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Put on your hiking boots and experience the best of the Norwegian countryside. These holidays bring you close to nature and keep both your body and mind active.
Many will consider Norway’s mountain areas as more untouched than those found on the continent and elsewhere in the world. Visible traces of civilisation are far and few preserved national park areas to explore. One of the characteristics of Norway is that you are always close to nature. Even in the bigger cities, endless beautiful trips with a permanent base and good accommodation. You will find a number of suitable areas that have established well-prepared paths of all difficulties through all landscapes. Such holidays can be found in the mountains, fjord areas and on the coast. You can stay in a practical, comfortable family cabin, or enjoy the luxury and relaxation of a hotel. with wine cellars and culinary delights based on passion and local raw products. WALK WITH A GUIDE
If you would prefer to try challenging terrain or learn more about the surrounding countryside, you should consider a guided trip. You can find well-qualified mountain guides throughout Norway who will help you get the most out of your walk and ensure you have the holiday of a lifetime. A guide can also give you a holiday you would not experience on your own, for example, by taking you climbing or walking on a glacier. Norway is a land with a long and varied history. You can now relive this history on foot. For example, at Rjukan there is the

"Norway is a dream destination for those wanting to explore the wilderness step by step"
Lonely Planet, 2011*
between. If you wish, you can walk for days only staying in unserviced or self-service cabins. However, you can also find mountain areas with serviced cabins and hotels where you will be met with all the creature comforts, such as good red wine and food, as a reward for having been active all day. Norway also has 41 wellnature is always within easy reach. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that mountain walking in Norway is all about simplicity, peace and getting closer to nature.

All over Norway, there is a network of paths where you can walk for days from cabin to cabin. The paths are marked with the characteristic red “T” and are run and maintained by the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). Accommodation varies in standard, from the most basic, unserviced cabins run by DNT, to luxurious mountain hotels

Many, particularly families, are more interested in shorter day


Go walking on the cier Birkedalsbreen Gla


Eat your lunch outside



walk “In The Footsteps of the Saboteurs”, which describes one of the most famous campaigns to prevent Hitler from developing nuclear weapons, and inspiring the film “Heroes of Telemark”. The Pilgrims’ Way takes you on a Medieval route, steeped in history, to the grave of St. Olav in Trondheim.

about how to walk safely in the mountains, please see page 17.

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Follow the red "T’s"

The season lasts from May to October, but the geographical variations are huge. There are also differences from year to year, and it is useful to ask the local tourist office before you book a walking holiday. We welcome you to Norway, which was recently named “one of the best walking destinations in the world” by the famous travel guide Lonely Planet!

In a number of places you will find well-marked paths. Many resorts have introduced a grading scale, which makes it easier for you to select a walk to suit your preference and skills. The grading is based on international standards and is colour coded (blue, green, red, black), using the same system you will find in ski resorts all over the world. If you are heading out on longer walks, you will find the marking system of the DNT. The paths are marked with beacons and the characteristic red “T”, which tells you that you are on the right track. No matter how well prepared a walk may be, it is important to remember that nature can change rapidly, and that you make sure you take any necessary precautions before you head off. For more tips

Enjoy the view of the Lys efjord from the top of Pre (the Pulpit Rock) ikestolen




Norway’s Visit Rondane - one of rks pa al ion nat ny ma


Sjuøyane Nordkapp Kvitøya Storøya




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gsfjorden Kon
Ny Ålesund 1225 Tre Kroner

1454 1368 Eidsvollfjellet 1717 Newtontoppen



den Wijdefjor


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St re

te t

Kapp Mohn

ks Eri Erik

st r en

t ete







Tonefjellet 933 Hornsundtind 1430



T a n a f j o r d e n

P o r s a n g e n



V e s



1068 OLAV V LAND Backlundtoppen

det sun land

rd Isfjo


Ol ga

Riv Kongsøya ale nsu nd e t Svenskøya

ete t

Kapp Linné


665 Haastberget

North Cape




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en rd fjo uv
Halvmåneøya Tusenøyane


Hurtigruten Nordkinnhalvøya Berlevåg Honningsvåg Kirkenes Kjøllefjord Båtsfjord Havøysund VarangerKåfjord halvøya PorsangerHopen

Varangerhalvøya Nasjonalpark





Stabbursdalen Nasjonalpark

Tana bru

n V ar a nger f j or de




Grense Jakobselv


Reias Nasjonalpark

Storslett Kvænangsbotn




Øvre Dividal Nasjonalpark


n Andenes e l Andøya å


Øvre Anárjohka Nasjonalpark



Moskenesøy Værøy
Rago Nasjonalpark

Stamsund Vestfj orden Sørvagen



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Flight connections to Norway SAS Norwegian British Airways Ryanair BMI Eastern Airways Widerøe Ferry connections to Norway Color Line Fjord Line Stena Line DFDS Seaways


Destinations Page 1 Setesdal 7 2 Grenland 9 3 Vinje 9 4 Telemark 9 5 The Stavanger Region 12 6 Ryfylke 13 7 Sirdal 14 8 Stalheim 14 9 Sunnhordland 15 101 Hardangerfjord/Ulvik 16 11 Sognefjord 18 12 Østerbø 19 13 Fjordkysten 20 14 Sunnfjord 21 15 Geirangerfjord 22 16 Ålesund & Sunnmøre 22 17 Stryn & Nordfjord 22 18 Kristiansund & Nordmøre 25 19 Romsdalseggen 25 20 Hallingdal/Fjell&Fjord 26 21 Hemsedal 29 22 Golsfjellet 29 23 Ål 29 24 Lillehammer 30 25 Skeikampen 31 26 Venabu 32 27 Rondane Dovrefjell 32 28 Jotunheimen 33 29 Valdres 34 30 Trysil 35 31 Femund Engerdal 35 32 Savalen 35 33 Innherred 37 34 Sylan 37 35 Trollheimen 37 36 Vega 40 37 Møysalen 40 38 Lauklines 41 39 Hammerfest 41


Junkerdal Nasjonalpark

Transport connections in Norway SAS Widerøe Norwegian



Saltfjellet-Svartisen Nasjonalpark

Mo i Rana

Nor-Way Bussekspress




Børgefjell Nasjonalpark


Lierne Nasjonalpark



Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella Nasjonalpark




Ytterøy Verdalsøra Sandvika



Skarvan og Roltdalen Nasjonalpark



18 34
Oppdal Røros
Femundsmarka Nasjonalpark


Forollhogna Nasjonalpark

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19 31




Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella Nasjonalpark



Reinheimen Nasjonalpark



15 17 Stryn








Rondane Nasjonalpark

Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalpark




13 14 Sande


Jotunheimen 28 Sogndal 11


Jotunheimen Nasjonalpark


26 Skeikampen Trysil 25 30 nefjorden Lillehammer Lærdal Sog 24 Rena Ytre Oppedal Fagernes Hemsedal Valdres 29 Hamar Elverum Aurland 12 21 22 Gol Mjøsa 8 23 Voss Geilo Eidfjord 20 d o r 10

Hallingskarvet Nasjonalpark











r, B er

Folgefonna Nasjonalpark

Hardangervidda Nasjonalpark






On the award winning website, Norway’s largest travel and tourism portal, you will find inspiration and information about hiking in Norway. You will find the best hiking destinations, suitable accommodation, offers from tour operators and there is a handy walk finder enabling you to find walks that suit your level of fitness all over Norway.














1 Valle





Stavanger 5

Sirdal 6 7 Jørpeland


Skien Porsgrunn








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Arendal Grimstad





Norway is a paradise for anyone who likes to be active outdoors. It is decidedly a mountain country, something that clearly has an influence on people who live here.
The Norwegian culture of walking is deeply ingrained in most Norwegians, with many of them seeking the mountains when they have time off. Whether you prefer to © Helle Andresen climb the highest peaks or walk on slake mountain paths, the possibilities are endless. However, there are some trips that are more tempting than others. Throughout the 200 years since mountain walking started in Norway, a set of classic walking destinations has developed, which people come back to again and again. The classic trips covered here are only a small selection of the unique experiences Norway can offer. You can find several other iconic hikes at: Kristin Krohn Devold Secretary General The Norwegian Trekking Association

The mountain classics



Gaustatoppen has been called the most beautiful mountain in Norway by many people. It towers majestically over Rjukan, 1,883 metres above sea level. On a clear day you can see east to the Swedish border or south to the coast. At the summit you can buy coffee, waffles and food in a 100 year-old stone cabin owned by the DNT.

Vesterålen is Lofoten’s less known neighbour in the north east, but it is just as beautiful. One of the most amazing trips on this group of islands is Dronningruta. The name comes from the enthusiasm expressed by her Royal Highness Queen Sonja when she walked this route in 1994. The walk contains everything Vesterålen can offer; a beautiful coast and small cosy towns, all surrounded by dramatic and spectacular mountains with panoramic views.


Gaustatoppen in Telemark

Preikestolen by the Lysefjord/ Ryfylke by Stavanger is one of Norway’s largest tourist attractions. Over 100,000 people walk out on the 604 metre-high mountain plateau every year. There is a very good path from the ridge to the Preikestolen Fjellstue and the estimated time is approximately four hours.




Dronningruta (The Queen’s Route) in Vesterålen


Besseggen in Jotunheimen




Galdhøpiggen in Oppland

Besseggen is one of the most popular walks in the country. The amazing view over the wild Jotunheimen and the steep paths gives a good feeling of achievement. Many who walk Besseggen will stay overnight in Gjendesheim and take the boat to Memurubu to start their walk there. The walk is not particularly difficult, but you should set aside eight hours.


Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) in Rogaland
In the Aurlandsdalen, the east and the west meet in a beautiful mountain area. The walk through Aurlandsdalen starts at the Geiterygghytta. If you wish to make the walk shorter, you can start from Østerbø and walk down to Vassbygdi. The walk from Østerbø follows an old path alongside wild water and steep mountains.





Romsdalseggen in Møre and Romsdal

On the walk over Romsdalseggen, the view takes the breath away from the most experienced mountaineer. Here you will find mountains, fjords, peaks and waterfalls surrounding you. You can choose between a normal route, a family option, and a "so called" extreme route. The first two are suitable for everyone, whereas the latter requires rope and experience in safety. The walk has an elevation of around 800 metres and takes between six and nine hours.

The highest mountain in Norway towers 2,469 metres above sea level and offers an amazing view of Jotunheimen. Galdhøpiggen is more than just a mountain – it is also a symbol of the relationship between Norwegians and the mountains. From Spiterstulen of Juvasshytta it is relatively easy for people in good physical shape to climb the summit. The walk to Galdhøpiggen from Juvasshytta is familiy friendly and suits children who are used to walking. artikler/opplevingar/galdhoepiggen


Aurlandsdalen in Sogn and Fjordane

2 3 5 6 4 7

The Pilgrims’ Route

- The Route of St. Olav To Trondheim


The Pilgrims’ Route is the link between history, landscape and culture. Discover a slower and simpler life through a sustainable holiday for the future.

The Pilgrims’ Route is the link between history, landscape and culture. To walk along the old paths is a green and sustainable way to holiday. Plan your own walk or try an organised tour.
The Pilgrims’ Route, the Medieval road towards Trondheim to the grave of Saint Olav in Nidarosdomen, is an alternative to traditional Norwegian mountain routes. Saint Olav is the most important saint of Norway and the pilgrimages to his grave started the year following his death in 1030. You will have an opportunity to hear more about the saga of Saint Olav if you choose to do an organised walk. These old roads are signposted and ready to accommodate walkers of all levels. The walk goes through urban areas, along roads, through magnificent cultural landscapes, peaceful forests and deserted mountain areas. The landscape is varied- from simple paths to more challenging mountain areas. As you travel you are able to explore locations and cultural monuments from Norwegian history. A network of accommodation options has been established, with most of it being of a simple but pleasant standard. The Pilgrims’ Route is marked throughout with its own logo. The web-based walking planner will help you get started. Choose the stretch you would like to walk and how many days you wish to spend en route, or select one of our suggested walks. You can print maps and other information from the website. Every year a continuous walk from Oslo to Trondheim is arranged. This is a joint arrangement for the regional pilgrimage centres. For more information see: You can also contact the regional centres for information and help with other routes. The Pilgrims’ Route – The Route of St. Olav to Trondheim – was declared a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe in 2010.

Transport Oslo-Trondheim 640 km You can start your walk anywhere on this route. To Oslo or Trondheim Walking Use the web-based walking planner and find more information at:

© HenningGrøtt NDR.

© Bjørn Nysveen

Nowhere is the landscape so full of contrasts as in Southern Norway. Along the coastal paths there are fantastic views of sun-soaked rocks and the open sea. However, just a few hours’ drive inland you will find majestic mountains and charming mountain villages. You don’t have to go far to find some amazing walking opportunities.
In Setesdalheiene, 800 – 1,400 metres above sea level, you will find the SVR Conservation Area – Norway’s second largest protected area. Europe’s southernmost wild reindeer herd lives here. Wild reindeer are shy, but if you are lucky you may spot them. Nonetheless, we can guarantee you amazing experiences. DNT’s network of hiking trails is extensive both within and outside the protected area. It is therefore possible to customise a walk to suit your fitness level and the weather conditions. The Setesdal region has 8,000 inhabitants spread out over 5,000 km2, which results in vast areas for recreation. Whether you wish to walk from cabin to cabin in the mountains or go for day trips from the hotels in the valley, you will find brilliant possibilities in Setesdal. In Telemark you will find a combination of gentle valleys and towering mountains with well-maintained walks suitable for anyone from beginners to the experienced mountain goat. Gaustatoppen Mountain is 1,883 metres above sea level and on a clear day you can see one sixth of Norway from this summit. Telemark is also known for its cultural heritage. The Telemark Canal was traditionally an important mode of transport, but is today a unique tourist attraction with a varied terrain and amazing hiking opportunities. In north Telemark you will find Rjukan, known as the cradle of industry, where Norsk Hydro industries started more than 100 years ago. Today Rjukan is a lively mountain village, but the industrial heritage makes this a unique historic town. Rjukan offers a range of outdoor activities and is also the gateway to Hardangervidda, the highest mountain plateau in northern Europe. The climate in the south is mild. In the lower areas you can start the hiking season in April, but in the higher areas it is better to wait until June for optimal conditions.


