason 1 Old Ferry Road Bristol, RI 02809 Last, but not least,the Regional Board of Directors and I wish you luck as you prepare for the upcoming conference. We are SO excited to see the amazing initiatives occurring at each of your institutions. And remember, NEACURH offers many awards that do not require a bid, so check your Policy Book and see how you, your school, and your delegations can be recognized at Regionals 2013!

Bid Archive

NOT NECESSARILY BIDDING, NEACURH offers many opportunities to

recognize our students and schools that dont necessarily require bids. Here are some other awards opportunities at NEACURH 2013.

Most-Spirited Delegation Roll Call (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) Banner (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) Display (1st, 2nd, 3rd place) Focus Project Participation Top 10 Program Presenters Excellence in Programming First-Time Program Presenter Passive Programming Case Study Participation NEACURH Scholarship Shining Star Awards
Make it a PDF! The best way to make sure your bid looks exactly the same online as it did when you printed it out is to convert the file to a pdf. Many file conversion programs are available for free online. Sydney Eason, RCC of Bidding and Recognition, can assist you with this if youre not sure how.

WHAT IS ALL THIS.... a brief overview of the bids that will be heard at Regionals
Student Award for Leadership (SALT)
SALT recognizes a student leadership training program to benefit the residential community
on your campus. It was created in an effort to recognize the high level of student initiative in a leadership training program. Bids that show a continuing commitment to leadership training (as opposed to a one-time program or retreat) will be considered more favorably. Dates: Your event must have taken place from the close of Regionals 2012 to the open of Regionals 2013. This award can not be bid for at NACURH, but can be modified and made into a POY bid. Policy Book: On pages 28, 29 and 30.

Bid Requirements
A. All bids shall be typed in 10-12 point font, printed double-sided on white recyclable paper in black and white ink. Cover may be printed in color. (2010) B. All pages shall be double sided and follow the page restriction stipulated by each individual award. A page is defined as a side with print. C. All pages shall be numbered, including dividers, letters of support, and appendices. D. If a bid does not follow these requirements, it shall be heard for its content, and the voting members may consider this in their vote.

Program of the Year (POY)

POY recognizes the most outstanding studentimplemented program focused on the residential community on your campus. It was created in an effort to recognize the high quality of initiative and professionalism that exists on the student level. The program usually has an educational component, but is not limited to educational programs. Dates: Your program must have taken place from the close of Regionals 2012 to the open of Regionals 2013! Policy Book: On pages 30 and 31.

Regionals 2014
NEACURH Conference bids are heard up to a year before each fall conference. This includes planning for how you will host the conference at your school. If you are interested in hosting a conference, please contact one of the bid experts so that they can help make sure you have the resources you need!! Dates: Your school will be bidding to host NEACURH Regionals 2014 at your school. Policy Book: On pages 51-56.

helpful hints for bidding From the fiFIrst step to the last
here are some hints that will help make the bidding process seem a bit more maNgeable
Considering Bidding:
1. Do you have organizational/departmental/advisor support? 2. What do you want to bid for? 3. Why are you bidding? Just to bid? To recognize? To win an award? 4, Do you have the time to put together a quality bid that represents your school?

Researching the bid before writing:

1. Read archived bids. Website: Username: Password: martymoose 2. Order relevant RFI pages well in advance. 3. Check the NEACURH/NACURH Policy Book requirements. 4. Contact on-campus resources.

Preparing the bid:

1. Create a timeline. 2. Follow a timeline. Its extremely difficult to write a quality bid the night before its due. (DO NOT TRY TO DO IT THE NIGHT BEFORE!) 3. Ask for letters of recommendation far in advance and give sample letters to assist people who are writing letters. (Dont forget to check the policy book to see which letters

Working in bid teams:

1. Divide work between members of your bid team to ensure it is a group effort; delegate responsibility. 2. Set a timeline and follow it with your team. 3. Hold regular meetings (maybe once a week) to ensure timeline is being followed. 4. If there is a presentation involved, practice, practice, practice! 5. Talk with your team about the possibility of not winning

Writing the bid:

1. Follow NEACURH/NACURH policy (page limits, required criteria, letters of support, page numbers, double-sided, one black-and-white unbound copy, electronic copy). 2. Try to make it aesthetically pleasing. Make sure that the bid is crisp, clear, and easy to read. Possibly include graphics. But remember the most important part of a bid is the written content itself.

Reviewing the bid:

1. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes. 2. Have it reviewed by people familiar with NEACURH and by those not so familiar with NEACURH for clarity and understanding. 3. Prepare the oral presentation: 4. Write out the presentation. 5. Show enthusiasm. 6. Be specific but concise. The fewer words you use, the easier it is to remember. 7. Try to memorize the presentation, but bring note cards as a back-up. 8. Remember your audience and utilize various presentation techniques (PowerPoint, props, etc.). 9. Be as prepared as possible.

8 Last Minute Bidding Tips 1 Ask Questions? 2 Get information on your RBD 3 Read and follow the policy books 4 5 Be aware of all due dates 6 Proofread everything but mistakes are normal 7

Get support from your E-board and school Use your creativity

Have fun with it!

BIds Must be emailed and snail mailed

Remember, you must send the proper number of copies (70 for POY, SALT, and NEACURH 2014) to the NEACURH RCC for Bidding and Recognition, Sydney Eason.You should also include one electronic copy of your bid sent via email by 11:59pm on October 28 along with your paper bid materials to help the NEACURH RCC of Bidding and Recognition load bids online in a timely fashion. All of these items must be postmarked by October 28th, 2013! To review: -70 paper copies (POY, SALT, NEACURH 2013) -1 electronic copy via email To find out more information, visit our website at

Contact Sydney Eason NEACURH RCC of Bidding and Recognition 781.608.1657 Or write me an old fashion letter I love them! Sydney Eason RWU 1 Old Ferry Road, PB 5750 Bristol, RI 02809

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