About the Center

The University of Arkansas=s National Agricultural Law Center is the leading national and international provider of objective, scholarly, and authoritative agricultural and food law research and information. Created by Congress in 1987, the Center complements the Graduate Program in Agricultural Law and the new Journal of Food Law & Policy.

The Center Website
Reading Rooms form the heart of the Website by providing a comprehensive list of currect electronic
resources for 33 agricultural or food law topics. Each reading room features links to statutes, regulations, case law, Federal Register digest, research articles, government and Congressional publications, and an overview article on the history and development of its subject.
Administrative Law Agritourism Animal Feeding Operations Animal Identification Bankruptcy Biosecurity Checkoff Programs Clean Water Act Commercial Transactions Commodity Programs Conservation Country of Origin Labeling Corporate Farming Laws Crop Insurance Estate Planning and Taxation Finance and Credit Food Labeling Food Safety International Law & Organizations International Trade Marketing Orders National Organic Program Packers and Stockyards Act Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act Pesticides Production Contracts Secured Transactions Sustainable Agriculture Urbanization and Agriculture

Research Publications are a vital part of the Center=s mission. The articles published on the Website are
researched and written by the Center=s staff, leading agricultural and food law scholars and qualified practicing attorneys throughout the country and the world.

The National AgLaw Reporter is a regularly updated electronic newsletter dedicated to reporting developments
in agricultural and food law: Case Summaries of recent judicial developments in agricultural and food law Federal Register Digest Agricultural Law Update - professional newsletter of the American Agricultural Law Association USDA Judicial Officer Decisions

Agricultural Law Bibliography is a fully searchable, quarterly-updated comprehensive compilation of publications on 48 agricultural and food law categories. Agricultural Glossary is a regularly updated detailed compilation of agricultural terms, programs, and policies. U.S. Farm Bills provides text, legislative history, and related resources for current and past farm bills and
commodity legislation.

CRS Reports are research articles on agriculture and food from the Congressional Research Service of the Library
of Congress.

Congressional Links provide access to agricultural law on the Hill. Reference Desk contains agricultural law and general agricultural resources.

Contact Us
Email: NatAgLaw@uark.edu Phone: 479-575-7646 Harrison M. Pittman - Center Director 479-575-7640 $ hmpittm@uark.edu Erimar von der Osten - Visiting Senior Fellow 479-575-2636 $ evonder@uark.edu Sally J. Kelley - Center Librarian 479-575-7647 $ skelley@uark.edu Ann B. Winfred - Publicity Director/Webmaster 479-575-7646 $ awinfred@uark.edu