Southern Norway

Recommended hiking trips

© Vandreregionen Vest-Telemark/Hamish Moore

Lårdalsstigen This walk is known as “Tougher than Besseggen”. This is an amazing path between Lårdal and Dalen in Telemark. A lot of the trip is along the edge of the mountain, up to 800 metres above the Telemark Canal. A local guide will join you on the walk to give you an insight into the cultural heritage and historic sites. Along this route you will find

beautiful flora and a unique geology. The return from Lårdal to Dalen can be enjoyed on board the “Victoria” or “Henrik Ibsen” boats on the Telemark Canal. Distance: Day trip 14 kilometres one way Season: May to October Difficulty: Demanding/expert

© Terje Rakke/NordicLife

Hægefjell – Nissedal The experience starts by the Fjone ferry by rv.41. The walk starts along a gravel road before you enter a troll forest which quickly turns uphill towards the mountain. The forest is old and the floor is covered in green moss, reminding you more of a fairy tale forest where trolls and pixies would live. On top of the mountain you will find the granite walls which make the mountains

in Nissedal so special. It is steep but easy to walk to the beacon at the top. There is a marked path onwards to Vrådal. Distance: Two-and-a-half hours Season: May to October Difficulty: Demanding

Location Southern Norway encompasses the counties of Telemark, East Agder and West Agder. travel In Southern Norway there are two international airports with good links to most of the major cities in Europe. In addition, the region has great ferry links to the continent making it easily accessible. For more information

© Anders Martinsen

High mountain experiences at Hovden This walk is all the way north in Setesdal Austhei. The start is by Berdalen, at 800 metres above sea level, and stays at around 1,200 metres for the majority of the walk. If you choose to go to Bjåen, you will reach 1,400 metres above sea level. In other words, this

is an alpine trip. You can choose to stay in your own tent or in the DNT cabins. Distance: Three days Season: June to October Difficulty: Expert

“ Norway!”
Cruise & Walk

The Northern waters contain some of the world’s most amazing scenery. From beyond the arctic circle, through the beauty of the fjords, Ramblers Cruise & Walk Holidays provide the ultimate escape.

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Sail by night and wake to a new destination each day, then go ashore and explore in guided small groups, with easy walking and fascinating sightseeing. Experience Norway from sea and from land – the best of both worlds.

Call now for a copy of our new guide to walking experiences

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Norway up close
© Anders Martinsen FOTOGRAFER

Setesdal is centrally situated in Southern Norway. The landscape varies from the flat lowlands, to wild and wonderful mountains. You can choose between short trips or hike for days from cabin to cabin in the higher mountains. We can promise you fantastic walking opportunities to suit all ages.
The small towns of Setesdal are all situated along the main route from the port of Kristiansand to the fjords. The valley changes character from the gentle terrain in the far south, to the high mountains at Hovden in the north. Wherever you choose to stop, you can always find great hiking opportunities nearby. On the great mountain plateaus, Setesdal Vesthei and Setesdal Austhei, the DNT has a vast network of routes with connecting cabins. You can walk for days in mountain terrain, but remember that you need to bring sufficient equipment. The weather can change rapidly in the mountains and it is obligatory to carry a map and a compass. If you prefer the comfort of a charming place to stay in the valley you have a range of options. Day trips to the peaks, with breathtaking views, are accessible from several locations. In Hovden you will find marked summit climbs, which are suitable for the whole family, and you can even be awarded a diploma on completing the trip. In Valle there are postboxes where you can write your name down in dedicated books. In Bygland and Evje there are also plenty of trips to choose from, whether you wish to embark on a day trip, or just a short walk in the afternoon. Walking as an activity in Setesdal is popular with the tourists as well as the locals. Remember that hiking can be combined with a range of other exciting activities. Our central location gives you more time for experiences! The season usually lasts from the middle of June until October.

Transport 60-220 km from Kristiansand Ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand – the journey takes only about three hours Kjevik Airport, Kristiansand has good domestic and international connections Daily express bus from Kristiansand with connections to Oslo, Stavanger and Bergen From three to four-anda-half hours from Oslo For more information Destination Hovden Tel.: +47 37 93 93 70 Where are we? Map number 1 on cover

© Anders Martinsen FOTOGRAFER

© Anders Martinsen FOTOGRAFER

HIKING in telemark
The walking terrain in upper Telemark is varied. You will find everything from easy, relaxing circular routes in cosy pine forests, to challenging climbs to summits with their breathtaking views. Unwind as you walk in the lowlands through abundant blueberry bushes and by lakes teeming with fish. Explore Hardangervidda, "the roof of Norway" where you may see the last wild reindeer herd in northern Europe, or hike up steeper paths such as Lårdalsstigen, Hægefjell Mountain and Gaustatoppen.
© Jørgen Kasin

Transport Oslo 140 km, Kristiansand 160 km, Bergen 390 km, Larvik 25 km Two-and-a-half hours from Oslo, four hours from Kristiansand, nine hours from Bergen, 30 minutes from Larvik Two-and-a-half hours from Oslo Oslo Torp, Oslo Rygge, Oslo Gardermoen Larvik and Kristiansand For more information Visit Grenland Nedre Hjellegt. 18, NO- 3724 Skien Tel.: +47 35 90 55 20 Where are we? Map number 2 on cover

Grenland © Christer Sørensen

Coastal walks for the whole family
Do you want to experience genuine Norwegian coastal culture as well an exciting landscape? Situated only two hours from Oslo, you will find the coastal path with several experiences and attractions. The coastal path reaches from the sea, through forests and mountains, to the historic towns of Langesund and Brevik. Gea Norvegica Geopark is centrally situated along the coastal path and en route you will find several signs to inform you about the local history and geology. The walks are child and family friendly and can be broken down into sections, whether you wish to do a few hours with a scenic picnic stop, or commit the whole day to walking.


vinje © Terje rakke

Vinje, Rauland and Haukeli on the roof of Telemark
Vinje, Rauland and Haukeli are situated by Hardangervidda National Park, the largest national park in Norway, and the largest mountain plateau in northern Europe, offering unique possibilities in untouched terrain. You can walk from cabin to cabin in the DNT marked network of walking routes on Hardangervidda. You can also explore the national park on your own with a tent and a fishing rod. Don’t miss the mountain cruise with M/B Fjellvåken II into Hardangervidda on Møsvatn, the biggest lake in Telemark. The tourist information offices have detailed maps and hiking suggestions which take you to amazing viewing points and historical locations and give you new knowledge about flora and fauna, geology and local history.

Transport Oslo 210 km, Kristiansand 245 km, Bergen 320 km, Larvik 180 km Four-and-a-half hours from Oslo, four-and-a-half hours from Kristiansand, six-and-a-half hours from Bergen, fourand-a-half hours from Larvik Four hours from Oslo Oslo Torp, Oslo Rygge, Oslo Gardermoen Larvik and Kristiansand For more information Rauland Turist NO-3864 Rauland Tel.: +47 35 06 26 30 Where are we? Map number 3 on cover


Welcome to a hiking trip in Telemark
Telemark © Vandreregionen vest-telemark/hamish moore

The walking region of Telemark has a varied terrain, from the highest summits with amazing views, to the lowland with the forest floor covered in green moss. Take a round-trip in the mountains of Telemark and experience nature and culture up close. The landmark and the most beautiful mountain in Norway, Gaustatoppen, the climbing mountain Hægefjell, and Lårdalsstigen, which is tougher than Besseggen, are all great challenges for the experienced hiker. If you are interested in

cultural history then explore the towns and easier paths in Rjukan, Dalen, Morgedal, Vinje, Treungen, Hjartdal, Seljord and Fyresdal. Welcome to the walking region of Telemark.

Transport Oslo 146 km, Kristiansand 213 km, Bergen 335 km, Larvik 83 km Two hours from Oslo, two-and-a-half hours from Kristiansand, eight-and-ahalf hours from Bergen, two-and-a-half hours from Larvik Three hours from Oslo Oslo Torp, Oslo Rygge, Oslo Gardermoen Larvik and Kristiansand For more information Where are we? Map number 4 on cover


With fjords that snuggle up to vast mountains, magnificent glaciers and a landscape steeped in culture, Fjord Norway has been crowned the best tourist destination in the world. Welcome to the kingdom of contrasts.
There are few places in the world where you find such varied landscape as in the Fjord Norway region. This is where you can experience fascinating contrasts, such as mountains that rise from the sea. You can easily get to the best viewpoints of the worldrenowned fjord landscape or join a glacier walk. As Norway is not very densely populated, untouched countryside is never very far away and you don’t have to be in peak physical condition to reach the unique natural phenomena. It is the contrast between cultivated landscape and untouched countryside that makes the fjord landscape so unique and this natural treasure so easily accessible to our guests. Throughout the region there are good walking opportunities at all levels and well-marked trails. Maps can be obtained at many tourist offices. Please refer to our lists on the following pages of some of the best walks the regions can offer.

10 | 11

Walking over mountains and glaciers

Location Fjord Norway comprises the four counties in Western Norway: Rogaland, Hordaland, Sogn and Fjordane and Møre and Romsdal. How to get here Fjord Norway has great transport links via road, train, air and boat. Stavanger, Haugesund, Bergen and Ålesund all have international airports, and there are several smaller ones in the region. Kristiansand, Stavanger and Bergen have direct ferry connections to Denmark. Hike for several days on the mountains and try the unique network of cabins and paths. For more information On our web pages you will find useful tips on hiking and walking suggestions. You can order walking packages with or without a guide.

Recommended hiking trips


Kjerag in the Lysefjord, Ryfylke With its 1,000 metres straight down to the fjord, the Kjerag Plateau is furthest within the Lysefjord. Most people are happy enjoying the view of the Lysefjord from the actual plateau, but for some the highlight is having their picture taken on

Kjeragbolten, a round rock wedged in a mountain crevice. Distance: 10 km, five to six hours return Season: June to September Difficulty: Demanding

Trolltunga in Odda with Folgefonna Glacier © Harald Hognerud

Trolltunga One of the most spectacular walks in Norway lies in Hardanger, rising through 900 metres. It is possible to walk right to the edge of Trolltunga, but be careful! Contact the tourist information office in Odda for information and a walking map. The trip starts in Skjeggedal and there are a number of attractions en route, including the

Ringedalsdemningen, the “Giant Kettles” and Trolltunga. Those who like an adrenaline rush can try the “Via Ferreta” climbing route to Trolltunga accompanied by a guide from Opplev Odda. Distance: 20 km, eight to 10 hours return Season: Approximately 15 June to 15 September Difficulty: Expert

© terje rakke/nordic life/


Skageflå The trip starts with a fjord cruise on the famous Geirangerfjord. Skageflå is an abandoned mountain farm, which sits on a mountain ledge some 250 metres above the Geirangerfjord affording views of the Seven Sisters Waterfall and the Knivsflå Mountain Farm on the other side of the fjord. It takes

about an hour to get up to Skageflå. For your return journey you can either return to the boat or cross the mountain back to Geiranger. Distance: One to three hours Season: May to September Difficulty: Demanding

The Stavanger Region
12 | 13
Lysejorden. © Terje Rakke/Nordic Life

The Stavanger region offers a range of unforgettable experiences in easy reach of the city.
Beautiful fjords, majestic mountains, white sandy beaches and an open sky towards the North Sea. The Stavanger region is the beginning of the fjord landscape with marked paths where you can experience the iconic Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag up to 1,000 metres above the fjord, or a fjord cruise and kayaking on the amazing Lysefjord. Only one hour away by car or boat, the Stavanger region offers international culture with colourful festivals, concert arenas, museums and world-class culinary experiences. Stavanger was the European capital of culture in 2008 and is, in addition, the culinary capital of Norway. Look forward to experiences near the fjord in the world’s smallest metropolis – Stavanger. Walking to the Pulpit Rock Østerhus Buss brings you from the ferry quay at Tau to the starting point for the trip. Saturdays and Sundays from mid-April to the end of September. Monday to Friday from mid-May to mid-September. Up to six daily departures to/from Tau. For prices and departure times:

Transport brv.13. from the north, rv.45. from the east, E 39 from the north and south. From Oslo, Bergen and Kristiansand From Bergen From Kristiansand and Oslo Hirtshals - Stavanger Stavanger Airport, Sola: Oslo - 24 daily departures Frankfurt – three daily departures Berlin – three weekly departures Amsterdam – five daily departures London – four daily departures Copenhagen – six daily departures FOR MORE INFORMATION Region Stavanger Domkirkeplassen 3 4005 Stavanger Where are we? Map number 5 on cover


Preikestolen fjellstue (Mountain Lodge) Located at the starting point of the hike to the Pulpit Rock and many other great walks. Prices from: NOK 370 per person in a double room without bathroom and NOK 650 per person in a double room with bathroom. Tel.: +47 51 74 20 74.

Preikestolen fjellstue © Kjell Helle Olsen

© Lilland hotel

Lilland Hotell Family-run hotel with lots of charm and atmosphere. As a tourist in Ryfylke, and our guest, you will be centrally located for a range of experiences, such as the Pulpit Rock. Short ferry trip to Stavanger. Exquisite kitchen and a vast range of activities. We work hard so you can feel good and enjoy your stay with us. 4129 Tau. Tel.: +47 51 74 74 34

Lysefjorden Kayak rental Hire of single and double sea kayaks for trips on your own on the magical Lysefjord. From 1 July to 15 August there are daily guided three-hour trips from the Lysefjord centre. Suitable for the whole family (from 10 years of age). Two-day guided weekend trip to Trodla-Tysdal. Tel.: +47 97 73 74 48.

