ABHISHEK CHAUHAN Mailing Address 1401,L-Block Shastrinager Meerut, UP

Phone: 9219050516 Email: abhishekchauhan971@gmail.com



Four years of pure telecom/Networking engineering experience with globally renowned organizations in Software Engineer & Onsite Online Engineer. In-depth knowledge of GSM technology, result oriented, dynamic & worked on MSC Application Server and handled a range of responsibilities of Switch room .


 Currently Associate with TULIP TELECOM LTD as a Network Engineer on RAPDRP and SWAN Project.  One year experience with KENT RO SYS PVT LTD as Support Engineer working to handle server room.  One Year & four months experience with MOBILE2WIN TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD as Software Engineer working on the Linux server in Switch Room/MSC( BHARTI TELECOM PVT LTD).  Six month experience as java lecturer in NIIT.

My present responsibilities include:

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Check all services of server & Testing of code. Working on GSM & CDMA. Site Survey Knowledge. To handle Server room(POP) as circle wise such as:-meerut,moradabad,bijnor,mujafanager Trouble shooting Handle client. RF & Fiber Link. Cisco Switch,Router & Modem configure. Working BTS,Radio Frequecy & Fiberoptical. Zyxel,Firepro switch,configure & VLAN tagged. Maintain all MSC(Switch) Server. MIS Audit. To establish and maintain relationship with VAS Manager. To work on Router ,Switch,Modem & Hub in networking department.

Testing the new service for the UP West.Uttaranchal Circles.UP East. Designation engineer : Software/Operate . to customer etc. Circles. Integration with the third party products. Bandwidth speed modification as per requirement of the client.UP East. LTD. Job Description Designation : Team Leader Job Profile : • • • • • • • Responsibilities To Work on Router .UP East. as per the customer.UP East.Modem & Hub in networking department.to provide best service to customer & all info. Designation : Software engineer Job Profile : • • • • • • Responsibilities To Handle Technical Problem & Maintenance support activities for the KENT RO SYS.distributer & manager requirement. To handle of BSC Server & linked provide to client. Technical problem creation and modification. like product sale. Responsible for the customization on the new release of the distributer.Switch. and accordingly making the changes requirement. Support to Business activities.Uttranchal Circles and accordingly making the changes requirement of distributer & customer. with the existing network in UP West.Job Description 2. Support to Business activities. To handle techincal problem of the client as circle wise UP West. Save data in MSC Server as circle wise. Testing the new service for the UP West.

UP East. • Service creation and modification.Bhagyafal.Astrology. 5.OBD run) we are developing the stand. ASTROLOGY. • Support to Business activities and MIS.Job Profile : • Responsibilities Operation and Maintenance support activities for the Mobile2win Tech PVT LTD. Testing Testing and Maintenance of codes and Database for IVR Services. Haryana .JOBSON PHONE.HELLOTUNES . IO Streams. with the existing network in Delhi.UP East.VOICECHAT. • Integration with the third party products. HelloTunes. • Testing the new service for the UP West. Concepts are being used (JDBC through Oracle. as per the vas manager requirement • Responsible for the customization on the new release of Telcordia IN. like CRBT.Linux .handle OBD Server Managing the Onsite Engineer. Multithread & Exception Handling & other concepts of OOPS. Win-XP.Uttranchal. Haryana and Himachal Circles. Maintenance For Maintenance of this product (VoiceChat.Alone application using the JAVA (core) Language.etc.Jobsonphone. Support & Monitoring at the Server TechnicalSkills Operating Systems : MS Dos. • Fixed Mobile Convergence. Business/Technology Exposure Voice Chat & Hellotune Process Customer has to press key from their mobile phone order to use( Dialogic card & SS7 card) the service after subscribing the service chat-id sent through the SMS user can chat with other subscribed people without disclosing their number.Uttranchal Circles and accordingly making the changes in them. UP West. • Mobile Switching Technology.

High School from Govt.EJB). BulandShare (58%)(2002).DONGLE. Greater Noida (Affiliated to University of UPTU) (65%) (2008).com +91-9219050516  . BulandShare (55%)(1999). From IILM. C. School. Senior Secondary (10+2) from Govt. JDBC.L-Block Shastrinager Meerut.com Educational Background Education Background • One year Diploma in J-Track from STG Company.Packages Known DBMS Language : MS-Office : SQL : Linux.CTAGE. SS7). Java (Core). UP +91-9219050516 Email : abhishekchauhan971@gmail. J2EE(Servlet. Merrut (Affiliated to University of CCS) (66%) (2005) .1 Win 2000/XP PersonalInformation Name Correspondence Address : : Abhishek Chauhan 1401. From RGEC. SQL Project Team Size Project Name Language Database Java Editor/ Server Operating System : : : : : : 2 Online Banking Java & (J2EE) MYSQL 5. School. C++.Delhi(2008) • • • • M. Abhishek Chauhan abhishekchauhan971@gmail. VOS Code(Dialogic Card.C.A.0 Weblogic 8.A . B.C.

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