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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Special Bridal Supplement to the

Special Bridal Supplement to the
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Jennifer Edwards
Staff Writer
Jessica Johnson, who grew up in Big
Lake and was a high school gymnastics
champion, got married last summer.
She met her husband, Charlie Neisen, in
March, 2010 while working at Menards to
help pay her way through school.
He was very shy, recalls Jessica, who
is known around town for her work with
Jessicas Beds and the Monster Mash
Museum her parents open in their Hill
Street home every Halloween. Admission
to the scary haunted house is a donation to
the Big Lake Food Shelf.
We both worked in the front end. He
would never look at me when he was talk-
ing to me. Finally one day I told him to
look at me when he was speaking. He
looked up and blushed like crazy.
It was Charlies initial shyness which
prompted Jessica to start dating Charlie.
They went out sometimes and spent time
In May, 2011, Jessica graduated from
Hamline University. Charlie was at her
graduation party.
I had a cake shaped like a book,
Jessica recalled. On one side it said
Congratulations on graduating. On the
other it said. Will you marry me? He had
set a ring on top of a frosted rose.
The cake had been prepared with a little
help from Charlies mother. Charlie asked
Jessicas dad for her hand, but not until the
day of the proposal.
He couldnt keep it a secret, said
Jessica. By the time the cake was brought
out, everybody except me knew Charlie
was going to propose.
He did it in front of my whole family,
Jessica said. My parents are not good at
keeping secrets. He was crying. My par-
ents love Charlie.
Meeting The Parents
By then, Charlie had been on a camping
trip with the family. He also fell in love
with the Monster Museum.
I told him my family went a little crazy
for Halloween, Jessica said. He said
Define crazy.
He was amazed at how much work they
do to put it on. We had only been dating for
the summer but he came back to help and
he has helped now for the past three years.
He dresses up in different costumes and we
both take the week off work to be here for
it, Jessica said. We bring people with us
from St. Paul.
With college behind her, Jessica went to
work at Medtox, doing drug testing. She
also took on a gymnastics coaching job at
Centennial High School with Charlie as
her spotter.
The date for the big day was set-Aug.
18, 2012. Jessica and her mother, Jeanette,
began their preparations.
With Charlies family being from St.
Paul, the couple chose the Riverwood Golf
Course in Otsego as an easily accessible
location for both parties.
Jessica found a beautiful gown for the
right price and picked teal as the color of
her bridesmaids dresses. Andria (Harren)
Belisle, Jessicas best friend since child-
hood, was her Maid of Honor.
I was in her wedding and she was in
mine, Jessica said.
Big Lake Floral
Jessica ordered her wedding flowers
from Tricia Moos at Big Lake Floral and
They did an amazing job, Jessica said.
I told her with teal as my color, I really
wanted the flowers to pop. Using Gerber
daisies of orange, yellow and pink, mixed
with some black feathers, the bridesmaids
bouquets did indeed pop.
My bouquet also had some white roses
and green puffy flowers. They showed up
really well, Jessica said.
Jessica and Andrias long time gymnas-
tics coach, Joan (Zim) Rosengren and her
husband, Dennis, made a beautiful arbor
for Jessicas wedding.
I asked her if she knew where I could
buy one, said Jessica. She said why buy
one when we can make one? It was beauti-
ful. It was fun to see how much she is still
a part of my life.
Jessica & Charlie Continued On Page 4
Jessica & Charlie Building A Future
A major home improvement
Charlie, Jessica and their wedding party.
Flower girls with the bride. (All photos by Missy Prall.)
Jeanette took care of all the decorat-
ing, using vines from her own garden
and placing wedding dress and tuxedo
cutouts with Jessica and Charlies faces
pictured on them for guests to write their
own marriage advice for the happy cou-
Jessicas aunt, Harlequin romance
author Lauri Robinson, made a special
speech at the wedding.
It was about John Lennon, Jessica
said. It was wonderful.
Lauris granddaughters, Isabelle and
Haley, were the flower girls and a friend
of their parents, Dallas and Elizabeth,
was the DJ for the party after the cere-
mony. The minister for the ceremony,
Robin Allen, was also a friend of
Jessicas Aunt Lauri.
