FSE BUREAU MEETING Saturday 2nd of May 2009 during 4th EuroSpeleo Forum in Urzulei, Italy

Reported by Ged Campion

Present participants Bureau members : Juan Carlos Lopez (President, Spain), Ged Camion (VicePresident, Great Britain), Olivier Vidal (Secretary General, France), Manuel Freire (Treasurer, Portugal). Others : Andy Eavis (UIS President, Great Britain), Sofia Reboleira (ECPC Secretary, Portugal), Gianpietro Marchesi (President SSI, Italy), Riccardo Dall’acqua (FSE Delegate, Italy), Antonio Gutierrez–Gameroes (interpreter, Spain). Excused : Alexey Zhalov (Vice-secretary, Bulgaria)

Meeting starts at 9.30am Before starting the meeting, the FSE President warmly thanks the SSI President for welcoming the FSE Bureau and for the good organisation of the 4th EuroSpeleo Forum.

1. Outstanding Reports There were two Bureau meetings in Vercors. Jean-Claude Thies has completed the first report and Olivier Vidal (OV) will complete the second. It was acknowledged that only brief notes were taken on the second meeting. OV to complete the final draft of the General Assembly Meeting (GAM), also from Vercors. Ged Campion (GC) raise the issue of the last Bureau report completed in Paris that was still to be placed on the website. Manuel Freire (MF) will put it on the website.

2. UIS-FSE Political Balance Discussion took place regarding the place of the UIS and FSE. Vercors 2008 had been a very positive experience and had highlighted the spirit of co-operation between these two bodies. There were a number of projects that both organisations could work on together. The possibility of a FSE rep in the UIS Bureau was also raised and this could be discussed at the UIS Congress in Texas. Andy Eavis (AE) said it was important that commissions in both organisations are active.
Bureau – 2 May 2009 - Page 1 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org

The FSE Protection Commission has been particularly effective in 2008 and this was highlighted as very progressive work. There is a project of expeditions database that is currently being supported by both FSE and UIS. The meeting agreed that it was important to build in common the database and Manuel Freire is nominated as project leader to work on this on behalf of the FSE with the agreement of the UIS President. It is acknowledged that sometimes it is difficult to get expedition reports from expeditions. Some are quite precious about their work and don’t always share it. However, FSE and UIS should encourage sharing the data. The building of the Expeditions database online interface is discussed and could be put on the agenda of the different interested national organisations. An agreement between UIS and FSE needs to be signed in Texas on the way of cooperation and whether further money should be invested in the database. Links with Peter Matthews and BBS will be vital. It is also agreed that this should be placed on the agenda of the GAM at Hidden Earth in September. It is felt that it would be important to start with a list of all the existing expedition databases and proceed from there. The vote is unanimous.

3. UIS Congress at Texas The FSE should be well represented including Juan Carlos Lopez (JCL), Manuel Freire (MF) and Ged Campion (GC). It is agreed that an FSE stand should be available and a banner and a poster could be made up to the cost of 200 euros. In view of the secretary being unable to attend, there will not be Bureau Meeting.

4. EU Commission Meetings * Sports Unit in EU Commission GC and JCL report back that no further information has been provided and JCL agreeds to send a letter to Brussels asking what the outcome of the decisions has been about this commission. * Protection directorate in EU Commission It is generally agreed how much energy has been put into by the ECPC although the outcome had not been achieved. A meeting of the Protection Commission will be held at the Balkan Camp on 24th June in Antalya, Turkey. It is not clear at this stage how many people would attend from the FSE.

5. Newsletter JCL has not been able to progress this any further because of other work demands.

Bureau – 2 May 2009 - Page 2 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org

6. Greek Situation No change has been informed since last GAM in Vercors. It is felt that it was an internal problem that needs to be resolved by the cavers in their own country. Andy Eavis explains that such tricky situations occurs in several countries around the world. These are very difficult to be dealt by the UIS too. 7. Membership Status MF is able to report that the following were paid up members : France, Italy, Sweden, Morocco, Switzerland, Greece. Austria has asked to be Observers in the process and has donated 20 euros as they did in 2008. There are currently 21 countries as members and the new coming ones are Norway and Armenia. Turkey has asked to wait for the reform of their national union. AE ask what are the boundaries of Europe. It is answered that according to article 1 of the FSE statutes, every country member of the Council of Europe is authorised to become a member of the FSE. Action : MF agreeds to send all data regarding Bureau Members and financial status by the end of May.

