Was the Holocaust reported by the Allies exaggerated?

The Holocaust was and still is to this day one of the most splendid psychological covert operations that have ever been carried out in the name of, “world peace.” It is an Oscar Award winning movie filled with fantastic myths and fiction that contradict common sense, but, aside from the unnecessarily deaths of millions, it makes a beautiful movie. This is for pure sarcasm purposes in this article; it is to illustrate the mythmaking machine miracles of the media and the Elite Power Establishment in the West. It is one of the most fabulous fairytale stories that has ever been told and sold out to millions who dare not investigate the validity, verifiability, and the reliability of the story. It is one of the greatest stories that have books written about it, an entire collection of phony camps and tourist industries that spun around it. It is one of the greatest beneficial events for the Zionists and the Rothschild’s who carved out their insidious plan for the destabilization of the Middle East. The Allies partook in this adventure of mythmaking by building the gas chambers, the torture chambers and such throughout the many concentration camps in Germany and elsewhere. It was a necessary operation because the Zionists wanted to upset Palestine in the Middle East, a place that did not inflict any harm on Israel. There are pictures of, “concentration camp victims” whom were still alive at the time that they were liberated from their captors. Many of the supposed pictures were pictures of a painting or something ridiculous like that. Many Jews survived the alleged Holocaust, instead, this is hardly mentioned. All of this can be verified in Juri Lina’s book: Architect of Deception, the Holocaust Deception, and the Holocaust Industry by Harun Yahya, and Norman Gary Finkelsteinrespectively. Another notable book is “Did Six Million Really Die?” by Richard E. Harwood. There was no Holocaust in Germany or anywhere against the Jews, at least, none of the real evidence has proven that such a thing took place on such a massive, industrial scale capable of just killing six million Jews alone. When the Allies in the West and the Soviets in the East advanced on occupied Western or Eastern Europe respectively, they built up the gas chambers and such. Besides, the Nazis had no intention of killing the Jews, because they knew it was inefficient and ineffective, so instead, relocation was on the agenda, which was what the Wansee Conference was about (Lina). Hitler, even if he had wanted to kill the Jews would not do it during war time knowing that it would be forcing his military to grind to a halt, and lose the war. This is just common sense and military logic. You do not need to be a military strategist to know the cost of manpower in order to supposedly kill six million Jews or others. Most of the prisoners in the concentration camps were political, academic, or opponents of the Nazi Empire. In fact, to put all the Jews in Europe in a number of close-knit concentration camps are impossible, logistically. Hitler’s Nazi Germany would have neither the manpower nor the material capability to do so within the timeframe of when the Nazis got to power in 1933 and their fall in 1945, May of that year. There is no evidence to indicate that six million Jews alone died in the Holocaust. The Holocaust never happened, or at least, it was grossly over exaggerated to the point where any dissent is impossible even forbidden by law. If the authorities are so correct about the history of the alleged Holocaust, then why put its critics in prison or charge them with a noncrime? Is not freedom of speech important in the Western world? Why, then, in the name of Israel and the Zionists, are those who speak out locked up in a prison cell where suffer with murderers and rapists? Why is it then, that the Anti-Defamation League constantly, “defaming” people whom did no wrong for simply asking a question regarding the truth of the Holocaust and its implications? Person’s like Zundel, and even a former Canadian high school teacher were and are still labelled, “anti-Semites.” Why is it now, in the, “Free West” any attempt to question the validity of the Holocaust denied to everyone and anyone who dares to take this leap of courage? Why do we

need to buy the official media story? The media is no more correct or reliable than the government because instead of challenging the lies and the rhetoric of the politicians and bureaucrats, it amplifies them. The Holocaust, or the holocaust, is by far, one the biggest Big Lie operations in existence. These times are very tough for everyone, but we must criticize Israel its actions, as well as the legitimacy of its existence as a nation. No nation can be born out of nothing or for no rational reasons other than for the convenience of a group of political elitists. We must question the Holocaust, criticize Israel, and do so with courage. The Palestinian people need us to do this, if not for them, then at least for justice’s sake.

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