INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY 2008 Past Paper I Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

INSTRUCTIONS TO STUDENTS • • • This paper consists of SIXTY multiple choice questions to be completed by students. Answers should be marked on the answer sheet provided. Each item in this test has four suggested answers lettered (A), (B), (C), (D). Read each item carefully then choose the best answer.

Sample Item Which of the following pairs represents general-purpose software tools? Sample Answer (A) Spreadsheet and database software (B) Word processor and accounting software (C)Students record system and database software (D)Insurance processing and spreadsheet software A B C D

The best answer to this item is “spreadsheet and database software”, so answer space (A) has been shaded.



Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only? a. Interpret instruction c. Word d. 16 d. The unit of storage used to represent a character is? a. Output b. OMR c. Storage c. Which of the following storage media used laser technology to store data a. 8 c. Floppy disk b. Magnetic tape d. 18 3. Direct operation d. Which of the following is NOT a function of the control unit? a. Input 2. OCR b. Hexadecimal has a base value of? a. POS d. Byte c. When a computer is working on given instructions it is called? a. Magnetic disk c. 6 b. Execute instructions 4. Processing d. Kilobyte 5. MICR 3 . Bit b. CD-ROM d. Read instructions b. Hard disk 7. The technology used to read pencil or pen marks on a multiple choice answer sheet is? a. Magnetic tape c. Floppy disk b. Optical Disk 6.1.

Laser printer c. d. d. b.8. An oral speech delivered by a speaker b. c. The display on a monitor d. a. 11. A picture on a wall produced from a multimedia projector 10. 12. c. b. the CPU speed is measured in? Kilohertz gigabytes kilobytes gigahertz Which of the following is not application software? WordProcessor Spreadsheets Windows SmartDraw 14. b. Perform calculation 4 . a. The decimal equivalent of 000011112 is? 8 12 15 28 The BCD representation of (-15) is? 100000011111 101100101111 000000011111 101100010101 In modern computers. Lightpen 9. Which of the following output is an example of a hardcopy? a. Provides security c. d. b. d. Control input/output operations. A bill produced from the printer c. c. Plotter b. Graphics tablet d. a. c. b. a. Which of the following is not a function of the operating system? a. 13. The MOST suitable device for the output of architectural drawing is a? a.

Icon c. Persons at a downtown café realized that they were able to access the internet on their laptop computers. Touch screen 20. The café could be considered as a? a. General-purpose software b. Custom-purpose software d. b. Special-purpose software c. Doing a background save while typing a document b. a. Allowing many users to use the same program c. Local area network 5 . b. Modem d. Allowing one user to use one program d. Which of the following is NOT a type of transmission medium? a. d.d. Coaxial b. An example of multitasking is? a. Microwave 21. Metropolitan area network b. Sensor b. Operating one program by many users 16. Which of the following is not a type of software interface? Command Driven Touch screen Menu-Driven Graphical User Interface(GUI) An airline reservation system is an example of Batch processing Real time processing Interactive processing Distributed processing 19. The name of the interface used by blind persons to perform operation on a computer is a. 18. c. c. Braille d. d. Quality Developers is a company that writes programs to do specific jobs for other companies. Twisted pair c. Provide a friendly interface 15. Off-the-shelf software 17. These programs are called? a. a. Hotspot c.

Podcast b. This address is referred to as? a. Uploading or downloading data to or from a remote computer is done using? a. Inter relay chat c. a. Each website on the Internet can be accessed by entering a unique address. Satellite 22. b. Surfer 24. Internet and URL 6 . Fibre optic b. FTP d. Newsgroup c. ISP and web browser d. Bluetooth c. A group of persons who share common interests and communicate by posting messages and replies on the internet is called a/an? a. Which of the following pair of items is used to create webpage? a. c. Which of the following technologies does NOT facilitate the transferring of data between computers in adjacent buildings a. Homepage and Website b. d. Blogging d. HTTP b. Instant messaging 25.d. Which of the following items cannot be sent via email? Text document Parcels Sound files Graphics images 27. Uploader d. HTML c. Twisted pair d. Microwave 23. File transfer protocol b. URL 26. HTML and authoring tool c.

It does not have any value 29. It is not the result of processing d. Fireproof cabinets d. Firewall b. Data source and merged letters d. Cut and paste 32. Copy. c. Primary document and current letter 7 . cut and paste c. Primary document and merged letters c. It is raw facts b. It is meaningful c. Which one of the following statements BEST describes the term ‘information’? a. Primary document and data source b. Hacking 30. d. copy and paste d. Encryption b. Which of the following is NOT a physical restriction with respect to data security a. In word processing. The pair of files used to produce merged letters during a mail merge is? a. Presentation software allows the user to Track changes Design tables Enhance public speaking Develop graphs to report on sales data 33. an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is? a. Cut. Industrial Espionage d.28. Copy and paste b. a. b. Locking up the hardware c. Biometric Systems 31. Which of the following actions is NOT considered to be a computer crime? a. Piracy c.

