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Victory hinges on how we stop opposition onslaught, says DPM
KUALA KRAI: Barisan Nasional’s victory in the Manek Urai state by-election on July 14 hinges on the success of its election machinery in thwarting the opposition onslaught, says Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. He said the credentials of the BN candidate was not good enough to determine victory without the support of the election machinery in winning the hearts of the people. “We have high hopes, but we have to work sincerely and diligently. The fight is getting very close. We have to be committed and determined while party workers must work hard,” he told reporters at the nomination centre in SMK Sultan Yahya Petra I here yesterday. The Manek Urai state by-election is a straight fight between BN’s Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat, 39, and Mohd Fauzi Abdullah, 50, of PAS. While admitting that Manek Urai is a PAS stronghold, Muhyiddin brushed aside the perception that the voters’ sentiment was not in BN’s favour. “BN wants to help the people and represent all races,” he said, adding the BN could repeat the success of the Pengkalan Pasir state by-election victory in 2005. Muhyiddin asked Manek Urai voters to give the opportunity to BN to continue the development agenda in the constituency. He said BN would stress on the need for physical development to be in tandem with the Islamic development concept propagated by PAS since wresting Kelantan from the BN in 1990. “We have to get closer to the people, to correct the misconception on certain issues raised by opposition leaders including the Kelantan mentri besar,” said Muhyiddin, adding that Manek Urai voters should not be obsessed with the views of PAS leaders. Earlier, Muhyiddin accompanied Tuan Aziz to the nomination centre along with Kelantan Umno chairman Datuk Mustapa Mohamed and several cabinet ministers. – Bernama
Tuan Aziz (left) shakes Mohd Fauzi’s hands at the nomination centre yesterday.

M’sia committed to tackling human trafficking, says Najib
PUTRAJAYA: Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak yesterday assured Australia that Malaysia would do all it could to prevent illegal immigrants from slipping into Australia, and did not want this country to be a transit point. The prime minister said security agencies of both countries would work together, including in the areas of patrol, surveillance and exchange of intelligence. “We have agreed that defence chiefs of both nations would discuss other ways in combating human trafficking,” Najib told reporters at a joint press conference with his Australian counterpart, Kevin Rudd, at the former’s office here. Rudd is making a stopover here en route to a six-day foreign trip. Najib said the new initiatives in tackling the problem would focus on pre-emptive measures, including greater exchange of intelligence. It has been reported that thousands of illegal immigrants from war-torn countries or those hit badly by economic problems, head to Australia, with some allegedly using Malaysia as a transit point. Commenting on the same issue, Rudd thanked Malaysia for cooperating with Australia in combating people smuggling activities which the latter described as “the evil trade”. Malaysia had successfully prevented several groups (of immigrants) from illegally entering Australia, noted Rudd.

It’s BN vs PAS in Manek Urai
KUALA KRAI: The Manek Urai state by-election on July 14 is a straight fight between Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat and Mohd Fauzi Abdullah of PAS. Returning officer Adnan Hussin announced the list of candidates at 11.10am outside the nomination centre in SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 1’s Dewan Petra here yesterday. The announcement was greeted by a thunderous applause from the sea of BN and PAS supporters. Tuan Aziz, 39, was the first to file his papers at 9.05am followed shortly by Mohd Fauzi, 50. The nomination process proceeded smoothly despite the presence of thousands of party supporters. Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin earlier led BN supporters in a 2.4km march from the Kuala Krai Umno office to the nomination centre at about 7.20am. Among Umno leaders present were BN election director for Manek Urai Datuk Mustapa Mohamed, all three Umno vice-presidents Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein and Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal and supreme council member Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim. Mohd Fauzi was accompanied by PAS supporters led by spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat in a 2km march from the al-Jauhar Mosque in Guchil to the nomination centre at 7.30am. Others in the march were PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, PAS vicepresident Salahuddin Ayub, party secretary-general Datuk Mustafa Ali, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) vice-president Azmin Ali and PKR information chief Tian Chua. Polling for the by-election is from 8am to 5pm on July 14 in 27 polling streams in nine polling centres. Manek Urai has 12,293 voters including 25 postal voters. Of the total electorate, 99.2% are Malays, 0.46% Chinese and 0.23% Indian. Tuan Aziz, the Kuala Krai Umno Youth chief, holds a bachelors degree in technology management from UTM while Mohd Fauzi, the Kuala Krai PAS treasurer, is a fish wholesaler in the Kuala Krai market. The by-election follows the death of incumbent assemblyman Ismail Yaacob of PAS on May 22 due to a heart attack. In the 2008 general election, Ismail won the seat with a majority of 1,352 votes, beating BN’s Mohamed Zulkifli Omar. – Bernama


Najib receives Rudd and his entourage at the Prime Minister’s office in Perdana Putra Complex.

