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40 DaysOver 40 Smiles Foundation (4040) is a Kampala based independent, youth-led, non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit professional charity committed to helping vulnerable children and communities access quality, all-round education support and entrepreneurial training that leads to self-sustainability. Using social media as our primary platform, we seek to be the change we want to see. This is by encouraging youths to take active part in providing solutions to problems that affect the impoverished and vulnerable communities around us.

Who we are


To be a charity model that offers self-sustaining holistic support in education, health, nutrition, spiritual and entrepreneurship, to vulnerable children in Uganda.

Our history
40-40 started in March 2012, as a Facebook group to support vulnerable children. Over time it has grown into a confluence of youth seeking to create a movement that takes responsibility for social change within their communities. Originally started during lent, this group's intention was to collect clothes, toys, books and other items to benefit as many less fortunate children as possible. After achieving this goal, we realised that love goes beyond a few clothes, play items and one time delicious meal. Children need a parent, warm hug and renewed hope that their future is bright.

It is this conviction that led us to continue establishing projects to ensure selfsustainability and social security support that can cause a wholistic transformation of the lives of vulnerable children. Currently, our activities and initiatives range between long term partnerships and projectspecific initiations, all offered to children's homes/orphanages and communities that are deemed to be in need of the kind of help defined along these parameters. We believe that empowering the children with practical entrepreneurial skills and helping vulnerable childrens homes /Orphanages set up these projects will eventually help more children as the success of this model can and will be replicated elsewhere.


Through the establishment of income-generating projects that enable self-sustainability, we aspire to support 10 vulnerable childrens homes, with a possible 5000 children by 2022 by replicating this selfsustainability model around the country.

Aims and Objectives

Aid the education and welfare of vulnerable children in orphanages, childrens homes and communities Lobby and organize events for the purpose of raising funds or resources that shall be used to meet the needs as they may arise. Initiate self-sustaining projects for the children's homes and vulnerable groups in communities Initiate avenues of youth empowerment and mentorship at both the children's homes and in communities. Acquire assets in trust of children's homes and any other community initiatives that may arise in the event of time.

Carry out health awareness campaigns in the community. Engage and equip persons who are under privileged with survival skills and any other economic skills for the betterment of their lives. Offer counseling services. Advocate through local governments, local institutions and any other high influences that affects the social needs of the Community Monitor and evaluate the organizations initiatives. Facilitate community initiatives morally, financially and through capacity building. Establish learning centers to meet educational needs of a community.

Operational areas The operations of 40-40 are not limited to a particular

area but are decided upon through deliberations and agreement by the executive committee and board.

Possible beneficiaries may include: Orphans and vulnerable children Marginalised groups Displaced people Any other community or group of people that the executive committee and board may decide to support based on the circumstances pertaining at the time Note: The number of beneficiaries is agreed upon by the executive committee and board basing on availability of resources and other factors as and when issues arise.

Our core mandate

Education Support
40-40 views education support that promotes enterprise and self-sustainability among vulnerable children and communities, as a major component of human development. In order for the next generation to play a crucial role in the social-economic transformation of their communities and country, it is important that they are empowered through education and entrepreneurship, which will not only offer them a chance at a better life but will also help them act as change agents in the fight against poverty. We therefore focus on value addition by providing avenues and linkages to children who have no means to access education through the provision of scholastic materials, school fees, and other such amenities essential in easing the process of education. We believe that quality education that involves integrating the formal curriculum with aspects of co-curricular activities like handwork and vocational skills, drama, music and dance, games and sports, etc are essential for young people as a step towards social and economic development.

Key programme areas

them set up dormitories, classrooms, libraries, as and when necessary.

Reports attribute the high drop out rates in lower primary to the lack of food in school. We run a programme that supports the provision of food to children to ensure that they stay in school.