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– Where the fjord adventure begins

Transport Ryfylke is easiest to access by car. Five hours from Oslo, four hours from Bergen, three to four hours from Kristiansand Fast ferry from Denmark to Kristiansand. Ferry from Hirtshals to Stavanger Stavanger Airport, Sola and Haugesund Airport, Karmøy Local walking maps, tips and accommodation Sauda Ferie & Fritid P.b. 328 N-4201 Sauda Tel.: +47 52 78 42 00 Suldal Turistkontor N-4230 Sand Tel.: +47 52 79 05 60


From the south you meet the fjords in Ryfylke. The Lysefjord with the Pulpit Rock, Kjerag and a range of other walking destinations await you. You will also find the national tourist route Ryfylke along the rv.13. and fv.520. With a car you will quickly get to great areas for hiking, usually with a beautiful view of the fjords.
Sauda in the north of Ryfylke has a varied terrain – from beautiful rural areas to high mountains Walking suggestion: Maldal near the centre of Sauda offers a great view and beautiful landscape on the walk towards Maldalstølen, a walk which suits all ages. The walk to Hustveitsåta at 1,187 metres above sea level, starts by Jonegarden. The Jonestølen Mountain Farm is open for an overnight stay up on the mountain. From Rondehauen, 480 metres above sea level, you can see the majority of Sauda and the fjord. It is possible to swim in the Tjødnane Lakes (by making a detour). Central Sauda – Lona: Easy walk in rural surroundings around the Storelva in to Lona. Welcome to the treasure chest of Suldal – you will find a walk to suit you regardless of fitness and age Gullingen – a family-friendly walking area, from cultural history to summit climbs. Also the gateway to Ryfylkeheiane with Stranddalen Tourist Cabin at approximately 1,000 metres above sea level – “the gem of Ryfylkeheiane“. Combine a bit of shopping in Sand with a walk to the Sandsfossen Waterfall where you can see the salmon jumping. Family-friendly walk in the fjord terrain by Erøy in Erfjord. Experience Suldalsosen on an atmospheric walk by the Ritlandsvatnet Lake, or a summit climb with a great view from Stråpanuten. Spa-hotel Velvære, Hjelmeland; Spa and mountains in the middle of Ryfylke All rooms have a sea view and guests have free access to the spa. Prices from: NOK 590 per person including breakfast (in double room). Walking suggestions: Preikestolen (the Pulpit Rock): One hour drive and two hour walk to one of the most famous mountains in Norway. Skomakernibba and the Jøsenfjord: Five hours return trip Trodla-Tysdal: Four hours return. Beautiful walk through forests and mountains. Short summit climbs in the area close to the hotel, one to two hours. Guide for groups, packed lunch from our reputable kitchen.

Spa-hotell Velvære N-4130 Hjelmeland Tel.: +47 48 05 06 00 For more information Reisemål Ryfylke NO 4130 Hjelmeland Tel.: +47 51 75 95 10 Where are we? Map number 6 on cover

ryfylkeheiane, suldal turistkontor © Rune Roalkvam

Spa-hotell Velvære © Rita Lindås

Transport 100 km from Stavanger, 180 km from Kristiansand Stavanger Airport Sola For more information Sirdalsferie AS NO-4443 Tjørhom Tel.: +47 38 37 78 00 WHERE ARE WE? Map number 7 on cover

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Pure experience!
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Sirdal, the gateway to the wild and beautiful Lysefjord, is a wonderful and varied hiking terrain. The guidebook “walking in Sirdalsheiane – including Kjerag and Sirdal’s Seven Summits” inspires you to explore a range of amazing and unforgettable hikes. A round-trip of 12 marked trails takes you from cabin to cabin in Sirdalsheiane. Kjerag is a highlight as it dominates the Lysefjord. Make sure you visit and enjoy the view from Sirdal’s seven most beautiful peaks.

The guidebook includes descriptions, maps and GPS coordinates of all the walks, which lets you safely explore the mountains in Sirdal. As an added motivation factor, you can collect points en route where you can attain a bronze, silver, gold or diamond medal. Welcome to Sirdal, the place for those who love the fjords and mountains!

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Between the fjords and the mountains

When staying in Stalheim you are ideally placed to explore the Naerøyfjord and the mountains surrounding this beautiful region. There are a number of well-marked and spectacular paths starting from Stalheim, ranging from easy strolls by the hotel to more demanding mountain climbs. If you want to discover it from below, get on a boat on

the narrow Naerøyfjord, ascend at Styve and walk along the fjord on the old postal route below peaks of 1,000 metres above sea level, which drop almost vertically into the fjord. If a bird’s eye view is more tempting, explore the highest peaks such as Bakkanosi, and the fjord landscape will unfold a thousand metres directly underneath you.

Transport Two hours from Bergen, six hours from Oslo E 16 Bergen Airport Flesland Train to Voss and bus to Stalheim (40 minutes) For more information Stalheim Hotel N-5715 Stalheim Tel.: + 47 56 52 01 22 Where are we? Map number 8 on cover

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Transport Closest train station: Bergen Express boat, two hours from Bergen to Stord or Rosendal - - Stord, Haugesund, Bergen Bergen, Haugesund, Stavanger E 134 via Haukeli from Oslo or E 39 from Stavanger to Bergen passes through Sunnhordland. You can follow F 48 along the Hardangerfjord. For more information Samarbeidsrådet for Sunnhordland Pb. 444, 5403 Stord Tel.: +47 53 45 67 90 Where are we? Map number 9 on cover

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Be inspired and reenergise in Sunnhordland. You can walk around romantic Rosendal by the Hardangerfjord, by the dramatic Åkrafjord and the along the varied coastline in Sunnhordland. You can reach magnificent viewing points across the thousand islands along the coast, the fjords and the mountains. Welcome to the great hiking of Sunnhordland.
On the islands along the coast in Sunnhordland you will find great walks to the closest viewing points: Ryvarden Lighthouse, Siggjo, Tysnessåto and Stordafjellet. From these points you can look out at an endless sea, thousands of islands and majestic fjords and mountains. Further along the Hardangerfjord and the Åkrafjord, the landscape turns more dramatic. Here you will find both easy and harder walks. The valleys leading in towards the Folgefonna Glacier offer great hikes, which are suitable for everyone, such as Bondhusdalen and the hike to Myrdalsvatnet. The fittest can walk all the way to the highest summits, of which, Melderskin, Ulvanoso, and the hike along the Langfoss are great examples. During the summer season you can take part in a guided glacier walk across Folgefonna between Fonnabu (Sundal) and Holmaskjer (Odda). After a refreshing walk you can spend the evening in one of our charming hotels or guest houses and enjoy a great meal based on local ingredients. The region has lots of great cabins by the Hardangerfjord, which are ideally placed for a walking holiday. Top five places to stay: • Rosendal turisthotell www.rosendalturisthotell,no • Baroniet Rosendal Avlsgård og Fruehus • Bømlo Hotell, Rubbestadneset • Skånevik Fjordhotell, Skånevik • Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri, Austevoll Top five WALKS: • Melderskin, Rosendal "The Queen amongst the Sunnhordland Mountains" 1,426 metres above sea level, Black route • Bondhusdalen/Folgefonna National Park, Sundal Easy walk suitable for most people. 189 metres above sea level, Green/Blue route • Siggjo, Bømlo Amazing views over the coastline. Red route • Postal route Etne – Skånevik, Etne The old postal route. Red route • North Sea route, Stolmen, Austevoll Approximately 45 minutes walk, Green/Blue route

stordafjellet © Svein Andersland

Uskedalen / Svartavatnet. © A Helland

Transport Six-and-a-half hours from Oslo and one hour from Bergen to Voss. Bus to Hardanger. Ferry from Denmark to Bergen, Stavanger and Kristiansand Bergen and Haugesund Several departures daily to/from Bergen, Oslo and Kristiansand Six hours from Oslo, one-and-a-half hours from Bergen, five hours from Kristiansand For more information Reisemål Hardanger Fjord Sandvenvegen 40 5600, Norheimsund Tel.: +47 56 55 38 70 Where are we? Map number 10 on cover
Trolltunga in Odda with Folgefonna Glacier © Stig Tronvold

The Hardanger region is located close to Bergen and is one of the most beautiful areas of Norway. It encompasses two national parks and magnificently beautiful landscapes with waterfalls, fjords, mountains and glaciers with fantastic walking routes. It is perfectly located to explore Fjord Norway, with accommodation to suit any budget.
ULVIK - The area for cycling and walking From the 1880s, tourists have enjoyed great walks with Brakanes as a starting point. In Ulvik both young and old can find a variety of easy and challenging paths on well-marked paths. • A cultivated landscape with an active agriculture and horticulture • Through beautiful forests to mountain farms and high mountains • Restaurants and cafes by the fjord • Visits to fruit and cider farms, with samples on offer A range of great accommodation options are available at small and large hotels and B&Bs, which offer locally produced food. Destinasjon Ulvik Brakanes Hotel tel +47 56 52 62 80 tel + 47 56 52 61 05 HOTEL ULLENSVANG, LOFTHUS Hotel Ullensvang was first established in 1846 and is located between the Hardangervidda National Park and Folgefonna National Park. Welcome to a first-class resort hotel in the centre of Hardanger. • Mountain walks on the plains of Hardangervidda lasting several days (Norwegian Trekking Association network) • Guided walks on the Folgefonna Glacier • Local day trips – orchard paths, mountain paths and the stunning Husedalen • For adrenaline junkies: “Via Ferreta” in Tyssedal and a day trip to Trolltunga Accommodation from: NOK 800 per person in a double room, including breakfast (accommodation with Fjord-Pass). Combine brilliant comfort with great walks. Hotel Ullensvang Tel.: +47 53 67 00 00

Ulvik. © Reinhold Kager

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Paradise for young and old alike

Hotel Ullensvang © Øystein Klakegg

Walking on Mount Fløyen

In just a few minutes you will escape the busy urban life of Bergen, and get out into fresh air, beautiful nature and endless possibilities for walking and hiking. From the top station of Fløibanen you can head out on short or longer walks, or a mountain climb which requires a certain fitness level. In our brochure “Walking suggestions on Mount Fløyen”, we offer ten walking suggestions with a description and a map. On our map we have described and marked up the most popular routes. Both the brochure with walking suggestions and a map can be downloaded from our website, or you could get it for free when you buy a ticket. If you take the walk to Skomakerdiket, approximately ten minutes walk from the top station of Fløibanen, you will get to an idyllic lake where you can borrow a fully equipped canoe in the summer season. If you wish more activity on the trip, we offer a free treasure hunt all year, an activity which suits families with children. For groups of minimum ten people, you can order a guided hiking trip on Fløyen. The “Walk like a Norwegian” trip takes you on a guided tour of Mount Fløyen, through forested areas, past small lakes and to a variety of view points. You will learn about the mountain and the city, the local history, the trolls, Norwegian folk tales and the Norwegian love for walking. The trip takes approximately two hours and is led by experienced mountain guides. Read more about this and about Fløibanen on our website: Vetrlidsallmenningen 21, N-5014 Bergen Tel.: +47 55 33 68 00 Fax: +47 55 33 68 01 E-Mail: – Visit us at Facebook

... perfect moments

The Norwegian Mountain Code
The Norwegian mountains are amazing. Fresh water, clean air and beautiful nature as far as the eye can see. A visit to our mountains gives you experiences for life. In Norway everybody’s right to roam is protected by law (friluftsloven).
Nature can be unpredictable and to ensure you get the optimal experience, we have developed a set of guidelines called the Norwegian Mountain Code. The Norwegian Mountain Code has been developed by DNT and the Norwegian Red Cross based on their extensive experience. The purpose of the Mountain Code is to contribute to a safe trip. Whether you have little experience with outdoor life, or are an experienced mountaineer, it is sensible to bear the mountain code in mind both before and during the trip.


Be prepared and do not go out on a long trip without practice
Your physical and mental fitness, experience and equipment determine a sensible distance for the tour.


Use a map and compass
DNTs paths are marked with stone beacons or painted, red “T’s”. This marking of the route is useful to find your way, but you also need to be able to use a map and a compass to navigate on your own.

2 3 4 5

Tell someone where you are going
If you change your mind, try to notify someone, but remember that your mobile phone won’t always work.


Do not go solo
Should you be unlucky, someone in your group can help you or notify the rescue service. Divide the safety equipment, food and clothes between the members of the group so no-one will miss essential equipment should the group be separated.

Be weather-wise
Be aware of the local weather forecasts, and follow developments in the weather yourself.


Be equipped for bad weather and frost, even on short trips
Always take a rucksack and proper mountain gear.

Turn back in time – sensible retreat is no disgrace
If conditions deteriorate so much that you doubt you can attain your goal, turn around and return. For more information on safety in the mountains and tips on what to bring see

Learn from the locals
Tourist offices across the country can give you advice before the walk or direct you to where you can find more information.

Be sensible and careful when you are in the mountains. Respect flora and fauna. Tidy up after your tent or your picnic, and avoid leaving any marks. Take any rubbish with you, nothing should be left behind. Use maps and find information about the area where you are walking. Respect the rules in protected or nature reserve areas.

nærøyfjorden © Finn Loftesnes

In the Sognefjord area there are over 500 walks and trails. We would like to present a small selection here, but please go to our website for a more extensive list.
MOLDEN, the Lustrafjord Start: Mollandsmarki (Krossen car park) Walking time: Two hours one way Elevation: 500 – 1,116 metres Distance: Eight kilometres Walking map: Sogndal Leikanger Difficulty level: Blue/Easy Starting point: You start by the road to Mollandsmarki, where the road flattens out after an uphill slope from the crossroads and you turn off from the rv.55. The walk follows a tractor track and a good path, which is marked with red spots throughout.

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The Sognefjord - The king of the fjords

From Molden you have panoramic views of the Lustrafjord and the Jotunheimen National Park. This is a reasonable walk suitable for families where the children have a normal level of fitness. It is easily accessible and there is good parking at the starting point. Accommodation for walkers in Molden: Cottage sleeping four at Vesterland Holiday Park. Prices from: NOK 1,125 Vesterland Feriepark Kaupanger Sogndal Tel.: +47 57 62 71 00

Children: NOK 100 Adults: NOK 250 Date and times: 1 July – 25 August at 11:30, 12:30, 14:00 and 15:00 Duration: About an hour on the ice Age limit: Minimum six years old Requirements: Flat shoes/boots, clothes that cover the whole body (no shorts). Please note that it is not possible to carry children in baby carriers. An easy, fun trip suitable for everyone aged six and older. At the edge of the glacier you will meet the guides and be given simple glacier equipment (crampons and rope). From the car park it takes about 45

Family Glacier Walk

minutes to get to the edge of the glacier. You can be transported by motorboat across Lake Nigardsvatnet. There are four different guided glacier trips as well as private trips with different levels of difficulty. Accommodation for glacier walks: Cabin for four people at Vesterland Feriepark Holiday Park. Prices from: NOK 1,125 Vesterland Feriepark Kaupanger Sogndal Tel.: +47 57 62 71 00

Utladalen, Årdal Five hours/10 kilometres Difficulty level: Blue/Easy Signposting: Very good Start: Hjelle in Utladalen (free parking) Access: Ramblers’ bus or car

The great waterfall walk

Day two provides panoramic views of the mountain range of Hurrungane and continues to Vettismorki Mountain Farm and the waterfalls in Utladalen. Accommodation for walkers in Utladalen/Jotunheimen National Park: Sitla Hotell, Øvre Årdal Double room with breakfast Prices from: NOK 400 per person (Ramblers’ bus from hotel) Tel.: +47 57 66 58 80 Klingenberg Hotel, Årdalstangen Double room with breakfast Prices from: NOK 600 per person (Ramblers’ bus from hotel) Tel.: +47 57 66 58 00 Accommodation on a farm: Vetti Gard Tourist Station Avdal Gard Tourist Station Skogadalsbøen Norwegian Trekking Association, half board. Prices from: NOK 400 per person

The trails start at Belehalli Sports Centre where there are good car parking facilities. The nature trail is for families and is well marked using yellow dots en route. There are information posts about the local flora and fauna and idyllic

viewpoints with benches. The redmarked trail continues up the slope via Orrabenken (370 metres) and Buråsi (575 metres) to Raudmelen Peak (978 metres). Panoramic views of the mountains and fjords.