8. FEALC / FSE Relationships Discussions take place about the bilateral agreement that Italy has signed with Brazil concerning expeditions and additional financing of their expeditions. It is decided by the FSE Bureau that speleological projects including at least 5 countries members from FEALC and FSE can apply to the ESP funding. This is an illustration of how Euro-Speleo projects can extend it reach and benefit speleo projects in countries outside of Europe.

9. EuroSpeleo Projects The meeting covers a number of the projects that have been financed in 2008. • Remapping of Tabara Humplau in Romania (CH) • Special edition of International Journal of Speleology (IT) • Expedition to Iran The expedition visiting Iran has received no money up to now because no report was submitted. A delay up to end of June is given to them. Four new requests for projects has been received for 2009 : • Laos expedition (DE) • Alps Speleo Camp (FR) • Cave Rescue Meeting (HU) • Expedition to Georgia (LT)
Bureau – 2 May 2009 - Page 3 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org

It was agreed that 2000 to 2500 euros could be awarded as ESP budget for the second semester. This will be decided with the building of the 2009-2010 budget that will be voted during next GAM at Hidden Earth in September.

Additional money (8500 euros) for Euro-Speleo projects will arrive from the French Federation coming from the contribution of Vercors 2008. It is encourage that future EuroSpeleo Forums should include a contribution of 1 euro per day and per participant to participate to the financing of the ESP funding. It is also agreed the minimum amount awarded will be 400 euros with no ceiling on the maximum amount awarded, starting from the ESP projects of the 2nd semester of 2009.

10. Delegate and Vice Delegate A directory is to be prepared by the Secretary by the end of June.

11. Euro-Speleo Protection Label Sofia Reboleira raised main issues. It is agreed by the meeting that the label was very good and the idea of a European Cave Day was proposed. There are however difficulties about a European Cave Dave and how cleaning up caves could be perceived by the general public. However, a day will be organised for Oct/Nov depending on further information being available. Discussion about the need for more lectures and events (Earth Day). It is decided that a debate is needed before we can have a European Cave Day.

12. Financial MF to provide budget. The Treasurer proposes that we go to an annual budget and accountancy from January to December instead of from July to June. • • So after GAM, call for second semester of 2009 (half fee). 2010 full membership fee.

13. General Assembly Meeting General Assembly Meeting will take place at Hidden Earth, at Churchill School, near Bristol on the 26th September 2009 at 2pm preceded by a FSE Bureau meeting in the morning.

14. Euro Speleo Protection Budget It was decided that money could be found through the developpment of T-shirts. MF to approach Decathlon for sponsorship. Beal currently give 500m of free rope to all Euro-Speleo projects.
Bureau – 2 May 2009 - Page 4 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org

15. Official Registration of FSE Official registration at Luxembourg Youth Hostel Association has been completed end of December 2008 by Jean-Claude Thies.

16. Statutes To be placed on website by Manuel Freire.

17. Internet Sites It is reported back on development of FSE internet site : • • • Need to create table for speleological events around Europe Reports from old website to be transferred Need to find new webmaster

MF to make contact with potential new webmasters from France & UK. AE to speak to Rob Eavis.

18. Miscellaneous 5th EuroSpeleo Forum in 2010 : Spain did not receive any money from two provinces. So Sofia Reboleira informs that 2010 EuroSpeleo Forums could be held in Azores and in 2012 will be held a scientific event in Portugal.

19. Date of next bureau meeting Next Bureau meeting will be held on the 26th September morning, at Hidden Earth, Somerset, England, just before the GAM. Meeting ends at 1pm.

Bureau – 2 May 2009 - Page 5 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org