What's Gestalt Gestalt

Gestalt is a German word which means "organized frame” that is complete. It means is that the human being is a whole creature constantly striving to realize their potential .

When the person does not realize his potential, he does not live in balance and harmony as a result it is not possible free choice.. Gestalt therapy’s goal is to " deliver " denied re parts and / or suppressed. Within the human personality to allow him to live a full and satisfying life.

Through the emotional experience a person can close "unfinished business" which are taken from early childhood behavior and allow free but conditional . - When a person declares that he wants to behave in a certain way and finds himself acting completely different without his being able to control his behavior. Without having even aware why he behaves as he behaves he can change his behavior and if he is aware of why he behaves the way it does - this awareness is cognitive awareness only and does not necessarily causes a person to make a difference in his life.

He is not aware of what is blocking it from translating the cognitive awareness of this change.

It deals with Gestalt therapy - to produce corrective experiences that complement circles.

All the rationalizations do not work , the key phrase of the people who come to me is: "I know it does not make sense how I act it even foolish and I am aware of that, but I cannot using logic to change it , it's stronger than me , I did not manage it but this manager me "

Instead. but he runs them. since it does not prevent more childhood experiences that manage it .“property”. anxiety or fear and produce for a corrective experience which returns control of his life and "separates " the condition automatic between past and present .from the moment it is created pattern completion Gestalt completion This approach allows people who find themselves stuck for many years understanding “logical " without the ability to change . . frustration.only then when that part is the ability for misappropriation ownership " it becomes really part of me and outside of me . To complete an unfinished business. clearly state that the particular this personality is mine and is an integral part of me . Person can then actually choose and take full responsibility for his life and through his conduct. approach Gestalt we reconstruct the traumatic experience that was a person and meeting it with a sense of helplessness. and starts to experience traumatic events which have occurred in early childhood of our lives are not girls. over the logic . and therefore only a corrective can close the circle . are experiences. to create an experiential corrective experience that allows harmony and exercise the real potential and live life to it's fullest. Administer it means not only taking responsibility but also take ownership .