The happy couple went on a honey-
moon to Duluth but they have plans to
visit Myrtle Beach in the near future.
They live in a New Brighton apartment
but hope to buy a house soon.
The happy couple may not live in Big
Lake now but Jessica says she has many
happy memories of growing up here and
they visit often. They will be back again least in time for Halloween
Flowers to
Formal Wear...
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Jessica & Charlie Continued From Page 3__________________________________________
Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 5
L e t u s i m p r e s s

Bakery Deli


Floral Wedding Package
All Red Or White Roses
g Unfor

L e t u s i m p r e s s

cake is the
A wedding
in making
e specialize W
Deli Bakery

e specialize
Bridal Bouquet
All Red Or White Roses
Floral W

d Or White Roses

for you.
wedding cake
a personalized
eate artists cr
Let our cake
eception. any r
centerpiece of
cake is the
eative and cr
with elegant
ue come tr
eams dr
in making
711 Rose Drive, Big Lake, MN 55309

with elegant
in making
2 Mothers
Rose Corsages 2
oomsmen, 2 Ushers & 2 Fathers oom, 3 Gr 1 Gr
Rose Boutonnieres 8
eens and sheer ribbon 6 Roses with gr
Bridesmaid Bouquets 3
eens and sheer ribbon 12 Roses with gr
Bridal Bouquet www U 711 Rose Drive, Big Lake, MN 55309

x x x U
r r
ers & 2 Fathers
Submitted Article
The man of your dreams, a stunning
dress and the most darling shoes to go with
it, you have everything you need to ensure
your wedding is perfect in every way. But
at the end of your big day, will you be left
with something less welcome than beauti-
ful memories? Will you be sporting sore or
possibly even injured feet?
You may think that aching feet at the end
of the wedding day is just something you
have to put up with, but while dancing the
night away at the reception can tire your
feet, and you shouldnt end your big day
with sore feet. The right shoe choice
can help protect them from foot
Most women consider
comfort over style or price
when selecting a shoe.
Yet, you may be tempted
to put looks over com-
fort, thinking you will
wear your wedding shoes
so briefly that a little dis-
comfort wont make a dif-
ference. Wearing shoes that
irritate your feet can cause
long- term injury, however, and
can make existing problems, like bunions
or hammer toes, worse.
When youre picking out wedding shoes,
keeping these tips in mind:
Lower heels are better. You may love how
your legs look in those five inch stilettos,
but very high heels can put a lot of pressure
on your feet, and can even cause misalign-
ment of the spine. If you know youll be on
your feet for hours (and what bride isnt?),
consider choosing a lower heel of no more
than two inches.
Cant go without your very high heels?
Consider keeping a second, lower-heeled
sho on hand to slip on during down times.
Wear your hot high heels for the ceremony
and photos, and switch to the more com-
fortable, practical (but still pretty) lower
heels for the reception.
Shoes with wide, rounded toes tend to be
more comfortable. Pointed or tight shoes
pinch the toes into unnatural positions, and
can cause or contribute to a number of foot
problems. A good rule of thumb, if you
cant wiggle your toes in your shoes,
theyre too tight.
Opt for materials that have some give.
White patent leather pumps may look
great, but those satin shoes may actually be
better for your feet if they have a bit of
stretch. Never wear plastic or vinyl shoes,
which dont allow feet to breathe.
Whatever shoe material you choose, the
shoe itself should have a flexible sole that
allows your toes to bend naturally when
you walk and have a rigid, cushioned heel
counter to keep your foot from slip-
ping around inside the shoe.
Consider purchasing the
heels, arches and balls of
your feet.
Dont buy a gorgeous,
but uncomfortable, pair
of shoes thinking youll
break them in. Any
shoe you buy should be
comfortable immediately,
and its unlikely want to
wear them before the wed-
ding day and risk getting them
scuffed or dirty. If it rubs or
chafes in the store, time and wear will
not improve how the shoe feels.
Everyones foot expands throughout the
day, so go shoe shopping in the afternoon
when your feet are at their largest. Even if
you plan a sunrise wedding, choosing your
wedding shoe based on your end-of- day
size will help ensure you get the best fit.
