FSE BUREAU MEETING Tuesday 26th of August 2008 in Lans en Vercors, France

Reported by Olivier Vidal Nota Bene : On the same day during the morning, in the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting (XGAM), the FSUE has changed its name to FSE.

Present participants Bureau members : Juan Carlos Lopez (President, Spain), Olivier Vidal (Secretary General, France), Manuel Freire (Treasurer, Portugal), Alexey Zhalov (Vicesecretary, Bulgaria). Others : Jean-Claude Thies (ex-Treasurer, Luxembourg), Christiane Grebe (ECPC Head, Germany) Excused : Ged Campion (Vice-President, UK)

Meeting starts at 2pm 1. Date of next bureau meeting It is proposed to held next FSE Bureau meeting during the Italian congress on november. This will be confirmed by email in the coming weeks.

2. Finalisation of legal registration Jean-Claude Thies informs that he will finalize all the official registration process in Luxembourg within the coming months.

3. Thanks letter to Mikel Irujo Christiane Grebe will write the thanks letter to the euro-deputy Mikel Irujo.

4. Role of the treasurer The transfer of the role of treasurer between Jean-Claude Thies and Manuel Freire will be made in the coming days during the end of the European congress in Vercors.

Bureau – 26 Aug 2008 - Page 1 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org

There will also be meetings between Olivier Vidal and Alexay Zhalov to inform the new Vice-secretary how carry the work of projects management.

5. New FSE website Manuel Freire will be responsible to build the new FSE website. He will work with Olivier Vidal about the definition of the content of it.

6. ECPC Internal regulations Christiane Grebe will be responsible to finalize the internal regulations of the Protection commission. She will work with Olivier Vidal for the details of it.

7. FSE-FEALC Agreement Juan Carlos Lopez will inform the FEALC about the final approval of it by the FSE general assembly. Since it had been approved on February 2008 by the FEALC general assembly, the agreement is now valid.

8. Minor modification of the planned budget 2008-2009 Inside the provisional budget it has been forgotten by the Bureau to include the EuroSpeleo Protection label grant of 500 euros for the period 2008-2009. It will be taken from the lines EuroSpeleo Newsletter that becomes 100 euros instead of 600 euros. The broadcasting will be preferentially made by internet. The final 2008-2009 previsional budget becomes : Budget Plan for 2008-2009 : EuroSpeleo Forum 2009 EuroSpeleo Projects 2008-2009 Meetings Stamps, Office, Copies EuroSpeleo Newsletter Commercial items (stickers) EuroSpeleo Protection Label EuroSpeleo Protection Commission Internet 15th ICS presence, stand Total in Euros 500 2500 200 400 100 500 500 500 100 100 5400

Meeting ends at 4pm.

Bureau – 26 Aug 2008 - Page 2 F.S.E. – BP.3067 – L-1030 Luxembourg - Email : contact@eurospeleo.org - http://www.eurospeleo.org