This classic trip traverses Utladalen from Hjelle to Vettisfossen Waterfall, the largest free and unregulated waterfall in Norway at 275 metres. Located at the starting point of Hjelle, the Utladalen Naturhus Centre provides information about the flora and fauna, culture and history of western Jotunheimen, through exhibitions and film. The summer bus goes across Tindevegen to Turtagrø, enabling walkers in and around Utladalen to explore Jotunheimen, Norway’s most popular walking terrain. Two days of five and seven hours/ nine and 12 kilometres Difficulty level: Red/Medium Signposting: Very good Start: Sognefjellshytta Cabin beside road 55 Access: Ramblers bus (Årdal), bus or car. An extremely popular walk with accommodation at Skogadalsbøen (Norwegian Trekking Association). Start at the Sognefjellshytta Cabin in Jotunheimen and walk through the mountains, continuing to the traditional Skogadalsbøen Cabin.
Peaks of Jotunheimen

Nigardsbreen © Finn Loftesnes

Transport The Bergen Railway Line from Oslo and Bergen to Myrdal. From there by Flåmsbana Railway Line to Flåm Express boat from Bergen Several direct flights a day from Bergen and Oslo Express bus from Bergen, Voss, Oslo, Lom, Lillehammer and Trondheim From Bergen two to three hours, from Oslo four to five hours, from Trondheim four to five hours ATTRACTIONS Breheimsenteret Glacier Centre Jostedal; The Norwegian Glacier Centre; the Norwegian Wild Salmon Centre; the Stave Churches in Borgund, Undredal, Kaupanger and Vik; Sognefjord Aquarium; Sogn Folk Museum and the Norwegian Book Town. FOR MORE INFORMATION Where are we? Map number 11 on cover

Balestrand Start: Balestrand, one-and-ahalf kilometres from the centre at Belehalli Sports Centre Duration: Nature trail (two hours), Raudmelen Mountain Peak (six hours) Elevation: 100 - 200 metres/ 100 – 978 metres Walking map: Balestrand Difficulty level: Yellow/Red

© Østerbø Fjellstove

Aurlandsdalen. Start: Østerbø Fjellstove Aurlandsdalen Duration: Six hours one way Elevation: 820 – 50 metres above sea level. Distance: 18 kilometres Level of Difficulty: Blue/Easy Start: Østerbø Fjellstove (820 metres above sea level) to Vassbygdi (50 metres above sea level). This is a culture trail taking you through vast landscapes with stunning views and narrow ravines. Østerbø Fjellstove is idyllically situated by the lake of Aurdalsvatnet, surrounded by the beauty and peace of the valley of Aurlandsdalen. It is a perfect


starting point for walks in the valley and the surrounding mountains. There are also a number of mountain lakes and rivers for those who enjoy fishing. The Sognefjord and Flåm Railway are not far away. Accommodation includes hotelstandard rooms, mountain lodge rooms, luxury cabins, apartments and campsites with modern sanitation. The mountain lodge is furnished in the local style and we have a substantial collection of local taxidermy. Accommodation for walking in the valley of Aurlandsdalen: Østerbø Fjellstove: Prices from: NOK 290 per person, including breakfast.

Prest, the Aurlandsfjord Duration: Two hours one-way Elevation: 523 metres Distance: Two kilometres Difficulty: Red/Demanding Starting Point: Car park (840 metres above sea level) to the Prest Mountain peak (1,363). Drive from Aurland for 9 km along the fv. 243 – The National Tourist Route Aurlandsfjellet. Bus from Flåm/Aurland from 15 June to 31 August. The price for a return ticket is NOK 180 for adults.


Østerbø Fjellstove Aurlandsdalen N-5745 Aurland Tel.: +47 57 63 11 77 Where are we? Map number 12 on cover

Veten in Bremanger. © Elisabeth Solbakken

Come and experience some of the most spectacular summit climbs in Norway. Enjoy the views of a myriad of islands, high mountains and long fjords. Climb Hornelen, the highest sea cliff in northern Europe, or walk along the beautiful coastal paths along the sea.
The landscape along the coast is very special and one which is extremely varied. From tiny, hidden bays with white sandy beaches to dramatic mountains emerging from the sea, it possesses an invigorating charm. Throughout the whole region you will find marked hiking trails with different levels of difficulty. Top five Panoramic Highlights The views from these five summit climbs are guaranteed to take your breath away: • Hornelen – highest mountain cliff in northern Europe (860 metres above sea level) Duration: Eight hours return trip. Difficulty: Very demanding • Blegja (1,304 metres above sea level). Highest peak in FjordKysten. Duration: Eight hours return trip. Difficulty: Demanding • Alden Island ‘The Norwegian Horse’ (481 metres above sea level). A mountain formed as a horse rises up from the sea. Duration: Three-and-a half hours return trip. Difficulty: Medium • Store Batalden Island (495 metres above sea level). Spectacular view of the archipelago, islands and ocean. Duration: Two-and-a-half hours return trip. Difficulty: Medium • Lihesten (777 metres above sea level). Majestic and spellbinding, it is one of the most prominent mountains on the coast. Duration: Seven hours return trip. Difficulty: Demanding COASTAL WALKS If you wish to try something less demanding, the North Sea Trails are for you. These well-marked trails traverse beautiful coastal landscapes in easy terrain, which is steeped in history. Explore the island community of Utvær with the westernmost lighthouse in Norway or the Kvanhovden Lighthouse where you can stay the night. Along FjordKysten you will find 15 of the North Sea Trails, all well marked with accompanying maps. GUIDED TOURS: Local guides make your walks along the coast of FjordKysten memorable. Please go to our website for details of guided tours or contact us for tailor-made tours, whether you will be exploring on your own or as part of a group. ISLAND HOPPING: Hop from island to island and combine different walks on your journey. The express boat takes you along the FjordKysten. Catch local boats and ferries to get to the smaller island communities. OTHER ACTIVITIES: Combine your walking holiday with other activities. The conditions for kayaking and cycling are great, and you can hire equipment from several places. Surrounded by the sea, the conditions for fishing are excellent. If you feel the need for pampering, spend a day in a water park or at a spa. Learn about the coastal culture in local galleries and exhibitions. ACCOMMODATION: When holidaying in FjordKysten you will find a range of accommodation options including fishermen’s cabins, cottages, campsites, apartments and hotels. If you are looking for a special experience, why not spend the night in a lighthouse?

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The westernmost point of Norway
Transport 230 km from Bergen 515 km from Oslo 220 km from Ålesund Direct flights ( several times a day to Florø from Bergen (25 minutes) and Oslo (55 minutes) From Bergen - Two daily departures by expres boat (one at the weekend) making several stops in the region. Hurtigruten (the Norwegian Coastal Voyage) stops in Florø. For more information Visit FjordKysten AS N-6900 Florø Where are we? Map number 13 on cover


Fosseheimen (waterfall country) – between glacier and fjord

Fossestien, © CH/Innovation Norway

Sunnfjord is the region between the coast to the west and the Jostedalsbreen Glacier in the east. Glaciers, fjords and three waterways, Jølstra, Naustdal and Gaular, form the landscape with lakes and at least 50 waterfalls.
Fosseheimen has many waterfalls and is popular with walkers. You will find attractions like the Vallestadfossen, Eikjelandfossen, and the 90 metrehigh waterfall Huldefossen. Walks can be combined with other activities. Take your fishing rod as you are guaranteed to pass mountain lakes and rivers full of trout. Finish you mountain walk with a good lunch at Eldalstunet Farm, which serves a selection of local specialities. Don’t miss the drive across the Gaularfjellet Mountain, rv.13. which in 2012 will be officially opened as one of Norway’s 18 national tourist roads. The walks have been graded and different markers are used as signposts. Choose the walks suitable for your level of fitness. Remember to wear good shoes and to take a map with you.

Transport Førde in Sunnfjord is 170 km from Bergen and 450 km from Oslo Direct flights from Oslo one hour, Bergen 30 minutes with Widerøe airport bus to Førde 15 km from the airport Five daily departures from Bergen Buses from Oslo, Trondheim and Ålesund FOR More information Sunnfjord Naeringsutvikling AS Postboks 133, 6801 Førde Tel.: +47 57 72 19 51 Where are we? Map number 14 on cover

Gaularvassdraget, which was permanently protected in 1993 after many years’ controversy. Fossestien is clearly marked with red “F’s”, arrows, signposts and distance markers. It takes the walker along paths, wooden bridges and cobbles by the riverside and through different forested areas. It can cover two to 21 kilometres depending on what part you choose to walk. From 1 June to 31 October a daily shuttle is available, offered by Hov Hyttegrend, for those wanting to walk Fossestien. It is also possible to stay the night here. See Tel.: +47 57 71 79 37

Climbing 500 metres, the Fossestien Path "The Waterfall Path" is a beautiful, well-signposted and family-friendly walk along the protected waterway of the Gaularvassdraget. This walk takes you past 14 waterfalls and seven lakes. The nature trail follows the course of one branch of

Storehesten is the most famous mountain in Sunnfjord. A well-marked path takes you up to 1,209 metres from Bygstad in Gaular. This is a day trip, and requires that you are in a fairly good physical condition. You will have great views over Dalsfjorden and Gaularvassdraget. You can stay the night at the Rytnetunet Mountain Farm, or at the Rica Hotel in Førde, 20 minutes from Bygstad. At the old barrel factory, now restaurant Tønna “The Barrel” you can get a taste of Sunnfjord.


Geirangerfjord. © Per Eide / Fjord Norway

National Geographic has rated the Norwegian fjords as the best destination in the world. Nowhere else is there such proximity between fjords, the open sea, mountains and glaciers as in and around Ålesund, Nordfjord and Geiranger.
When you take a well-deserved break in the mountains above the Geirangerfjord, you will understand why it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hiking opportunities in this area are varied and range from easy strolls to hiking to the summit. The paths are well-marked and graded, and the maps are easy to understand. The Tafjord Mountains offer amazing longer walks, where many will follow the Norwegian Trekking Association’s routes from cabin to cabin. The majestic Briksdalsbreen Glacier is part of the Jostedalen National Park.

couple at Alnes lighthouse © Terje Rakke / Nordic Life

The Art Nouveau city of Ålesund is the perfect starting point for walks along the coast and fjord terrain of Sunnmøre. You will find challenging walks – such as the unique mountain Slogen in the Sunnmøre Alps – or easier options along the coast and by the fjords. Either way, you will be exposed to a lot of history and great experiences. Remember to bring a picnic to enjoy.
View from Aksla © Terje Rakke / Nordic LiFE

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Transport from Oslo Ålesund 547 km Stryn 480 km Geiranger 435 km To Åndalsnes – bus connections to Geiranger, Ålesund and the inner Nordfjord Daily connections from Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim Ålesund Airport Vigra – good domestic connections and direct routes to Riga, Copenhagen, Alicante and London Sandane Airport and Ørsta/ Volda Airport to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen FOR More information


© terje rakke/Nordic Life

Season: May to September Distance: Five to six km Height: 0 to 544 metres Level of difficulty: Experienced hiker Time: One hour to Skageflå, two to three hours further to Holmlong Destination Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen AS Tel.: +47 70 26 30 99 Where are we? Map number 15 on cover

The mountain farm of Skageflå is situated 250 metres above the Geirangerfjord. Take a sightseeing boat, RIB or taxi-boat out to Skagehola and start climbing the path up hill. The route is well marked and parts are secured by steps carved into the rocks and by handrails. From the farm you have a great view over the Geirangerfjord and the Seven Sisters Waterfall. From Skageflå follow the path to Holmlong via the Holmlongsaetra Mountain Farm.

The path is close to the impressive precipice towards the fjord. Stay comfortably in Geiranger In Geiranger there are several accommodation options - hotels, campsites and cabins. Hotel Union offers you a fantastic spa, in addition to great food and accommodation. End your hike with a relaxing swim in the outdoor pool overlooking the fjord.

Season: May to October Distance (from Øye): Three km Height: 60 to 1,564 metres Level of difficulty: Challenging/ Black route Time: Eight to ten hours return (six km) Destinasjon Ålesund & Sunnmøre Tel.: +47 70 15 76 00 vandring Where are we? Map number 16 on cover

© Bjørn isene

The Sunnmøre Alps
In the middle of the Sunnmøre Alps you will find the impressive peak Slogen. From the Hjørundfjord it rises vertically as a triangular pyramid. As far back as 1884 the English mountain climber Slingsby described the panoramic view from Slogen as “the proudest in Europe”! Despite it looking inaccessible, most people are able to reach the summit. The walk up from Øye is quite demanding and has some climbing towards the end. Slogen can be reached on your own or with a local guide. At 1,564 metres above sea level you are rewarded for your hard work – a breathtaking view towards the summits surrounding you and the beautiful Hjørundfjord.
Stay by Slogen

You may wish to combine the trip with a comfortable stay at Hotel Union Øye by the Hjørundfjord. If you wish to stay on the mountain itself, the Patchellhytta Cabin (DNT) is the place for you.


