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Education Web 2.0 The education 2.

0 is a tool that facilities the interaction of communication with other people around the world when we are use the internet, we are using the web; so we are interchange information (Shirky, 2003). Also give information to other users are serving as a collaboration and an important creation of communication between the users; because the use these technologies are very educationalist looking a have an end in the education. (Franklin T,Van Harmelen, M, 2007) To have a point of view very potential this can implementer discussion, but at the time the educative community have their own categories (Martin Owen,Lyndsay Grant,Steve Sayers and Keri Facer, 2006). So many people can asks why is important the web 2.0? The answer is easy; because the Web 2.0 we get attached, we can find business, medicine, journalist etc... All this is innovation now all the things we can do with the use of the technology. This is great. According to Thomas Erickson he writes: Something curious is happening in the world wide web a slow transformation from an abstract, chaotic what I call a social hypertext 2. (Erickson, 1996). I agree with this writer; because the life are changing and the thinking now are very different all needs participation together according to Yet Erickson he writes: slow transformation of a widely acknowledge internet feature is a social activity and this is truth our education is the only that can change our thinking and the technology is a tool that there is a ways of show that the knowledge in the web to have many importance. The practice always is changing all the thinking and we must learn of these simply using new tools. The web 2.0 makes certain have new ways of acting possible and specially to create a best social community. Also if we think in create new methodologies our determination will be interacting with forces best and to have the capacity to fight with all this news technical that only are increasing the knowledge own same. As all new hope to have advantages and disvantages the best solution will be know the conditions necessary to begin to use all the materials that serving of production in this new environment the use of the technologies, the web and the internet are digital products that resulting to the end a good solution in the participation of the web 2.0


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