September 29, 2013 TO : Dr.

Elpedio Jala

FROM: Cocoy Laniba RE Sir: Some call it pride, some call it legacy, but this inner desire to leave something lasting that the next generation would remember us or would be happy to mention our name, is nothing else but a DESIRE OF LOVE… To love and hopefully to be loved by them we had given love. Sir, this is pure and let us follow this prompting. It is very nice to leave a legacy to the future generation, to our children’s children’s children, etc. And what else is lasting than an act of love.. a deed of love? And what project could qualify to meet the standard of love? Roads? Can be. Fields? Could be as well. Education? Also. right? Or it could just be a mere banana-Q that you gave to a starving beggar, : Service of Love as Lasting Legacy

Whatever. As long as it is of love. And it does bring the benefits and happiness on the recipient that our love desires and intends. In the Lord’s words, a cup of water is already precious and joy-giving in the sight of the heavenly Father:

[niv]And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my [son], I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward." Mat 10:42 [kjv]And whosoever shall give to drink unto one of these little ones a cup of cold water only in the name of a [son of Mine], verily I say unto you, he shall in no wise lose his reward. So, any gift, out of love, that brings happiness to the needy, is already precious in the eyes of the Father. And He promises that He will reward us abundantly for such a sincere deed of love. What else could we consider living as a legacy to our fellowmen, before we exit this life? What last best gift of love can we leave to our love ones, as many of them? Answer: According to the opportunities presenting before us, two of those greater opportunities and gifts are: Health and Wealth. These can be not only of love, but be very great gifts...and because they are great gifts, will bring great happiness to the recipients… thus… also very intense love-gratitude from them to us. Sir, in a condition when we all have what we need, what is the next wonderful thing we can receive from others? Is it not their love? Their gratitude? Their adoration? Their loyalty? Just a little short of worship? We do not want to be worshipped because we want it to be given only to our Lord and heavenly Father, but let us admit, that there is nothing next sweeter than the people’s love, in the form of adoration, friendship, loyalty, and nothing of hatred or revenge or betrayal. Sometimes, I fear and have a negative meaning to what many politicians and even ordinary people, yes, all of us, are seeking, but would not only admit,

because we are afraid of admitting, for fear of sinning, or being accused of being vain. But sir, let us be clear about fame. The bad part thrown aside and excluded, being a famous man, such as being known as a man of giving, of great love and wisdom, of great accomplishment for the welfare of the many – is it not a wonderful ambition? I have to admit that because it was oftentimes connected to selfishness, pride and arrogance, and great destructiveness, I have branded all forms of fame and greatness as dark and evil. But let us admit that Moses could not lead and function without greatness attached to his name, as he effectively led the people of God. Greatness and fame, therefore, if they are products of great Love and Talent, is right before God. Have we not also heard and read that the Lord promised us honor in His Kingdom… if we succeeded in this life in serving out of love and humility, without honor, even maligned by many and all? This test is difficult. But worth doing. So I bet that, we focus our efforts in giving all the love we can give to all who are poor and needing our loving services and gifts. In this connection, I encourage you to consider the two great gifts I have presented to you, namely: HEALTH AND WEALTH which are made possible if we plug-in (connect) to the already perfected Wellness Networking system. Our first task which is important is: To select the Wellness companies which products are effective and which finances and organization are stable. To select a strong and stable Wellness companies is not an easy task, but we must. Because if we fall into a weak company, and fail, then, our people will be disappointed, after they find no benefit in the product nor attain financial improvement in the health and wealth system we plugged in. So, sir, the choice of company is very important. How? I have a few ideas to ensure in the selection process:

1. The raw materials must be of great power. Malunggay leads the list, not only in our local list but in the international list. There is virtually no single plant, vegetable or tree that can surpass the amount of nutrients that Malunggay posseses. It is described as the “most nutrients-filled tree, vegetable in the whole world”! It belongs to a special class of few members named “superfoods.” You have to combine many vegetables, fruits and herbs to equal or surpass the powers and nutrients of malunggay! It is to be one versus many. Avocado qualifies as a superfood as well. Another amazing plant-vege-herb that boasts to surpass the much-publicized synthetic multi-vitamins “Complete” (Centrum) is our humble kudjapa. Kulitis in Tagalog. 2. The raw materials must be of unlimited supply. In this case, qualified are the local vegetables, herbs and fruits that grow wild or easily and abundantly. We term it indigenous raw material. Abundant, and another good thing is, if we manage the soil well through organic system, then, plants would not only be abundant but also cheaper. There are two companies that I have chosen that use these raw materials. They are: WEI-Moringa-i and First Vita Plus. (WEI stands for Worldwide Entrepreneurs Inc.) Both are Filipino companies. Both are founded by great women of strong character and great compassion plus mastery of the networking business. There is a great vision, which these companies are pursuing: To convert each of our Overseas Filipino Workers or OFWs (who are treated as slaves in other nations) into new Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs. From OFWs to OFEs… to put branches in every city of the world, thus generate a new kind of income (profit from business, no longer wages from slave work). If you would take a little more time to fully capture this vision, sir, then, you can feel the sweet nobleness of this vision. You will see how great this vision is…. and how noble if you can see the difference of an OFW and an OFE! The first one is a slave, sufferings; the other is an empowered Filipino, giving love, giving welfare to his fellowmen in some parts of the globe. We will no longer be slaves, whom they oppressed and abused. We will be providers of health as well as wealth also to distant families overseas.

Sir, I share this great vision. I would also like to see our poor suffering OFWs turned into OFEs. And their local counterparts also becoming Home-Land Entrepreneurs (HLEs) when these two pioneering companies and all others will turn all thistles and thorns into plantation of malungay, et al. Every barangay will be planting malungay, et al, supplying the production factories of these wellness companies. **** There are a few additional super-vege-fruit-herbs, like the avocado, also recognized worldwide as a superfood, which I hope will be included in the list of the raw materials of these and similar Filipino companies in the future, i.e., in addition to the malungay and the power herbs used by First Vita Plus. We already have guyabano added to the first 5. Hence, the word “Plus” in First Vita Plus. Five Plus. I know of a few more super-vege-fruit-herbs that appear to qualify to become included in future products. As to super-vegetable-herbs-fruits not grown in the country, such as barley and wheat grass, spirulina, I have nothing against them; they too are jampacked with nutrients and/or phytonutrients/anti-oxidants, although admittedly, they cannot surpass our malunggay. But they are fine, although I would like to mention the fact that they are imported which connotes higher cost in the final price, although their quality might be preserved because we assume they are shipped to the Philippines not in their raw form. I am therefore, inevitably tempted to doubt the quantity (not quality) of these ingredients in some cheaper products. How can a company come up with cheaper product when its “main” ingredients are imported? Had they not succumbed the quality, by putting only a trace amount of such imported ingredients? In others words: I suspect the quantity of these power ingredients they can put into the finished product would be inevitably limited in order to ensure a cheaper price to the customers. A customer, me included, who has heard a lot of good things about barley, wheat grass, and the likes, and who even read their list of benefits, would

naturally feel happy and often contented if he reads in the label or list of ingredients found in the package or container. But to be wiser, I would say that it is not enough sir, to find the name in the list – the more important thing is how much? What is the percentage vis-à-vis the water content of the liquid supplement, or to the powder form in a sachet or capsule. Because the higher the concentration of the power nutrients, the more powerful would be the effect, the sooner the healing, and the more savings will the customer make. Of course, there has to be a balance here between sustaining the business and healing the customer. That’s fine. But for a wellness company to put only an atom (to exaggerate my point) of such power nutrient in a liter of water or fruit juice, how can that nutrient contribute its own power to the healing task of the product? Would it not be only serving as commercial trick to attract customers? Therefore, a cheaper product that using expensive ingredients from other nations, carry a suspicious connotation, namely: THAT IT IS USING ONLY A VERY SMALL AMOUNT OF THE SAID INGREDIENT, AND THE REST WATER OR OTHER INGREDIENTS. That would be justified, though, if those other ingredients are equally powerful. That kind of offsets. The main point here is: honesty. That the customer shall receive the equivalent benefit for his/her money and receive what she/he expects, e.g., betterment of his/her health, although in different length of time than the other users. It is difficult to put much or enough amount of an expensive imported ingredient to a product you plan to be cheaper than the one which uses locally sourced raw materials. Although there are other techniques of accomplishing this, such as by using the economy of scale, e.g., use mechanization to achieve bigger production and bigger volume of shipment compared to locally produced plants that utilize manual labor, without machinery. So, what I am driving at – the ideal scenario that I am talking about is: LOCALLY GROWN, USING MECHANIZED AND ORGANIC METHODS, where “mechanized” means faster and cheaper than all manual laborers, and “organic” means higher yield and without the expensive commercial fertilizers and