Flip-flops are a hot trend for brides, espe-
cially if youre marrying during warm
months. Flip-flops can be very comfort-
able; just be sure to choose the right style.
Flip-flops with soles that bend freely and
twist easily offer no support, cushioning
the foot and providing stability. The thong
part of the shoe should be made of high-
quality, soft leather to help avoid blisters.
Sore feet should be the last thing on your
mind on the biggest day of your life. Some
wise choices in footwear can help you
ensure your feet feel as great as they look
on your wedding day.
Steppin down
the aisle...
Here Comes The Bride... Hide!
Memories in black & white
Jennifer Edwards
Staff Writer
I remember the first wedding I ever
attended was the wedding of my Uncle
Bert and Auntie Pat.
Uncle Bert was my mothers younger
brother. One day he and Auntie Pat came
home and said they were engaged. I was
too little, really to understand what being
engaged meant, but it was clearly cause for
Auntie Pat was always a favorite and she
was well-liked by my Irish grandfather and
my nan, Robert and Ada Good. They had
three children, my Uncle Vic, the oldest,
then my mother, Norma, then Uncle Bert,
(actually Herbert), who was known to the
family as Nobby.
I dont remember much about the wed-
ding preparations. I was very small, not
much more than three or four years old at
the time.
Not only was it the first wedding I had
ever attended, it was the first time I had
ever been in a church that I can recall.
I dont remember the name of the
church, but it was very dark inside, only lit
up at the altar. I sat next to my mother on
the end of one of the pews. I could see
Uncle Bert up at the front of the church
with Uncle Vic, his best man, while my
dad was busy, ushering wedding guests.
Finally, the music changed and a strange
apparition appeared, gliding down the aisle
towards the altar. The apparition was
dressed all in white and seemed to have no
face and no feet.
Whats that? I asked my mother, more
than a little taken aback.
Thats Auntie Pat, my mother whis-
pered, shushing me as the ceremony got
I recall nothing of the ceremony. I was
transfixed by the scary apparition in white.
I knew Auntie Pat quite well and nothing I
saw seemed to resemble her in the least.
At last the ceremony was over. My dad
fulfilled his duties, ushering the guests out-
side again where they began to line up for
photos. I hung back shyly, still not quite
believing the creature still dressed in white
was my dear auntie.
Finally my mother encouraged me to go
and wish the happy couple well. Uncle
Bert looked so handsome and dashing in
his morning suit but Auntie Pat was still
swallowed up in the white dress and the
She was surprised to see you, said my
mother, pushing me firmly forward. And
just a little scared.
Looking up at her, I saw Auntie Pats
beautiful face, wreathed in smiles as Uncle
Bert tipped back his head and laughed.
Auntie Pat bent down and gave me a
kiss. I was still a little hesitant. I had never
seen anyone dressed as a bride before and
the veil totally threw me off. I reached up
and hugged her.
It was really Auntie Pat and she and
Uncle Bert were very happily married for
many years, had two children named Ian
and Susan and soon moved to a town
named Thetford in Norfolkshire.
I came across their wedding pictures on
my last trip back to England. They are all
in black and white and sure enough, one
recorded that moment with my aunt and
uncle after the wedding.
Uncle Bert is smiling as Auntie Pat bent
down to reassure me. They are both long
gone now but this is a memory I will
always cherish.
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HERBERT AND PATRICIA GOOD, my aunt and uncle, on their wed-
ding day in 1957. I was four and scared to death the first time I ever saw a bride.
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Memorable as the Wedding
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Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 7
When to start
planning your wedding
Submitted Article
So you just got engaged. You've called
your family and friends, made the
announcement on Facebook and generally
basked in the glow for a while. But the real-
ity of planning the event is starting to sink
in. The list of decisions can seem endless.
We're here to help. With the aid of a few
planning professionals, we've mapped out a
timeline to keep you on target and com-
pletely prepared for the big day.
Wedding engagement season is in full
swing with flurry of holiday marriage pro-
Your turn: Share a photo and the story of
your engagement
The crossword puzzle proposal: Where
are they now?
Immediately after the engagement
Some couples may prefer a long engage-
ment, others will want to get married right
away. But no matter the length of the
engagement, wedding planners say the first
steps are pretty much the same.