“Exit factor has put pressure on the problem. The push factor derived from security and economic forces. Our challenges are to deal at the source, transit point and back home. We will take every practical and hardline measure to combat the evil trade,” said the Australian premier. Najib said their discussions also touched on trade, green technology and education. On trade, Rudd said the two countries enjoyed a good, bilateral trade as they were

among the top 10 trading partners in both directions. Touching on green technology, Najib said Malaysia was keen to learn more from Australia’s initiative in carbon-reduction emission technology, as well as its renewable technology, such as solar energy. Najib also told Rudd that Malaysia would hold an exhibition next year to showcase its green technology. Rudd said the country was looking forward to working

with Malaysia on sharing the green technologies. On education, Najib said 30,000 Malaysian students were currently studying in Australia. Rudd also ackowledged the joint Malaysia-Australia effort in training Afghanistan teachers in Malaysia at the moment. He congratulated Najib over his recent economic programmes, and said he was looking forward to Najib’s visit to Australia. – Bernama

’An MB’s monthly salary is about RM48,000’
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“It just does not add up, because an MB cannot be involved in any business and an MB’s salary according to the revelation by Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim is about RM48,000 a month,” said Ng. “If you multiply this by 12 months, for eight years that he served as MB, without taking into account other expenditures, he would have earned RM4.6 million,” he said. Mohd Khir denied that the property was worth RM24 million. “If Ng thinks that the house costs RM24 million, then I invite him to be my agent and sell the house,” he said. “He can take 50% of the earnings – RM12 million – and I can take my portion and buy a better house somewhere else like Bukit Damansara. He should use his share to do some welfare work,” he said. He said he bought the house three years ago and had done some renovations, such as replacing the roof. “The renovations have not been completed but the contractor has run away and that’s why I’m still renting a house although I would prefer to move as soon as possible,” he said. Mohd Khir, who is Sungai Panjang assemblyman, said Ng was unhappy that he was gaining support in his (Ng’s) constituency. “I have a lot of time on my hands now and I am in my area (Sungai Panjang which is next to Sekinchan) three times a week, I also make an effort to go house to house to meet with people and plan to do this over the next three years,” he said. Mohd Khir said that the issue was first brought up during the Umno elections by those who had conspired with Pakatan Rakyat leaders to bring him down. Mohd Khir contested but lost in the race for Umno Youth chief against Khairy Jamaluddin and Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir.

PM: Govt’s priority to ‘reform’ administration
by Husna Yusop

PUTRAJAYA: The soonto-be-announced national Key Result Areas (KRA) and national Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will be the government’s priority in the next few years. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak said this would be the government’s way of “reforming” the country’s administration. “It will inject new life in our efforts to bring our country towards higher success,” he said at the monthly meeting of the Prime Minister’s Depart-

ment here yesterday. Without revealing details, Najib said he would soon announce the KRA and KPI to evaluate the performances of cabinet ministers, whose success would depend on the relationship between administrative members and civil servants. “Whatever we want to be our ultimate goal for the nation, be it a developed country, a high-income country or a first-world nation, it will depend on how far this relationship can translate the government’s agenda in the real sense,” he said. Najib re-emphasised the

importance of having a strong and effective relationship between the administration and services sector. “If we recap the country’s history, our success in bringing about development or in solving any crisis, it was based on this special relationship between the administration and the public service. “That is why, as we move forward, I want to re-emphasise on how important it is to further strengthen this relationship,” he added. Najib said the relationship must be one that is spiritual and emotional and public servants must believe that the

government’s agenda is the most viable for the country. “I hope it won’t be just a formal relationship between ministers and the secretariesgeneral, or between the prime minister and chief secretary to the government and senior officers. It should be more than that. “It is also not just about winning the next general election – of course, do not let us lose it (election) – but also about transforming Malaysia holistically and comprehensively, not just through mere superficial or small changes on the surface,” he added.

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