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at Protsman Elementary

A Different Kind of Learning. A Powerful Kind of Fun! Young Rembrandts teaches drawing with a step-by-step method that all kids can succeed with, learn from and love! Watch your child reach a brand new level of confidence and potential with this engaging, award-winning program. Lessons NEVER repeated!

Young Rembrandts

Our Students Can Expect - A new exciting lesson every week - Improved core art skills - To have fun! Our Parents Can Expect - Increased attention to detail - Improved fine motor skills - Discipline, persistence, and patience

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Classes Held

Wednesdays 2:45 - 3:45 p.m. October 16 - November 20


$48.00 for a 6 Week Session

LONGER ALLOWED AT THE SCHOOL OFFICE. Options; Enroll online ( or mail payment (237 Barberry Lane, Valparaiso,

HOW IT WORKS: We provide all classroom supplies and a qualified and trained instructor. Classes are held immediately after school. Parents are responsible for transportation at class end.

nwindiana @youngr embrandts .com

Young Rembrandts 219-246-9967

TO ENROLL:Submit your completed registration form to your school office along with payment. Once submitted your child is automatically enrolled unless you are notified otherwise. ENROLL ONLINE at:
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Parent Name ____________________________________________________________ Class Day _________________________ Class Time _________________________ Address ________________________________________________________________ May we use your childs drawing in our promotional materials? [ ] Yes [ ] No City ______________________________ State __________ Zip _______________ Let us know if your child has any special needs or may benefit from extra help Email Address ___________________________________________________________ I also understand all personal absences are forfeited. Grade _______ Birth Date ____________ There will be a $15 fee for returned checks Signature _____________________________________________________________ Home Phone _____________________ Work Phone __________________________ Cell Phone ___________________ Emergency Phone _______________ _________ My child will: [ ] be picked up [ ] walk home [ ] other ______________________ Credit Card Number ____________ / ____________ / ____________ / ____________ Make check payable to Young Rembrandts and include your childs name and school on the check. We accept MasterCard and Visa. Card Expiration _____________________________ [ ] MC [ ] Visa



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