Welcome to the GE Challenge – Indonesia ’13!
"I find my greatest pleasure, and so my reward, in the work that precedes what the world calls success" - Thomas Alva Edison, GE Founder From solutions for energy-efficiency to more accessible healthcare, GE works on things that matter. Building, powering, moving and curing the world. Not just imagining but doing! This is your opportunity to take on and solve one of the toughest challenges!

Who can participate in GE Challenge?
GE Challenge is open to pre-final & final year students pursuing undergraduate program in engineering and business specialization from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Universitas Diponegoro and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember.

What is the team constitution?
• • • • Each team must consist of four (4) students All team members must be from the same university Each student can only be registered as part of one (1) team Teams participating in the GE Challenge should be available to present their recommendations in person at the GE Challenge Grand Finale (considering their entry is selected) • Each team must nominate one member as a Captain who will be the point of contact for the organizers

How to register for GE Challenge?
Each participating team must register for the Case Study Challenge by completing the online registration form latest by 30 th of Septem ber, 2013 - http://goo.gl/pIucCt • It is the team’s responsibility to ensure that all members are eligible to participate


Business Report: It contains comprehensive report with maximum 10 pages of company initiative in detail.     • •   Incomplete/Inaccurate/delayed submissions will be not be considered for the Challenge Teams which have registered successfully as per the guidelines mentioned will receive the Case Study on 1 st of October. But you can prepare yourself in lines of Energy management. Detailed report with maximum 30 pages. Please only contact the organizers if you do not receive the case study by 1st of October. Innovative power generation. ii. Business Pitch: It becomes presentation deck that your company used for attracting investors (Not more than 11 slides)   . • Round 2: i. 2013.com/about-us/ecomagination. 2013 What’s the scope of GE Challenge? Students will receive the case study only on the 1st of October. What can we learn from GE to enhance our ideas? Ecomagination is GE's commitment to build innovative solutions for today's environmental challenges while driving economic growth. Learn more about how GE is committed to innovation and technology. ii. You can read more about it on http://www. turning imaginative ideas into sustainable solutions for campuses on ge. Working on the case study: • Registered teams are expected to work on the Case Study shared by GE and present the analysis/recommendation and present the following: • Round 1: i. Scope will be university level.com/solutions. Efficient building management. Waste management. Summary Report: It contains 5 pages of company initiative that describe the whole activities and impact.ge.

indonesia@ ge.     •   Each team is allowed to submit only 1 entry at the end of the challenge. 2013 Any team submissions made beyond the stipulated timelines will not be considered for evaluation • Our mailbox may receive high traffic around the deadline.com The name of the file and the email subject line must be • • GEchallenge_UniversityNam e_Team Nam e • • All entries must be submitted by 11. 2013 Grand Finale   . we will consider only the first (earliest) entry for evaluation Participating teams are required to send in their entry (all in pdf format) via email to gechallenge. 28 th of October. In case of multiple entries from the same team. we request the teams to send across their entries well in advance • Teams which have successfully submitted their entries within the stipulated time will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within 2 working days Evaluation Process: Each entry will be carefully evaluated by a panel of senior leaders from GE The panels will shortlist the Top 5 teams for the Grand Finale based on the following criteria: • • • • • • Holistic understanding of the challenge and Depth of Analysis Innovation and Imagination Measurability of results Level of engagement with stakeholders Ease of Implementation Sustainability of Project The Top 5 teams will be announced on 8 th of Novem ber. Hence.59 pm .

Rp 7.indonesia@ge.000.com Best Wishes.000 respectively. please feel free to write to gechallenge.000.500. Team GE Challenge   . Details on the pre-work and other requirements for the Grand Finale will be shared with the shortlisted teams accordingly.000. • The Grand Finale will be hosted at the Institut Teknologi Bandung.       All members from the Top 5 teams will be invited to attend the Grand Finale in person at Institut Teknologi Bandung. The date and venue for the final event will be intimated to the shortlisted teams • The Jury for the Grand Finale will consist of senior leaders from GE and senior faculty members from universities • The decision of the judges pertaining to GE Challenge will be final Rewards • • The top 5 teams shortlisted teams will have an opportunity to attend a 2 days leadership training sessions by GE Leaders in Institut Teknologi Bandung The top 3 winning teams shall receive a cash prize of Rp 10. All the members of the Top 5 teams would be receiving personalized certificates of achievement • • The Winning team members will be receiving internship opportunity with a GE businesses in Indonesia The Winning team members will also have an opportunity to be mentored by a GE leader based in Indonesia for a day For any queries regarding the challenge.000 and Rp 5.

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