© Jostein rindal

Norway’s longest climb from fjord to mountain
At 1,848 metres above sea level, the Skåla towers high in Loen, at the innermost part of the Nordfjord. The mountain, with its characteristic rock tower at the summit, started off as a project from a local GP, Kloumann, who believed patients with tuberculosis could be healed by the thin air at the top. The tower still stands and is now a self-service cabin for the Norwegian Trekking Association. Imagine watching the spectacular sunset from the top and waking up to see the sun rise above the high mountains in beautiful Nordfjord! The hike is known as Norway’s longest uphill, but despite this, the trip is manageable for most people with a normal level of physical fitness.
Stay by Skåla

Season: June to October Distance and height: Just over eight km and approximately 1,820 metres Level of difficulty: Challenging/ Black route Time: Seven to eight hours Distances to Loen: Ålesund: 150 km Bergen: 270 km Oslo: 470 km Destination Stryn & Nordfjord Tel.: +47 57 87 40 40 Where are we? Map number 17 on cover

Hotel Alexandra is a five-minute drive away and offers a high degree of comfort with its own spa, an abundant buffet and spectacular views over the fjord. It is the perfect place to rest and be pampered after the hours spent walking uphill earlier that day. If you prefer a more practical type of accommodation, there are plenty of other possibilities.

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Discover Norway
With the tailor-made holiday experts
Explore Norway’s famous fjords and mountains on a tailor-made holiday. Whether you choose to travel on a self-drive adventure, fjord cruise or scenic train journey, we can create the perfect itinerary to suit your interests. Soak up the spectacular scenery through a range of activities including walking, glacier hiking, cycling and kayaking and stay in one of many beautifully located hotels. We offer all of this and more so let our 30 years of experience be your guide. Talk to our Scandinavia specialists today.

To order a brochure or request a holiday quote Call Visit

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Transport Eight hours from Oslo, three hours from Trondheim Kristiansund Airport Oppdal (five hours) from Oslo For more information Destinasjon Kristiansund & Nordmøre Tel.: +47 71 58 54 54 Contrast Adventure Tel.: +47 95 23 12 40 Kristiansund & Nordmøre Turistforening Tel.: +47 71 67 69 37 Where are we? Map number 18 on cover

Freikollen ved Kristiansund. © Johan Wildhagen

Fly and hike the Fjord Route

Conquer the classic Innerdalstårnet

The Fjord Route starts at Kristiansund Airport and takes you along the coastline and fjord before climbing into the mountains and revealing magnificent views. The walk consists of 190 kilometres of well-marked trails with 14 wellmaintained (and stocked) cabins en route. Several alternatives from two to 14 days can be completed here. Accommodation: Prices from: NOK 190

Join a summit climb to the classic Innerdalstårnet. Walk with a certified guide from the most beautiful mountain valley in Norway. Safety equipment included. An experience even for those with no knowledge of climbing! Price including guide from: NOK 1,195 Accommodation is possible at a tourist cabin or mountain farm.

Norway’s most beautiful hike
romsdalseggen © øystein tveiten


The walk near Åndalsnes which takes the breath away from even the most experienced mountain walker. It offers splendid vistas of some of the wildest mountains in Norway. As you walk along the ridge you have a 360˚ view of Romsdalshorn, Kongen, Dronninga, Vengetindane, and Trollveggen with its sharks’ teeth peaks, towards the Romsdalsfjord, and all the way to the Norwegian Sea. Experience some of Norway’s most spectacular and easily accessible walking and hiking near Åndalsnes – Norway’s capital of peaks. Alternatively, take the bus from Åndalsnes to Vengedalen at 9.30 am every day from 1 July to 30 September. Then walk the Romsdalseggen Ridge back to Åndalsnes. The trip takes about seven to eight hours. The bus from Åndalsnes to Vengedalen costs NOK 125 per person. For accommodation, please go to:
Other walking suggestions:

reach the peak there is a spectacular 360˚ view. The trip up to Trollkirka (Troll Church) by Eide takes around an hour. Trollkirka is known for its limestone caves, underground waterfalls and marble deposits. Remember to take your torch with you. The Romsdal region is perfect for walks to peaks up to around 2,000 metres above sea level, but also for more family-friendly walks lasting only a couple of hours. Join a walk organised by Molde and Romsdal Trekking Association.
Norwegian Mountain Festival 9 – 15 July 2012

Transport Seven hours from Oslo Molde Airport Årø, daily flights from Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim 45 minutes – bus to Åndalsnes one-and-a-half hours Raumabanen, Oslo - Åndalsnes five-and-a-half hours For more information Destinasjon Molde & Romsdal Torget 4, N-6413 Molde Tel.: +47 71 20 10 00 Åndalsnes & Romsdal Reiselivslag Jernbanegata N-6300 Åndalsnes Tel.: +47 71 22 16 22 Where are we? Map number 19 on cover

Extreme sports, summit climbs, organised walks, family activities, cultural evenings and boat trips.
Organised walks:

Jendemsfjellet Mountain is a shorter walk of about three hours, to the west of Molde. You can go on your own or with a guide. When you

hadangervidda national park © thomas linkel

Here you will find the majority of Norway’s national parks and Galdhøpiggen, which at 2,469 metres above sea level is the highest mountain in Northern Europe. Aurlandsdalen and Besseggen are the walks all Norwegians talk about! Discover the wild reindeer herd in the Hardangervidda National Park, or join an exciting musk deer safari at Dovre. The region offers a wide and wellprepared range of exciting activities such as hiking, cycling, rafting and fishing, all in magnificent nature.
The mountain areas in Norway are full of contrasts and spectacular experiences. Alpine mountain peaks are a backdrop to fertile valleys and untouched countryside, all providing a framework to the local cultural heritage. The hiking trails are well marked and several hundred paths are marked following the national standard, which makes it easy to find your way in the terrain. The area stretches from Telemark in the south, then north via Hardangervidda and Hallingdal to the Swedish border in the east, via Northern Europe’s highest mountain range Jotunheimen, to the fjords in the west. Villages such as Hemsedal and Lom are also worth a visit, as are larger towns like Lillehammer and Gjøvik. Hardangervidda, Jotunheimen, Rondane and Dovrefjell are the largest national parks, and they offer a range of marked trails and lakes full of fish. If you would like to try rock climbing or guided summit climbs, the possibilities are endless. You will also find bespoke walking or activity holidays where you can be based in one place or walk from cabin to cabin.

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Fjell norway

Spectacular hiking in the national parks of Norway

Recommended hiking trips

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1,728 metres above sea level, Hemsedal This majestic mountain stands out and towers at 1,728 metres above sea level. A summit climb to Skogshorn is an amazing experience, which gives you a spectacular feeling of the high mountains.

Distance: Four-and-a-halfTerrain: High mountains Season: June to October (walking) November to May (skiing) Difficulty: Demanding

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Location Fjell Norway stretches from Telemark in the south to Trøndelag in the north, and from the fjord terrain in the west to the Swedish border in the east. Transport With your own car you can reach Fjell Norway via E 6, E 134, E 16 and E 136 For more information

Spranget, Rondvassbu This is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time easiest, mountain walks in the country. From the Spranget parking at the border of the national park, families and summit climbers alike can access the mountains in a simple and spectacular way. The walk starts as high as 1,080 metres above sea level, and has only a gentle incline whilst being

surrounded by many of Rondane’s most majestic peaks such as Smiubelgin, Veslemeden, Rondeslottet and Storronden. Distance: 13 km in total Total incline: 175 metres Difficulty: Easy

© norske bygdeopplevelser

Peer Gynt trail, Lillehammer Ibsen’s Peer Gynt was a real person who has given his name to this mountain area stretching from Skeikampen in the south, Kvitfjell in the east, Espedalen in the west and Skåbu in the north. The 70 kilometre-long trail passes through this beautiful and varied terrain.

En route there are several hotels and mountain lodges making accommodation and eating easy. Distance: 70 Km / Several days

Bergsjøstølen / Ål hallingdal © Torgeir Roer

Explore three of Norway’s most easily accessible national parks in Norway, 10,000-year old glaciers and the highest mountain plateau in northern Europe – Hardangervidda. The proximity of mountains and fjords and over 100 well-marked footpaths makes this a world-class walking region.
World-class walking The region of mountains and fjords between Oslo and Bergen starts at Norefjell in the east and undulates through Hallingdal, over mountain plateaus, through national parks, and down to the beautiful Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord.
Hallingskarvet national park. © Thomas Stier

Folgefonna national park. © Folgefonni Breførarlag

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A world-class walking region – only hours from Oslo and Bergen

Transport 110 km from Oslo, 175 km from Larvik, 345 km from Kristiansand Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Sandefjord Airport Torp have great international and domestic connections. Fagernes Airport has daily flights to and from Oslo Several departures daily from Oslo and Bergen From two hours from Oslo For more information Fjell & Fjord Where are we? Map number 20 on cover

Hardangervidda, Folgefonna and Hallingskarvet National Park Be impressed by the open plains with their panoramic views of Hardangervidda, Norway’s largest national park. Come and explore the blue ice of the glacier on an organised trip to Folgefonna or Hardangerjøkulen, or take a guided trip underneath the majestic mountain in Hallingskarvet National Park. Explore Aurlandsdalen, a spectacular walk from the mountains to the Sognefjord – the walk Norwegians all talk about! Guided glacier walk on Folgefonna Join us for a fascinating walk upon the blue ice of the glacier, something that is in constant movement. The walks are individually adapted. Prices from: NOK 590 per person, for approximately five hours including equipment. For more information about guided walks see


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Transport Three hours from Oslo Three-and-a-half hours from Oslo Airport Gardermoen For more information Hemsedal Turistkontor Tel.: +47 32 05 50 30 Hemsedal Booking Tel.: +47 815 56 300 Online booking Where are we? Map number 21 on cover

Mountain and fjord holiday
Hemsedal, located halfway between Oslo and Bergen, is surrounded by majestic mountains and is only an hours' drive from the Sognefjord. The 41 walking paths of Hemsedal cover 210 kilometres of well-signposted trails, which are graded according to difficulty. The "Top 20" programme will take you to the best peaks in Hemsedal. Other activities Bike park, 225 kilometres of graded cycle rides, fishing, riding, two golf courses, climbing, paddling, farm visits, elk safari, river snorkelling, husky dog trips and fjord cruises. The Hemsedal Card is provided free of charge when staying two nights and includes a number of activities that are discounted or free of charge. Mountain and fjord holidays from: NOK 4,400 (1 June to 1 September 2012) Package includes seven nights for four people (two rooms) in a well-equipped apartment. Includes cleaning, a Hemsedal Card and a Sognefjord Cruise for four adults. Book online at

Centrally located in Hallingdal, where the roads to Valdres, Hemsedal and Ål/Geilo meet.

© Thorgeir røer

The family-friendly mountain
The ideal family holiday destination for those wishing to get close to nature, be active and be well looked after. The memories will last a lifetime! Golsfjellet Mountain has well-marked walking paths in a family-friendly and easy terrain. “Top 11” – Walks for the whole family with panoramic views from the peaks. Cafes with refreshments. Golsfjellet is one of the best areas for mountain biking in the country. Ideal location as a starting point for day trips to attractions such as the Bear Park, Langedrag Farm and Wildlife Park, the Flåmsbana Railway and the fjords. You can go for a swim, visit a children’s farm, mountain farm or a museum, go riding, rowing or fishing. Gol is also the commercial centre in the Hallingdal Valley. Price: Hotel, double room including breakfast, per person per night from: NOK 600, which includes bicycle hire (minimum of two nights)

Travel: Take the rv.7., fv.51. and fv.52. Oslo – Bergen Oslo – Førde

Events: Halling Triple Bicycle 16 June. Gol Days 20 to 22 July. Halling Triple Run 9 September. Fårefestivalen (sheep festival) 20 to 23 September Booking: The hotels directly or Information Where are we? Map number 22 on cover


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Bergsjø area in Ål – wild, beautiful and untouched
One of the most beautiful mountain areas in Norway, located at the gateway to Reineskarvet, with numerous well-marked walks and cycle routes, vibrant farms and idyllic fishing lakes. In Ål you are able to combine walks in stunning countryside with many other activities as well as enjoy delicious local food. At the website you will find numerous trips described with accompanying maps. The mountains around Ål can provide all kinds of walks from the more demanding with amazing views to the shorter and more child-friendly. You will find a majestic landscape in the Bergsjø area. It boasts many well-marked paths, a good selection of accommodation options, several fishing lakes, riding stables and the hire of boats/canoes. Visit a mountain farm to see the animals and taste the local delicacies.

Transport 215 km from Oslo, 269 km from Bergen Oslo three-and-a-half hours, Sandefjord four hours NSB, Bergensbanen, three hours Accommodation DNT cabin from: NOK 295 per person Mountain Lodge from: NOK 385 per person Hotel from: NOK 425 per person Cabin/apartment from: NOK 400 per night self-catering Campsite from: NOK 270 per night For more information Ål Touristinformation/ Ål Booking N-3570 Ål Tel.: +47 32 08 10 60 - Where are we? Map number 23 on cover

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The Lillehammer region offers vast mountain plains with an amazing network of paths and roads. The region is divided in two by the Gudbrandsdalen Valley, which winds north from Lillehammer towards the National Parks of Rondane and Jotunheimen.
The Lillehammer region offers an unlimited number of possibilities if you like to be active outdoors. The region is a perfect starting point whether you wish to stay in one place, or walk from cabin to cabin or hotel to hotel. The landscape is fantastic and varied and consists of anything from forests to mountain plains. In this unique environment you will feel relaxed and at peace immediately. Walking along the Peer Gynt path The Peer Gynt Path passes through the mountain terrain on the west side of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. Ibsen’s Peer Gynt was based on a real life person who used to live in the Sødorpbygda by Vinstra. The 70 kilometre-long path passes through this beautiful and varied terrain. En route there are several hotels and mountain lodges where you can eat or stay the night. For organised walks along the Peer Gynt Path, contact Norske Bygdeopplevelser in Lillehammer. The path is well-marked. Skeikampen, a destination in the Lillehammer region, is a great starting point for shorter day trips. Read more about Skeikampen on the following page. The Pilgrims’ Route – The Olavsroute to Trondheim The Pilgrims’ Route through Gudbrandsdalen starts in Oslo and passes through a landscape rich in culture and history. There are several attractions to find along the way and the landscape, flora and fauna will enrich the walk. Gudbrandsdalen is full of history and in several places you will see signs of the old Medieval road. A Pilgrimage Centre is located in Gudbrandsdalen where staff can help answer questions and plan walks. Walking with a guide Venabu Fjellhotell is located on the east side of Gudbrandsdalen and is a great location if you wish to join a guided walk. You can experience open plains, peaks in Rondane, canyons and exciting waterfalls. Read more about Venabu on the next pages in the catalogue. Three attractions: Maihaugen Open-Air Museum Maihaugen is the biggest museum in Norway outside Oslo. It is an open-air museum with 200 buildings, exhibitions, cafes and experiences for visitors of all ages. Lillehammer Art Museum The Lillehammer Art Museum is one of the most important art museums in the country. It hosts five main exhibitions per year with historic and modern art. Culture Farms in Norway Join us on the farm – for walks between timber buildings, flowering gardens, tempting kitchens, crafts, concerts and great food.

