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SPLICE is a verb meaning to join or connect ropes or strands with the same material. In the movie, DNA was spliced using special techniques in the laboratory. They were trying to find a specific protein by experimenting in making another species by finding a match of the DNA of other species that would be spliced with a human DNA.


In the film, there were some segments that showed applications and concepts related to Embryology. First is about cell division – the standard form of cell division in somatic cells and results in two genetically equal daughter cells. The scientists were able to show us how the cells of Dren divide in a rapid manner. Cell division, specifically mitosis, is the process of how one living organism achieves growth. Second is about morphogenesis – a group of processes that mold the external and internal configuration of an embryo. Dren was shown from fetus to adult. We can see the differences and the development of Dren as the scientist studied her. Third is about regeneration – the process of replacement of the lost tissues. In the film, Clive cut the tail of Dren but after some time, the tail was replaced. Fourth is about growth – the increase in mass. Dren was able to achieve growth in a rapid manner. This was because of the rapid cell division which resulted to rapid increase in cell mass. Fifth is about recombinant DNA Technology- the use of DNA molecules produced in vitro ligation of

It is because it showed the consequences of using human DNA in splicing with other DNA segments of other organisms. The scientists used two different DNA segments and combined them in vitro. I think the movie has a good ending. But if ever I would be able to change the last parts of the movie. Even though I chose being a medical doctor as my future career. I even did not get bored or sleepy while watching this film because I am very attentive to what the story is and how will it go as it reaches the end. The scientists who did the splicing were the ones affected and became the victim of their own act. they could now find that protein that must be discovered in the movie. they will be able to extract that protein and they will be given honor because of their discovery. I will not do the same experiments in the movie but I will focus more on . In the movie. For me.DNA from two different organisms. Lastly. It is because I’m interested to scientific topics and experiments like what the movie has shown. this is the main concept that was shown. the film inspired me to become a scientist. As a science student majoring in Biology. it paved way for me to understand the movie easily. I must say that Splice is a feel-good movie. The movie showed segments when they were working in the laboratory and this got my attention because I love doing laboratory works and experiments. Then it will be a happy ending for the movie. I still consider it as a scientist. If I will become a medical doctor in next few years. I want Dren to be killed as soon as possible that they see something that is not good with him/her before anything worst happens. And through extensive research of the body of Dren. Since Dren is already dead. Since I have a background in these biological topics especially in Embryology.

. I know that it will take me time in order for me to become a scientist or a medical doctor but I am ready and equipped with perseverance and patience to face all the challenges in order for me to become one.searching for possible ways on how to prevent and cure diseases.

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