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This question paper contains 60 objective type questions. Q. 1 to 50 carry 2 marks each. Q. 51and 60 are common data based question, each carry two marks. In case of wrong answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. Using HP pencil, darken the appropriate double under each digit of your registration number and the letters corresponding to your paper code. Calculator is allowed in the examination hall. charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Additionally blank pages are given at the end of the question paper for work.


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1. 2. 3. The clavine type alkalids are derivative of (a) Lysergic acid (b) 6,8-dimethylergoline a (c) Peptide alkaloids (d) All Indion 234 is an effective polycarboxylic cation exchanger is is used in a tablet as (a) Diluent (b) Binder (c) Disintegrant a (d) Lubricant . The proportion of flavour is limited because the excessive amount may interfere with free flowing or cohesion of granules. The limit of flavour is (a) 0.5% a (b) 1.0% (c) 2.0% (d) 5.0% Which sulphonamide is a prodrug (a) Sulfisoxazole (b) Sulfamethoxazole (c) Sulfasalazine a (d) sulfamethoxazole Which of the following is the first choice drug in case of chancroids (a) Cotrimoxazole (b) Erythromycin (c) Cefriaxone (d) All a Avoid concurrecnt use of streptomycin with (a) Minocycline, cisplatin (b) Furosemide, vancomycin (c) Anphotericine B, cephalothin (d) All a Which of the following alkaloids produced oxytocic effect (a) Ergotamine (b) Ergometrine a (c) Ergosine (d) LSD The relative humidity in the working room for preparing soluble tablet should be maintained(a) 15-25% (b) 25-35% (c) 35-45% a (d) 30-40% Which aminoglycoside antibiotic causes more hearing loss than vestibular disturbance as toxic effect (a) Streptomycin (b) Gentamycin (c) Kanamycin a (d) Sisomycin Choose the correct statement about methanamine (a) It acts by getting converted to mandelic (b) It release formaldehyde in acidic urine acid in the urinary tract which inturn kills bacteria a (c) It is highly effective in acute urinary (d) It is the preferred urinary antiseptic in tract infection patient with liver disease Camptothecin inhibits the replication of (a) DNA virus a (b) RNA virus (c) Retro virus (d) All virus Nitroglycerine and mannitol hexanitrate (buccal/sublingual tablet) for the treatment of angina pectoris should dissolve in(a) 15-30min (b) upto 30 min (c) 5 min (d) 2 min a For granulation of moisture sensitive drug which of the following binder is used as binder (a) HPMC (b) EC (c) PVP (d) All a Ac-Di-Sol is a trade name of (a) Hydrolysed starch (b) MCC (c) CMC a (d) Starch derivative 2

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Cinchona alkalid, which give blue fluorescence on treatment with conc. H2SO4, is (a) Quinine a (b) Cinchonine (c) Cinchonidine (d) Quinovin In large scale production of granule oven drying is performed for wet granules are (a) 15-30min (b) upto 2 hr (c) 4 hr (d) 12 hr or long a The hydrolytic products of cocaine are (a) Ecgonine + methyl alcohol + cinnamic acid (b) Ecgonine + methyl alcohol + benzoic acid a (c) Ecgonine + methyl alcohol + truxillic acid (d) Ecgonine + methyl alcohol + citric acid Which of the following statement is/are INCORRECT (a) Hyoscine is an ester of tropic acid scopine (b) Hyoscymine hydrobromide is used in motion sickness and ulcer (c) The ovary of stramonium is bilocular at the upper part and quadrangular on the lower portion (d) None a Plasticizing agents are included to impart flexibility to the film. They are used in which proportion to the total weight of the film(a) 1-20% (b) 1-30% (c) 1-40% (d) 1-50% a Which antimicrobial agent is synthetically made (a) Fluoroquinolones (b) Polypeptide antibiotics (c) Oxazolidinone a (d) Miscellaneous antibiotics Adultrant of datura straonium is/are a) Xanthium (b) Carthamus (c) Chenopodium (d) All a Cefpirome is cephalosporine and it is come in category of (a) Third generation - oral (b) Third generation parentral (c) Fourth generation- oral (d) Fourth generation parentral a According to I.P. dissolution test should be performed on(a) 5 tablet a (b) 6 tablet (c) 12 tablets (d) 20 tablets A drug gives cherry red colour with the treatment of mercuric nitrate. The drug is (a) Tubocurarine a (b) Quinine (c) Emetine (d) Vincristine In film coating of tablet pan speed of 10 of 15 rpm are commonly used in the large pan coaters for (a) Aqueous film coating (b) Nonaqueous film coating a (c) Abrasive film coating (d) sticky film coating -4 dimethyl amino -1,4,4a,5,5a,6,11,12a, octahydro 3,5,10,12,12a penta hydroxyl -6-methyl 1,11m, dioxo-2-napthacene carboxide is IUPAC name of (a) Oxytetracycline (b) Doxycycline a (c) Minocycliine (d) Demeclocycline On changing the distance between two punches (a) Hardness varies a (b). No effect on hardness (c) Thickness varies (d) All A transverse section of seed shows a large central cavity and two, very hard, cancavo canvex cotyledons. This character shows the seed is (a) Physostigma seed a (b) Nuxvomica seed 3

