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Term 1

Definition 1

1/16" per foot When mating flanges, the maximum amount of unparallel allowed (per diameter of flange in feet) is

Answer found ASME B31.3: 335.1.c.1

Term 2

Definition 2

On flange what is the maximum offset for bolt holes for mating flanges

On a flange the maximum bolt hole offset is 1/8" when mating Answer found ASME B31.3: 335.1.c.3

Term 3

Definition 3

What is the distance of the PreheatZone from the toe of the weld

The Preheat zone shall extent at least 1" beyond each edge of the weld Answer found ASME B31.3: 330.1.4

Term 4

Definition 4

What is the distance of the PWHT zone from the toe of the weld

1" is the distance of the PWHT zone from the toe of the weld Answer found ASME B31.3: 331.2.6

Term 5

Definition 5

When performing NDE inspection what is the minimum length of spot RT

when performing spot RT a min of 6" shall be examined ASME B31.3: 344.5.2.c

Term 6

Definition 6

0" The NDE maximum length of a crack, incomplete fusion allowed in a new weld is Cracks, incomplete fusion are not allowed in new welds ASME B31.3: Table 341.3.2

Term 7

Definition 7

Min overlap is 12" for PWHT When useing multiple heats for PWHT the minimum overlap is ASME B31.3: 331.2.5

Term 8

Definition 8

When performing NDE, whats the number of additional welds or joints to examine when a defect is found during a random examination

2 B31.3: 341.3.4.a

Term 9

Definition 9

When perforning a Impact Test , what is the # of test bars required in each set

3 B31.3: 323.3.3

Term 10

Definition 10

Whats the # of Stress Cycles needed to become rated as Severe Cyclic Stress

7000 B31.3: 300.2

Term 11

Definition 11

ASME Section V Where would you find NDE Procedure Guideliness

Answer found in ASME B31.3: 343

Term 12

Definition 12

What is the Design code for fabrication of piping relief devices

ASME B31.3 322.6.3

Term 13

Definition 13

ASME Section IX Welder and Weld Procedure Qualification are done in accordance with?
Answer found ASME B31.3: 328.2.1.a

Term 14

Definition 14

What Standard defines NDE Personal Qualification for NDE personal working on Piping Systems

Answer found in ASME B31.3 342.1 Note

Term 15

Definition 15

As per ASME B31.3 the recommended minimum preheat temps are required when

If the ambient temperature is below 32F

B31.3 330.1.1

Term 16

Definition 16

The PWHT temperature for Carbon Steel are

1100-1200F ASME B31.3: tbl 331.1.1

Term 17

Definition 17

Whats the minimum duration for a pressure test

10 min B31.3: 345.2.2.a

Term 18

Definition 18

Whats the Minimum years of experience for Owner's Inspector during new fabrication

10 years B31.3: 340.4.b