FSUE Bureau Meeting 25 August 2008, Lans en Vercors, (FR)
written by Jean-Claude Thies

start: 09:30 Present: Juan Carlos Lopez Casas, (Pres. ES); Jean-Claude Thies, (Treas. LU); Olivier Vidal. (Secr. FR); Christiane Grebe (ECPC. DE); AitanaTamayo ES (interpreter) Excused: Ged Campion, (Vpres. GB)

1) UIS Meeting reflections General observations of the FSUE Bureau members following the meeting we had with the UIS President and Secretary General on the day before (24 August 2008 at 4:00pm) : It has been a very good meeting despite its short duration of only half an hour. There has not been an issue of competition. Both Bureaus from FSUE and UIS are working in a close cooperation. In the future we would like to see more regular meetings between UIS and FSUE. For our regular Bureau meetings one representative from UIS as observer will need to be enough. Juan Carlos Lopez and Christiane Grebe will be our official representatives from the FSUE at the 15th ICS conference in Texas in 2009. There might be a possibility to have an information stand during the ICS conference.

2) Financial Report The European Cave Protection Commission (ECPC) needs some funds to start a proper work. Also the ECPC should look for external funds as Eurobats, IUCN projects also.

EuroSpeleo Projects for the first semester, year 2008: 2008-01 2008-02 Laos expedition 4th Cavae diving congress 500.400.label OK label OK



Jean-Claude Thies, LU

EuroSpeleo Projects for the second semester, year 2008: 2008-03 2008-04 2008-05 2008-06 Humpleu Aim Expedition 2nd Balcan Speleological Congress IJS Journal (Paleoclimate) ISEI Expedition Iran 2008 500.not approved 500 500 label label label label OK NO OK OK

As the yearly Balance (2007-2008) will be presented at our XGAM, here the Balance from 1st of July up to the 20th of August 2008: Only incomes are noted due to late payments of fees from several countries. See FSUE balance at 20 Aug 2008 and 2008-2009 budget proposal in annex.

3) Delegates Situation - Presence at the XGAM BE BG CH DE ES FR GB GR HU IT LT LU MK PL PT RO RS SE SK MC IE BELGIUM BULGARIA SWIZERLAND GERMANY SPAIN FRANCE GREAT BRITAIN GREECE HUNGARIA ITALY LITHUANIA LUXEMBOURG FYR. of MACEDONIA POLAND PORTUGAL ROMANIA SERBIA SWEDEN SLOVAKIA MONACO IRELAND Jean-Marc Mattlet Petar Beron Patrick Deriaz Stephan Marks / Christiane Grebe Juan Carlos Lopez Olivier Vidal Glynn Jones To be voted by GA Szabolcs Leél-Össy Michele Sivelli proxy Jean-Claude Thies, LU Jean-Claude Thies Marjan Temovski / Oliver Gichevski Ditta Kicinska Manuel Freire Viorel Lascu Uros Aksamovic Thomaz Gustavsson Peter Magdolen / Peter Bella will not be present no info

Other EU countries not members of the FSUE : AT AUSTRIA CZ CZECH REPUBLIC have a stand at Vercors 2008 for Brno 2013 DK DENMARK SI SLOVENIA will be present as observer NL THE NETHERLAND will be present as observer



Jean-Claude Thies, LU

4) Multiple organisations representing one country XGAM Agenda point 5 The Bureau proposes not to vote in favour of multiple organisations for one country. But in case the GA would like to have a vote as it is a present point on the Agenda we will have it. Regarding the Greek problem: 18 countries are entitled to vote at this point. The voting bulletin during the XGAM will be as following : - FHS - HSS - (none) or (blank bulletin)

5) Bureau Candidates Vice-Secretary: Alexej Zhalov, BG has sent a written candidature.

Treasurer: No candidature for the moment. Olivier Vidal has made several talks with possible candidates for the post of Treasurer, but none was decided.

6) Quorum at the XGAM At the beginning of the XGAM we will have 18 possible votes (in case the late payments will get approved by the GA) Welcoming the new member countries: CH, MC, MK, PL, RS, SK

7) Reduced Membership Fees Only Lithuania has send a written request to pay 15.- EUR only instead of the initial 56.-. The argument is as there are only 32 members registred in LT. The request will be presented by Jean-Claude Thies.

8) Agenda of the XGAM point 8 : The report of the Bureau 2007-2008 will be presented by all of us: - Major avancements Juan Carlos Lopes - Internal & Publc representation Olivier Vidal - EurosSpeleo Projects Christiane Grebe - European Licence Jean-Claude Thies
FSUE_BUR-Vercors_25AUG2008 3/3 Jean-Claude Thies, LU

point 7 : Spanish proposal : to be added in Art1 of the statutes: a country must be recognized by the European Council or by the UN Meeting Schedule : XGAM 26 August 2008 Bureau Meeting 26 August 2008 Meeting closure: 12:45

9:00am 2:00pm

at Gymnase at Chalet des Cadets



Jean-Claude Thies, LU

01/07/2008 - 20/08/2008 edition: Bureau Meeting 25/08/2008 (Vercors, FR)

subscriptions 2007-2008 * 331.00 prepayment GR coming years (FHS) 150.00




Total OUT + 481.00 EUR


having on our account in Luxembourg: August 20, 2008 * HU, LT, MK, IE


FSUE Treasurer, 21/08/2008 Jean-Claude Thies, Luxembourg

The Budget Plan for 2008-2009 to be proposed at XGAM : EuroSpeleo Forum 2009 EuroSpeleo Projects 2008-2009 Meetings Stamps, Office, Copies EuroSpeleo Newsletter Commercial items (stickers) EuroSpeleo Protection Commission Internet 15th ICS presence, stand Total in Euros 500 2500 200 400 600 500 500 100 100 5400



Jean-Claude Thies, LU