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Lillehammer region
Mountain plains as far as the eye can see
Transport 180 km from Oslo 140 km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen 17 daily departures Oslo Airport Gardermoen, great international and domestic connections Several departures daily Two-and-a-half hours from Oslo For more information Lillehammer Turist Jernbanetorget 2 P.O. Box 44 2601 Lillehammer Tel.: +47 61 28 98 00 Where are we? Map number 24 on cover

Genuine mountain joy
skeikampen © Esben Haakenstad

The mountain of Skeikampen has been popular among walkers for generations, as the area encompasses a variety of mountain terrain. From the top of Skeikampen you can see as far as Rondane, Jotunheimen and down to the glittering surface of Lake Mjøsa.
You can travel by car on the Peer Gynt Road, the Bjørnson Road or to the fjords. Walking package Three nights in a cabin/apartment. Prices from: NOK 1,995 for four people, which includes cleaning and a map with suggested walks. Thon Junior/Activity package Room with breakfast and an activity of your choice: Map, cycle, tennis, green fee, swimming pool and large playroom. Prices from: NOK 1,090 per night for up to two adults and two children. Guided walks are organised in conjunction with Norske Bygdeopplevelser in Lillehammer.

Transport 220 km from Oslo 38 km from Lillehammer To Lillehammer: 220 km from Oslo and 180 km from Oslo Airport Gardermoen 17 daily departures Daily departures to/ from Lillehammer Super speed ferry Hirtshals – Larvik (Three hours 45 minutes) and Cruise Kiel – Oslo (20 hours) Oslo Airport Gardermoen 180 km For more information Skeikampen Resort N-2652 Svingvoll Tel.: +47 61 22 50 00 Where are we? Map number 25 on cover

© Jon gunnar henriksen

This family destination is situated by the Skeikampen Mountain, 1,123 metres above sea level. Great walking and cycling paths offer multiple opportunities for activities and recreation in the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. The popular Peer Gynt Path starts here. You will also find Scandinavia’s highest situated golf course, as well as tennis courts, cycles, swimming pools and a spa. You can swim in a clean and beautiful mountain lake or visit the Langsua National Park nearby. Join an elk safari, hire a rowing boat, cycle along idyllic mountain roads, or go fishing. At the Kittilbu Wildlife Museum you can transport yourself back into the Stone Age.

© SKEIkampen

Full-service hotel by fv.29. (Rondane Tourist Road) Train or bus to Ringebu and hotel taxi to the mountain 78 km north of Lillehammer 250 km on the E 6

© Lars V. Tvete

Discover the oldest mountain formations in Europe
Venabu is situated on the plateau of the Venabygdsfjellet Mountain, south of Rondane National Park. The terrain has peaceful, gentle mountains, and plains formed more than 60 million years ago. You will find interesting formations including narrow canyons, lakes and waterfalls. Explore independently or with the hotel’s local guide. Experience the light summer nights, walk across plateaus with wild reindeer, visit the mountain farms and experience the rich culture of Gudbrandsdalen, such as the Peer Gynt Festival in August. These are some of the themes for the Summer 2012.

© lars v. tvete

In between Oslo and Trondheim your dreams can come true

Authentic experiences are plentiful in this area, with hiking, a musk ox safari and rafting all possible. You can climb the Norwegian national mountain Snohetta or enjoy lazy days walking in easy terrain. If you are looking for 2,000-metre peaks, Rondane Dovrefjell has more than 20 mountains ready for you. If you’re feeling adventurous, Sjoa, the best rafting river in

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Walks and riding trips with guide. Cycles and canoes for rent. Varied weekly programme. For more information: Venabu Fjellhotell N-2632 Venabygd Tel.: +47 61 29 32 00 Where are we? Map number 26 on cover

Venabu Fjellhotell - mountain lodge and cabins

© Wenche løfsgaard

Venabu is situated where the birch forests meet the open plains, with a great view in all directions. We offer great home-cooked food made with local ingredients, and vegetarian options are available. Our special Norwegian traditional food is served every Wednesday night. On Tuesdays, traditional mountain food is served at the hotel’s mountain farm. We organise trips to the stave church and the Vicarage, where you will get a fascinating insight into the local culture. Experience the mountain with those of us who live close to nature. Join walks and riding trips in the summer and skiing in winter. Prices from: NOK 800 per person per night, in a double room, half board including packed lunch. Venabu has been run by the same family for 60 years and has 56 rooms and eight cabins. The Tvete family welcome you!

Transport Four hours from Oslo, four hours from Trondheim, two hours from Molde More information Nasjonalparkriket Reiseliv Postboks 172 N-2659 Dombås Tel.: +47 61 24 14 44 Where are we? Map number 27 on the cover

Rondane Dovrefjell
The kingdom of national parks
© Innovation Norway

Northern Europe is at your disposal. Take the whole family on a walk and experience the peace and calm of our extraordinary wildlife. Discover the musk ox with your own guide, visit the Fokstumyra bird reserve or the unique view point at Tverrfjellet. Enjoy the trip on foot or from the seat of your bike, and explore the beautiful nature and culture of Norway. Here you will find charming old farms and traditional food in just the right surroundings.



Norway’s most popular national park for walking

Transport 300 km to Otta. Bus from there. Oslo Airport Gardermoen – Norway’s main airport Several departures daily to/from Oslo (via Oslo Airport), Bergen and Trondheim Five-and-a-half hours from Oslo For more information Jotunheimen Reiseliv AS Postboks 63 N-2688 Lom Tel.: +47 61 21 29 90 Where are we? Map number 28 on cover


Jotunheimen is one of the most well known areas for walking. You can climb Galdhøpiggen, the highest mountain in northern Europe, or walk the Besseggen Route, the most popular walk in Norway. The area is ideal for summit climbs and glacier walks, but you can also find easier routes. The national parks nearby - Breheimen and Reinheimen - are also excellent hiking destinations.
Discover the dramatic Sognefjellet Mountain Sognefjellet, in the northern part of Jotunheimen, is a paradise for hiking, in particular for exploring glaciers and summit climbs. Sognefjellshytta Mountain Lodge is situated on top of the Sognefjells Road and offers a magnificent view over the dramatic Sognefjellet. Sognefjellshytta has for generations offered food based on local ingredients and traditional preparation. It offers three nights accommodation half board in a high standard double room with amazing views. Prices from: NOK 3,200 Two nights stay from NOK 2,000 Krossbu is situated at the start of the Sognefjellet en route to the Sognefjord. The cabin is a popular starting point for walks on the Smørstadbreen Glacier and the many peaks in the area. Krossbu offers three nights accommodation half board in a double room, including packed lunch and blue ice trip to Smørstadbreen and Storebjørn. Prices from: NOK 3,545 Besseggen – a walk along the ridge between the lakes This spectacular walk is one of the most popular in Norway and one that our guests enjoy every year. The area around Gjendevannet Lake can also offer other walking experiences, both summit climbs and easier trips. Memurubu Turisthytte Mountain Lodge is situated inside the national park and is the westernmost starting point for the walk across Besseggen. The high standard tourist lodge offers two nights accommodation half board in a double room, including packed lunch. Prices from: NOK 1,640 Bessheim Fjellstue Mountain Lodge and Cabins is a great location for walks in the eastern part of the Jotunheimen National Park as well as the Besseggen walk. A traditional three-course Norwegian dinner is served every
© Terje Rakke

night with delicacies such as reindeer on the menu. Three nights accommodation on a half-board basis (breakfast and a three-course dinner included) in a

double room with shower and toilet. Prices from: NOK 2,250 All prices per person

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© www.valdresBILDER.NO

Challenge your senses

Valdres - from forested hills in Begnadalen and the valley of Vassfaret in the south, to the white-clad peaks of Jotunheimen in the north. This is where you’ll find some of the best walks in Mountain Norway. “Top 30” is a selection of family-friendly walks to mountain peaks throughout Valdres.
Whether you prefer an active holiday or a few relaxing days, Valdres is the perfect location. Open farms are popular with the whole family – with riding and animals. All the action-packed activities in Beitostølen, including a bob-sleigh run, downhill carting, gyro trampoline and bike park are also familyfriendly. Beautiful Valdres and exciting Jotunheimen offer you the perfect walking and mountain experience. Walk from cabin to cabin or take an easy walk in gentle terrain. Do you like to cycle? Valdres is one of the best areas for cycling with miles of good roads and paths to explore, both marked and unmarked. Choose between short or long day trips, or even several days in the saddle with overnight stays. If you dream about catching fish, this is also possible in Valdres. Mountain lakes, streams and rivers give you the opportunity to try many different options for fishing. Worth a visit Valdres Folkemuseum (open-air museum), Fagernes, has one of the largest open-air museums in Norway with more than 100 buildings on the site. Valdres is especially known for its stave churches with six of the 28 stave churches still standing to be found in the district. Valdres You can enjoy your holiday with a range of activities for the whole family. Combine walking and cycling with miles of marked walking and cycling routes. The terrain in Valdres offers everything from easy walks along paths and mountain roads to challenging summit climbs in the higher mountains. See for more information Guided tours If you would like to combine walking with great gourmet food experiences, we can recommend Grønolen Fjellgard Hotel near Beitostølen: Guided tours and weekly programmes are offered here. The company “Enjoy Beito” specialises in nature and wildlife experiences. See Go dog sledding or see the mountains from horseback. "Tyin Aktiv" offers amongst other things summit climbs in Jotunheimen: Tyin-Filefjell is situated right between the east and west of the country and there’s only a short distance both to the Sognefjord and the majestic Jotunheimen.

Transport Fagernes Airport Leirin: Daily departures to Oslo Airport Gardermoen. See Six daily departures to/ from Oslo with Valdresekspressen. See Daily departures to/from Lillehammer, Bergen and Sogndal Oslo – Fagernes 180 km Lillehammerk - Fagernes 110 km, Gjøvik - Fagernes 100 km, Gol – Fagernes 50 km For more information Valdres Destinasjon as Jernbanevegen 7 2900 Fagernes Tel.: +47 61 35 94 10 Where are we? Map number 29 on cover


© Jonas Hasselgren

Transport Two-and-a-half hours from Oslo For more information: Trysil Turistkontor Storvegen 3 N-2420 Trysil Tel.: +47 62 45 20 00 yourself with white-water rafting on the river, try fishing in one of Trysil’s great fishing lakes or join an exciting elk or bear safari! There are loads of possibilities in Trysil, and we won’t interfere with the decision. In Trysil you decide! Where are we? Map number 30 on cover

Nature’s amusement park
Trysil has several great areas for walking, and you can enjoy different experiences in this gentle wilderness every day. Head up to the Trysilfjellet Mountain – one of our ten marked summit walks suitable for the whole family, or venture into the deep forests amongst the trees and animals. If you wish to try something else, Trysil offers more than 30 activities every day all summer. Challenge


Femund Engerdal
Pure wilderness
© Johan Wildhagen/Palookaville

Femund Engerdal Turistkontor/Booking Tel.: +47 62 45 99 00 PACKAGE Accommodation for one week in a self-catered cabin. Includes one day of guiding in Gutulia National Park. Price per night: NOK 450 (four people) Where are we? Map number 31 on cover

With two national parks and 50 mountain peaks exceeding 1,000 metres, Femund Engerdal stretches between Trysil and Røros. Here you can plan your own atmospheric walk or follow the wellmarked paths which, instead of taking a direct up and down route, wind around the mountain through verdant landscapes and encompass beautiful views. In our countryside there is everything from peace, atmosphere, eternity and magnitude in untouched

mountains and forests, to drama vigilance and wilderness along the river. Femund Engerdal is pure paradise for walkers. Plan your own walking week in the summer, or use one of our guides. It is a good starting point for climbing our 10 diploma peaks, or be tempted by a trip into our national parks – Femundsmarka National Park and Gutulia National Park.


© Destinasjon Savalen

Savalen is a family-run resort where you can stay in a room or suite in the hotel or in a luxury apartment. In the hotel you will find one of the best spas in Norway where you can enjoy a treatment or relax in the pool after a day outdoors. At Savalen there are numerous activities available, most within walking distance. These include: Riding, cycling, fishing, water activities, musk deer and elk safari and a visit to the house of Father Christmas. Best of all is probably our network of walks, which start from the

hotel. You can choose the length and difficulty. Why not try the “Savalen 5”? PACKAGE A three-day package for up to two adults and three children in one of our log apartments, includes breakfast and dinner at the hotel, packed lunch, cleaning, walking map and access to our pool and the house of Father Christmas. Prices from: NOK 5,250. Hotel accommodation with breakfast: Prices from: NOK 990 for two adults and one child. Self-catered apartments: Prices from: NOK 700 per night.

