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This question paper contains 50 objective type questions. Q. 1 to 40 carry 2 marks each. Q. 41and 50 are common data based question, each carry two marks. In case of wrong answer 0.5 marks will be deducted. Using HP pencil, darken the appropriate double under each digit of your registration number and the letters corresponding to your paper code. Calculator is allowed in the examination hall. charts, graph sheets or tables are NOT allowed in the examination hall Rough work can be done on the question paper itself. Additionally blank pages are given at the end of the question paper for work.

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Glyoxaline nucleus are present in (a) Castanospermine (b) Pilocarpine a (c) Vincomine (d) Ricinine The clay, magnesium aluminium silicate has been used in oil-in-water emulsion as (a) Stabilizer (b) Thickener (c) Suspending agent (d) All a Which one of the following drug have highly sedative but low anticholinergic action (a) Diphenhydramine (b) Hydroxyzine a (c) Pheneramine (d) Chlorpheneramine As per I.P. 1996 disintegration test for pessaries and suppositories is performed at (a) 36.5 0.5 0C a (b) 37 0.5 0C 0 (c) 37 2 C (d) 36 2 0C Initially the drug ricinine biosynthesis from (a) Glycerol + malic acid + nitrogen (b) Glyceraldehydes + succinic acid + nitrogen (c) Glycerol + succinic acid + nitrogen a (d) Glyceraldehydes + succinic acid + sulphur The emulsifier used in water-removable creams is (a) Stearic acid a (b) Cetyl alcohol (c) Stearyl alcohol (d) Cetyl trimethyl ammonium chloride Terfenadine produces which type of toxicity (a) Hepatotoxicity (b) Nephrotoxicity (c) Cardiotoxicity a (d) Blackning of tounge Which one of the drug belonging to the category of vasodilator which improve blood flow to labyrinth (a) Minoxidil (b) Hydralazine (c) Naftidrofuryl a (d) All of these Carbowax is semisolid base which is a type of (a) Hydrophilic organo gel a (b) Organic hydro gel (c) Soap base grease (d) Absorption base Winnowing are stated that (a) The nib or kernels are separated from the (b) The cotyledons from the greater part of husk a the kernel and are planoconvex and irregularly fold (c) Roasting facilitates removal of the testa (d) Kernel break in to angular fragments 5-HT3 agonistic drug are (a) Ondansetron (b) 2- methyl serotonin a (c) Genisetron (d) Both a and c A wax consist of a mixture of saturated hydrocarbon (C35-C55) with a melting point 650C to 750C. the wax is (a) Paraffin wax (b) Ozokerite wax a (c) Ceresin wax (d) Petrolatum Which one of the following drug used in postgastrectomy dumping syndrome (a) Ketanserin (b) Cyproheptadine (c) Methysergide a (d) m-chlorphenyl piperazine Jesaconitine hydrolyzes into (a) Hypoconine + acetic acid + benzoic acid (b) Aconine + acetic acid + benzoic acid (c) Hypoconine + acetic acid + paramethoxy (d) Aconine + acetic acid + paramethoxy 2

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benzoic acid benzoic acid a By addition of water to hydrophilic petrolatum, which of the following changes occur (a) Viscosity is increased and thixotrophy (b) Viscosity is decreased and thixotrophy decreased increased (c) Viscosity and thixotrophy both increased (d) Viscosity and thixotrophy both decreased a Which of the aspirin intraction is INCORRECT (a) It inhibit tubular secretion of uric acid (b) It blunts diuretic action of furosemide (c) It reduces protein bound iodine levels (d) None a Which of the following statement is correct about paste (a) Paste are basically ointment into which a high percentange of insoluble solids has been added (b) Paste are usually prepared by incorporating a solid directly into a congealing system (c) Paste are prepared by process of levigation and form a paste like mass (d) All a Which of the following statement is correct (a) The eccrine glands are particularly concentrated in the axillae and around nipple (b) The apocrine glands are particularly concentrated in the palms and soles (c) The eccrine glands are coiled tubular glands about ten times larger than apocrine glands (d) None of the above a Prolonged airway hyperactivity is characteristically caused by (a) Histamine (b) PG E2 (c) PAF a (d) Bradykinin Arrow poison is vernacular name of (a) Wolfsbane root a (b) Pasta guarana root (c) Symphytum (d) None Two acyl steryl glucoside have been isolated from roots of withania somnifera. This glucoside are a) Sitoindoside III and Sitoindoside IV (b) Sitoindoside VII and Sitoindoside VIII a (c) Anaferine and anahydrine (d) Pelletierine and isopelletierine The use of alprostadil (PGE1 agonist) is (a) In induction of labour (b) To maintain patency of ductus arteriosus a (c) For midterm abortion (d) To avoid platelet damage A drug bears imparipinnate compound leaves with about seven leaflet and that are attached to winged rectis which is almost glabrous. The drug is (a) Pilocarpus microphyllus a (b) Pernambuco jaborandi (c) Paraguay jaborandi (d) Ceara jaborandi Carbomer 940 is a type of semisolid which is (a) Creams (b) Paste (c) Jellies (d) Gels a Which of the following drug is 99% plasma protein bound (a) Nimesulide (b) Diclofenac (c) Piroxicam (d) All a kutajarishta is a traditionally used preparation of (a) Leaves of vasaka (b) Punarnava herbs (c) Root of ashwagandha (d) Kurchi bark a In amoebic dysentery which drugs are used (a) Cevadilla seeds (b). Veratrumus root (c) Holarrhena bark a (d) Schoenocaulon bark 3