Determine the approximate budget:
Setting a budget from the start will help
narrow your choices and spare you the dis-
appointment of falling in love with a venue
or dress that is too expensive.
Estimate the number of guests.
This is going to make a difference with
your venue. Some venues can hold 150 and
can't hold 200. It will narrow down your
choices so you're not wasting time. Some
planners recommend that couples put
together their invite list before letting fami-
ly members weigh in. This will help cou-
ples be certain of their priorities and avoid
being pressured to invite more people,
checking with parents about family mem-
bers and family friends. Subtract 20 percent
from the final tally to get an accurate total,
accounting for people who will not be able
to come due to travel expenses or prior
14 to 12 months out
Choose a venue:
Finding a venue should be a first priority
- it will also solidify a date and determine
whether caterers and florists are available
on site. Popular sites can fill up a year or
more in advance. Areas that are attractive as
destination weddings are often more com-
Nail down the date:
If you're set on a certain venue, its avail-
ability will be the primary factor in sched-
uling. But if you're exploring a variety of
options, other considerations come into
play. For a particular area, fall and spring
months are most popular. Holiday week-
ends, including three-day weekends like
Columbus Day or Labor Day, can be espe-
cially busy. Check local event calendars, as
marathons and festivals can make hotel
rooms and venues more difficult to find.
12 to 9 months out
Select your vendors:
Consider which elements might require
hiring a professional: photographers, video-
graphers, bands and
deejays.Vendors who generally
handle one wedding per day,
should be booked a year in
advance. Since these vendors
will be present through the
majority of the ceremony and
reception, their schedules fill
up fast. The importance of
finding a good photographer
and hiring them early, since
individual styles of photogra-
phy can vary greatly. There
might be only a few photogra-
phers that have your style or fit
your needs, so you want to get
those booked quickly.
Begin the dress search:
Many planners like to
encourage brides to start shop-
ping early, not only because it
is "its fun to do," ordering
gowns and scheduling fittings
can take a long time. Fittings
should be set up as soon as a
dress comes in. Take friends
and family member and go and
try on a variety of dresses. You
rIgLI Lcrc In CcnIraI MInncsoIa
Mississippi Meadow
will he availahle
|uly 2013
for your
Or ask about our beautiful inuoor Eagle
Trace Banquet Facilities or Poolsiue venue
Weuuings Parties Cororate Events
1cr, privutc uud scc/udcd urcu /ocutcd
ou thc ucst /uuk o/ thc Mississippi iu
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Or ask OOOr assk skkkk sk
Trace B TT BB Trace r TTTTT BBB ccee B
Weuu u eu W uu uu W uu WWWWWWWWWWW u
tall today for your private tour!
1100 Main Street, tlearwater MS
don't want to be rushed in that process,
you may have to go to several stores. If
you start early you won't have to feel
8 to 6 months out
Book an officiant:
Decide who will conduct your ceremo-
ny: A religious leader, a friend of family
member, a justice of the peace? Be certain
the person you select is legally certified.
Book a venue for the rehearsal:
Line up the second round of vendors:
This includes caterers, florists, cake-
makers, make-up artists and hair stylists.
Cake makers are generally the easiest to
find, because they can often make cakes
for several weddings on the same day.
Make-up artists who specialize in wed-
ding styles can be more challenging to
Planning Continued On Page 9
Post #560, 12674 Fremont Ave, Zimmerman
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Contact Wayne at
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Napkins--Programs--Thank Yous
Guest Books--Reception Items
Wedding Invites & Accessories
Youre Invited
Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 8
How to Measure for a Tuxedo
The Coat
Chest Measurement: Place tape under arms and around
broadest part of the chest. Make sure tape is snug but can
move freely. Do not place any of your fingers between the
tape and the persons chest. Suit sizes are equal to your
chest size.
Overarm Measurement: With arms at side, place the tape
around the broadest part of the chest and shoulders. This
measurement is critical if the person has overly broad
The Pants
Waist measurement: Place tape around the persons waist
at navel level. This is the height at which formal trousers
are worn. Make sure tape is somewhat snug, yet can move
Inseam Measurement: Using a pair of nice-fitting pants,
measure from the top of the inner pant leg seam to the
opening at the bottom of the pant leg. The number of inch-
es is the inseam length, rounded to the nearest half inch.
