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Roy G. Callahan, USN, Ret.

1529 NW 143rd Street Gainesville, Florida 32606 Tel: (352) 332-9144 Fax: (352) 332-9144 Saturday, September 28, 2013 Representative Ted Yoho 511 Cannon House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515 Dear Representative Yoho: Patrick Wilbur shared your reply regarding H.R. 5, the Student Success Act with me. We discussed your response and he gave me permission to address your response. Before I continue however, I want to know if you read the letter sent to Mr. Wilbur. I am asking this question because Your unprincipled stance on this issue puts another nail in the coffin of this Constitutional Republic you swore an oath protect and defend when you ran for election to Floridas Third Congressional District seat. Your response disappointed me because I believed you were up to snuff on the constitution since you told me you read the Constitution, half of the federalist papers and all of the anti-federalist papers. 1 Article 1, Section 8 delineates the few enumerated powers authorized to congress. These powers do not extend authority to congress to enact the Elementary and Secondary Educational Act (ESEA) let alone reauthorize the Student Success Act Education remains a 10th Amendment state right until removed by a constitutional amendment. You correctly state that current unconstitutional federal law requires schools to meet the unrealistic standard of 100% proficiency in reading and math. You go on to say, Schools that fail to meet these standards will be harshly penalized. . . Additionally, H.R. 5 requires states to establish a system to target and take initiative to help poorly performing schools. I am glad H.R. 5 accomplishes these goals but I am cognizant of the fact you failed to justify your vote by showing where the Constitution gives federal government the authority to penalize or establish a system to target anything. This is tyranny and an admission of Congress criminality. This Act is one of many Acts/laws proving members of Congress routinely violate their oaths with abandon. I was pleased to learn the Student Success Act removes the Secretary of Educations ability to coerce states into adopting Common Core Standards, through misguided, incentivized programs and that you are adamantly opposed to the coercive race to the top grant program promoted by President Obummer. I support your stated goal for writing meaningful legislation that eliminates the Department of Education. I hope you finish it soon.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." Thomas Jefferson.

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I was however, surprised to learn you are not necessarily opposed to national standards in the strictest sense of establishing a goal for schools to aim for. A national standard for any purpose is a foot in the door for continued unconstitutional federal interference and tyranny. A constitutional amendment allowing federal involvement is order if you and others want to take away the states right to experiment and provide solutions that counter the one size fits all the federal government imposes. I suggest you consider this option if you want change. Words have meaning so I want to know what you meant when you aid, Our government needs to be in the business of providing support to educators and states encouraging them to promote school success through innovation, not coercion. Which government are you referring to, diverse state governments whose responsibility it is to educate the citizens2 of their individual republics the Constitution guarantees, or the federal behemoth .promoting one size fits all Marxist solutions? We disagree on your assertion that our schools have been systematically underfunded. This statement is inaccurate belying a political effort to garner/buy votes from the teachers unions and others whose interests are not in educating future generations, but indoctrinating future generations with Marxist-humanism while filling their pockets with taxpayer largess and benefits. The record shows Americans spend more money on education than any other country worldwide. The illiteracy rates prove tax money is wasted on bureaucracies, their hangers on, and other interests whose sole interest is self-interest. Past generations were literate and better educated than the current generation. We built and sustained this country and its economy only to have it destroyed by the socialism so many Americans fought against and died for. History records this country was exceptional until the federal government started screwing with education and other areas prohibited by the constitution. We did not attain our pre-eminent status among nations because we were stupid. You correctly state Governor Scott and the state legislature have the authority to opt out of Common Core. Florida opted into Common Core to get federal money during hard times. Add to this the power and influence of the Bush family of New World Order vintage plus his connections to No Child Left Behind and Common Core, and you begin to understand the enormity of the problem. Greed, politics, and power have nothing to do with education. They will however, transform this country if left unchecked. Like you I believe that providing a student with books to read is a step in the right direction. Your partnership with the Library of Congress and the surplus book program is a good start. I am glad to know your office will send books, maps, and videos to Florida students who need them at your office expense However, I want to know if anyone on your staff has read any of these books for content and accuracy. Both are important. Do they contain information prior to 1865 regarding this countrys founding? I ask because I took the time to read the history/geography book seen in my working paper on FS 1003.42 that I sent you. The content of this history/geography book contained no credible information that explained or told students anything about-American exceptionalism

The constitution clearly says each state admitted to this union is a Constitutional Republic in its own right. These rights come with responsibilities, education being one such individual responsibility.

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what makes this country great. It left out a lot of information about Western Civilization. My concern is the books you want to send are more of the same. Walt Boyer, Patrick Wilbur, and I have been busy generating data for Representative Perry regarding Common Core. I have kept you in the loop realizing that curriculum aside, the major problem with Florida Education and other issues is related to the State Legislature and the governors willingness to accept federal money/influence. This leads to the one size fits all curriculums that come with it. Add planned ignorance an education system has purposely visited upon Americans over time regarding their history and heritage plus Elected officials who are more concerned with the here and now, than the meaning of their Oaths, this country, and the future of coming generations plus Enactment of the 16th and 17th Amendments3 that neuter to some extent the 10th Amendment. And the fact many elected officials do not realize or care that that state legislatures, governors, local authorities and the federal house are the only remaining bastions of American freedom based on Constitutional governance And its not hard to figure out why we have social and educational problems in Florida and nationwide. I hope the information I sent you and your staff regarding the National Governors Association has had a positive effect. The information that caused you to make the statement you did about Common Cores genealogy at the Tea Party meeting was based on a lie. If you believe otherwise, please be honest enough to say so. Walt and Patrick have done an awesome job sifting the fact and faction of Common Core. I was honored to be associated with them. I went after the genealogy for a reason after researching the issues behind FS 1003.42 for a reason. I have provided you and your staff with proof that No Child Left Behind and Common Core in particular are Marxist creations, generated by the UN and sanctioned by like-minded moneyed interests whose ultimate goal is to destroy this Republic and its Constitution over time. The destruction of this country and its constitution is paid for with taxpayer money. The American people are being forced to pay for our own demise. I object. These interests know the only way to accomplish their goals is through generations of Americans appropriately dumbed down to the point they accept whatever comes their way. That any representative is willing to accept this condition is reprehensible. I cannot wrap my arms around this betrayal. We did not send you to Congress to go along, get along, and roll over on the unconstitutional acts sanctioned by your peers. We sent you to congress to be a leader, not a follower. This said please know I wish you fair winds and following seas. I am also looking forward to your reply Yours in the Bill of Rights,

Roy G. Callahan

Research reveals the legality of those enactments is questionable. Karl Marxs communist manifesto (1848) had its effect here and throughout the world.

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Copy to: Representative Keith Perry, Caroline Anderson, Florida Oath Keepers, and John Birch Society.

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