pesticides. Here, we use both Science (Machine) and Nature as our allies to achieve cheaper price and at the same time high quality. If in the Philippines, we can both have MACHINE AND ORGANIC SYSTEM, then we can achieve the freedom of putting into each capsule or sachet the highest amount of malungay powder because malungay grows here and can be grown unlimitedly, using the mechanized organic system (MOS). Put a bookmark to that term, sir. Underline that term: MECHANIZED ORGANIC SYSTEM (MOS). It is a new term I have just coined now. MOS has many advantages: 1) It eliminates the cost of slow human labor. We will just reassign people to other works, when the machines replace them in some previous works; hence, higher efficiency. 2) MOS revives Nature, e.g., revives the earthworms, the IMOs (friendly micro-organisms) that make leaves into organic fertilizers and rich topsoil, thus, with MOS, Nature is alive to assist in high production without toxins. 3) MOS here in the Philippines also spare us of the cost of importation; 4) By MOS, we can achieve economy of scale (growing enormous quantity), which 5) Can mean higher concentration, which means 6) Higher quality or effectiveness of our products. Therefore sir, if we focus on indigenous (local) super-sources using the MOS, then, we will not fare behind, but become the leader in both QUANTITY AND QUALITY. Therefore, I bid you to join sir, without delay. This is one of the best gift you can leave not only to your family, but also to your constituents, to our people. No governor has done it yet. No vice governor. No lawmaker. No mayor. No president. No, as far as the Philippines is concerned, no political leader has ever given his country or province or town or barangay HEALTH and WEALTH. What we, they, have given are their opposites: diseases and poverty.

Why? Because each political leader have plugged in into the chemical system of food manufacturing and synthetic pharmaceutical medicines… all chemicals being poison, containing amount of toxins, it is inevitable that poisoning will be the end result, sooner or later. Hence, diseases and poverty. Poverty worsened by diseases, by costly medication. It is now evident. We are seeing bodies, alive, beginning to decay, while the owner is still walking and talking… we call this phenomenon as cancer. Cancer is the result of lifetime of poisoning and where the cells have reached the point of no longer able to cope such poisoning and say, “We surrender. We no longer can endure the toxins.” So, cancer. More than 100 forms and types of cancer. Wherever cells exists, cancer can occur. And it has become worst when this month, the USA posted its official report, namely: CANCER IS NOW THE NO. 1 CAUSE OF DEATH OF CHILDREN IN AMERICA! Another alarming statistics that leaders do not want to get broadcast or published in the mass media are the following:  Death by Pharmaceutical medicine – No. 1 killer in America, as early as 2004!  Medical-Pharmaceutical treatment, e.g,, costly hospitalization bills – the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy of American families!  Death by medicine is 2 million a year, or the equivalent of 10 jumbo jets crashing every day.  The total cancer patients who underwent chemotherapy was obtained, and this is the result: 97% of all chemo patients died and they died bankrupt! These are incredible statistics from the actual experience and sufferings of the whole United States of America!

Surely, our country is not too different, owing to the fact that we have copied the American diet and lifestyles! Facts obtained by the most intelligent and most respected scientists and doctors in America today like Dr. Gary Null, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Dr. Peter Glidden, Ms. Gwen Olsen, Mike Adams, many others. *** Sir, both you politicians and we, businessmen, are living a lie… We are contributing to the loss of health and wealth of our people. We are bringing them diseases and poverties… while we enjoy their money they pay us. Imagine: we get rich by making people sick!!?? By using the present system of chemical manufacturing and medication, we are in the process committing the twin gross crimes of MURDER and STEALING. We let people pay for killing them, slowly but surely. For the chemicals in our products gradually poison them. And so far, there is no one taking the lead to stop these secret twin crimes which all of us are committing. No one, not one of us, is working to reduce or has ever reduced the cases of cancer in our constituency. No one has reduced or prevented the plague of diabetes from claiming its casualties. No one has prevented cardio-vascular diseases to send its sufferer into heart attack or stroke, that can mark an abrupt end of a patient’s life or happiness. Every mayor and other political leader that I saw, and talked to, I asked them to name me a political leader in our country, be he a president, or governor, or mayor, who has put an end of the rise of diseases in his own territory. And their answer? They went blank! As far as I know, virtually there is no one. No one has ever given Health and Wealth to his constituents. This becomes a very great calling and mission for every politician in this new era: To give Health and Wealth to one’s own people.