The Shirt
Neck: Place tape around neck at the level the shirts collar
would be buttoned. Place two fingers between the neck and
the tape. Make sure the tape is snug, but moves freely.
Shirt Sleeve: Measure from just below neck, over the
shoulder to the elbow, and from the elbow to one and a half
inches below the wrist bone.
Bridal Bag Must Haves
Eliminate last minute panics with this list of emergency
items covering every need. Pack your bag about a week
ahead of the wedding date.
Advil, Baby wipes, Band Aids, bobby pins,
Bottled water, clear nail polish, Chalk (it can be used to
color over small mishaps), feminine supplies, first aid kit,
gum and mints and mouthwash, hair spray, hand lotion,
hand sanitizer, lipstick and lipgloss, makeup and powder,
nail file, Rolaids or Tums, safety pins, sewing kit, Shout
wipes, spray deodorant, sunscreen, superglue, Tide To Go,
tissues, toothpicks.
Also remember to bring:
Copy of your invitation to photograph
Copy of your photo list
Copy of your music list
Brides & Grooms!
Rehearsal Dinners Wedding Ceremonies
Wedding Receptions
Northern Lights Ballroom
& Banquet Center, Inc.
10376 112th Ave. NW, Milaca, MN 56353
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your special day to everyone, bring
your photo and wedding details into the
West Sherburne Tribune. For $30,
well spread the news around town!
29 Lake Street So, Big Lake
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Tours of
our 3 Private
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Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 9
Send save-the-dates:
Invitations will not need to go out for
another several weeks, but save-the-date
notices should be sent out during this time
period so that guests can make travel
arrangements and plan vacation time
around the event, if necessary.
Select and order bridesmaid dresses:
Allow about eight months, as shipping
and tailoring can often take several weeks.
6 to 4 months out
Set the menu:
A final tasting should be arranged with
caterers around the fourth or fifth month.
Setting a menu will help cement logistics
for the rest of the day.
Consider the details:
It is important to think of the structure of
the events, from what time the bridal party
should arrive, to the readings at the cere-
mony and what types of photos should be
taken. Some times people don't think of
those little things, but it is really important
to do this.
Rent or order tuxes:
Tuxes or suits for the groom and
groomsmen should be rented or ordered
about four months in advance
Start planning the honeymoon:
If you want to go out of the country,
make sure you have a passport and it is up
to date.
3 to 2 months out
Decide on printed materials
This can be called the "paper stuff"
stage. Think about what you want your
programs, menus, place cards and guest-
book to look like, and whether you will
order them or print them yourself. Also,
make sure you have arranged for program
attendants in the ceremony if you are hav-
ing them, final meetings with your ven-
dors, gifts for the wedding party if you
want, toasting flutes, cake knives, favors,
photos for displays, sendoff sparklers or
rice and any other small detail you want.
Jordan urges her brides not to leave a lot of
details for the last month.
Obtain a marriage license:
Schedule a dress fitting:
Be sure this one is done while wearing
proper shoes.
Buy the wedding rings.
2 to 3 weeks out
Take care of personal grooming
The last weeks before the wedding
should be the primping stage. Men should
get their hair cut two weeks before.
Women should cut and color two weeks
before as well - not the week before. This
goes for tanning, eyebrow waxing and
facials, too. You can never be sure how
your body will react to these procedures,
and the last thing you want is red blotches
from a bad waxing.
Asking someone to be the point person
for vendors is also a good idea if you do
not have a wedding planner. This person
can handle questions from vendors, and
hold on to checks and tips for each.
Week of the wedding
Final touches
By this time nearly all details should be
solidified, but checking in with vendors
and the wedding party one more time can
be reassuring. Take the last few days to do
some of the smaller, fun things. Schedule a
manicure, pedicure or a massage. Break in
your shoes. Pack for your honeymoon and
for the night before if you're staying in a
hotel. Then try to relax and enjoy the day!
Planning Continued From Page 7___________________________________________________
Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 10
Below is a traditional division
for wedding expenses.