Transport Røros Airport 76 km rv.3. from Alvdal or Tynset, turn off at the Savalen signpost. Folloe this road for 12 km to the end and you will be at Savalen. Bus and train station at Tynset (20 km), 330 km from Oslo, 190 km from Trondheim More information: Savalen Fjellhotell og Spa N-2500 Tynset Tel.: +47 62 47 17 17 Where are we? Map number 32 on cover

Transport Trøndelag is situated in the middle of Norway and has borders to Hedmark, Oppland, and Møre and Romsdal in the south, and Nordland in the north. Good bus and train connections daily, from the north, south and east. Kystekspressen Express Boat connects Trondheim with Fosen, Hitra and Kristiansund Trondheim Airport Vaernes has good domestic connections as well as direct international flights to/from Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Berlin, Frankfurt, London, Helsinki, Riga and Tallin. Smaller airports can be found at: Ørlandet, Røros, Namsos and Rørvik. The main roads to the area are E 6 and E 39. The distance from Oslo is approximately 550 km, and to the North Cape 1,500 km. For more information Trøndelag Reiseliv AS P.O. Box 65 N-7400 Trondheim Tel.: +47 73 84 24 40

Femundsmarka national park. © Terje Rakke NL/IN

In Trøndelag the wilderness is easily accessible and fantastic landscapes are never far away, including seven national parks. Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim has been a popular destination for pilgrims for nearly 1,000 years and even today, people embark on pilgrim trails in the search for tranquility.
Varied landscape The feeling of walking in untouched countryside is a special one, and in Trøndelag this feeling can often be found although civilisation is never far away. On the coast, you will find the mountains and charming archipelagos. Inland areas such as Innherred are characterised by a rich cultural history, while mountain areas have spectacular summits and flatter regions with beautiful fishing lakes. National parks At the gateway to Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella National Park, you will find the geographical mid-point of Norway, which is a good day’s walk away, as well as a popular start to longer trips in the national park. The seven national parks extend from Børgefjell in the north, to Femundsmarka and DovrefjellSunndalsfjella in the south, where you can try a musk deer safari for an unforgettable experience. For more information to help you plan your stay in and around our national parks, please go to: You will find information about activities, special offers, exciting articles about natural phenomena, photo galleries and details of the administration of our protected areas. Pilgrimages It is said that when the grave of Olav II Haraldsson was opened a year after his death at the battle of Stiklestad, his hair and nails were still growing. Olav was therefore sanctified and has been known as Olav the Holy ever since, encouraging pilgrimages to head for his grave at the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim in search of help and solace. Pilgrimages start in Oslo in the south and from Sundsvall via Stiklestad in the east. Accommodation and refreshments en route are continuously improving. In 2010 the Pilgrims’ Route to Trondheim and Nidaros Cathdral were granted status as a European Cultural Trail, just like the routes to Santiago de Compestela. For more information, please turn to page 3 or go to

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National parks and pilgrim trails

Transport One-and-a-half hours from Trondheim One hour from Trondheim Airport Værnes Levanger, Veldal, Røra (Inderøy), Steinkjer For more information Innherred Reiseliv N-7701 Steinkjer Tel.: +47 74 40 17 16 Where are we? Map number 33 on cover

Norway’s geographical mid-point This is situated in Steinkjer, in the geographical protection area of Skjækjerfjell and Blåfjella National Park. A guided walk here offers information about flora and fauna and stories about people who used to live in these mountain areas. Well-marked paths with picnic spots are found en route. A two-day stay costs from: NOK 1,150 per person, which includes meals, guide, transport and accommodation.

In the middle of Norway – In the middle of historical Trøndelag

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Pilgrimage from Stiklestad to Munkeby The areas you will walk through have been important through the Viking and Middle Ages. Walk to reflect or to find solace and exercise. Walk from Stiklestad to Munkeby and experience both Stiklestad National Cultural Centre and Munkeby Maria Convent. A three-day package costs from: NOK 1,935 per person, which includes meals, cheese tasting and accommodation.

Transport One hour from Trondheim Airport Værnes 100 km from Trondheim and 65 km from Røros For more information Sylan i Tydal N-7590 Tydal Tel.: +47 73 81 59 00 Where are we? Map number 34 on cover

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The mountain massif on the border
Sylan is the mountain massif on the border between Norway and Sweden and is like a towering colossus. As a natural extension of the wilderness around Femundsmarka and Rørosvidda this mountain massif towers almost 1,000 metres above the surrounding landscape. Here you will find sharp gorges, peaks reaching towards the sky and several glaciers, which have carved their way deep into the mountain, as well as beautiful plains. A well-developed and marked path system guides you through the terrain, and there are plenty of activity providers who can help deliver a special experience. The mountain Storsylan, 1,762 metres above sea level, has been a popular destination for generations. We offer Syltopp packages with accommodation at Væktarstua Hotell, which includes great food and guide, from NOK 599 per person.

Transport One-and-a-half hours from Trondheim. One-and-a-half hours from Trondheim Airport Værnes Five hours from Oslo. One-and-a-half hours from Kristiansund Oppdal For more information Opplev Trollheimen N-6657 Rindal Tel.: +47 91 37 76 72 Where are we? Map number 35 on cover

Do you fancy a fairy tale?
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Take a three-day walk between Storlidalen, Innerdalen and Kårli. You will experience the steep and dramatic mountains in the west and the open plains in the east. En route you will find rumbling waterfalls, mountain lakes with fish and a varied flora. In Innerdalen you can explore life on the mountain farms where there are pigs, goats and cows. By the beautiful Kårvatn Lake you will find a

unique sports shop. In Storlidalen local food can be sampled and you will get an insight into the history of the mountain farms. Do you want to get more from your trip? We have guides and climbing instructors who can take you to peaks and canyons where few people have been before. Learn about nature safety, and how to approach different terrain.

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Northern Norway is a region of pointed peaks, blue glaciers, never-ending mountain ranges and wide plateaus. In the summer, the midnight sun inspires late walks and exploration. Walking in Northern Norway you are presented with panoramic views and a variety of wildlife, while all the time enjoying the peace and light of the Arctic.
Conquering the summit Along the coast of Nordland, Troms and west Finnmark, the mountains tower over the coastline and along the fjords, with blue glaciers dotted amongst the mountain peaks. Some of them are 400-500 metres high, while others loom one-and-a-half kilometres over the fjord, so there is definitely a mountain to suit everyone. A steep climb is rewarded with a fantastic view of the ocean, mountain and midnight sun or sunset. You can often follow a well-marked trail to the top wearing ordinary trainers and with minimal equipment. However, the highest peaks are for the more experienced climber. It is advisable to be fully-equipped for these trips. Out in the wilderness The Kjølen Mountains stretch from the Børgefjell National Park in the south to Reisa National Park in the north, with paths through birch-covered valleys, over the bare mountains and through national parks between Norway, Sweden and Finland. You can walk for days without meeting anyone and the cabins are few and far between. Tents, maps, compasses and full walking gear are therefore a prerequisite. On the plateaus Norway flattens out into Finnmarksvidda in its northernmost reaches, towards the great, bare peninsulas thrusting into the Arctic Sea. Fishing lakes twinkle and the horizon is endless over the low hills. This is the terrain for experienced mountain walkers who can camp out in a tent and use a compass and map. There are few places in Europe where you can be so close to nature. Svalbard Halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole you will find Svalbard, one of the most exciting travel destinations in the world. National Geographic Adventure described Svalbard as “the best holiday destination in 2008, for those in search of an Arctic experience”. The islands of Svalbard comprise great, wild landscapes, old mines and polar bears. Around Longyearbyen you will find fantastic walks along the coast, in the mountains and on the glaciers.

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Location Northern Norway consists of the counties of Nordland, Troms, Finnmark and the islands of Svalbard. The E 6 traverses Northern Norway as far as Kirkenes in Finnmark. Travel There are rail links from Oslo to Bodø and flights to most airports in the area, whether direct from Oslo or via Bodø and Tromsø. There are also good bus links from Bodø to Alta with the Nordnorge Express. The coastal steamer from Bergen to Kirkenes also makes several ports of call in Northern Norway. You can catch a flight to Svalbard from Oslo and Tromsø. The midnight sun The midnight sun is a unique experience. Below is a list of when and where you can see it. Place First Last Day Day Bodø 4.6 8.7 Hammerfest 13.5 28.7 Nordkap 11.5 31.7 Svolvær 28.5 14.7 Tromsø 20.5 20.7 Longyearbyen/ Svalbard 20.4 20.8 For more information

Recommended hiking trips


Sørøya in Hammerfest Take a boat from Hammerfest to Akkarfjord, an island known as the greenest and most fertile in the north. You will then walk on a wellprepared path to Kjøttvikvarden, a fascinating beacon which is over 12 metres tall and the oldest building structure in the area.

It was built as a navigation point for fishermen in the 1850s. The walk takes four hours and is relatively easy. Length: 12 km return (four to five hours) Season: June to September Difficulty: Easy


Vasstinden Vasstinden is on Kvaløya by the Nordfjord. The highest point of the peak is around 896 metres, and from this you will have a wonderful view over the sea towards the Ersfjord Passage and south towards Senja and Lenvik. Parking can be found by Lauklineset, and the path is well marked. Before your heart rate has increased you are already

above the tree line and the view is unfolding. Eventually there are some rocks marking the way along a recommended path. The walk takes five hours and is of medium difficulty. Length: Five hours Season: July – September Difficulty: Intermediate

Mangler billed

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Møysalen This is a very exciting, if a little challenging, walk where we recommend you go with a guide. Take the boat from Møysalen centre to the Lokanfjord, and walk from there through this fertile terrain for about an hour before you start a challenging

incline to Moysalen, which at 1,262 metres above sea level is the highest mountain in Vesterålen and Lofoten. Length: Approximately 10 hours Season: June to September Difficulty: Expert


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Transport Vega is situated on the coast of Helgeland. Cabin for six people available from: NOK 6,300 per week. Apartments/ houses for four people from: NOK 500 per night. Hotel rooms per person per night, including breakfast from: NOK 1,390. For more information Vega Turistkontor Tel.: +47 75 03 53 88 Where are we? Map number 36 cover

Walking in the island kingdom

The Vega Islands are on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Visitors are attracted by the variety of different walks on offer, from the easy routes by the sea, to the more challenging going up to around 800 metres. From Trollvasstinde you get a

magnificent view. Eight of the total 18 walking routes on the main islands are marked and graded following the national standard. Walk on your own or join a guide who can tell you about the local wildlife. In addition to walking we offer

kayaking, cycling, sea fishing and a range of other activities, guaranteed to make your holiday more memorable.

National Park Centre

Location Møysalen National Park Centre is situated in Hennes on the island of Hinnøya, approximately a 40-minute drive from Sortland. Stokmarknes Airport, 75 km Evenes Airport, 150 km Take the E 10, rv.85. and rv.822 from the junction by Sigerfjord Tunnel, approximately 35 km. More information: and about all the great experiences in Vesterålen on: Where are we? Map number 37 on cover

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Møysal walk – Hennes in Hadsel, Vesterålen Experience the best of wild, north Norwegian nature. Visit the highest mountain in Lofoten and Vesterålen at 1,262 metres above sea level. A walk which encompasses everything from a boat trip on the Lonkanfjord, to a

hike through coastal terrain and alpine surroundings, with a magnificent view as a reward. In 2009 the trip to Møysalen was elected the most beautiful nature trail in Norway. Connected to the Møysalen National Park Centre there are several great walks with terrains suitable for all,

regardless of age or fitness level. Our local guides impart knowledge about the nature and ensure your safety.


Walk in arctic terrain

Accommodation Rica Hotel Hammerfest Thon Hotel hammerfest Seiland Explore Kårhamn Sørøya Gjestestue Elevbedriften Hotell Akkarfjord (Sørøya)

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Hammerfest is situated in the county of Finnmark, not far from the North Cape. Have you ever had the feeling of being somewhere where no one has been before you? In Hammerfest there are no queues of tourists, only occasional walkers like yourself seeking a very special experience. This region presents a kingdom of magnificent and varied countryside. Here you will

find rugged, precipitous coastal landscapes and fertile fjords with rare plants. There are white beaches with seashells, coral and mountains of sand. Hammerfest is the northernmost town in the world and is the starting point for a number of walks. From here you can go on to Seiland, Sørøya or Kvaløya. Our guides are experienced mountaineers and also certified in first aid. They will bring the necessary equipment, and they

speak several languages. If you wish to explore guided tours please contact Hammerfest Tourist AS: The trips can also be done on your own. Hammerfest Turist AS sells maps over the areas of Kvaløya, Seiland and Sørøya.

SEASON 1 June to 1 September Hammerfest Turist AS Tel.: +47 78 41 21 85 Where are we? Map number 38 on cover


Lauklines is a 30-minute drive south of Tromsø, idyllically located in the middle of the Kattfjord on the island of Kvaløya. Six high-standard cabins for self-catering Max six people per cabin Rental car available Bike rental Hiking maps Snowshoes/Skis in winter Boat rental Charter boat Transfer service Tromsø airport/ City Meals on request

Norway’s answer to Chamonix


Many mountain walkers have described the area around the Kattfjord on the island of Kvaløya as Northern Norway’s answer to Chamonix because of the many fantastic walks up to mountain peaks. Guided walks Stortuva (TNF 008) Climb Stortuva by Vasstrand, 296 metres above sea level. Amazing views over the sea and the majestic mountain massif on Kvaløya. The walk traverses forests, marshland and alpine terrain.

Time: Three hours Starting point: Lauklines Kystferie, with a short drive to Vasstrand Minimum two, maximum 30 people Price: NOK 595 per person Vasstind (TNF 007) Vasstinden is one of the highest mountains outside Kattfjordeidet on Kvaløya at 896 metres. You will have an amazing view over the sea, the Ersfjortraversen and south to Senja and Lenvik. Time: Five hours. Starting point: Lauklines Kystferie

Minimum two, maximum 30 people Price: NOK 695 per person Guided tour can be ordered at: Accommodation Price example Four people/four nights Including bed linen, towels and end cleaning. Prices from: NOK 2,295 per person Special week discount for staying seven nights.

Lauklines Kystferie Hanna & Andreas Nilsen Tel.: +47 77 65 60 80 Where are we? Map number 39 on cover

For many years, Din Tur has arranged trips for freshwater anglers, deep-sea fishermen and ornithologists. We are now turning our attention to walkers, and it is with pleasure that we can present our first walking holidays. We pride ourselves on our walking guests enjoying their holiday in the Norwegian landscape. Therefore our resorts have well-marked paths, accurate maps, programmed GPS systems for hire and easy access to the trails, thus making it easy for you to be your own guide from the doorstep of your holiday accommodation.

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We provide holidays at: Rondane, Tingvoll, Trondheimsfjord, Ytre- and Indre-Namdal, Vega, Senja and Steigen.