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(c) Vinca seed (d). None In tablet defects sweating occurs due to (a) Low drying temperatute (b) High drying temperatute a (c) Poor granulation (d) Presence of low melting point substances Clarithromycin is differ from erythromycin in which of the following aspect (a) Reduce GIT side effect (b) Good oral bioavailability (c) Good acid stability (d) All a Hyoscuamus should nor lwss than percent of alkaloids of hyoscymus, calculated as hyoscyamine. (a) 0.02 (b) 0.05 a (c) 0.2 (d) 0.5 Mechanism of action of aminoglycoside is/are (a) Distort the m-RNA translation of genetic (b) Form proper amino acid polymerization code (c) Cause misreading mutation of genetic (d) All a code In sugar coating during usually 3-4 subcoat are applied. The time gap between two coats are maintained(a) 10-15 min (b) 15-20 min a (c) 15-30 min (d) 10-30 min The antiviral drug amantadine act on which phase of virus cycle (a) Phase 1- attachment and penetration (b) Phase III-synthesis of viral component (c) Phase IV- assembly of viral protein a (d) Phase V- release of the virus In vitro dissolution rate studies on drug product are useful in bioavailability evaluation if they are correlated with a) Disintegration test (b) In vivo studies in atleast three species of animals (c) The chemical stability of the drug (d) In-vivo studies in human a The rouwolfia tetraphyla (allied sps. of R. serpentina) could be recognized by its (a) 5 discontineous bands of sclerenchyma (b) Very large vessels (b) All the cork cell are lignified (d) Nonstratified cork and sclereid groups in the phloem a Which one is not the example of tablet used in the oral cavity(a) Buccal tablet (b) Troches and lozenges (c) Effervescent tablet a (d) Dental cone Quinine is used as a following purpose EXCEPT (a) Treatment of cerebral maleria (b) Diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (c) In vaginal creams (d) Treatment of black water fever a Die table in punching machine is used for (a) Holding the die a (b) A set of different size of die (c) To avoid keying (d) All of these All the following are the advance verstion of tablet EXCEPT (a) Thomas tablet sentinels (b) Pharma controll (c) Mezzanies system a (d) Kilian control system Which statement is correct about antitubercular drug combination (a) INH + vit B6 combination are available (b) fixed dose combination of antitubercular in market drugs with vitamins are banned in India (c) WHO do not recommended a twice (d) All a weekly dosage schedule Which salt of chloroquine is used as parentral (a) Phosphate (b) Hydrochloride a 4

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(c) Oxalate (d) Citrate The quinolones causes neurotoxicity due to the which of the following reasons (a) Presence of 5- amino group (b) Antagonism of GABA a (c) Presence of F atom (d) Presence of piperizine moity Slotted punches are required for(a) Flat tablet (b) Shaped tablet a (c) Suppositories preparation (d) For engraving or embossing Commonly used vehicle in dental cone is(a) Sodium bi carbonate (b) Sodium chloride (c) Amino acid (d) All a The starting product in synthesis of phenoxy methyl penicilline is (a) D- penicillamine a (b) Penicillaldehyde (c) Penilloic acid (d) t-butyl-phthalimidomalon anhydride In preparation of multilayer tablets one of the substances listed is used for hydrophilic matrix coating (a) C.M.C. a (b) Shellac (c) Stearyl alcohol (d) Bees wax The SAR of fluroquinols reveals that (a) F atom provide increased potency against (b) Piparizine moiety improves potency gm (-) organism against pseudomonal infection a (c) Piparizine moiety decrease potency (d) Piparizine moiety improves potency against pseudomonal infection against gm (+) organism Tablet strength is given in terms of(a) Hardness (b) Friabability (c) Disintegration (d) a and b both a Which of the following statements is/are correct (a) Morphine is stronger base than (b) Papaverine is less toxic than thebaine papaverine (c) Codeine is precipited by sodium NaOH (d) All a DATA FOR 51 52 Which sulphanamide is extensively used in UTI infection (a) Sulfisoxazole a (b) Sulfasalazine (c) Sulfamethoxazole (d) Sulfadiazine The nucleus of the above drug is (a) Purine (b) Pyrimidine (c) Pyridine (d) Isoxazole a DATA FOR 53 54 The macroscopic characters of a drug shows leaves are simple, petiolate, ovate,reticulate. Flowers are hermophrodite and fruits are follicle with several black seed. The drug is (a) Curare (b) Ipecac (c) Vinca a (d) Camptotheca The above drug is used as (a) Hypotensive (b Antidiabetic ) (c) Antineoplastic (d All a )

55. As per I.P. 1996, the dissolution test of enteric coated tablet, the tablet first disoolved in (a) Water a (b) Gastric fluid (c) Intestinal fluid (d) All 5

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The tabet dissolved in above solvent for (a) 5 min. a (b) 30 min.


120 min.

(d) 3 hrs

57. 58. Rifampin is an important first line antituburcular drug Rifampin is isolated from (a) Streptomycin rifampicin (b) Streptomycin mediterranei a (c) Streptomycin orchidaceous (d) Streptomycin rythreus Rifampin acts by (a) Inhibit DNA dependent RNA synthsis a (b) Inhibit RNA dependent DNA synthsis (c) Inhibit synthesis of mycolic acid (d) Not understand fully DATA FOR 59-60 Chief constituents of nuxvomica are strychnine and brucine. While vomicine, pseudostrychnine, and strychnicine is also present. Which chemical constituents of strychnine is abundant in the inner part of endosperm of seed. (a) Strychnine a (b) Brucine (c) Vomicine (d) Strychnicine The presence of above chemical constituents is shown by mounting a section in a solution of (a) Nitric acid crimson color is observed (b) Ammonium vanadate in sulphuric acid violet color is produced a (c) Ammonium vanadate in sulphuric acid (d) Nitric acid purple color is observed yellow color is produced

59. 60.

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