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Absorption bases are generally anhydrous but capable of absorbing several times their own weight of water and ultimately form (a) O/W emulsion (b) W/O emulsion a (c) Hydrophilic bases (d). Hydrophobic bases Effector pathway on H3 receptor is (a) Restricting Ca2+ influx (b) K+ channel activation (c) Decrease cAMP (d) All a Which chemical reagent is not used in murexide colour reaction (a) Hydrochloric acid (b) Alkali (c) Liquid ammonia a (d) Salt of chloric acid Organic gel are (a) One phase system a (b) Two phase system (c) Three phase system (d) None The smooth muscle stimulating action of 5-HT is most marked in the (a) Bronchi (b) Intestines a (c) Ureter (d) Biliary tract Choose the correct statement about sibutramine (a) It is an anorectic drug used to assist (b) It is an atypical antidepressant weight reduction a (c) It is a 5-HT1D receptor antagonist (d) Both a and c Witepsol are trade name of suppositories base which is a (a) Oleaginous bases (b) Aqueous bases (c) Emulsifying bases a (d) Hydrophilic bases The T. S. of drug shows epidermis has caryophyllaceous stomata with sinous epidermal cells. It has dorsiventral leaf with bicolateral vascular bundles are seen in midrib. The drug is (a) Hog weed (b) Bachnag (c) Malabar nut a (d) Winter cherry Which receptor stimulates osteogenesis but inhibit cell proliferation (a) PG I2 (b) PG F2 (b) PGI2 a (d) None Alcoholic extract of drug possesses anti-viral activity against ranikhet disease virus. The drug is (a) Shankhpushpi (b) Punarnava (c) Ashwagandha (d) Both a and c a If NSAID is given with corticosteroids then which of the following risk is increased (a) Risk of nephrotoxicity (b) Risk of hepatotoxicity (c) Risk of g.i. bleading a (d) Risk of metabolism of later Rizatriptane agonize 5-HT1 receptor which exhibit high affinity for (a) 5- carboxamido triptamine a (b) Adenyl cyclase (c) 5- methyl amino triptamine (d) 5- carboxy methyl amino triptamine Aspirin should not be used in children without medical advice due to risk of (a) Reyes syndrome a (b) Hepatotoxicity (c) Dependence (d) Diarrhoea

41. Iodine value is defined as (a) No. of gm of I2 that react with 1000 g of (b) No. of mg of I2 that react with 1000 g of fat fat (c) No. of gm of I2 that react with 100 g of fat (d) No. of mg of I2 that react with 100 g of a fat Iodine value is determined by (a) Wijs method (b) Pyridine bromide method (c) Hanus method (d) All of the above a DATA FOR QUESTION 43-44 Andrographis paniculata is a glycoside obtained from leaves and tender shoot 4


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One of the following is its active bitter principles (a) Bicyclic diterpenoids lactone a (b) Phytin (c) Quassin (d) C 9 monoterpene glycoside Above drugs acts as hepeto protective mainly due to the presence of (a) Andrographolide (b) kalmeghin (c) bruceantin (d) phytin a DATA FOR QUESTION 45-46 Hydroxyzine have antihistaminic with sedative, antiemetic, antimuscanic spasmolytic property The above drugs used in (a) Pruritis (b) Urticaria (c) Both a (d) None The drugs used in above condition is due to its (a) Antihistaminic property (b) Sedative property (c) Both a (d) None DATA FOR QUESTION 47-48 Release of 5-HT from platelets may trigger acute vasospastic episode of larger arteries This statement concerned with (a) Haemostasis (b) Ranoulds syndrome (c) Raynauds phenomena a (d) Variant angina Prophylactic value of above statement is (a) Methysergide (b) Sumatriptane (c) Ketanserin a (d) Gispirone DATA FOR QUESTION 49-50 2-aminopyridine combine with compound X in the presence of NaNH 2 to form compound Y which is intermediate, this compound react with p-methoxy benzyl chloride and NaNH2 sodalime to form compound Z. where Yis 2-[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl]amino pyridine. The compound X is (a) 2-diethylamino ethyl chloride (b) 2-dimethylamino methyl chloride (c) 2-dimethylamino ethyl chloride a (d) 2-diethylamino methyl chloride The compound Z is (a) Mepyramine a (b) Tripelllennamine (c) Thorizylamine (d) Zolamine

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