(+47) 740 73000 - WEBSITE: WWW.DINTUR.NO

Walking in Rondane Transport Four hours from Oslo Oslo Airport Gardermoen Train to Ringebu, transfer to Venabu Fjellhotell
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Venabu/Kvamsfjellet – Mysuseter – Høvringen – 8 days Rondane is Norway’s oldest national park and viewed by many as the most beautiful. With the many peaks of 2,000 metres as a backdrop, the walking terrain is easy and varied. Starting at at Venabygdsfjellet Mountain, with a great view to Rondane, the walk takes eight days. You stay two nights at Venabu, two nights at Mysuseter and three

© Norske Bygdeopplevelser

Dovre – Furuhaugli – Hjerkinn – Kongsvoll + Musk Deer safari - 6 days Walk in the footsteps of the pilgrims through one of the most beautiful mountain areas of Norway. Several historic and cultural events are connected to this area. The path crossing the Dovrefjell Mountain has been used as a transport route since the Middle Ages and is the oldest connection between Oslo and Trondheim. The walk is through

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Skeikampen – Fagerhøi – Gålå – Fefor – Espedalen – 6 days In the middle of Norway, just north of the Olympic Town of Lillehammer, you will find Peer Gynt’s Kingdom. This is a beautiful area with varied terrain from forests to open mountain plains and the backdrop of the national parks of Jotunheimen, Dovrefjell and Rondane. You will enjoy comfortable hotels or mountain lodges en route, and dinner is

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Norway’s oldest national park
nights at Høvringen. The luggage is transported and you will stay in comfortable hotels with saunas, and dinner served every evening. At breakfast you can prepare a delicious packed lunch to enjoy outside. You will walk at the height of 950 – 1,000 metres, and each day you will cover a distance of 15 – 20 kilometres (five to six hours).

Price from: NOK 8,200 full board Eight-day trip Saturday to Saturday starting on: 7, 14, 21, 28 July and 4 and 11 August Dovrefjell along the Pilgrims’ Route Transport Four-and-a-half hours from Oslo Return from Kongsvold station Price from: NOK 7,100 full board

Dovrefjell along the Pilgrims’ Route
The Dovrefjell National Park
varied mountain terrain and is an exploration of Norwegian history with amazing experiences. The walk ends with two nights stay at historical Kongsvoll Fjeldstue, where you will spend the final day on a musk deer safari with an authorised guide. You will walk at the height of 900 – 1,288 metres, and each day you will cover a distance of 15 kilometres (five to six hours).

Six-day trip Sunday to Friday starting on: 24 June, 8 July, 5 August Guided tour: 15 to 20 July Peer Gynt’s Kingdom Transport Three-and-a-half hours from Oslo Oslo Airport Gardermoen Train to Lillehammer and local bus to Skeikampen Price from: NOK 6,700 full board Six-day trip
Monday to Saturday starting on: 9, 16, 23 July and 13 August Guided tour: 30 July

Peer Gynt’s Kingdom
In the forecourt of the national parks

Other trips: Skiing from hotel to hotel with luggage transport Cycling trips in Norway: Rallarvegen – from mountain to fjord Lofoten – from Svolvaer to Å Island hopping in Vesterålen Island hopping at the coast of Helgeland With bike and boat in Sunnhordland (Bergen) For more information Tel.: +47 61 28 99 70

served every evening. At breakfast you can prepare a delicious packed lunch to enjoy outside. You will walk at the height of 850 – 1,000 metres, and each day you will cover a distance of 14 - 18 kilometres (five to six hours). On the final day you can choose to get up to 1,500 metres and view three of Norway’s most famous national parks.

Where are we? Map number 25-27 on cover

Hiking We have been organising tours of Norway’s mountains and fjords since 1982, offering a number of special programmes for individual hikers from around the world. Join our local guides and explore unmarked trails and old roads, hiking through varied landscapes and to the top of mountain peaks for some unforgettable views. Hotel accommodation offering more comfort and the option to use our luggage transportation service make these tours more accessible. Trekking mountain to fjord We offer guided tours from hotel to hotel with luggage transportation. Hike our picturesque trails through magnificent mountainous terrain in Hallingdal, an area dotted with small lakes and grand views. From Geilo we continue by train to Finse for three more days of hiking across the Hallingskarvet National Park (1,690 metres above sea level), and through the popular Aurland Valley to the Sognefjord. Medium to difficult tour separated into daily five to seven-hour legs. This starts in Golsfjellet on Friday 13 July, and 03 August. Included: Hotel accommodation with full board. Local guide and luggage transportation. Prices: Per person in a double room Golsfjellet to Aurland 10 nights £1,545 Golsfjellet to Geilo 7 nights £1,025 Geilo to Aurland 4 nights £645 Extend the tour to Bergen and experience the Flåm Railway and a fjord cruise on the World Heritagelisted Nærøyfjord, including two nights hotel B&B and one dinner, the Flåm Railway and a fjord cruise. Price: Per person in a double room:  £297 The southern hike Jotunheimen National park The two brothers in Grønolen Fjellgard offer an exciting tour itinerary that covers everything from climbing 2,000 metre summits by canyoning, to a lunch excursion to the old, family summer mountain farm. Hiking in this beautiful part of the Jotunheimen National Park will take you through some spectacular but gentle mountain terrain. The tour is available every Sunday from 11 July to 9 August. Included: Five nights in a comfortable lodge Full board and four guided hikes Price: Per person in a double room: £585 Themed walks in and arounD the Rondane National Park The traditional family hotel Venabu in Ringebu Mountains offers a range of guided walks. For 2012 the following themed walks are available: The light Nordic nights Starts on 23 June, for seven nights, with full board and midnight walking. Price: Per person in a twin room:  £885 In the homeland of the wild reindeer Starts on 30 June, for seven nights, with full board and an introduction to the old hunting culture. Price: Per person in a twin room:  £960 Children’s week Starts on 14 July, for seven nights, with full board. Let the children learn something from nature and have fun at the same time. Price: Per person in a family room: £940 Children on extra beds: The first child under 12 years is free. Subsequent children under six pay 25 per cent and up to 15 years pay 50 per cent . Walking with “Peer Gynt” Starts on 29 July, for four nights, with full board. It includes entrance to the outdoor cultural event accompanied by Grieg’s music and guided walks. Price: Per person in a twin room:  £515 The colourful Autumn Starts on 19 August, for five nights, with full board. During the walks we collect berries and mushrooms for the evening meal. Price: Per person in a twin room:  £695 We invite you stay at the renovated fruit farm Nes Lodge and explore the innermost part of the Sognefjord between three national parks. Mountaineering has a long tradition here. Choose your hikes from easy walks following good tracks in a luxuriant green landscape, waterfalls and lonely homesteads, to challenging guided glacier hikes. Combine these with a cultural visit to places like the Urnes Stave Church – Norway’s oldest stave church – which has a place on the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. Season A: 1 July to 20 August Five nights which includes full board and detailed maps and descriptions of the hikes. Prices: Per person in a double room:  £472 Local guide per day from:  £170 to £205 We offer favourable prices in low season.
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Get close to nature by cycling A developed network of meadow and mountain paths inland offers cyclists a great biking adventure. There are well-marked cycle paths along the fjords and along mountain roads that present a true challenge for enthusiasts. Travel on your own with or without luggage transport. Bikes can be hired. From mountain to coast You begin cycling in Geilo and follow Rallarvegen (the Navvies’ Road) towards Myrdal and down through the Flåm Valley. Travel back with the Flåm Railway and onwards to Voss. The tour continues through the remote Eksingedalen Valley with a stay at a charming farm. Follow the trout river and along the fjord to Dale before taking the train to Bergen for two days to explore the hanseatic city. Distance to bike: 205 kilometres Starts: Tuesdays from 6 July to 17 August. Seven nights with full board, except two dinners. Price: Per person in a double room:  £995 Luggage transportation is not possible. This starts in Golsfjellet where you will cycle through the mountain meadows of Valdres. Cross the Fillefjell and enjoy a boat trip on the Sognefjord. Explore the Flåm Railway and Norway’s most popular cycle attraction, the wellknown Rallarvegen from Flåm/ Myrdal to Haugastøl. The trip ends in Geilo. Distance to bike: 220 kilometres. Starts every Saturday from 4 July to 29August. Seven nights with full board and luggage transportation. Price: per person in a double room from:  £1,140 You are welcome to ask for our help with transfers to our arrangements in Norway.

Rødungstøl Hotel in the Bergsjø area of Ål in Hallingdal. This tour takes place every Monday from 4 July to 8 August. Included: Two nights in Rødungstøl Hotel Two nights in Ljungsdalshytta Cabin Full board, open-air play and local culinary delights Price: Per person in a double room:  £540

Winter 2012 ski safari and “Hytteferie”

We specialise in cross-country skiing and offer three different ski safaris in the Hallingdal and Valdres areas. With a local ski guide, hotel accommodation and luggage transport, you can experience some of Europe’s best cross-country areas. Includes full board and guide: Prices per person in a double room: ValHall 10 February to 15 April: £950 Hallingdal North 9 March:  £1,110 Hallingdal South:  £1,120 The ValHall tour can also be made without a guide. Transfer from Oslo Airport Gardermoen Fridays and Sundays from 18 December to 20 April.

Hiking the fjords

Mountain and fjord

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Rotneim, N-3550 Gol Tel.: +47 32 07 60 33 Mobile: +47 90 05 63 39 Fax: +47-32 07 53 33 Programmes and prices are subject to change.

How to get there

Enjoy a cycle trip combined with the open-air play about “Eivind the Outlaw” at Lungsdalshytta Cabin. This is a stunning cycle ride on relaxing country roads in impressive mountain terrain with many lakes. You start and end at

Sporty mountain cycling with a touch of culture

Reisadalen © Bjørn-Ove Sletten

The Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT) runs over 470 cabins throughout Norway. As a member you can stay at many places including old lighthouses along the coast, un-serviced cabins in the forest and self-catered or serviced cabins deep in the mountains.
We recommend that you acquaint yourself with Norway through an organised cabin-to-cabin trip with one of our experienced guides. The trips we provide vary from short, relatively easy trips to the longer, more challenging ones. We can arrange trips throughout Norway, especially in the most spectacular and wellknown mountain areas such as Jotunheimen and Hardangervidda. You will find a lot of our organised trips at: Facts about the DNT cabins The DNT serviced cabins provide breakfast and dinner and you can pack your own lunch at the breakfast table. You will stay in rooms sleeping two to four or more. It is possible to book a bed, but whatever happens, you will always have somewhere to sleep, no matter how full the cabin is. The self-service cabins have cooking facilities and food stores, which you can use and pay for with reference to a price list found at the cabin. The system is unique and is based on the honesty-box principle. Many cabins are staffed. They are locked with the standard DNT key. The un-serviced cabins are more basic cabins without food, but with cooking facilities. The cabins are either locked with the standard DNT key or left open. All cabins have basic bed linen, but you must provide your own sheet or sleeping bag. At serviced cabins you can hire bed linen. Season Many of the DNT cabins are open throughout the year, but that does not mean that they are easily accessed throughout the year. Normally there is no snow in the mountains at the end of June when our serviced cabins open. The serviced cabins close in mid-September, some in October, whilst the Haukeliseter and the Pulpit Rock Cabins are open throughout the year. The winter season is from midFebruary to early May, but many of the serviced cabins are only open during Easter. Facts about DNT paths and routes In the mountains our paths are marked with a red “T”. In forested areas and in coastal areas, the signposting consists of blue lines on trees and posts. During the winter the routes are marked with branches. Guided group tours From mountain to fjord Trip 3110/12, Eight days What contrasts! From Halne and onwards to Sandhaug and Litlos you will sense the never-ending plateau of Hardangervidda. The further west you get, the more undulating the terrain. From Stavali, the path goes along the Kinsosvassdrag waterway, with its beautiful waterfalls towards Kinsarvik. The trip finishes at the traditional Utne Hotel by the Hardangerfjord. Departure dates: 14/7, 21/7, 28/7 Around Jotunheimen Trip 3210/12, Eight days On the classical tour of Jotunheimen you will see Glittertind, the second highest mountain in Norway, Bukkelaegeret and Besseggen and a number of charming cabins. The trip is a fantastic experience, especially if you are in good physical condition. The trip is also popular with our overseas members, making the groups diverse and interesting. Departure dates: 24/6, 1/7, 8/7, 15/7, 29/7, 5/8, 12/8

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Explore the fjords and mountains with The Norwegian Trekking Association

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Gaustatoppen © Telemark Turistforening

Fjords, mountains, glaciers and valleys Trip 7680/12, Seven days Explore the best of Norwegian countryside! This is a full-packed week-long trip. In addition to walking from cabin to cabin in exciting, varied terrain, there are day trips from the Nørstedalseter and Sota Saeter Mountain Farms. Some of the highlights are the cycle ride down the wild Fortundalen Valley and onwards along the Lustrafjord. On the way to Sota you are guided over the Fortundalsbreen Glacier. Departure dates: 16/7, 30/7

The length of Rondane Trip 3430/12, Eight days This is the classic route in Rondane which goes from north to south through the first national park of Norway. The landscape is distinctive, making it the favourite area of many of our guests. Rounded, powerful peaks and a carpet of lichen characterise much of this landscape. Idyllic Grimsdalshytta Cabin, verdant Haverdalen Valley and powerful Dørålglupen combine to make this a memorable trip. Departure dates: 8/7, 15/7, 29/7

Location Cabins and routes are found throughout Norway. To purchase walking maps of Norway, please go to: kartbutikken Membership As a member of the Norwegian Trekking Association you will have unique access to 470 cabins throughout Norway: • 43 serviced cabins • 169 self-service cabins • 258 un-serviced cabins • standard universal key for approximately 400 cabins • guided group tours The DNT symbol is a red “T” painted along all mountain routes. A total of approximately 20,000 kilometres of walks have been marked. Remember that the standard key gives you access to over 400 cabins. For more information DNT Oslo og Omegn Pb 7 N-0101 Oslo Tel.: +47 22 82 28 22 english

© Hilde Løken Magnussen

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Bergans of Norway has contributed to set the standard for the world’s most advanced outdoor equipment since 1908.

Enjoy world class guided walking with award winning HF Holidays

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0845 470 7558
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Bergans of Norway is a famous 100 year-old manufacturer of rugged outdoor clothing and accessories. We have a superb ‘1200 Glittertind’ or ‘1201 Glittertind Lady’ jacket, worth £350, that you could win. The jacket is of minimal weight and constructed from 3-layer Dermizax, waterproof, windproof with a fixed hood and eyelet for headphones. Simply go to and answer an easy question and you could be the lucky winner!*
*Competition ends 31/10/2012

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