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This is less of a step by step guide, more of a guide to colour choices to achieve the results pictured. VMC: Vallejo Model Colour FDY: Foundry triads CDA: Coat D’Arms 1. Gallipoli ANZACs

Headgear: Basecoat of VMC Russian Green. Mid tone of VMC English Uniform. Highlight of VMC Green Brown (this combination henceforth to be referred to as “Standard Khaki Serge”). Shirts: FDY Stone Grey A B C or FDY Quagmire A B C. The vest here is FDY Boneyard A B C. Trousers: Standard Khaki Serge for longer trousers and shorts are here VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with a light grey. Neck flaps: VMC Khaki highlighted up with VMC Off White. Puttees: On these examples it is Standard Khaki Serge. Socks: FDY Quagmire A B C. Webbing: Here I think I used VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with white.

Kiwis Purists will moan because the Lemon Squeezer did not see service until MUCH later.2. August 1915. Headgear. . trousers and puttees are all Standard Khaki Serge. The faded grey Tunic is FDY Stone A B C. Webbing: As above. Armbands: These are added with green-stuff and painted up with FDY Arctic White A B C. Gallipoli Aussies. Headgear: Standard Khaki Serge with a puggaree of FDY Drab A B C. but I painted these for a client who wanted his Gallipoli Kiwis to wear them……… I’d personally replace the Lemon Squeezer with the Slouch Hat like the Aussies above. 3.

Some Kiwi Gunners and a Vickers Team: The paint scheme as given above except for the blue puggaree with a red stripe for the gunners. 4. Webbing: CDA Khaki highlighted up with white. . The brown shirt was a one off for some variety (Kiwis were issued them) but. Trousers: Long trousers are VMC Green Ochre base coat highlighted up with added light grey. a client’s request. Again. I must confess I can not remember how I did this as it was especially mixed and did not come out of the pot! The vest is FDY Boneyard A B C. Shirts: The greyback is FDY Quagmire A B C. I will confess to not actually liking the end result of these Woodbine ALH heads on the standard infantry section pack. Trousers: VMC Brown Sand highlighted up with light grey. Headgear: Standard Khaki Serge with a FDY Drab puggaree Tunics: Standard Khaki Serge and a couple of faded tunics of FDY Stone A B C. The shorts are VMC Khaki Grey highlighted up with VMC Beige. Dismounted Aussie Light Horse.Tunics: Standard Khaki Serge. Puttees: Standard Khaki Serge.

Officers’ breeches are a base coat of VMC Sand Yellow. a mid tone of a 50/50 mix of VMC Russian Green and VMC Green Brown and a final highlight of VMC Green Brown. . Various other types The dismounted ALH Vickers team are in faded grey tunics as described above.Webbing: CDA Khaki highlighted up with white. The Senior NCO on the left is painted entirely in Standard Khaki Serge. a mid tone of VMC Dark Sand and a highlight of VMC Pale Sand. The officer figures are either in Khaki Drill of VMC Grey Khaki highlighted up with white or a green khaki produced from a base coat of VMC Russian Green. 5.

com . Mark Hargreaves Over Open Sights http://over-open-sights. the same paint combinations as already described. The only difference is that the Officer’s shirts are VMC Green Brown highlighted up with white. Character Sets: Again. You can probably work out what I used by now.blogspot. Simpson and his Donkey.6.