I am 99.9% sure that what we have increased, or helped increase is the number of diabetes, the number of heart attack , the number of stroke, the number of autism, the number of Alzheimer’s, the number of Parkinson’s, the number of men suffering from sexual impotence due to food, drink and medication, the number of many other diseases too many to list here, and the number of poverties, and the sufferings of our constituents and customers. This is a very shameful accomplishment of today’s leaders. Can we call that legacy? Who of the past and current leaders can call his accomplishment a real deed of love, hence, a genuine legacy to his fellowmen? Or was he not leaving a shame to his family along with what he left as legacy? *** The only thing we could do, or have done is maintain the atmosphere of denial, as if we are not doing it! But sir, the tide of enlightenment is steadily advancing and soon, understanding will eventually arrive, and it will be our children and grandchildren who will first ask us, “Papa, or Lolo, why did you make us use toothpaste containing fluoride when fluoride calcifies our pineal gland, making us dumb, and at the same time, destroy the thyroid gland, disabling the later from producing iodine. No iodine, no intelligence. So, you were supporting the double-edged attack to our I.Q.” Or “Why Papa (or Lolo) did you allow the consumption of soft drinks when its aspartame/sucralose/HFCS sweeteners are feeds to cancer? And their acids destroying our bones and teeth?” Women, wives, sisters, and mothers who died of breast cancer will someday, stare us with teary eyes why we had encouraged nitrites/nitrates from commercial fertilizers, longanisa, hotdogs, etc to accumulate inside their breast, and combined with body fats (protein, amino acids) form the carcinogens named nitrosamines, the deadliest of all carcinogens. No wonder breast cancer is the No. 1 cancer killer of women today. Our fellow men and brothers will also look straight to our eyes, why we had not done something to stop cigarettes, which now contain 6,000 poisonous chemicals. (Before, it was 4,000). Today, one person dies every 6 minutes due to

smoking-related diseases. How many of them can leave their families without sufferings? Then how many families still too young and unprepared to suffer, lost their father or mother to diabetes, to cancer, to heart attack, to stroke? How many young daughter forced into prostitution or slavery because their father died before his time? No one could send them to college anymore. What family is there that did not lose everything that they have earned for a lifetime to a member who underwent chemotherapy? Sir, how will we answer our children and our great grandchildren, when they will ask us thousands of similar questions, like this sharpest of all questions, to wit: “Pa, as early as 2003, there was already a summary of all cases in the whole of America, producing the following two shocking findings, namely: that the medical-pharmaceutical system is both the No. 1 killer as well as the No.1 bankrupter of families in America” and by extension, in many parts of the world whose peoples have copied the lifestyles and diets of the Americans, then, why, O, why, father, did you not do something to prevent us from becoming victims of the same diseases and the victims of the big Pharma system?” Sir, even if such question will not come out from the mouth of our children or grandchildren, we will nevertheless look at them, in sorrow, with the same question playing and endlessly replaying at the back of our mind! “Father, [or Lolo], why did you bring us to Jolibee when many of its foods are listed as among the top 10 causes of cancer?” “Why did you reward us with hamburger every time we did extraordinary deed or won a contest or got honor in the class?” And so on and so forth… countless of sharp questions will be asked by them to us….. Think about that sir. How can we in that way leave a loving legacy that they will not forget about?

How can we reap gratitude? How can we then reap happiness if all that we had left them are diseases, sufferings and debts? How can we be loved thus? Think about that sir. And do not delay… Yours respectfully, Cocoy P.S. I mentioned you to Papa Enyong, and did I hear it right that you were school mates in college? He mentioned Sir Dioning Balite and the late Gov Aumentado, also sir Baning Lagunay as his classmates. How I wish this group of grandfathers will lead the way out of today’s world of diseases and poverty. It is God’s calling and charge to His awakening sons to help fulfill Revelation 18:4. Thus:

[niv]Then I heard another voice from heaven say: "Come out of her, my people, so that you will not share in her sins, so that you will not receive any of her plagues; Rev 18:4 [kjv]And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

I, in my part, am actively and busily doing my best to be among those who help many to escape the cruelty of the present cunning system, and into the new world of health and wealth, freedom and happiness. The new era of love, peace, happiness, freedom and prosperity. May you be among that honored 144,000 sir, in the book of Revelation. Godbless.

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