Today, there are no rules in regards to financial respon-
sibilities. The question
these days of who pays for what really boils down
to who is most willing and able.
It may be the bride and groom or either of their
families. The key is to
communicate and be realistic and courteous.
Bride & Her Family
Wedding gift for groom Wedding ring for
groom Gifts for attendants
Personal stationery Lodging for out-of-town
attendants (optional) Bridesmaids
luncheon Reception food & drink Brides wedding
attire & trousseau Invitations, announcements & postage
Engagement & wedding photographs Rental of sanctuary or
chapel Organist, soloist & sexton fees Aisle carpets and/or
canopy, and any additional decorating costs Transportation
for bridal party to ceremony & reception
Bridal consultant Bridesmaids bouquets Music
Videography Wedding cake
Groom & His Family
Wedding gift for bride Brides wedding &
engagement ring Marriage license
Gifts for best man, ushers Bridal bouquet &
going-away corsage Boutonnieres
for all men in wedding party Rehearsal dinner
Honeymoon Mothers corsages
Lodging for out-of-town attendants (optional)
Shipment of wedding gifts to the bridal couples
new home Grooms formalwear & accessories
Fee for clergy or judge
(Photo by Missy Prall.)
Who pays for what?
Theres no view like our view!
Gatherings up to 250
Good Supply of Openings
Catering from Our Kitchen
The Prettiest Site in the Area
The Mattsons
Your Hosts
14000 Clubhouse Drive, Becker
(763) 262-4600
Find us on Facebook!
Theres no view like our view!
Wedding Showcase gFeb. 23, 2013 ...Page 11
Extraordinary wedding style
For information and reservations
please contact our event planners at:
9100 Quaday Ave. Otsego, MN 55330
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room. Also desserts that are JUMBO. Like
jumbo Ring Dings, jumbo Twinkies, etc.
Olive oil favors
Olive oil wedding
favors! The grandpar-
ents of the couple
produced the
oil in Italy.
The bottles
had spe-
c i a l
l a b e l s
on them.
You can
a l s o
serve it at
the guest
tables instead
of butter. It is
elegant and person-
Keepsake booklets
Table numbers that are also a small
booklet where guests at each table can
write a note to the bride and groom. A col-
lection of all the booklets makes for a great
Sports inspiration
Bride and groom that loves sports and
whose first date was possibly a sports
event, incorporate little things such as tick-
et stubs as their escort cards, signature
drinks for different teams, and for an 'after
party' touch, pass out roasted peanuts. It
can will be very simple, very sweet and
very them and that is what makes the
wedding unique.
Spectacular finds
An idea of creating a chandelier out of
an old (but working) traditional brass
chandelier draped in a vintage wedding
dress. It just goes to show with a few tag
sale finds and some creativity, you can cre-
ate something totally original and unex-
(Photo by Missy Prall.)
Submitted Article
When wedding planning, you often see
the same ideas, themes and styles over and
over again. If you are looking for some-
thing unique for your wedding reception,
we have the answers. Eight event experts
and wedding planners were asked about
unique things that they have seen at wed-
dings. The answers are some extraordinary
wedding ideas.
Cocktail lounge reception
An all cocktail hour wedding mixed with
a short ceremony. The ceremony and then
right into a wonderful cocktail style party
with mixed seating such as lounge furni-
ture and different table configurations with
heavily passed foods and some stationary
food stations.
Also brought in a photographer that took
photos of the guests while they were party-
ing and projected the photos on a big white
wall at the same time...people love to
watch themselves have a great time!
Something old
Rather than just displaying old photos,
use old family wedding photos for place
card dcor or even better, incorporating
them into cute table numbers that are total-
ly personal. It even gives guests a reason to
move from table to table checking them all
out thus creating a sort of 'mixer' for
people that don't know one another. It also
saves money on having to
pay for additional
dcor or print
goods for
these items.
A second
T h e
b r i d e
ing into
the sec-
ond dress
of the
evening a
stunning white
mini-gown. After
the ceremony and the
grand entrance, the bride
changes into a short party dress white,
lacy, beaded and high-end so that she still
looks very much like the star.
Jumbo desserts
Rolling table side desserts (old school)
like bananas flambe or Baked Alaska.
These gueridons can be rolled around the
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