Indent 36. Footers are found at the …………….. Which of the following statements is NOT true of primary keys? a. Which of the following formatting features is unique to numbers in spreadsheet? a. Custom c. AltG d. functions 35. AltH 40. values b. These entries are called a. Top of every page 8 . b. To center the title rows of a spreadsheet across the column Center align the title rows Center align the title columns Merge and center the title rows Merge and center the title columns 37. d. values and labels Cell addresses. Text entered into a spreadsheet is aligned towards the left by default. c. CtrlG b. formulae d. They may be composed of one or more attributes 39. Bold b. a. labels c. CtrlH c. a. Bottom of every page b. values and mathematical operators Cell addresses and labels Cell addresses and values 38. They do not contain blank value b. Italics d.of a document. The shortcut key that can be used to activate or open the find and replace screen is a. c. b. Formulae in a spreadsheet involve Cell addresses. d. a.34. They are always in text form d. They are unique identifiers c.

Access the chart wizard d. Provide on-screen help 9 . d. The following words could be found in the document that Susan typed sad set star street Susan performed a ‘Find and Replace’ action with the ‘Find what’ entry set to “s?t” and the ‘Use wildcard’ option selected. use or selling of software that is copyrighted. Dell c. Which string from the list above would be found? a. Insert a sum formula on the worksheet c. The unauthorized copying. b. The authorized copying. c. 44.c. Move data to the clipboard b. dell b. d. All of the above 42. Susan is using the ‘Find and Replace’ feature of a word processing tool. DeLL e. DELL d. c. Software piracy involves……………… a. End of a page d. The unauthorized copying. The authorized copying. to search for the word “DELL”. use or selling of software that is not copyrighted. Which word or words can be found if she has the “Match case’ option disabled? a. in a document that she is typing. use or selling of software that is copyrighted. b. The purpose of the icon Σ is to a. sad set star street 43. use or selling of software that is not copyrighted. end 41.

A field in a table appears as a match of the primary key in another table is called a a. Composite key 46. 10 11 13 14 47. calculate the average and displaying the result a. d. Foreign key d. b C (a+b)/2 Display C b.45. d. t and u have been assigned the values shown S 5 T 6 U 3 Which of the following statements does NOT evaluate to TRUE? a. b. Given the following algorithm J5 K J J J+K K J+3 Display K The value displayed for K is? a. Which of the following algorithms satisfies the requirement of asking the user to input two numbers. b. Input a. Candidate key b. The following variables s. b 10 . Secondary key c. c. c. Display ‘Enter two numbers’ Input a. U>7 and T <=7 S< T or U < S – 2 U – 2 >= 1 T <> 4 or s = 5 48.

b Ca+b/2 Display C d. 38 51. 4GLs b. h4 and s3*h. for k7 down to 4 step-1 display k d. For v2 to 5 Display v b. The variables h and s are assigned the following values.C(a+b)/2 Display c c. Which of the following languages is ONLY understood by computers a. 32 d. h While h<5 Display h hh+1 end while c. Input a. 30 c. Machine Languages 11 . Display h+s*2 will show a. Display ‘Enter two numbers’ Input a. b Ca+b/2 Display C 49. f 6 while f<3 display f f f-1 50. Which of the following algorithms does NOT display four consecutive numbers? a. 28 b.

Which of the following is NOT type of program error Logic error Syntax error Run time error Debug 55. Execution errors d. Logical errors c. Dry run c. Syntax errors b. writeln d. read c. Which of the following is an example of a conditional construct? a. Which of the following languages is NOT a high-level language? a. PASCAL 53. If-then-else c. Documentation 56. readln 12 . For-endfor 57. Errors that occur in a program when the rules of the programming languages are NOT obeyed are called a. d.c. While-endwhile d. Tracing b. Debugging d. F-Next b. a. Run-time errors 54. write b. Natural Languages d. ASSEMBLY d. COBOL c. Procedural languages 52. Which of the following reserved words in Pascal displays data and places the cursor on a new line. b. C b. c. Which of the following term is not a term used to describe the process of manually going through a program looking for errors a. a.

Program implementation involves a number of steps.58. Dynamic 13 . Which of the following identifiers is NOT a valid variable name? a. Variable d. Which of the following steps is NOT legitimate? a. Volatile c. Compiling d. The term used to describe a memory location whose value changes during program execution a. Input b. Bonding c. totalCost c. NumCount 60. 9Count d. Linking 59. Constant b. Executing b.

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