Feeding and nutrition

Direct education and empowerment

This programme is divided into two; -- The knowledge-base provided by formal education provides a much greater chance for individuals to impact their communities. Therefore, through the provision of scholastic materials, volunteer teachers, school fees and bursaries, and other such support, we enable vulnerable children have the best and equitable chance in life.

1. Formal Education


It is important that children learn to read and write properly in order for them to grasp basic school concepts. This will also, gain expansive knowledge to eventually enable them contribute to the development of the country. Our literacy programme involves career guidance and counseling, reading and writing, educational and study tours, etc.

Sanitation and health

Most homes communities cannot access health and sanitary ware like medicine, soap, sanitary pads, etc. 40-40 creates avenues to enable children access these amenities, in line with our vision

Extra-Curricular Support

This involves drama, games and sports, and related co-curricular activities in order to raise a generation that exploits talent and give chance to talented children to be recognised Infrastructural support -- Most homes need proper and appropriate structures for accommodation and educational purposes. Our work involves helping

On addition to this, we shall work with donors who wish to pay school fees/tuition for vulnerable students. Infrastructure in form of classroom blocks, libraries/reading rooms shall be set up in communities that need them depending on availability of resources.

homes rely on handouts from well wishers and as such, have no sustainable means of survival. Therefore, our ultimate goal is the establishment of incomegenerating projects that help these homes create a financial base that cushions them in the times when no donations are forthcoming. 40-40 facilitates trainings for staff and children in these homes to be equipped with entrepreneurial skills that build their capacity to manage these projects.

40-40 networks
Most of our work is done through partnerships and we also have a volunteers program that aims at integrating people from all walks of life and from around the world into our programs either through holding fundraising events or through taking part in our programmes and activities.

Gods Grace Orphanage had 93 children when we joined then and they have now increased to over 120. Through our networks, we reached out to organisations that share a similar vision, to help take over the support we were offering to Gods Grace Orphanage and we still remain in contact with the home to ensure that the childrens lives are prioritised.

2. Vocational education
This is meant to actualize the empowerment aspect of this programme. Specific focus is put on the pursuance of vocation education so that children can ably acquire life skills in areas like computer education, carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, cookery/ bakery, style and fashion designs, among others. The idea is that these children can then be a resource and offer support to others like them, can start their own projects, and in the future, can ably sponsor themselves to pursue formal education if they feel the need to.

Our projects
Gods Grace Orphanage
For 15 months (March 2012 - June 2013) our pioneer project was focused on raising funds and human resource to take care of Gods Grace Orphanage located in Kyebando. In this period, we raised over Ushs50 million, and used this to take care of feeding and nutrition, health and sanitation, education, construction of a bathroom block, establishment of a mushroom project, a vegetable garden, acquisition of a 100-seater tent, counselling and psychological support, monthly breakfasts, and other such amenities.

Happy Times Child Care Initiative

In July 2013, we established a partnership with Happy Times Child Care Initiative. It started in 2006 and is a school and home for vulnerable children. The school is located in Katikamu Luwero and through the Opportunity for Orphans (040) and other vulnerable children projects, supports 91 orphans and vulnerable children out of the total population of 184 children at the school. 40-40 will support the 040 Project through raising funds to complete a dormitory as well as provide support for value addition especially in education.


The vision, spirit, and works of 40-40 will and need to live on long after the founders are gone. As a result, we intend to promote the ethos and virtues of 40-40 in schools and universities. Through the establishment of clubs which promote the spirit and sense of communal responsibility and giving back at a young age, we shall nurture and give rise to change agents who shall eventually hold the baton.


We realise that most childrens

The Foundation is managed by a team of young professionals, divided into various departments, to which they commit their time and resources towards furthering the vision of the foundation.

Our team

ADDRESS: 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation Plot 345, Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road PO Box 10923 Kampala Uganda Tel: +256 77749999 +256 773152701 +256782433333 Email: Website: Facebook: 40 Days...over 40 smiles:-) Twitter: @40Days_40smiles