Two Hundred Years of St. Louis Places of Worship - 1770 - 1970 H - Place of Worship Names St.

Louis Public Library staff presents Two Hundred Years of St. Louis Places of Worship (17701970). This directory includes information about churches, synagogues, missions, temples, and other places of worship in the City of St. Louis Missouri between 1770-1970. The directory uses the boundaries of 1876 to define the City of St. Louis.

HOLY CROSS CHURCH [Catholic] (Irish and German) 1858-1993 Holy Cross Church was formed in Feb. 1858 by Rev. Casper Doebbener of Holy Trinity Church. Prior to this the German residents of Baden attended mass at a private chapel of the Carmelite Convent in Calvary Cemetery. A church was dedicated on May 3rd, 1864, organized as a mixed Irish-German congregation. First pastor was Frederick Brinkhoff from 1864-65, succeeded by Father J. A. Stroombergen. On November 12th, 1865, Rev. Herman Wigger (1865-97) succeeded to the pastorate. The Irish portion of the congregation withdrew in 1872 to form Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church and Holy Cross became a German national church. A new (current) church was dedicated on May 23, 1909. This church is located at 8115 Church Road near Baden Avenue. Merged with Mt. Carmel to form: Our Lady of the Holy Cross in 1993. National Register Mar. 26, 1980 [1993]

HOLY GHOST CHURCH [Catholic] (German) 1879 – 1960 Built by Father Peter Wigger., Rev. Michael Busch was first pastor. Reorganized by Rev. Augustine Huettler. Holy Ghost Church was dedicated in 1909 under pastorate of Rev. John Rothesteiner. Located at 1901 North Taylor and Garfield. Closed in the 1970s, records at Church of the Visitation, 4515 Evans Avenue, (63113). The church was razed in 1975. (aka CHURCH OF THE HOLY GHOST) [1960] -----

History of St. Charles County, Missouri Chapter 12 St. Charles Township

REV. FATHER PETER WIGGER (Assistant Priest of the St. Peter's Catholic Church, St. Charles).

Father Wigger was born in Westphalia, Prussia, December 24, 1857, and was a son of Johann Wigger and wife, nee Regina Woesthof. His father was a farmer by occupation. Father Wigger was one of a family of 10 children, and was educated in the local schools in his native vicinity up to the time of entering upon a course of study for the priesthood. However, while yet a youth he came to the United States. Here he took a course at the Salesianum, St. Francis Station, Milwaukee, Wis. Following this he went to Austria and studied for two years at Insbruck, Tirol. He was now duly ordained a priest and in June, 1883, he was made assistant priest at St. Charles, having returned to the United States after his course at Insbruck. -----

Stevens, Walter B. Centennial History of Missouri (the Center State) One Hundred Years in the Union, 1820-1921. St. Louis, Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co, 1921. (Volume 5, p. 568)

REV. PETER WIGGER. Rev. Peter Wigger, pastor of the Holy Cross church of St. Louis in which connection he has labored continuously since 1896, was born on Christmas night of 1857 at Stachelau, Westphalia, Germany. He studied at Bilstein where his uncle of the same name was pastor, the latter instructing his nephew in Latin and in other branches of learning. In 1869 he came to the United States with his uncle, under whom he continued his studies in St. Louis, the uncle being appointed pastor of St. Francis de Sales church. On Sundays the young student played the organ in the Holy Cross church at Baden where another uncle, the Rev. Hermann Wigger, was pastor. From September, 1876, until 1880 he studied philosophy and theology at the Salesianum at St. Francis, Wisconsin, and while there acted as organist in the seminary chapel. Following his examination for the priesthood he was obliged to wait for his ordination for more than a year as he had not yet reached the canonical age. He then went to Innsbruck, Austria, where he remained for two years pursuing higher courses of study and on the 28th of May, 1882, he returned to St. Louis to be ordained as a priest, the Rt. Rev. Coadjutor Patrick Ryan officiating. Subsequently Father Wigger of this review was appointed assistant at St. Peter's church in St. Charles, Missouri, where he labored until 1885, at which time he was appointed pastor of St. Mary's church at Bridgeton, Missouri. There he continued for ten years and in August, 1896, was appointed pastor of the Holy Cross church at Baden, St. Louis, over which he has since presided. His labors here have been most intelligently and wisely directed. Since his appointment to this parish, he has paid off the debt on the parsonage, built a handsome new church and a residence for the sisters. He has won the co-operation and support of his parishioners and has moved steadily forward with a strength that indicates his zeal and his devotion to the cause. -----

Jefferson City Tribune, Jefferson City, Missouri Vol. 59, No. 38: Saturday, Jan 3, 1925, p.1, col.3 FATHER WIGGER IS DEAD AFTER LONG ILLNESS Founder of the Catholic Parish at Osage Bend Suffered for Years With Rheumatism WAS PASTOR AT KOELTZTOWN Had Wide Acquaintance in This City Where He Often Visited Funeral Probably Tuesday Rev. Peter Wigger, founder of St. Margaret's Catholic Church at Osage Bend and one of the best known priests in Central Missouri died at 9 o'clock this morning at Koeltztown, Osage County. He was 47 years old. Father Wigger had suffered for many years from rheumatism which was the cause of his death. He was ordained in St Louis 23 years ago. After his ordination he was assistant at St Bernard's Church in St Louis. A few years later he was sent to Osage Bend to organize a parish there. He succeeded in a short time and built the present church at what has become known as "Tintown." His illness caused him to ask for removal and he spent several years in Texas trying to regain his shattered health. Upon his return to Missouri he was named as pastor of the Church at Koeltztown, succeeding the late Father Henry J. Kellermann. He is mourned by two brothers, Father Anton Wigger of Moselle and a lay brother who resides in St Louis. One uncle, Father Peter Wigger of St. Louis also survives him. Father Wigger was well known in Jefferson City where visited when he was pastor at Osage Bend and lately as pastor of the church at Koeltztown. He was a splendid organizer, a man of exceptional talent greatly beloved by his flock. His death caused regret wherever he was known. The funeral will probably take place at Koeltztown Tuesday morning. Final arrangements had not been completed this afternoon. Burial will be made at Koeltztown. -----

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